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As U.S. Army units penetrated the Euphrates Valley in the opening days of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF), they surrounded the key city of Najaf during the headlong dash towards Baghdad.

Located at a strategic position on the highways to Karbala and Baghdad, the 3rd ID began to encircle Najaf on 24 MAR. That night, the 11th Aviation Regiment’s AH-64 Apache helicopters staged a deep-penetration assault against the elite Iraqi Medina Division near the city.
The Apaches survived a coordinated enemy effort to eliminate the strike force and were followed shortly thereafter by the 3rd ID itself, which blazed through the Medina Division en route to Baghdad. Najaf remained isolated, as-yet uncaptured by U.S. forces.
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I’m going to share a few snapshots and moments along the way during my visit to Iraq, to provide some color.

I’m reporting for a forthcoming book that asks: What happened in Iraq after America invaded in 2003, and what broke around the world as a result of that war. #Iraq
The last few days I visited Najaf and Karbala. Here some pilgrims rest in the plaza outside the Shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf at midday, with the temperature at 117 degrees Fahrenheit. #Iraq #Najaf Image
A family takes a deceased relative to the shrine of Imam Ali before burial in the Najaf cemetery. #Iraq #Najaf Image
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The numbers of #Zeynabiyoun brigade fighters in #Syria has substantially decreased after #Pakistan crackdown on covert #IRGC recruitment since 2016. Almost a cat & mouse game of busting recruitment cells, chasing new ones & methods of recruitment. /1

#Pakistan probably has been more effective in curbing #IRGC recruitment of fighters for #Syria than #Afghanistan, where officials and lawmakers were more vocal in criticizing #Iranian covert recruitment but not matched by a robust crackdown. /2…
#Israel+#Turkey indirectly helped #Pakistan's crackdown on #IRGC recruitment for #Syria through dozens (possibly hundreds) of strikes on #Zeynabiyoun positions. Pres #Erdogan reportedly informed Pak officials about targeting #Iran's Pak recruits. /3

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#manuscripts #Shii_arcana an important genre of writing concerns the arcana of acts of worship (asrār al-ʿibādāt) and here is MS Maktabat al-Imām al-Ḥakīm in Najaf 2032 - a copy of Asrār al-ṣalāt of Ibn Fahd al-Ḥillī (d. 841/1437) 1/ Image
There are a number of classic works in the #Shii tradition on this including works by Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī (d. after 786/1385), Qāḍī Saʿīd Qummī (d. 1107/1696) and even recently Āyatullāh Khumaynī (d. 1989) 2/ ImageImageImageImage
Ibn Fahd was a prominent jurist and pivot of disseminating legal and ethical thought in the 14th century between #Iraq #Iran #JabalʿĀmil and a number of his students were from #EasternArabia - this is an important study 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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#manuscripts MS King Abdul Aziz Library Riyadh 906 #IslamicPhilosophy Mawdih al-diraya Li-sharh bab al-hidaya of Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa’i (d. 909/1503) 1/ ImageImageImage
IAJ was a prolific author in theology #fiqh philosophy on the cusp of the #Safavid period and there is a Institute devoted to publishing his work based in al-Ahsa headed by Sayyid ‘Ali al-Musa 2/ ImageImage
His best known works are his massive al-Mujli a combination of insights from #Shii #kalam #Avicennism #IshraqiPhilosophy and the #Sufism of #IbnArabi 3/ ImageImage
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Recent works have raised interest in the #Shia of #SouthAsia especially the intellectual history of the elites - a thread on the #Shii religious establishment and elites in #SouthAsia 1/
For a long time the best and more comprehensive account was that of the Indian scholar based in Australia Saiyad Athar Abbas Rizvi (d. 1986) a two volume work 2/
But what is very helpful to understand the development of the religious establishment and its politics have been recent publications coming out of #Qum and #Najaf 3/
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Selecting Adnan al-Zurfi as a Prime Minister of #Iraq is the best way to trigger a civil war in the country. This is an American choice the majority #Shia will reject. If the Sunni and the Kurds support his selection at the Parliament, the #US would have succeeded in a civil war
Adnan al-Zurfi failed as a Governor of #Najaf & is the one accused of burning the Iranian consulates in Najaf & Karbalaa during the last unrest in the country.

If the #US believes it will halt its withdrawal from Iraq with al-Zurfi, it is a wrong plan

A potential civil war in #Iraq will drag the #US in it no doubt. The war would be open between the Iraqi resistance and the US forces because at least 60% of the security forces are made of all groups and organisations unloyal to the #US.
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A very large commentary by Shaykh Muhammad Sultanabadi known as Sultan al-‘ulama (d. 1382/1963) on the main modern #ShiiSchooltext on Shii #UsulalFiqh by his teacher Akhund Khurasani (d. 1329/1911) #ShiiLegalTheory completed in 1958 1/ Image
He also wrote a gloss on his teacher’s #Hashiya on the earlier #UsulalFiqh text of Shaykh Murtada Ansari (d. 1281/1864) Fara’id al-usul #ShiiLegalTheory 2/ Image
Sultan al-‘ulama had also studied with Mirza Taqi Shirazi (d. 1312/1895) in #Samarra #ShiiLegalTheory and philosophy in #Isfahan 3/
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#Ijazat are critical licenses to teach and transmit texts given by a teacher to a disciple and constitute highly useful sources for the intellectual historian working on #ShiiTheology and this is one recent collection #Najaf 1/ Image
This work is published by Dar al-turath attached to the shrine in #Najaf and they are doing some excellent work on texts, authors, archival documents, and bibliographies 2/
The author, son of a prominent scholar Muhammad Taqi Aqa Najafi Isfahani (d. 1914), is a useful guide to the networks of scholarship in the shrine cities of #Iraq and their links into #Iran and further as well as #Shiiconstitutionalism #ShiiTheology… 3/
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The shrine of #alAbbas in #Karbala is arguably the largest publisher in Iraq and editing many significant works of #ShiiTheology - this commentary on a classic textbook of #’Allama_Hilli is by an 18th C #Safi_al_Din_al_Turayhi 1/ Image
The base for the edition is this manuscript from the collection of #KashifulGhita 2/ Image
The manuscript is dated 11 Ramadan 1121/1709 and a digital copy is preserved in #ImamalHakim library in #Najaf 3/
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There were a number of attempts by the #hawza to respond to the challenges of #materialism all the way from #naturalism to #Marxist #dialectical materialism including this work of #MuhammadTaqiAmuli (d. 1971 #ShiiTheology #kalam_jadid 1/ Image
Earlier there was the poem of #MuhammadHusayn Isfahani in Najaf entitled #Tuhfat_al_hakim published in the late 90s with the glosses of #MehdiHaeriYazdi (d. 1999) #ShiiTheology #kalam_jadid 2/
#AllamaTabatabai (d. 1981) works #Usul_e_falsafeh #BidayatalHikma and #NihayatalHikma are similar responses to materialism and working out the scope for #metaphysics and the life of the mind #ShiiTheology #kalam_jadid 3/
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: horrible night in #Najaf. #Sadr militants attacked the main protest camp reportedly killing 8 protesters and wounding around 100.

Expect no response from the Iraqi government
#Iraq 🇮🇶: hospital in #Najaf is completely packed after the #Sadr militant attack
#Iraq 🇮🇶: chants in solidarity with #Najaf from the streets of #Basra
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: packed streets in #Najaf today as thousands of Iraqis are marching to support the pro-reform movement
#Iraq 🇮🇶: the streets of #Nasiriyah joining Iraqis all over the country today in supporting the October revolution ImageImageImageImage
#Iraq 🇮🇶: people in #Hilla (#Babil province) marching en masse against the Iraqi government
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Fascinating conversation @DandiaAsad @Simon_W_Fuchs on #Shiism in #Pakistan tradition and reform, decentering #Lucknow, rise of #Shii claims to Islam and not just content with polemical vernacularisation… 1/
And as @Simon_W_Fuchs says those #VernacularTracts volumes in the @BLAsia_Africa are really neglected treasure troves - just yesterday discovered three philosophical texts never seen before 2/
One of the key findings @Simon_W_Fuchs is the role of the scholarly debates in #Shii journals on the nature of religious authority demonstrating a dynamic and involved relationship between religious elites and communities in #Pakistan and in #Najaf… 3/
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: thousands are gathering on Tahrir Square for the mass protest.

People are expected to rally all over the country today against foreign interference and the Iraqi government
#Iraq 🇮🇶: Iraqis marching against foreign interference in the southern city #Basra
From #Iraq 🇮🇶 to the United Nations
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#Iran launches 'more than a dozen ballistic missiles' at #US targets in #Iraq, Pentagon confirms
I#Iran #USA
ran’s foreign minister has said the strikes have concluded and characterised them as self-defence within the boundaries of international law – not the first shots in a war.

Trump, in his first comments after the strikes, also sought to play them down.
#Iran #USA
The attacks appear to have been carefully calibrated to avoid US casualties. #US bases in #Iraq were already on high alert.

This is a first step Iran is initiating to give the go to further attacks by Iran and its allies to exhaust US forces in the Middle East.
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When the Air Force (Helicopters) of a country, #Iraq, carry the coffins of those assassinated by a guest country, #US. Do you @realDonaldTrump believe your troop will be safe in Iraq after your violation of the agreement with the Iraqi government?

@realDonaldTrump The 1st of 3 expected Funerals in three cities of #Iran today and tomorrow of the most famous and loved #Qassemsoleimani General assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack . The US and neocon sitting in tanks all day, pretending & trying hard to think, believe he is hated
@realDonaldTrump The will of the most famous General in #Iran Sardar Haj #QassemSuleimani assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack:
A دثقغ simple grave with the name of "the soldier Qassem Soleimani, without any Flowery phrases (praising compliments)"
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Breaking: Both @AlMayadeenNews & #Iraqi TV confirm the assassination of #IRGC #Quds Force commander, #Qasem_Soleimani & commander of #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi), #Abu_Mahdi_al_Muhandis .
#Iraq #العراق
.2/ The consequences of assassinating #Soleimani & #Muhandis will be catastrophic for #Iraq, the region, as well #US & #Israeli interests in #Mideast.
#Iraq #العراق
.3/ The decision to assassinate both these commanders, is a clear #American message to escalate in Iraq & to draw #Iran into a military conflict.
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Breaking: #US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

According to reports, the US warplanes have targeted the positions of the 45th Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi in the al-Mazraah area on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar province.…
The #US terrorist command in the region, #CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.…
First images from the one of the bases which targeted by the #US warplanes
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: students at the university of #Fallujah (#Anbar) praying for the protesters killed in #Nasiriyah and #Najaf. ImageImage
#Iraq 🇮🇶: Iraqis in the Christian town of Telskuf (#Ninawah) praying for the protesters killed these past days.

Across the country people are uniting against brutal state violence. ImageImageImageImage
#Iraq 🇮🇶: students praying for the victims in the city of #Ramadi, all dressed in black. ImageImageImageImage
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: protesters marching through the streets of #Najaf
#Iraq 🇮🇶: a 5 year old girl was shot and killed today in #Najaf.

The youngest victim of the government's crackdown so far.
These are the guys shooting down protesters in #Najaf.

Sadly a sight that looks all time familiar in #Iraq 🇮🇶
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#Iraq 🇮🇶 BREAKING: Protesters in #Najaf have set fire to the Iranian consulate in the southern city.
#Iraq 🇮🇶: fire and explosions inside the Iranian consulate in #Najaf
#Iraq 🇮🇶: young protesters in #Najaf celebrating as they burn down the Iranian consulate.
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