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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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What do aluminium sulfate water poisoning, Gulf War Syndrome, World Trade Centre Syndrome, the neurological disease #ME, the post infection disease(s) #LongCovid and poisoning of Iranian school girls have in common?

A British #psychiatrist claiming ‘mass sociogenic illness’!

2/ Does the psychiatrist, Sir Simon Wessely, project his own catastrophic thinking to all ‘grey’ areas in health science transforming them into black and white?

What cannot be explained immediately can be explained through the old ‘hysteria’ hypothesis?…
3/ Thank you @LongCovidAdvoc for this summary on the knighted psychiatrist’s ‘work’!

Despite Wessely repeatedly #blaming media for fueling the affected persons’ ‘mass psychogenic illnesses’ #media has seemingly been satisfied reporting this instead of performing #journalism
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A young woman who would repeatedly experience the smell of burning incense (when in reality none burnt)
1. It was nearing the end of a busy OPD, when 27-year-old Radha was brought for consultation, accompanied by her husband and mother-in-law. They all looked anxious.
2. Radha married Raj a year ago. All went well until three months after marriage and the family was very happy.
One day at 11 PM, Radha started complaining that someone is burning incense at home, when all were actually sleeping. They considered it a dream & asked her to sleep.
3. These episodes increased in frequency and occurred 3-4 times every week. She would complain of burning incense smell at different times of day or night, and these symptoms would last only a few minutes.
Her family thought it's a God's message to her to pray with more devotion
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A personal story of my everyday life as #Psychiatrist in India.
This might help anyone who is new to the field or thinking of entering the uncharted waters of #mentalhealthprofession
Read on.
#MedTwitter #psychtwitter
Every day, you will be reminded of the stigma by your own colleagues from other fraternities & society at large, most of whom are oblivious to the importance of mental health themselves.
Wait, but that's not why I am writing this.
4-5 years back, when I entered this field, and if I was treated this way, I would have revolted and taken the organizers of the camp to the cleaners and fumingly left the place.
But not now.
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A woman who had a constant urge to move her right leg while sitting or lying down

1. 42-year old woman consulted me last month with complaints of constant urge to move her right leg for past 12 years. Symptoms occurred mostly in evenings and nights.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
2. She would develop crawling sensation and discomfort in right leg while sitting for long or lying down, which would go away only after she jerked or vigorously shook her leg.
She remained reasonably well during the day.
3. These symptoms occurred on daily basis causing sleep disturbance (she could #sleep only 5 hours at night).
She felt tired during day and found it hard to concentrate.
She was unable to sit for long while travelling or during meetings during daytime.
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When an old woman started speaking in a "foreign" accent all of a sudden
1. About a year back, a 70-year old woman was brought by her son to my OPD. As per him, she had started to speak Telugu in an "American" accent, since waking up that morning.
#MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter
2. She was illiterate, had no relatives or friends from USA and had never travelled to USA.
She had been confined to home for several months due to Covid lockdown and her son took her to a #psychiatrist, thinking she had developed this #Speech #abnormality due to stress.
3. Psychiatrist could not find any behavioral disorder and wanted a neurologist opinion.
Clinical examination revealed a problem with her speech. It was slow, and she had difficulty in clearly pronouncing words. It felt as if she was speaking Telugu in an American English accent
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Someone here said that some patients just don't want to engage. OP's bio says they're a consultant #psychiatrist. I hope not but this sort of arrogant statement is rife among MHPs (mental health professionals) and absolutely boils my piss.

Let's break it down.

Firstly, I'm talking as a parent regarding inpatient treatment but this transfers to other settings.

My child was first referred to CAMHS in 2019 and has had 4 inpatient admissions. They've probably been in contact with 100 - 200 MHPs.


My child has been variously described as 'hard to reach', 'not engaging' and unable to communicate their needs.

(Yes, yes, they are #autistic - something these MHPs denied in favour of emotional dysregulation etc but that's a story for another time)


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Long-standing unwanted & unpleasant genital sensations in a woman of neurological origin

1. 41-year old woman presented with 3-year history of persistent abnormal sensations involving vagina, #clitoris and labia, without #sexual interest or #desire.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
2. She found it hard to describe the sensations but used terms like vibrating, tingling, painful, throbbing, pulsating and numbness in vagina & surrounding regions. There was a sense of imminent #orgasm. Sexual activity & orgasm, however, did not relieve her symptoms.
3. Symptoms got worse on sitting and on lying down, but were lesser on standing or walking. Tight clothing or underwear aggravated her symptoms. She also had #pain in both legs, and felt the urge to constantly move her legs to reduce pain & discomfort (in legs & feet).
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How a common nutritional deficiency turned an air hostess into a beggar
1. A few years ago, a smartly-dressed man entered my OPD with a shabbily-dressed woman, introducing her as his wife. Her hair was unkempt, clothes untidy and she wore a pair of torn sandals.
2. The gentleman further added: "She was an airhostess in a German airlines, whom I met while flying as I frequently flew to Germany for business. She was 25-yr old, pretty and it was love at first sight, culminating in #marriage. Things started to change within a few months."
3. She developed progressive #memory impairment, mostly for recent events. She had problems in calculation, speaking, and used to get lost in familiar places. One day, she left home to visit a well-known friend's place, but never reached there. She didn't return home either.
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#November2022 #November12 #WorldPneumoniaDay #LungCancerAwarenessMonth #LungCancerScreeningDay

This 'long' thread is about-

"Lung Cancer Awareness month- Nov"
"World Pneumonia Day- Nov12"
"National Lung Cancer Screening Day- USA: Nov12"
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is taking the opportunity this November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, to highlight the burden and principal risk factors of lung cancer around the world.
1.8 million (18 lakh) people died in 2020 due to this cancer (2/21)
This count is almost double the number of deaths caused by the 2nd most common cause of cancer deaths - colorectal cancer!!

Tobacco smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer

Smoking in public places exposes those who are not interested in smoking .. (3/21)
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NeuroClastic is conducting a survey seeking professional perspectives on the use of contingent electric skin shock (CESS) as punishment to shape the behaviour of disabled people.
If you're employed in one of the these fields or a graduate student in a one of them, please consider taking the brief CESS survey:
Other allied health professional
NeuroClastic is on Twitter as well (@NeuroClastic), but they're more active on Facebook than here.
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@_pem_pem Why this is nonsensical: "Jeffrey Lieberman, a professor of #psychiatry at Columbia University...“The problems that they’ve been criticized for have more to do [with] the way they’re used by doctors & the heterogeneity of the condition that they’re indicated for.” /1
@_pem_pem What Lieberman is saying is that if #antidepressants were prescribed to a population for which they are known to work well, they would have a much better track record. This is true, because it is a tautology. /2
@_pem_pem The reasoning is circular, if #antidepressants were prescribed for those people for whom the drugs worked, they would work. /3
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Monoamine hypothesis aka "chemical imbalance" & other synonyms, arose circa 1965, but was known to only #psychiatrists, who were unhappily prescribing TCAs and MAOIs to a niche market. Patients hated the many adverse effects of the drugs. /1
Until mid-1990s, monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency" etc.) was not circulating as a "folk model", not in medicine or in the general public. 1990 is ~center of this chart, when #psychiatrists, many paid by pharma, started churning out papers. /2
As a meme or "folk model", monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency", "neurohormone imbalance", etc.) was diligently planted by dozens of #psychiatrists -- not a few -- many paid by pharma. Not something that arose organically out of nowhere. /3
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Let's unpack why @psychunseen publishes posts such as this one, seeking to delegitimize patient movements he's observed on Twitter. He's been doing this for more than a year. /1
First, everyone should be aware @psychunseen is a #psychiatrist who treats inpatients for the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles.

The target of the tweet is the "drop the disorder" people, but, ill-advisedly, he swipes at chronic Lyme & CFS patients as well. /2
@psychunseen has been working on this thesis for a long time: That patient campaigns on social media are driven by pathological psychiatric conditions, not the desire of patients for better care from doctors. /3
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UK woman tapering paroxetine: "After 18 years of stupor—of emotionless head fog, of sleeping 14 hours a day, of apathy—I’m succeeding in getting off the #antidepressant Seroxat." /1…
After reducing to 7mg paroxetine: "I spent the first half of 2019 in continual, breathless, agitated terror.
I couldn’t sit still, and my constant squirming made my partner cry. I suspect I had something I’ve since found out is called #akathisia."…
"Within days of that first panic attack in January [2109], I decided to stop tapering the Seroxat and stay on the same 7mg dose. I got in touch with my GP to tell her what had happened.

I was referred to the local mental health crisis team." /3…
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@psychunseen: "...if the goal of anti-psychiatry is to get #psychiatrists to listen...this is better done within a therapeutic relationship, not in a picket line at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting or on social media" apparently refers to me personally. /1
I thought it stood out as particularly illogical in his most recent screed…

Who pickets the APA other than Scientology?
Then I recalled I had attended an APA meeting where there were pickets. I did not do any picketing myself, but I was invited to speak outside:

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@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick Joe, you still don't get it: "If there’s a lesson to be learned from anti-psychiatry, it’s that not all of our patients are satisfied customers and they deserve to be heard. But.... listening to feedback with empathy is part of [a #psychiatrist's] routine daily clinical work."
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick The problem patients injured by #psychiatric treatment face is that #psychiatrists & other physicians DON'T UNDERSTAND the feedback they get from patients. No amount of empathy is produce acknowledgement & treatment of injury rather than "relapse"!
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick @psychunseen, your writings will go down in history as an example of what we might call the anosognosia of #psychiatry towards adverse iatrogenic effects of #psychiatric treatment.

Thanks for that, at least. Fodder for future PhDs.
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@awaisaftab 4) (continued) Graduated interventions & minimizing drugs is a medicine best practice inimicable to #psychiatry. In fact, its expansion depends on the opposite. 5) Non-diagnostic formulations of what? Again, what is psychiatry's domain? All of human behavior? Rarified cases?
@awaisaftab When it comes to human emotions, yes, I think non-diagnostic formulations are more helpful than calling them diseases. Emotions are changeable. People can learn to manage them. #Psychiatric diagnosis pins individuals to a board like specimens.
@awaisaftab Most #psychiatry practices are filled with normal people with good jobs and health insurance, not rarefied cases or the wretched of the earth. Yes, it's a disgrace to medicine that #psychiatry gives those normal people diagnoses and takes their money for "treatment".
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Bringing Human Rights to Mental Health Care: An Interview with @UNHumanRights Envvoy Dainius Pūras

#UnitedNations Special Rapporteur Dainius Pūras discusses his own journey as a #psychiatrist and the future of #rightsbased approaches to #mentalhealth.…
The families and children I met were actually my real teachers. They were teaching me about ethical #psychiatry. They were teaching me that if you take #humanrights out of psychiatry, then it becomes dangerous and toxic.
It’s not black and white. It’s not about denouncing the medical model, but we’ve identified huge asymmetries and power imbalances in the field. #Mentalhealth care has gone wrong for several reasons but drugs were announced as if they were more effective than other interventions.
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Why I love being a #psychiatrist:

* Get to really know patients
* Lots of time to explore life and concerns in context
* Talk therapy, behavioural therapy, medication therapy, somatic therapy, and medical knowledge all available to benefit my patients

#choosepsychiatry #meded

* Make local systemic change recommendations for my patients school, family, supports, and actually be treated like an expert

* Available by email to all 11000 former patients of they ever need me, and happy to help if I can

* doing research in a very needed space

* Study the most common cause of death in the first 4 decades of life

* Work with patients as a whole in a system that wants to medicalize them

* Have awesome colleagues who understand the need to work together for support and reduce/discuss vicarious trauma
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THREAD: #meded #medtwitter

I'm a #Psychiatrist. These are my most common activities:

* discussing stress & ways to handle it
* helping families find common ground
* talking about people's lives, and learning about them
* hearing & helping kids who have been hurt

Of course I do prescribe medication, and when I do, I do a damned good job of it. Informed consent (Risks, benefits, alternatives, start/stop issues). Many times, I remove medications that were inappropriately started, or change to safer ones.
Other activities that I do far more commonly than prescribe medication:

* teach medical students, patients, and families
* email and call patients or familes
* administrate a hospital unit
* MEETINGS (patient-centered, YAY!)
* SO MANY MEETINGS (policy-centered, zzzzz)
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Remarkable @bmj_latest @BMJCaseReports report documenting the extreme lengths a bedbound patient went through to get a diagnosis of #POTS, #MCAS, #SIBO and #tachycardia

read her story here

#MedEd #MedTwitter @MayoClinic…
2. After suffering for 16 years, seeing 19 docs with repeated misdiagnosis:

Her cardiologist couldnt diagnose #POTS

Her gastroenterologist couldnt diagnose #SIBO

Her immunologist couldnt diagnose #MCAS

Her neurologist referred her to a #psychiatrist!…
3. Patient: the "neurologist was out of ideas and suggested I get a psych evaluation, which I declined"

the patient <referred herself> to @MayoClinic

#SickNotWeak #chronicillness #chronicpain #MedEd #medtwitter…
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.@DailyMail, don't use terms like #paedohpile. There are people with paedophilic disorder, & not all abuse children. Help is available, but stigmatizing people makes it less likely they will get help & can increase the risk to children.
Report responsibly.…
Yes it's #paedophile, thank you @SandraSilguero for noticing. There are several reasons why using "paedophile" as a synonym for child sexual abuse offenders, or people who sexually exploit children, is problematic & counterproductive when fighting the crime.
1. It is inaccurate. Although people who commit #ChildSexualAbuse are sometimes #paedophiles, those with a paedophilic disorder have a sustained primary or exclusive sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. i.e. those who abuse teenagers are not necessarily paedophiles.
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