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Inside: Look at all the great stuff we lost because of inflation scare-talk; and more!

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1/ A vintage postcard illustra...
Tonight (5/5), I'm at @BooksIncStores #MountainView with @mkapor for *Red Team Blues*:…

Sat, I'm in #Berkeley for #BABF2023 at 1530h with @glynnwashington:…

Sun, it's an 11h event with @dellsystem:…

2/ Image
Look at all the great stuff we lost because of inflation scare-talk: We swapped pandemic aid, new spending and minimum wage hikes for wage suppression and mass layoffs.

3/    Image: Mosaic 36 (modifi...
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India's relations with the outside world will be the other test before we can claim to be on solid ground. This essentially means dealing with other countries, especially our neighbours and the big powers, in a manner that ensures peace and security.
According to the theories that currently carry conviction, there are three basic ways of achieving this result—


This mix is regarded as the mantra of a good national
But to be historically correct, it must be pointed out that this mantra is neither new nor a Western discovery. As a matter of fact,the basic premise of it has been around for centuries.
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This week in New York we will honor some brave and brilliant justice defenders from all over the world in our inaugural Albie Awards, named after Justice Albie Sachs, revered for his heroic commitment to ending apartheid in South Africa. #TheAlbies… Image
On September 29. five awards will be given to some remarkable people and organisations who have put themselves at great risk in the name of justice.
A Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Albie Sachs, for his service in helping to write the Constitution of #SouthAfrica, and his fifteen years on the country's Constitutional Court at the appointment of #NelsonMandela his seminal role in the anti-apartheid movement. Image
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LikeSlaveryAndApartheid, PovertyIsNotNatural.
It Is Man-MadeAnd,CanBe Overcome&EradicatedBy TheActionsOfHumanBeings"
-- #NelsonMandela
#ElonMusk @elonmusk
#BillGates @BillGatesFans
What IsUseOfJustQuoting
UnderstandCultureOf Humanity!ShouldBeSharing Caring,FreeEducationFor AllChildren!Labouring jobs (DUTIES)ForAllYouth's.Light JobsForPeople,Inclined TowardsOldAge.
Entrust Responsibilities Of
Distributions Of Rights Of
Survival, Against Performing Right Duties On Everyone
This Approach Only Solve
All the Existing & To Be Faced In The Near Future
Problems. And For That
One Genome Oneness Concept.Based On Knowledge Of Life
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1/🧵 AGEISM: Never be discouraged by age AND don’t judge others by age. Chronological age is a bogus constraint in life. I read today of some great examples of iconic people who did crazy cool things after 7 decades of life. See these & realize age is NOT a limitation...
2/ 👏 Major late-life #winners: 👏

#NelsonMandela, president of SA at 75 y/o
#Michelangelo started on St. Peter’s at 72
#GrandmaMoses folk artist sold her 1st painting at 90!
#ArthurMuir just scaled Mt Everest 🏔 at 75 (pic)
#JohnGlenn went into space at 77 y/o!
3/ Bonus 😀: German athlete Johanna Quaas at 86 y/o is the world’s oldest gymnast at age 86. She’s a retired P.E. teacher & started in this sport at age 56.

#NoLimits 🧠
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Catherine, The Great Communicator

Catherine the Great made some major conquests as Queen but Catherine Kasavuli, without doubt the Queen of Broadcast Journalism in Kenya, made even Greater conquests in broadcasting as a communicator of the English Language.
Catherine the Great was a Prussian Princess, after all.
Catherine’s Kasavuli’s command of the Queen’s language, coupled with her charming smile always disarmed her audience and left them in awe whenever she anchored the nightly news.
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REVEALED: How To End Bad Governance In Nigeria Within 2 Years

If there's just ONE word with which you can describe and sum up Good Governance, what would it be? Think about it for a moment...
It didn't take long before the #EndSARS protests morphed into a call to #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria; hence, it is imperative that we really understand what good and bad governance really is. CLARITY is the first step to transformation and change.
When it comes to interpersonal relationships, LOVE is what sums up everything that makes for a healthy relationship. In like manner, when it comes to the relationship between citizens and government, JUSTICE, more precisely, SOCIAL JUSTICE is the word that perfectly defines and..
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Leadership is not about kindling baser human instincts, leadership is about having the courage to call them out and spur people to elevated ways and thinking. Leadership is about telling societies what’s wrong with them, not about swimming along with wrong
Mahatma Gandhi paid with his life fighting bigotry, prejudice and hatred, but fight he did through his life, waging against the tide very often and setting examples. We have sadly not only shunned the example but also begun to pride ourselves in mocking his message
Dog-whistling prejudice and hatred, gaslighting violence, spurring social dissonance and fracture can fetch you votes and power, but we know how such “popular” and “powerful” entities ended and how they are remembered.
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Uncommon adversity birth uncommon opportunity

Let thhat sinkkk💡

Uncommon adversity birth uncommon opportunity

The story of Is where it all started👇
It started with this autobiography of Toyin Adesola @iamtoyinadesola

I will be doing this book review../1💪 Image
..over the next 4 days to culminate on 1st September, which is 55th birthday 🎁 of the #SickleCell General @iamtoyinadesola.

And I trust it will be very impactful and exhilarating just like the review of #NelsonMandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom' that I did in July.. /2
..with the benefit of hindsight, @SAMIupdate launched out after the review of this book on the phenomenal Funmi Iyanda @Funmilola's New Dawn on @NTANewsNow.
The NGO turned 12 this year 🎉

I intend to make sense of the 104-page book in thread format

You will love ❤️ it

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Farogh (Lawyer of #NelsonMandela) likely to rejoin cabinet today (24 July 2020)

#FaroghNaseem #JusticeQaziFaezIsa
“ایں سلسلہ طلاۓ ناب است - ایں خانہ تمام آفتاب است - #مرزا_غالب ۔

#FaroghNaseem #JusticeQaziFaezIsa
#AltafHussain Image
Farogh (Lawyer of #NelsonMandela) likely to rejoin cabinet today (24 July 2020) Mr Imran Khan explains to Dr Danish

#FaroghNaseem #JusticeQaziFaezIsa #QaziFaezIsa #MQM #AltafHussain
#KulbhushanJadhav #کلبوشن_کے_یارو_جواب_دو
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Hablando de #NelsonMandela, recordamos el fenómeno social que lleva su nombre: 'El efecto Mandela'. 🌀

Este término se acuñó por @FionaBroome cuando se percató que conocidos suyos, y ella misma, recordaban haber visto la muerte de Mandela aún estando él en la cárcel, por TV.
😵Pero, estos recuerdos que muchas personas aseguraban haber vivido, fueron completamente falsos, ya que Mandela no solo logró salir de la cárcel, sino que también pudo vivir un tiempo fuera de ella.

Te ponemos 3 ejemplos para ver si tú también eres víctima de este efecto.
¿Sabes cuál es es verdadero nombre de esta famosa caricatura? 🐇🦆🐷 ImageImage
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I cycled 8.41 miles in search of an ice cream and earned 70 BetterPoints with @BetterPoints⁩ ⁦@RideLeicester⁩ ⁦@bricycle⁩ ⁦@gavcarter90⁩ ⁦@OweniteAdam
A fine warm evening as I headed out in search of #wands on the protected #popupbikelanes - I rode the whole way on new or existing cycle lanes, some very old, others not quite finished, I didn’t find an ice cream but I saw a lot of #cones
Once in town, I headed for Granby Street and the contraflow #cyclelane where historically (Feb2020) there was always a vehicle blocking it - but the #wands are in, parking bays suspended for physical distancing and continental cafe culture, and a clear route to the train station
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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To all the people, designated White by colonizing nations, who are becoming disillusion by your evangelical or Christian faith: When you walk away from Jesus you are not #woke. You are operating out of the white supremacy you say you abhor. 1/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
When you walk away from Jesus and Christian faith to be “woke” you are walking away from a faith that sprang from brown, indigenous, colonized people. You’re walking away from faith born on the underside of empire in the context of oppressed peoples. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
You’re walking away from the faith of enslaved people who found such profound liberation in Jesus that they broke laws to gather together and worship in #trees! 3/
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"To call #Israel's democracy'#Apartheid' is an insult to all those who really experienced it."👈TYPICAL CRUEL & DISINGENUOUS LIE‼️
DEBUNKED BY #NelsonMandela & #SouthAfrican Freedom Fighters ON POSTS THAT WILL FOLLOW NEXT BELOW⏬
(Israel's Apartheid Laws:…)
#NelsonMandela Speaking on #Palestine, #YasserArafat [Extracts]
"We identify with the PLO, because just like ourselves, they are fighting for the right of self-determination."
1990 Town Hall Meeting with Nelson Mandela on #Palestine, #Cuba and other issues
👉#SouthAfrica compares #Israel to Nazis,cites Rabbi in #UNHRC #Gaza debate
"Mr President, S.Africans under #apartheid have experienced what we're witnessing happening in Gaza,we had a govt at war with its children & bend in dehumanizing African ppl ..."👏
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Activists are being harassed, independent media houses and NGOs have been raided. Today on International #HumanRightsDay speak up to keep human rights alive ▶️…

With your support, we will not be silenced. 💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
#AbkiBaarMaanavAdhikar Image
India has just been elected to the @UN_HRC, mandated to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights”.

Yet human rights work is actively being crushed in India. This #HumanRightsDay we the people of India are fighting to keep human rights alive. Image
Here's some #MondayMotivation:

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity" - #NelsonMandela

Don't you agree?
Happy International #HumanRightsDay! Image
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Opinion: Is The Zeitgeist Finally Shifting In Favor Of Julian Assange?

#ReconnectJulian #Unity4J #DefendWL #FreeAssange…
This article is an attempt to encourage people to help in whatever way they can, and also to provide hope by seeing what people have already done! eg: Roger Waters' demonstration of solidarity at a concert, @ChrisLynnHedges's twitter thread, artists like @yarraspot & more!
As I wrote in the article, the ideas and opinions expressed in the piece are singularly my own, & are not endorsed by Wikileaks or any other person besides myself! 🙂
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