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EMA Press Briefing on COVID-19 related activities, 5 May 2022…
#COVID19 infections are still in the millions worldwide. This pandemic is far from over. COVID-19 will continue to impact our lives. #EMAPresser #pandemic
Vaccines are a central pillar of the response to the #pandemic. Nearly half a million lives among people 60 years of age and older have been saved in Europe thanks to #vaccination. #COVID19 #EMAPresser
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦 : after weeks of increasing transmission, hospitalisation rates are rising in many jurisdictions and across most age groups. Rates of hospital/ICU admission/death remain highest in older adults, aged ≥60 years.…
2/4 With #COVID19 still spreading widely in Canada, it’s not too late and very important to get the best possible protection against severe illness by keeping #COVID19Vaccines up-to-date, including #COVID19Booster dose(s) as recommended.…
3/4 Evidence shows that 2 doses of mRNA #COVID19Vaccines generally maintain good effectiveness against severe outcomes across variants, and a booster further increases vaccine effectiveness to over 90% against severe outcomes.…
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦 : not unexpectedly, ⬆️ in-person activities following easing of public health measures, together with spread of the more transmissible BA.2 variant and some waning of immunity, may be contributing to ⬆️ transmission.…
2/4 Average daily cases have increased by 28% vs. last week, indicating resurgence is underway nationally (Mar 25-31, 2022); also 7-day lab test positivity (Mar 23-29) ⬆️ to 16% and wastewater signals are ⬆️ in many localities.
3/4 Although overall high vaccination rates are expected to lessen the impact on hospitals, severe illness trends have begun to increase in many jurisdictions (range 3%-27% weekly ⬆️ in daily number of patients with #COVID19 in hospitals).
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reports to Feb.25th 👇
▶️40,011 AH
▶️8,415 Serious;31,596 Non-serious AH
▶️304 deaths;1,281 blood clot cases
▶️6,178 Special Interest AE’s; 1,857 Myocarditis/Pericarditis cases
▶️86%⬆️ in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in 🇨🇦
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 1,151,448 Reports to Feb.25th
▶️24827 Deaths;45615 Disabled
▶️135783 Hospitalizations
▶️40382 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️12731 Heart attacks;5812 Blood clots
▶️4209 Miscarriages
▶️35303 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;14364 Bells P
#UK #YellowCard Report for #AstraZeneca; #Pfizer; #Moderna, to Feb.23rd
▶️Total Reactions for #COVID19vaccines: 1,466,191
▶️Total Fatal Outcomes: 2,040
▶️Total Reports: 447,795
▶️Miscarriages: 776
#DutytoWarn #InformedConsent…
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.@WHCOVIDResponse briefing coming up at 10:30amET with someone different today: #HHS @SecBecerra, who's joining @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci, Jeff Zients to discuss a roadmap to enable US to move forward safely & sustain/build on progress #COVID19😷
.@WHCOVIDResponse #COVID19 briefing seems to be running a bit late to get started.

#COVID19vaccines #MaskUp #HHS #NIH #CDC
#HHS @SecBecerra, @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci & Jeff Zients together in same room today at #COVID19 briefing! That's a change, too!

#MaskUp #COVID19vaccines 😷💉😷
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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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70 presidents and prime ministers from Europe and Africa are arriving right now for day 2 of the #EUAUSummit in Brussels.

The big-picture geopolitical context: #Europe is trying to convince #Africa to choose them as a partner instead of #China.
European and African leaders have just held a press conference announcing a compromise on the issue of #Covid19Vaccines and IP rights.

The EU will set up technology transfer hubs in Africa to scale up production. But this falls short of the #TRIPSwaiver African countries wanted.
"We’re doing this in the right order," insists Macron.

"We first donated doses, now we’re launching these technology transfer hubs so we can develop the manufacturing sites for MRNA manufacture...Then we need the purchasing commitment."
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A report some are claiming shows a link between #COVID19vaccines & an unusual form of #myocarditis is circulating.

To say the connection is a stretch is an understatement.

What does the report show & what does it not show?

A 🧵…
The introduction presents a summary:

“..autopsy results including microscopic myocardial findings of 2 teenage boys who died within the 1st week after receiving the 2nd Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 dose. The microscopic findings are not the alterations seen with typical myocarditis”
Both were tested for #SARSCoV2 & nothing was found.

There is no record of a previous SARS-CoV2 infection.

Therefore, no evidence for post-COVID19 cardiac injury.

Other infections were not explored.
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: while we’ve passed peak #omicron, measures are still needed to relieve the pressure on our hospitals. In particular, closing vaccine coverage gaps and maintaining core personal protective practices.…
2/5 In particular, millions of eligible Canadians could reduce their risk of ending up in hospital with severe COVID-19 disease by getting up-to-date with #COVID19Vaccines/mRNA #Booster as eligible/ recommended.
3/5 Evidence shows two doses of #COVID19Vaccines offer reasonably good protection against severe disease, and getting an mRNA booster dose as eligible offers superior protection, keeping more people out of hospital and preventing more deaths.
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: in good news, today is the first day all jurisdictions are reporting a decline in their latest 7-day average case counts. Infection rates are still elevated/activity still widespread, but trending in the right direction!…
2/4 Protecting this progress and ↓ severe illness trends across the country, is helped by more people getting up-to-date with #COVID19Vaccines and by all of us maintaining precautions like wearing masks & avoiding crowding. #VaccinesPlus
3/4 Two doses of mRNA #COVID19Vaccines provide reasonable protection against severe Omicron disease (~64%-86% vaccine effectiveness), which ↓ over time since 2nd dose. However, protection ↑ to ~90% or more after an mRNA #BoosterDose.
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Jan.28th 👇
▶️36,164 AH
▶️7,678 Serious;28,486 Non-serious AH
▶️277 deaths;1,209 blood clot cases
▶️5,737 Special Interest AE’s; 1,720 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️85%⬆️ in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in 🇨🇦
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 1,088,558 Reports to Jan. 28th
▶️23149 Deaths;40069 Disabled
▶️124445 Hospitalizations
▶️38603 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️11765 Heart attacks;5443 Blood clots
▶️3903 Miscarriages
▶️29716 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;13575 Bells P
#UK #YellowCard Report for #AstraZeneca; #Pfizer; #Moderna, to Jan.25th
▶️Total Reactions for #COVID19vaccines: 1,445,836
▶️Total Fatal Outcomes: 1,996
▶️Total Reports: 441,471
▶️Miscarriages: 750
#DutytoWarn #InformedConsent…
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Jan.14th 👇
▶️34,426 AH
▶️7,378 Serious;27,048 Non-serious AH
▶️269 deaths;1,181 blood clot cases
▶️5,338 Special Interest AE’s; 1,643 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️84%⬆️ in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in 🇨🇦
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 1,053,828 Reports to Jan. 14th
▶️22193 Deaths;39150 Disabled
▶️118684 Hospitalizations
▶️38073 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️11260 Heart attacks;5259 Blood clots
▶️3692 Miscarriages
▶️27674 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;13137 Bells P
#EuropeanMedicinesAgency #EudraVigilance Adverse Health reaction reports to Jan.15th 👇
▶️Total Deaths: 37,927
▶️Total Adverse Health reactions/injuries: 3,392,632
▶️Total Serious Injuries: 1,611,423;47.5% of all reports
#EuropeanUnion #DutytoWarn #InformedConsent #NurembergCode
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‼️ EMA’s regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments will be broadcast live 🔴 today, 18 January, from 16:00 to 16:30 CET. #EMAPresser
Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
Omicron & other variants: Global regulators agreed that the administration of multiple booster doses at short intervals would not be sustainable in the long term. #COVID19 #EMAPresser #ICMRA
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Dec.31st
▶️32,514 AH
▶️7,126 Serious;25,388 Non-serious AH
▶️258 deaths;1,132 blood clot cases
▶️5,141 Special Interest AE’s; 1,574 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️81%⬆️in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in Canada
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (73.3%). The rate of reports for females was 66.7/100K doses administered, compared to 25.6/100K doses administered for males.”
Source: #Canadian government:…
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 983,756 Reports, Dec. 17th
▶️20622 Deaths;34615 Disabled
▶️108572 Hospitalizations
▶️35997 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️10429 Heart attacks;4907 Blood clots
▶️3365 Miscarriages
▶️20560 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;12317 Bells Palsy
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: this may feel like a double marathon we didn’t sign up for, but we can draw strength knowing the ground we’ve covered so far to stay on track and work together to get where we need to go.…
2/5 As public health continues vaccination efforts & closely monitors local epidemiology for signs of peaking activity in the weeks ahead, we can all help by staying the course to get through this difficult time sooner. #VaccinesPlus➡️…
3/5 Currently, we still need millions more Canadians to increase their protection with #COVID19Vaccines, including almost 7 million eligible people who need a 1st or 2nd dose of their primary series.
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: Nationally, the average daily case count has increased by more than 50% compared to the previous 7-day average, with >42,000 cases being reported daily over the past 7 days (data up to Jan 6th).…
2/7 High infection rates that are challenging testing capacity in much of the country lead to an underestimation of the true case numbers, but we continue to test & sequence at very high levels to track the spread and monitor variant predominance.…
3/7 At the same time, we continue to use multiple other indicators, such as laboratory test positivity and hospitalisation/critical illness trends that are useful for monitoring overall disease activity and severity impacts.
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How embarrassing would it be to have cited this retracted article in a review claiming that #COVID19Vaccines have negative effects on pregnancy?

If only there were clues that this was a dumpster fire of a study...…
Oh wait...

"Thornley’s commentary on Covid-19 & vaccination has been roundly & routinely criticised by public health experts. He was keynote speaker at an event held by anti-vaccination group Voices for Freedom..."

Translation: everyone knew it was wrong. Well, almost everyone.
Perhaps the most interesting part of this article is the reference to the institution that employs Thornley.

As you read this, keep in mind other academic institutions have claimed their hands are tied because of academic freedom...
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Another #misinformation list from Real Time News claims a connection between #COVID19vaccines & cardiac events in athletes, based on a “large number of cases [of athletes & coaches] close to vaccination”.

Even a quick review of these claims shows them to be nonsense.

A thread.
The article claims to have a list of 108 people who died.

But a review shows it is a actually list of 108 people who may or may not have had cardiac events.

And for the vast majority there is no information about COVID19 vaccines at all.

None. Image
Who are some of the ‘athletes’ with purported connections between COVID19 vaccines & cardiac events?

Jordan Tucker, a former soccer player who last played in 2016.

Stretching the definition of "athlete".

No mention of vaccination status.…
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BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson has granted a license to South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare to manufacture an Aspen-branded version of the J&J #COVID19vaccine for distribution in Africa. #VaccineApartheid #COVID19
The agreement is the result of several months of negotiations & investment, says WTO's Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She says WTO is holding periodic meetings with #COVID19 vaccine manufacturers & hopes agreement will be a step to decentralise #COVID19vaccine production globally.
Okonjo-Iweala says the #Omicron is another reason why #TRIPSwaiver discussions must be concluded speedily. This follows the WTO's decision to cancel its recent ministerial meeting following the variant's discovery.
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Nov.12th
▶️26,734 AH
▶️6,268 Serious;26,734 Non-serious AH
▶️227 deaths;1,025 blood clot cases
▶️4,539 Special Interest AE’s; 1,329 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️74%⬆️in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in #Canada
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (73.9%). The rate of reports for females was 63.3/100K doses administered, compared to 23.2/100K doses administered for males.” #Canada 🇨🇦
Source: #Canadian government:…
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 894,143 Reports to Nov. 12th
▶️18853 Deaths;30010 Disabled
▶️94537 Hospitalizations
▶️33660 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️9332 Heart attacks;4387 Blood clots
▶️2996 Miscarriages
▶️13237 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;11229 Bells Palsy
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▶️.06% “Active Cases” (3,035) in BC pop of 5+ mill @bccdc, Nov.26th
▶️97.5% Recovered
▶️5.6% cases hospitalized; 291 currently
▶️.045% of BC pop have died with CV19. Median age: 84
▶️80%⬆️in cases in #BC since #COVID19vaccines started (173,636 new)
#bcpoli Image
▶️Dec.15th, 2020 @bccdc @bcndp government reported 668 #COVID19 deaths in #BC
▶️On Nov.26th #BCgovernment reported ‼️2,322 COVID19 deaths⁉️
▶️71%⬆️in #COVID19 deaths (1,654) since #COVID19vaccines started in BC
▶️80%⬆️in cases since vaccines started 173K+… Image
#BC #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health Reactions to Nov. 13th
▶️5,639 AHR's
▶️321 Serious; 4,110 Non-serious AH's
▶️16 deaths;138 Blood clot events
▶️231 Hospitalizations; 146 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis
▶️80%⬆️in cases since vaccines started 173+K… Image
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The latest #COVID19vaccine myth that has re-appeared is a claim linking vaccination to sudden cardiac arrest (#SCA) in athletes.

The reality is there is no demonstrated link between the vaccine & SCA in athletes.

In fact, SCA in athletes is not a new phenomenon.
For well over a decade I have taught a class on cardiology & we dedicate an entire lecture to SCA in high performance athletes.

Each year I am able to update the lecture with the latest high profile SCA case. We have discussed Jiří Fischer, Fabrice Muamba, & Jay Bouwmeester.
SCA in high performance athletes predates the COVID19 vaccine.

In a 2012 study it was reported that on average, an athlete dies from sudden cardiac arrest every 2-3 days in the US. The rates are similar in other countries.…
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Nov.5th
▶️23,676 AH
▶️5,899 Serious;17,777 Non-serious AH
▶️213 deaths;991 blood clot cases
▶️4,117 Special Interest AE’s;1,075 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️74%⬆️in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started #Canada
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (74.6%)‼️
➡️The rate of reports for females was ❗️57.6/100K doses administered❗️ compared to 20.6/100K doses administered for males.”
#genocide #Canada #cdnpoli
Source: #Canadian government:…
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 875,651 Reports to Nov. 5th
▶️18461 Deaths;29104 Disabled
▶️91982 Hospitalizations
▶️33259 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️9094 Heart attacks;4268 Blood clots
▶️2887 Miscarriages
▶️12131 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;10981 Bell’s Palsy
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1/2 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: today, I presented results of #PHAC’s updated #epidemiology & modelling analysis, which suggests that nationally the fourth wave could continue to decline over the coming weeks if transmission doesn’t increase➡️…
2/2 This latest #PHAC-@McMasterU forecast reaffirms the importance & beneficial impact of public health measures & individual precautions even at current levels of #COVID19Vaccines coverage, given predominance of the #DeltaVariant. #VaccinesPlus…
3/3 Let’s keep going steady with #PublicHealth advice and do our best to look after ourselves and others by keeping up with individual precautions/layers of protection: #VaxToTheMax #WashMaskSpace #GoodVentilation➡️…
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