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Como hoy es Jueves de #TBT y a mi no me gusta subir fotos en el instante que hago las cosas, traigo un hilo visual 🧵 de lo que fue el #pride2022 en Cali del 4 de Julio de 2022.
Las fotos aquí subidas contaron con el permiso de los fotografiados. Sin mas que decir, empecemos.
La previa antes de salir. Punto de encuentro en Cosmocentro sobre la Cll 5. Cabe resaltar que los ojos de mi amiga y los míos vieron mucho mas de lo que captó mi humilde lente de cámara de teléfono.
La bonita energía de estas madres acompañado a su hijas es indescriptible. Resalta la originalidad y creatividad en los mensajes "transgresores" para la sociedad intolerante.
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Hilo de pelis LGBTTTIQA para concluir el #Pride2022 y/o para después de los que vayan a marchar este Domingo 🧵🪡
Aclaración: no todas salen en plataformas, algunas deben verse en pelisplus, gnula o servicios similares.

1. La Jaula de los pájaros
2. ¿Reyes o Reinas?
3. Secreto en la montaña
4. La Chica Danesa
5. Carmen y Lola
6. La Piel Que habito
7. Y tu mamá también
8. Benzina (Gasolina)
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LGBT #PrideMonth யூன் மாதத்தில்
கீச்ச முடியாத அளவுக்கு
பயண அழுத்தம் & பணி அழுத்தம்:(

எனினும் கடைசி நாள் Jun 30 அன்று
ஒரு சிறிய அகத்திறப்பு!

உலக வரலாற்றில் தொன்மையான LGBT

நீங்கள் போற்றும்
பல கிரேக்க அறிஞர்களே
LGBT மக்கள் தான்
எ. சமூகநீதி இனியேனும் உணர்க!…
வரலாற்றில் LGBT தொன்மை!

*மாவீரன் Alexander
*தத்துவ ஆசான் Socrates
*Emperor Hadrian
*Zeno, Father of Stoicism
*போர் வீர Band of Thebes
*ஓவிய/சிற்பப் பேரரசன் Michelangelo

இத்தனை பேரும் LGBT மக்களே!
ஒவ்வாமை தவிர்த்து, சமூகநீதி கொள்வீர்!…
உலகப் பெருங் கவிஞர் Sappho
LGBT பெண்மணி தான்! #Pride2022
அதனால், அவர் பெருங் கவிதை..
இலக்கியம் அல்ல எ. ஆகிவிடுமா?:)


LGBT வரலாறு, இன்று நேற்றல்ல
மிகத் தொன்மையானது!
கிரேக்கத்தில் மட்டுமல்ல, சங்கத் தமிழிலும்!
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To mark the end of Pride Month, here is a short thread to celebrate some trans scientists and their amazing contributions. These are great scientists, and great people who have risen above transphobia to succeed - that's worth celebrating.
Lynn Conway is a computer scientist who revolutionised the design of the computer chip. Fired by IBM when she transitioned in the late 1960s, her contributions during the 1970s ushered in a new age of personal computing. In recent years, she has been a powerful trans advocate.
Ben Barres was a neurobiologist who transformed our understanding of brain cell function - in particular discovering astrocytes can play a key role in degenerative brain diseases. He talked frequently about sexism in science, and how barriers had lifted for him as a trans man.
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I would advise you to do some research into the transitional process and the availability of transitional healthcare in your area, as well as make contact with transgender groups in your location.
If you need signposting to groups then drop me a DM and I will find you somewhere you can speak with trans women and work things out. Lived experience counts for so much and having the opportunity to speak to people who have done it will be vital to you understanding yourself.
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🏳️‍🌈La Universidad de Salamanca conmemora la celebración del Día Internacional del #OrgulloLGTBI+ con la iluminación de la Fachada Rica. 🏳️‍🌈

#OrgulloLGTBI #Pride2022
🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️Entre los actos destacan la intervención del rector, de Rita Segato y de Kerman Calvo, coordinador @DiversidadUSAL; la lectura de los derechos trans, a cargo de la estudiante Sarah Freitas, así como de algunos poemas por parte de Leonam Cunha y del profesor Fernando Gil Villa
🏳️‍🌈También destaca la lectura del manifiesto conjunto de la Red de Universidades por la Diversidad, a cargo de la profesora Nieves Sanz, el presidente de @igualeslgtb, Daniel López; y la técnico del @sas_usal Casandra Pablos.

#OrgulloLGTBI #Pride2022
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To celebrate International #pride Day, check out this #podcast interview with the inspirational @Intentionaut.

We talk about coming out as transgender at work, writing "the letter" to your colleagues & how we can all be better allies. Check it out!

#Pride2022 #PrideMonth @Pride "There is nothing about being trans that I would do jus
Here are some charities you can donate to

UK: @Mermaids_Gender
US: @TrevorProject

Please help to support gender diverse kids, grownups, friends, colleagues and even gender diverse enemies 🙃

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We still have a long way to go in our fight for acceptance. Even if Pride Month ends in June, here’s how you can continue to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community all year long. #Pride #Pride2022
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Tomorrow, the #SaturdayMothers who have been holding weekly vigils for the disappeared in #Turkey for decades, will hold their 900th vigil

At their 700th vigil - the police moved in using teargas & detaining 46 and banning future vigils

@amnesty observers will be at the vigil ImageImageImageImage
As the Saturday Mother’s prepare to gather in Istanbul, @OBS_defenders & @fidh_en urge Turkish authorities to lift the ban & authorise @saturdaymothers vigils at the Galatasaray Sq today for the 900th week of these symbolic demonstrations…
#BREAKING: Reports that 15 people have been detained, after riot police prevented #SaturdayMothers/ @CmrtesiAnneleri peaceful 900th weekly vigil in Istanbul for family members disappeared almost 3 decades ago

All those detained must be released.
#CumartesiAnneleri900Hafta ImageImageImageImage
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Rep @Ilhan I wanted to share this video with you.

A Muslim Cleric claims Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) instructed his companions to kill #Gay

Caliph Ali wanted to burn them alive & Abu Bakar agreed. While the rest wanted to throw them from a high place & then stone them

Is this true?
Being #Pride2022 you promised to fight for LGBT.

Also as you are heading Anti #Islamophobia in @JoeBiden Gov, you can look into dozens of Islamic nations whose law demands death to #LGBTQIA this includes Somalia, your birthplace.

Also, look into religious text opposing #LGBT 🙏🏼
Dear All, do tag all #LGBTQ leaders in the world including India. So they are aware what is the thoughts of Islam on LGBTQ and look into resolving this peacefully.
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A #paradalgbt hoje na Paulista tava linda. Teve uma ala de mães e pais de crianças trans
E mães com muito orgulho, diga-se de passagem ❤️
Todos pedindo respeito
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You've probably heard On Here in the wake of Uvalde that cops have no legal duty to protect you. The case establishing that rule, though, is even worse than you think. This is a thread on the 2005 SCOTUS case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales.

You see, Jessica Gonzales had an order of protection against her ex, a man with a history of violence against her and who had threatened to kill her and her three children. That order of protection, by the way, included the three kids.

The ex proceeds to kidnap the three kids from outside Gonzales' home, so she called the police - who literally told her to call back later after 10 pm. But wait! It gets worse.
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1/5(FN) At the Disruption Lab @disruptberlin @nasredinhoja from @globalvoices talked to @nastyadomani on how #russia's #WarInUkraine2022 affectes the daily life of the #trangender community… @KyivIndependent @radiosvoboda @RFERL
@disruptberlin @nasredinhoja @nastyadomani @KyivIndependent @radiosvoboda @RFERL 2/5(FN) @nastyadomani explains the #transgender community lost friendly-doctors, mostly #ukrainian women who fled #ukraine to take care of their children and elderly parents. This makes life harder to find #transitioning hormones, a daily struggle for many.
@disruptberlin @nasredinhoja @nastyadomani @KyivIndependent @radiosvoboda @RFERL 3/5 (FN) @nastyadomani says the #trangender community in #ukraine has lost their leaders as many left: years of training &advocacy work are now lost/put on hold, leaving the community without leadership. This make the work of those staying even more essential
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The amount of gay people peaking and standing up saying we will no longer be pets to heterosexual or LGBTQIA people who claim to be our allies be won't value our same sex attraction existing as gay is heartening
Those who think they own us are threatening us with the rise in Homophobia we've been screaming about for years, warning them about. Telling them not to get radicalised into far right talking points about sexuality modification has failed. They won't stand for us calling it out
It's all "those naughty radical feminists are the problem. Blame the women not us."

Nope were blaming those who threw us under the bus

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Look me straight in the eye and tell me that you're a woman. #BidenDestroysAmerica Image
Lovely evening with my girlfriends today. Despite the fact that our rights will be taken away! #RoeVWadeprotest #RoeVWade Image
You should show your solidarity to every birthing bodies by wearing this since cis men can also get pregnant #RoeOverturned #RoeVsWade #RoeVWade Image
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New: Chaya Raichik (@libsoftiktok) posted content from a junk site connected to an Idaho white supremacist in advance of Coeur d'Alene #Pride.

It's the latest example of @Twitter influencers buoying extremism.

My analysis for @Hatewatch:…
Raichik shared content about Coeur d'Alene from "Idaho Tribune." Antiracists noted to @Hatewatch the junk bog shares website infrastructure with Dave Reilly's site. (It does.)

Riley organized with Identity Evropa. He marched at Unite the Right. He's a white supremacist.
As I mentioned the other day, there appears to be a correlation between low rent influencers like Libs of Tik Tok stoking rage on this site and extremists turning up at #Pride2022 events.

Extremists have to pick their targets based on something:
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Gen. Smith entered the Army with ordinary aspirations; as a first-generation college student, the U of Oregon’s ROTC program presented a path to a college education.
Upon graduating in 1986, Gen. Smith was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant; although most of her class shipped off to Germany, Gen. Smith was posted in Panama as a platoon leader in a sustainment brigade.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #Pride2022
As Gen. Smith rose up the ranks, she never expected to become a general officer. Her desire was to excel in roles she enjoyed, and her eclectic career path reflects that drive towards personal fulfillment.

@SecArmy @USArmy @TRADOC
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The fraught history of the U.S. Army’s relationship with its gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers began 10 March 1778, at the Continental Army’s winter quarters at Valley Forge.
On that day, Lt. Frederick Gotthold Enslin was court-martialed for crimes related to homosexuality, the first recorded incident of an American soldier facing such charges. A German by birth, Lt. Enslin arrived in Philadelphia in 1774, seeking a new life in the New World.
A bachelor in his early 30’s, Lt. Enslin joined the Continentals in March 1777 as an officer in Col. William Malcolm’s Regt. Though the details of Lt. Enslin’s life are scant, the precise writing on his enlistment papers shows that he was educated and could write in English.
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PRIDE MONTH ARMY HISTORY – THE REPEAL OF DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL (DADT) The end of the Army’s centuries-long history of discrimination against gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers actually began with the implementation of DADT in 1993. Image
Meant as a temporary compromise between an absolute ban and wholly open service, DADT was by design meant to be slowly superseded by more inclusive policies in the future. This process was accelerated with President Obama’s State of the Union Address in January 2010.
The President’s call for outright repeal forced the Joint Chiefs to “get their act together,” and prepare to end DADT, according to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Casey. The DoD commissioned a series of studies and surveys to examine the potential impact of DADT repeal. Image
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Second, the ever-iconic @Metro_Ents desk is getting involved in our #Pride2022 takeover 🏳️‍🌈💅

Strictly superstar and Bake Off champion John Whaite will be taking over the reins🍰 💃

His editor’s letter explains why he wanted to be involved 👇
'The Don’t Say Gay movement proves we can’t relax – what happens in America, then comes here' - Russell T Davies 🏳️‍🌈

John talks to Davies about his career and the importance of LGBTQ+ representation on screen 🏳️‍🌈
'The Doctor has never conformed to heteronormative standards of style and expression which is celebrated all over the world.' 🏳️‍🌈🌍

Metro chatted to some of Doctor Who’s LGBT fans about why the series means so much to them ahead of Davies's return 🏳️‍🌈🤖
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Today is the last day of Metro's #Pride2022 takeover 😢🏳️‍🌈

But don't fret because we have not one but two fantastic guest editors 🎉

First is the always fabulous Soaps desk who have a have a range of voices sharing their stories alongside guest editor @kimberly_h_s 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈
'When I was asked by Metro to take over editing the soaps section for a day in which Pride would be the focus, I didn’t even hesitate.' 🏳️‍🌈

'For everyone, Pride means different things and for me, it has meant a journey of finding myself' ✍️ @kimberly_h_s
'I find labelling a challenging concept, though I respect and understand why they are needed. Labels generate a conversation and explanation.' ✍️ @kimberly_h_s
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‘I’ve had my heart broken and my dreams shattered – but I won’t give up on hope or Pride.’

Today the fabulous @AnnaRichardso is taking over as Guest Lifestyle Editor in celebration of #Pride2022…
#Pride2022 is around the corner, so you've got a valid excuse to fun, bright and colourful makeup!

We have two looks to inspire your Pride look 😍👇…
Whether you’ve just come to a new realisation about yourself or you’re with a member of the opposite sex and the topic has yet to come up, coming out to your partner can be nerve-wracking.

But we're here to help 👇…
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1/. In 2019, students at #METU university in #Turkey gathered for their annual #Pride  march

They were met with batons, tear gas, plastic bullets, pepper spray & arrest

Tmw, they will gather for Pride again

The university says they will call the police
2/. The university’s attempt to ban on this Pride march has no legal grounds

METU university authorities must reverse this decision & allow the student community to celebrate #Pride tmw

@amnesty will be on campus
#PrideMonth #Pride2022 #pridemonth2022…
3/. Join @amnesty in calling on the @METU_ODTU administration to reverse its decision to 'categorically ban' the planned campus-based #Pride march due to take place tmw

Please sign and share the urgent action appeal #Pride2022 #PrideMonth #pridemonth2022…
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It's me, your Scottish Queen @shadylawrence

I've chosen these five articles from Metro this year because I think they reflect some important issues for our community right now 🏳️‍🌈

They are all really important topics to think about this #Pride2022

Let's death drop into it👇
Here is my first choice an article by the fabulous @UglaStefania on the Government making a shocking U-turn on its plans to ban conversion therapy in the UK.
Up next we have this inspiring article about adoption. Garry Ratcliffe and his husband adopted four kids – three have disabilities and they couldn’t be more proud of their family 🏳️‍🌈
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