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As per chatter in high-level bureaucratic circles GoI is in talks with foreign multinational corporations for development of Srinagar-Jammu Industrial Corridor, including Chinese ones. A major Kashmir Development Summit slated to be organised soon with global investors lined-up.
Meanwhile discussions are also underway for a possible deployment of American missiles in Kashmir - possibly Ladakh. The move already rejected by Australians.

Washington withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces INF Treaty, the sametime military was deployed in Kashmir
Both Australia and South Korea have categorically rejected US demand for the deployment of American ground-based missiles on their soil.

Hence, India is on the cards now.
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#India is deploying 100 companies of paramilitary groups, around 10,000 soldiers, in #Kashmir after saying it has info #Pakistan-based groups plan attack. But #NewDelhi fails to show any evidence for this move that will escalate tensions. /1…
There is no evidence to support #India claims of a potential terror threat from #Pakistan territories. Why would #Islamabad ruin a great diplomatic moment with #US president offering mediation to the conflict & saying he wants end to bombings in Kashmir? @AQpk
#PulwamaAttack, the last major attack in #Kashmir in Feb 2019, was indigenous with local material & support base. Not a single country accepted #Indian claim of Pak link. #Saudi FM in #NewDelhi famously asked Indian TV interviewer for evidence before implicating #Pakistan.
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Moving on with this thread.
To be fair, #NDTV probably wouldn't be the only one that confused 'Osama' with 'Obama'.
But that doesn't mean I'll not put this 'editorial gaffe' here for archival purposes!
Our editors have managed to defeat the Matrix by successfully introducing a 'glitch' that converts a drug addict into a drug addiction!
Here's proof!
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Vasundhara Sirnate and I analyzed the news reports since the #pulwamaattacks

Our analysis of various Indian media news reports...…
// Key Findings // #PulwamaAttack 👇🏾
1. There are multiple versions of events reported with respect to the Pulwama attack. The newspapers, for instance, could not even agree on Adil Ahmad Dar’s age.
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Ok folks, carrying on from this thread of yesterday morning, in light of the events of this day. My thoughts are still a bit unstructured, so pl bear with me.
First and foremost, the point raised in this tweet from nearly four years ago has now been answered. Whether it develops into a war, or a 'near war' is to be seen now
I guess that the Brown Pants have taken a call to retaliate, assuming that the aftermath of an overt retaliation will be easier to manage than the yahoos within their own country
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On the sheer quantum of Pakistani provocation, 26/11 Mumbai was many orders of magnitude higher than #PulwamaAttack.
We stayed comatose, then.
In any parameter, casualties, location, unexpectedness, simple bravado. Mumbai was much, much worse.
We stayed comatose, then.
#PulwamaAttack involved only Indian paramilitary personnel. Mumbai had international, even American and Israeli, casualties.
We stayed comatose, then.
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Note on possible #IAF #airstrike today. There is NO SUCH THING as "terror camps". These aren't concentrated like schools or colleges. These are disaggregated and dispersed AT ALL TIMES. If targets were struck they would be military targets
.2n this IAF Embraer 145 AWACS was patrolling since the early hours. Watchers know this is an unusual pattern, although it did come close to the area of the alleged strike, it patrolled South as well. The plane has since returned to base. Source: @zone5aviation #IAF #airstrike
.3n for is where balakot is
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So I woke up to this news and this tweet by the Brown Pants Propagandu-In-Chief!
(NOT a typo, btw)
Sharing some quick thoughts on this
It is big.
It means that it was something they simply cannot hide away, unlike the #SurgicalStrikes.
It also that gives me great satisfaction, personally.
In fact I had tweeted this on the very night of the #PulwamaAttack
Now, since they cannot simply wish it away, comes the bombastic statement by the Propagandu-in-Chief that IAF couldn't achieve its mission.
Well, there are two aspects to it - firstly, in this time of Social Media & camera phones, how long before truth emerges?
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Unclear what “violated” means precisely here—but this also suggests multiple aircraft.
Follow-up tweet clarifies things a bit. We can litigate details later, but big picture right now per ISPR is IAF fighters crossed LoC in the early morning—before sunrise—and released some payload that Pakistan is saying hit nothing important in particular.
Biggest question I have is what “near” Balakot means and what payload specifically. Balakot is not in Azad Kashmir—it’s in KP.
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#India started bombarding Pakistan with allegations after the #PulwamaAttacks says #DGISPR
We wanted to investigate the #Indian allegations after we were sure footed #DGISPR
#PulwamaAttacks occurred when #pakistan had important eight events happening in and out of the country. #DGISPR
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👉Lot of lectures to Modi on MFN n action against Pakistan after #PulwamaAttack
👉Lets see what Modi did, its in addition to what I had written in my thread #ModichokesPakistan
👉Soon after Modi took office in late 2014 he approved Chabahar port in Iran
👉Point to be noted Vajpayee approved this project in 2003. After his defeat Congress slept over it for a decade
👉Port became operational in Nov 17 n first consignment of wheat for Afghanistan dispatche
👉Why am I writing on this topic
👉Afghanistan(AFG) is a land locked country. Trade of AFG with foreign countries took place thro Pak port of Karachi
👉Pak controlled all trade access to AFG
👉Pak AFG trade was 2.7 BN$ in 2014 n Pak hoped it to rise to 5 BN$ in next 3-4 yrs
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Did American Govt knew about #PulwamaAttack? How come Bureau of Consular Affairs of US State Dept issued a travel advisory for Americans travelling to Kashmir one day before the attack took place? How come terrorists got American weapons? Read more here…
The advisory described Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as ‘Azad Kashmir’ indicating a change in the U.S. terminology as PoK is usually described in U.S. official declarations as Pakistan Administered Kashmir. The issue is yet to be officially addressed by Indian government.
The fact that the advisory was issued day before the attack in Pulwama indicate that Americans might have had credible actionable intelligence regarding the #PulwamaAttack. How did they know about it? Was it shared with Indian intelligence? Read more here…
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What Revenge did the then Indian govt take for 'Mumbai Train Bom'b blasts' in 2006, which Killed 209 Civilians & Injur'ed 500+ Civilians ?

What Revenge did the then Indian govt take for 26 /11 'Mumbai Attack' in 2008, which Kil'led 166 Civilians & Injur'ed 300+ Civilians ? 1
●What Revenge did the then Indian government take for 'Assam Bombing' in 2008, which Kil'led 81 Civilians & Injur'ed 470+ Civilians ?

●What Revenge the then Indian government take for 'Delhi Serial Bom'b blasts' in 2005, which Kil'led 70 Civilians & Injur'ed 250+ Civilians😠
What Revenge did then Indian govt take for 'Samjhauta Express bombings' in 2007, which Killed 68 Civilians & Injured 50+ Civilians ?

What Revenge did the then Indian government take for 'Jaipur Bombing' in 2008, which Killed 63 Civilians & Injur'ed 200+Civilians ?
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A curious thing happened soon after news about the #PulwamaAttack broke out. This was the resurrection of a terror attack on a Police station at Shopian that never took place by Indian media.…
Here is @sameedkakroo the Jammu Bureau chief of Greater Kashmir who first exposed the fake press release by Jammu & Kashmir BJP IT Cell about an attack on the police post in Shopian that never took place. Note: no such media reported about such incident.
Three hours later Times Now dedicated an entire broadcast ‘breaking news’ on The Newshour Debate about the attack on police post in Shopian that never took place. News Nation & ABP News too joined in to report about a non-existing attack even declaring killing of CRPF jawans.
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Reactions across #Rajasthan in wake of the #PulwamaAttack

Art & culture centre of #Jaipur @JKK_Jaipur cancels theatre/ play 'Eidgah Ke Jinnat', based on stone pelting incidents in #Kashmir . It was a part of JKK's ongoing #theatre festival #Navras @DeccanHerald
According to the Jaipur police the scheduled play 'Eidgah ke Jinnat' has been cancelled in the wake of sentiments of citizens after #PulwamaAttack . The play is directed by Abhishek Majumdar . @DeccanHerald @ashokgehlot51 @SachinPilot
The district collector of Bikaner has asked Pakistani nationals staying in Bikaner to leave the city within 48 hours. Also prohibitory orders under CrPC section 144 have been issues.

The order has created fear among 5000 Pakistani immigrants in Rajasthan @DeccanHerald
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The Abdul Rashid Ghazi that media is claiming to be the mastermind of #PulwamaAttack and killed in recent #PulwamaEncounter was already killed in Operation Silence by the Pakistan Army Special Operations Commandos’ teams in 2007. MUST READ…
Here is the original story reported by India TV News on February 16, 2019, containing the picture of Abdul Rashid Ghazi (now deleted). Below is the archive link…
This guy claimed by India TV News to be the mastermind of #PulwamaAttack and killed in #PulwamaEncounter was killed in 2007 by Pakistan Army Special Operations Commandos’ teams in Operation Silence. Read full story here…
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Winning and losing a modern day warfare is not easy. Because human emotions are more powerful than nuclear energy. Comes with their own set of risks, if not handled properly.
In the age of social media, emotions could easily be weaponized, both offensively and defensively. Be extremely careful about spending your emotional currency. Double check that you are not playing from the side of your enemy.
Fundamental requirement to emerge as a winner in the modern day propaganda driven and indirect warfare is to choose the time and occassion of your choice, not time and occassion of enemy's choice.
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After #PulwamaAttack lot of suggestion r given to Modi about ways of revenge: economic penalty, scraping Indus water treaty(IWT). Some say Modi have no policy on Kashmir. This thread explains Modi initiative on IWT n choking Pakistan economically.
👉After URI Modi clearly said water n blood can't flow simultaneously
👉According to IWT three eastern rivers Ravi, Beas, Sutlej given to India. Even after 56 yrs after signing of IWT India couldn't fully utilize our quota
👉After URI Modi fast tracked many projects for which initial studies have been done in 1960's but no further movement. Some projects were inter state, disputes were resolved, DPR prepared n amount sanctioned
👉This water flowed in Pakistan unutilized by us
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1. 44 lives taken in one go.Let that sink in.44 precious lives who were defending Bharat regardless of which community or caste they belonged to.They died protecting d idea of Bharat,not d Lutyens idea of India. Why is this important? How is this relevant? #PulwamaAttack
2. No matter how much d so-called liberals and d aman ki asha idiots try & tell you that this is all political and has nothing to do with religion,each bomb blast proves otherwise.The test is not whether Muslims too are killed in the blasts.The test is what drives the terrorist.
3. Pakistan is not a country,it is a mindset & its existence is not limited to d territory of Pakistan. Whosoever,regardless of his/her faith,believes tht d very idea of Muslims living in a non-Muslim majority country is oppressive for Muslims,subscribes to d Pakistani mindset.
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This is a wiki page for the #PulwamaAttack attack of 2019 and will be updated regularly with relevant information and facts frequently ignored by Wikipedia. If you think we have missed out some inputs let us know in the comments below.
This twitter account @313_Get is said to have claimed responsibility of #PulwamaAttack as per J&K police intelligence. Read more at…
In the aftermath of #PulwamaAttack a British national was nabbed by CISF surveillance & intelligence staff at Delhi Airport finding his activities suspicious.

Read more…
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The mastermind of #Pulwama with @BJP4India founding member and the then foreign minister during Kandahar time. The skeletons from BJP cupboard is tumbling out. Let's pack these buggers off.


In other words @BJP4India founding fathers helped and inadvertently founded Jaish Terror group. I am now talking like @RShivshankar and Arnab. Stretching things.

And the Uri hero (Not the soldiers who ducked the bullets, but a failed and disaster of a man who is the NSA) who had accompanied the terrorist. If you want holler How's the Josh be bold enough to face the shit that's going to hit the ceiling.

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Today I am sorry for being a Bengali. Today I am sorry for being an Indian. These communists are the feeding threats to our country. I was not so much sure about JNU, but now I am.

@ajmeripoet @Subbu_06 @pokershash @TajinderBagga @ipunamchoudhary
What to say now of others. Rename the paper to The Times.
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