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What we are going to need are massive nationwide protest during the entire trial in the Senate, to get the GOP to #DumpTrump
What we are going to need are massive leaks to the press by everyone on the planet who knows Trump’s dirt during the entire trial in the Senate, to get the GOP to #DumpTrump
What we are going to need are massive nationwide strikes and walkouts during the entire trial in the Senate, to get the GOP to #DumpTrump
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1/ [Data #Thread] *Klaxon for all those interested in potential Twitter manipulation*. Here I compare a large sample of pro and anti-Trump Twitter accounts. Sample A includes around 137,000 pro-Trump Twitter accounts, and sample B, 65,000 anti-Trump accounts #disinformation
2/ Both Samples involved downloading Twitter accounts based on data from their Twitter bios. Pro-Trump accounts were selected if the contained terms such as #MAGA, #KAG #WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst (and similar). Anti-Trump accounts were chosen to see if they contained #Resist
3/ #DumpTrump #ImpeachTrump etc. While obviously not exhaustive, the sample is large. The first obvious potential finding is that there are clearly more overtly pro-Trump Twitter accounts in terms of biographical detail. Interesting when you consider that he lost the popular vote
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Last night, a close friend texted me and asked, “are we so divided, that a ‘candidate who brings people together’ is thing of the past?”

This is how I responded.

#DumpTrump2020 #UniteBlue
I’m not as concerned with our divisions as I am with strength and will power of average people to overcome the extremes which seek to divide us.

In fact, most of our candidates are moderates that are trying to bring back a sense of normalcy.
Societies break down because of divisions that are exacerbated by the extremes.

But they are the minority.

The majority almost always wants a reasonable compromise.

It is the majority’s apathy that allows the extremes to gain the upper hand.
#UniteBlue #DumpTrump
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So with all the crazy scary shit that has been taking place in our country I have been finding myself having feelings and emotions that I have not felt since the first few months after September 11th happened.

Only this time it’s our government that is either committing these horrible inhuman actions and or fanning the flames of the fires that are prompting people to commit these crimes. Quite frankly that is far scarier to me.

I am genuinely scared right now, even of people I have known for almost my whole life. I have heard words come out of people’s mouths in the last few days/weeks that have left me speechless, shocked, mortified, and terrified.
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The nightmare of a demagogue president. #ElPaso Mayor insists White Supremacy has no place in El Paso. Yet he’s welcoming Trump & his racist admin on Wed. This is just rubbing salt in the rawest of wounds. And for what? So Trump’s propaganda media can say how presidential he is??
Another reason #ElPaso should #DumpTrump visit: His re-election campaign stiffed the city of $569,204 for the racist fascist rally he held there in Feb.

The point tho isn’t the money. It’s that Trump targeted El Paso w/ hate just like the terrorist did.…
Why is Trump going to #ElPaso? To propose gun laws? To comfort the Latino community? No, he's going for the photo-op. So RW propagandists can keep gaslighting America that he's not creating the very conditions for white supremacy terrorism. Watch & reject his visit. #LockHimOUT
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A 16ft robot of Donald Trump sitting on a golden toilet, while tweeting, has just been wheeled into Trafalgar Square ready for today’s protests @LBC
The statue was made by Don Lessem an American who makes giant robotic dinosaurs. He says the #DumpTrump robot speaks and makes farting noises and cost him $25,000 of his own money @LBC
Police are relying on a ‘barrier plan’ to protect Downing Street this morning. Protestors can’t get any closer than this to Number 10 - where Trump and May are meeting later. @LBC
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Ask yourself: could any other person get away with the fucking bullshit Trump has pulled, with the help of @senatemajldr and @LindseyGrahamSC and others? The answer is an unequivocal no. Americans, this is a final call to wake up before our country is demolished by... 1/7
1. Packing of federal court judges who are extremists, or not qualified, etc.
2. Packing of Supreme Court with judges who have questionable ethics, etc.
3. Hand-picked AGs who will shield the pres.
4. Dismantling of the rule of law and invocation of executive privilege... 2/7
5. White nationalists, not to be confused with patriots who are white, and who are loyal to the country, but white nationalists, who are hell bent on ridding the country of brown/black people and non-Christians alike, etc.
6. Policies that undermine what we used to stand for 3/7
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🔥🔥👇👇 Read below. If true, this explains everything we have been seeing happen with FOX being silent on Twitter and Murdoch's quiet, after hours meeting with McConnell.

FOX is planning to #DumpTrump 👇👇🔥🔥
"Just so you know, Fox has made a corporate decision and will start to lessen its support of Trump." This is from an internal email that Murdoch's own Wall Street Journal has uncovered and is about to run a story on. 1/
"Rupert Murdoch met with Mitch McConnell to tell him recently; he won't let his company be associated with Trump and his crimes anymore, nor does he want the Trump base murdering people because of what people like Hannity, Pirro, Ingraham & Carlson say and do." 2/
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In a frankly astonishing move, LeaveEU is giving its support to the Democrats and backs the growing movement to #DumpTrump.
Wonder what Bannon thinks of this?
Intentional tag contamination or poor planning?
#BlueWave #BlueWaveIsComing2018
In case they block me or delete it:

Do they honestly not know who is already using the rallying call of #BlueWave? 🌊 #BlueWaveRising #BlueWaveComing
Er, guys...
Oh gods can LeaveEU really be this stupid?
I can see why they are pushing to take over the Tories, but to call it Blue Wave Brexit? 🌊
when the Democrats are all over that idea as a campaign to escape the #TrumpTrainWreck?

Somewhere an intern is either in ROFLing or in hiding
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Blocking accounts (trolls & bots) thread
A lot of #remain ers don't really understand the situation they are facing on Twitter, they see an online debate where #Leave and #Remain put their points forward and whoever has the best logic wins.


#stopbrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
That isn't what's happening. At this point #Leave (left or right) don't need to convince people of anything, they don't need to win debates.

All they need to do to win is to stop #Remain from reaching people and the tactics they are using are designed to do that.

Those tactics are to distract, discredit & disrupt Remain attempts to convince people.

They use name calling & insults. This is to discredit #Remain.

Also they hope to goad Remainers into an emotional response so they appear overly motivated and therefore less convincing.
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Crossing the border unauthorized is a civil violation covered by Title 8 of the US Code, not a criminal violation under Title 18. This is important for the below reasons:

#MARINESagainstTrump #DumpTrump #DumbTrump
If charged criminally, that takes the case out of the Immigration Courts where the migrants have nearly no rights, and puts it in US Fed Courts where they have limited Constitutional protections such as Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
Fourth Amendment guarantees the right to be free from search and seizures not authorized by a warrant.

Fifth Amendment guarantees the right not to self incriminate and to have an attorney present at questioning if the accused is able to get one
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