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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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Psychotherapy and medications are considered effective treatments for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Except for about 30%. (1/5) #depression #psychiatry #psychotherapy
For 30% of patients with #depression symptoms persist even after multiple treatment attempts. (2/5) #medication #psychotherapy #psychiatry……
And for those in which medications work sufficiently, there can still be the problem of significant side effects. (3/5) #depression #medications #psychiatry…
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Hello there 👋🏽 I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday.

Today I thought I should pop in and just to share with you how having a stress ball helped me through academic stress and how that experience became the motivation behind us selling stress balls.
Also still keeping in mind that mental health is still a pressing issue in our community and we here at NeuroBloom Psychology practice are working on raising awareness through our mental health campaign shop. However we can’t do it without you, so we are urging you to check out
the shop. Not only will you be getting yourself an item from our store but 10% of the profit share is donate to Moreson Special School situated in Khomasdal and caters for about 150 learners with cognitive and intellectual impairments from across the country.
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It’s a new month and not just any new month but it’s the month of Love❤️! Sending you so much Love❤️ and Light🌞

Least you forgot it is also:
It’s Let’s Talk Wednesday!
Listening to music can be entertaining, and some research suggests that it might even make you healthier.
Music can be a source of pleasure and contentment, but there are many other psychological benefits as well. Music can relax the mind, energize the body, and even help people better manage pain.
The psychological effects of music can be powerful and wide-ranging.
Music therapy is an intervention sometimes used to promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress, and boost psychological well-being.

Below are some benefits of listening to music:
🎧Music can improve cognitive performance
🎧Music can reduce stress
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How do we know that our Inner Child is present?
When you are truly feeling your feelings, you are allowing your inner child to be. Your inner child is active when you are being playful, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and surrendering to the spiritual self. When you experience
joy, sadness, anger, fear or affection your child within is coming out.

When the inner child is wounded.
Almost all of us have some inner child healing to do. It is hard for us to be whole and happy adults without bringing the inner child into our lives and thereby healing it.
When we meet our inner child, we often discover that some of our ove, guidance, respect, trust and safety. The lack of these basic needs may have brought about a state of chronic anxiety, fear, shame, anger and despair in our inner child.
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In 2023, let's give #psychotherapy for #mental disorders the status it deserves when examining and regulating novel or "breakthrough" treatments. Our latest comment (@NaudetFlorian @joarhalvorsen Lisa Cosgrove) @TheLancetPsych lays out arguments for this…
Trials of new treatments for mental disorders should be comparative (indeed more regulatory trials should…
Patients in the comparison group should receive a 1st line/recommended by guidelines/effective treatment even if *NOT* biological or pharmacological.
The fact that new treatments are touted as breakthroughs after not being compared to the standard of care is a mockery of the patients' time and distress and a negation of ethics and equipoise.
E.g. benchmarking MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for #PTSD…
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This thread is

Chapter 3, titled,

“The Farther Reaches of Human Experience:

“The Prenatal Matrix, the Wombular & Cellular Veils, & Unsullied Experience—Experience Is Divinity”

of “Dance of the Seven Veils I”

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #psyche

D7V1 3/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

THREAD #psychology #Adzema #prenatal

D7V1 3/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “In looking at these matrices embedded in us through our cellular & womb & birth experiences, it will be possible to have our best chance to get a look at existence outside of these matrices—the No-Form State.” []


D7V1 3/3
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This thread is

Chapter 2, titled,

“The Primal Ground of Being:

“Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & the Mythological Matrix of World”

of “Dance of the Seven Veils I”

by Michael Adzema

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #consciousness #birth

D7V1 2/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series
THREAD #psyche #prenatal #consciousness

D7V1 2/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…describing the problems of ‘normality’ as rooted in a deprivational & deformational series of traumas from our earliest biological history...holds out the vision of a new person & new society…”

READ/DWL BOOK…… #psyche

D7V1 2/3
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1) This is the cover of Good Will Hunting. Many people argue Robin William’s portrayal of a therapist in cinematic history [despite strangling and threatening the client in that famous scene]. Still, look at where Robin’s character did his best work: #Outdoors Image
2) This thread is about therapy outdoors as I was recently labelled as an “abuser”. I understand where this comes from my #research about survivors’ experiences in #WildernessTherapy. Good Will Hunting is not about Wilderness Therapy. They aren’t the same thing.
3) In 2020, I co-edited a book with Prof Nevin Harper titled Outdoor Therapies. This book examined #AdventureTherapy, #Nature-Based Therapy, Horticulture, #ForestTherapy, #Surf Therapy, #AnimalAssisted, &, yes, #WildernessTherapy.
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1) Regarding the recent article shared below, and because this put me in a particular mood today to see #TTI survivors used for industry promotion. Let's explore historically how direct comparison trials fair in #psychotherapy.
2) The first meta-analysis ever found: “More generally, virtually no difference in effectiveness was observed between the class of all behavioral therapies (e.g. #behavior modification) and the nonbehavioral therapies (e.g., Rogerian,…
3) A meta-analysis for #youth #mentaldisorders found: “there was no #evidence of any differences among treatments”…
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“Treatment goals include areas that are influenceable by work on the self; life goals depend heavily on factors outside one’s control. 🧵
Therapy goals thus might include reducing perfectionism, increasing realistic self-esteem, resolving an internal conflict, making a difficult choice, mourning a painful loss, and so on.
Life goals include, for example, finding a partner or spouse, getting a good job, or becoming a parent. They may be attained more easily when therapy goals have been met, but they are not themselves treatment goals.
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The last of Alonso’s foundations of psychodynamic theory is the idea that there is an assumption that our mind is in conflict. While we may not be aware of this conflict, parts of our minds are working against each other. 🧵
For instance, we may have needs for closeness while also having needs for separation. These conflicts are often not in our awareness and sometimes experienced as ambivalence or anxiety.
To resolve these conflicts, sometimes we use a defense mechanism (I posted definitions for about 30 of them back in May/June). And, sometimes the cost, in the form of symptoms, make the defenses used less than pleasant.
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Therapist Tip: 1 in 44 children are now born with #autism A core theme in many #autistic #aspergers #adhd individuals is self hatred or self-loathing, in both the diagnosed & undiagnosed. Many are unaware they are #neurodivergent Many are misdiagnosed or have missed diagnoses
Those who were late diagnosed (after kindergarten) are included. A common theme is growing up feeling 'different', 'not fitting in', being bullied, not being accepted, 'feeling like an alien', not understanding oneself, confusion, negative self-esteem, #adhd #selfesteem
a lack of friends, family of origin issues, difficulties communicating, being misunderstood & #trauma They may have ptsd from childhood, developmental trauma, have been bullied and/or abused. They often feel as though something is inherently wrong with them (shame & guilt) #PTSD
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Dissociation is of special importance in the 2nd psychological vital sign of self and object constancy. Dissociation serves to protect one’s self from the pain (physical and/or emotional) one is experiencing now. 1/6
2/6 To do that, a person unconsciously and automatically shifts their attention somewhere else. We’ve all driven from A to B, arrived at our destination, and wondered why we can’t remember the path we took. Our thoughts were somewhere else.
3/6 When this happens as a response to severe pain that occurs repeatedly, it sometimes becomes difficult to be aware of or control the shift in state of mind. In severe instances, the states of mind can become segregated so they don’t seem to drift from one to another.
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In the avoidant type of attachment insecurity, the child ignores the caregiver who inconsistently shows attunement. They literally avoid their caregiver. But, this does not mean they lack feelings. In some instances, children with this 1/5
2/5 style appear to approach their caregiver when they’ve been separated and then sometimes, at the last moment, attempt to ignore them. Adults with this type of insecurity often experience themselves and are experienced by others as independent.
3/5 They can appear confident and accomplished. When in relationships though, they sometimes struggle to find closeness and can get to a point in the connection where they feel compelled to distance themselves or break up.
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There are 3 types of insecure attachment: ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized. In the ambivalent type, the child feels conflicted about being in the presence of the caregiver. It is relatively common to see a child in this situation become angry when a 1/5
2/5 caregiver has left and then returns. It is also common to see that they may be passive or helpless. Adults often experience this insecurity as a sense of low self-worth. When a partner is not attuned to them, even if just occasionally, they can feel as
3/5 if they are not worthy of love and be self-blaming. They sometimes need persistent reassurance that they are loved and lovable. Fear of abandonment can sometimes be overwhelming and sometimes they will cling to the relationship to try to solve their fear.
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Sometimes therapists, especially those new to the field, have a powerful wish to be good at their job. And, sometimes this wish clouds their view of their flaws and mistakes. The shame that comes from recognizing one has made a mistake that hurt a patient can be 1/3
2/3 overwhelming. And, it’s common to try to avoid that shame. But, it is important to stay open to the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. Being aware of the kinds of mistakes and flaws we may have allows us to avoid defensiveness and validate the experience people
3/3 may have of us when we are not at our best. Patient’s often find it a relief when we acknowledge our mistakes and painful when we don’t. #psychoanalysis #psychotherapy #psychology #psychstudent #psychtwitter #therapistsconnect #TherapistTwitter
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I've been writing about #Stoicism and #psychotherapy for nearly a quarter of a century now. I started by giving talks on Stoicism at conferences for psychotherapists and discussing it with student counsellors, therapists, coaches, etc., on the training programs I ran in the UK.
My first book on Stoicism was meant to be an overview of the history of its influence on modern psychotherapists, for academics and clinicians. Instead, it became more widely read among nonacademics and "laypersons". Stoicism then became more popular, partly due to Stoic Week.
Authors like Bill Irvine, Ryan Holiday, and Massimo Pigliucci were reaching a wider audience of nonacademics. Communities for Stoicism formed on the Internet. Stoicism became a "thing" again. But something did NOT happen. To my surprise, psychotherapists largely ignored it.
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1/Only criminal mind can revive the memory of a tragedy for a GREAT NATION who profoundly traumatized by the invasion of West #Terrorists.
It’s expected @mfa_russia to appropriately punish the ignorant @RusEmbIran not to dance to West agents’ tune/cia mi6& learn moral principles ImageImageImageImage
2/History is full of #HumanRights violation by PSYCHOTIC barbaric leaders
Psychological tests& #Psychotherapy must be considered as an essential& mandatory rule for leadership, otherwise they must know the consequences of going through the..
#India #Bengal
3/prehistoric obsolete policy would be FATAL!
Even MENTAL RETARD persons are fully aware of the geopolitical changes in the region! #IRAN
The #MiddleEast irresponsible leaders/West-puppets, are the source of their Nations’ misery.
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Happy Saturday, beloved family! I hope your weekend has been off to an excellent start! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus text for today, comes to us from Romans chapter 8, which focuses on life in the Spirit.

In verse 1, we have THE blessed assurance from God, that there is indeed NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.
To be “in Christ Jesus” means that He dwells within us, & us within Him. We are ONE.
So, by sending His own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, God made sure that there is NO CONDEMNATION for us.
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Blessed Friyay morning to you all, beloved children of God! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus today will be within 1st John , chapter 3. This chapter deals EXCLUSIVELY with our identities as children of God. We are encouraged to strive to be a people of ethical integrity & to live a life that is reflective of our spiritual identity.
In verse 20, we are reminded of the truth that God is actually GREATER THAN OUR HEART. People of God, this is a quite profound assertion! 🤯🤯🤯
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We are very happy to announce the new issue of Clinical Psychology in Europe @ClinPsychEurope @eaclipt.…

Thanks to all contributing authors and our wonderful publisher @PsychOpen!

Enjoy this issue - perfect reading for a sunny weekend.
RT welcome.
In this issue, the president of @EACLIPT, @claudibockting presents the 'Diamond Distinguished Contributor to Psychological Interventions Award’ to Dr. Aaron T. Beck @BeckInstitute. We are happy that @drjudithbeck complimented the award with a brief history of Dr. Beck and #CBT.
Laudatio by @ClaudibBockting…

History by @drjudithbeck and #SarahFleming…

Of course, there is much more to read in this new @ClinPsychEurope issue...

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/24/2020…
California Exodus: An online industry seizes COVID-19 to sell the Red State Dream…

#california #COVID19 #emigration
The Comparative Impact of Cash Transfers and a Psychotherapy Program on Psychological and Economic Well-being

#EconomicWellBeing #QualityOfLife #CashTransfers #psychotherapy
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📢📢 THREAD: #Mentalhealth services disrupted in 93% countries: WHO Survey #FIIDailyEdit

The #Covid19 pandemic disrupted or halted #mentalhealth services in 93% of countries worldwide, says a new WHO survey. Acc. to a news report in the Scroll, the survey was conducted in 130 countries from June to August.

As per the survey, over 60% countries reported #mentalhealth services being disrupted for vulnerable people, including #children, adolescents, older adults, and #women requiring antenatal and postnatal services.

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