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Starting tweet threads #KnowYourMonsters.
Let's start wit one of the biggest
America's health is is held hostage by very dangerous man - Anthony Fauci.
He never did it for #science but his own ego.
He is connected to another monster - Bill Gates.…
“Tony Fauci didn’t want the American public to know that he has poisoned an entire generation of Americans,”…
More about Fauci and his dirty games (read the whole Gummi Bear tweet).
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[THREAD] Recap: The #AstraZeneca vaccine did not protect against mild-to-moderate #COVID19sa caused by the new variant in South Africa, researchers announced this week. We don't know what this means for severe #COVID19 but what happens now with South Africa's rollout?
Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has announced that given the new #AstraZeneca results, the health department will continue phase one using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was shown to reduce a person's risk of moderate to serious disease caused by the new variant by ~60%
Pfizer vaccines will also rolled out. Government is also in advanced talks with Sputnik vaccine makers, this follows peer-reviewed results for the vaccine, which was found to be ~92% effective in preventing any #COVID19sa #COVID19…
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Two weeks ago I lost a patient. I don’t know why we say “lost”. She died. She died from a rapid and severe #COVID19 infection. She was 78 and was the “mayor” of her block. Loved by her neighbors, by her family of 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

Mrs. H. was independent, lived alone, healthy except for well-treated high blood pressure and “the sugar”- diet-controlled diabetes. She was Hispanic and spoke mainly Spanish during my brief interview with her, she was too short of breath to answer too many questions.

She didn’t have an appointment to get her #COVIDvaccine yet, but shamefully the 22 yo that #Philadelphia hired to manage our life-saving vaccine program already had his #vaccine, instead of Mrs. H. Diverting #vaccines to the young, white well off and healthy has consequences.
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Scientists confirm AstraZeneca #COVID19vaccine shows no significant reduction in mild to moderate #COVID19sa in South Africa against new variant but the jab could still show efficacy against serious cases of #COVID19. What does this mean for South Africa's vaccine rollout?
The background: The AstraZeneca #COVID19vaccine phase 2 trial in South Africa included only healthy & HIV-negative adults. Half of the people got the vaccine & half got a placebo of saline solution, which is similar to salt water. #COVID19 #COVID19sa
The study only had enough people to be able to show if the vaccine was at least 60% effective & could not say if it protected against severe #COVID19 - a bigger, phase 3 study would be needed for that. #COVID19sa
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On the @WhiteHouse digital channels, @JoeBiden will give his inaugural radio address as @POTUS on Saturday, continuing a long tradition, announces @PressSec.
On criticism that @POTUS will be going to #Delaware this weekend at a time @CDCgov asks Americans to avoid travel, @PressSec says it's different because he'll be using a private plane -- Air Force One.
"It's completely confusing," acknowledges @PressSec on the process to sign up for #COVID19vaccines, noting that large vaccination sites under @fema management are getting underway.
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Remarks made this morning by @POTUS to the virtual #NationalPrayerBreakfast, according to @PressSec.
"Certainly we support this effort and endeavor" of @NASAArtemis to returns US astronauts to the #moon as a waypoint to exploration of #Mars, confirms @PressSec.
Today, @POTUS is expected to talk about his "commitment to refugees," says @PressSec but that no executive order anticipated immediately.
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"It is being analyzed for resourcing and risk" by the military services, says @johnfkirby63 of the urgent request for @DeptofDefense help with #COVID19vaccines from combatant commands' medical teams.
"It'll be a collaborative effort" with #Germany on deciding on the US force numbers there, says @PentagonPresSec.
"The Taliban have not met their commitments" to renounce terrorism and to stop the violent attacks in #Afghanistan, says @PentagonPresSec.
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Following the arrival of #COVID19vaccines in South Africa, jabs will be reviewed for safety etc for 10 to 14 days before being distributed to provinces, says Health Minister Zweli Mkhize. #COVID19sa #COVID19
AstraZeneca #COVID19vaccine has now been authorised for use in South Africa via SAHPRA. Mkhize confirms that a 30-day consultation period related to the approval of GMOs has been waived by the Dept of Agriculture. #COVID19 #COVID19sa
If you're following along with tonight's #COVID19sa #COVID19Vaccine presentation, you can check out just how many jabs are in clinical trials via this handy WHO link…
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🧵We need your help: @Stlukeshealth, along w/ @GovernorLittle, the heads of many Idaho businesses, other hospitals & experts who've worked to suppress COVID-19 are extremely concerned about pending legislation that could reverse the inroads we've made to defeat this pandemic.
2/ Senate Concurrent Resolution 101 would revoke Idaho's emergency declaration regarding the pandemic. @GovernorLittle came out strongly in opposition, saying ending the emergency declaration would make it more difficult/expensive to fight the virus. @StLukesHealth leaders agree.
3/ As members of the health care community, we know that we have a long way to go, but that we can restore elements of the Idaho life we all treasure if we continue to avail ourselves of the practices and resources needed to successfully suppress this virus.
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"As I watched patients literally dancing their way through the doors because it was their turn to get this #COVID19vaccine and have hope, I found myself humbled to be part of this great @StLukesHealth event."… @IdahoStatesman
🧵More observations from a @StLukesHealth nurse leader about the #COVID19Vaccine event: "Titles had no meaning. We had doctors standing watch at doors directing traffic, managers wiping down work stations for the next patient, staff standing in the cold directing traffic..."
..."One of the most beautiful things happened: A lady who was so scared of receiving a shot began singing, “You Are My Sunshine,” as the wonderful PA-C administered her #COVID19vaccine. We all began to cry. This lady was so relieved to have hope she sang about it." @StLukesHealth
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By Jan 24, 2021, 1.6 million Indian health workers or, about 1 in 1,000 Indians, had received the 1st dose of the #COVID19#vaccine, data from the govt show. The UK has vaccinated 95/1,000 and the US 56/1,000. Follow this thread to know more:
India vaccinated more people (207,229) on Jan 16, 2021, the 1st day of the #COVID19 vaccination drive, compared to France, UK & the US, the govt said. How this compared:
India: 0.15/1,000
US: 0.24/1,000
UK: 0.29/1,000
France: 0.001/1,000
The Indian government began vaccinating a priority group of 300 million people with two #COVID19 #vaccines--@SerumInstIndia’s #COVISHIELD & @BharatBiotech’s #COVAXIN--on January 16, 2021 Image
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[Thread] Most of Africa & the world’s poorest countries likely to get initial #COVAX #COVID19vaccines free in a major policy shift. Will it be enough? Here’s what we know. MT @thecontinent_ Image
2/6 When #COVAX emerged last year as the world’s only plan to guaranteeing poorer countries a shot at securing any #COVID19vaccine, it promised free jabs for the poorest nations only to later institute subsidies of up to US$2 per dose for most countries.
3/6 Now, #COVAX has committed to providing initial doses of #COVID19vaccines for free if funding pans out. This would apply to every country in Africa except for Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Libya, Mauritius, Namibia, Seychelles & South Africa. #COVID19sa
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1/In talking with my patients and people on @Twitter, I have noticed a lot of confusion regarding the term #anaphylaxis. In this 🧵, I will give more insight into this confusing term and what we can do about it because #ThisIsOurShot💉
2/First, words really matter when it comes to describing serious adverse events related to the #CovidVaccine
👉It's common for symptoms to occur after a vaccine. That's your immune system doing its job to help remember a 🦠to protect you in the future
3/There are very rare events shortly after a vaccine that can be a serious, potentially life-threatening #allergic reaction. This is called #anaphylaxis.

@AllergyAsthmaHQ has a great picture describing key features 👇
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There will be a scientific panel discussion on the latest developments with the new #COVID19SA variant #501yv2 currently dominating in the country. Follow along as we live-tweet the briefing starting shortly.
It's been a month since we first described the new variant and we've learnt a lot since then. So this is an update on that from the scientists that have been working on this issue. - @ProfAbdoolKarim #Covid19InSA #501yv2
Scientists from @krisp_news led a consortium of researchers around the country that sequenced various samples of the virus and identified the new variant with over 20 mutations - @ProfAbdoolKarim #501YV2 #COVID19SA
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Alright team, let's get to another pressing vaccine question a lot of you had asked recently: Can those who have gotten complete doses (2 shots) of #COVID19Vaccines transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others? Come with me on a lil mucosal immunology journey 1/x…
2/x The short answer is, we aren't sure. This is because the first thing clinical trials looked for is who was getting Covid-19—a symptomatic illness as a result of an infection with SARS-CoV-2. Which is good! That's the main job of a vaccine!
3/x To get Covid-19, your body has to be sufficiently overwhelmed with SARS-CoV-2. To get there, SARS-CoV-2 has to have copied itself a lot. We don't know if the vaccine prevents SARS-CoV-2 replication altogether, or just enough so the person doesn't get sick...
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🧵@StLukesHealth TO BEGIN ADMINISTERING #COVID19VACCINE TO COMMUNITY HIGH-RISK GROUP: Group identified by the State of Idaho includes high-risk non-St. Luke’s health care workers, emergency responders, and very specific essential workers in our communities.
•Appointment scheduling opens at noon today.
•ONLY qualifying people within the specific group should schedule appointments at this time. DO NOT SCHEDULE IF YOU ARE NOT IN THIS GROUP.
•People who schedule will be required to provide proof of their job at their appointment.
•COVID-19 vaccine will NOT be given if proper proof of employment is not provided.
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It has been a busy month learning about #allergy after #COVID19Vaccines but we so excited to receive this broad information from @CDCgov. Highlights below!/1…
*Potential #anaphylaxis 175 of 1,893,360 1st doses of @pfizer vaccines (0.009%; 90 per million)
*Confirmed #anaphylaxis, 21 of 1,893,360 1st doses of @pfizer vaccines (0.0011%; 11 per million)
-->Better than we thought (1 per 100,000)but greater than usual 1 per million)/2
*17 of 21 Anaphylaxis cases (81%) had allergy history; 7 of 21 (33%) had prior anaphylaxis
*Anaphylaxis occurred a median of 13 min (2–150 min) after vaccination; 71% occurred within 15 min (i.e., CDC recommended waiting/observation time)
*Follow-up for 20 patients & 100% OK /3
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This Thread explains the controversy around delayed 2nd doses of #Covid19vaccines or lowering the amount in each dose. The debate really boils down to what science tells us about maximum protection for INDIVIDUALS versus maximum protection for POPULATIONS. US is individualistic Image
Individual perspective: The clinical trials were designed to give a specified vaccine dose to "prime" the immune system, followed by a second dose 2-3 weeks later. Using this 2-dose, set interval, strategy conferred near 95% efficacy for @pfizer & @moderna_tx vaccines.
The clinical trials cannot give any assurance of high efficacy & durability of immunity with any deviation from this 2-dose, set-interval, strategy. Thus, the science requires using clinical trial data for dosing as the only sure way to confer maximum immunity for indiv patients
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Disgraceful for anyone to politicise such a critical issue.

Sh @ShashiTharoor, Sh @yadavakhilesh & Sh @Jairam_Ramesh don't try to discredit well laid out science-backed protocols followed for approving #COVID19vaccines

Wake up & realise you are only discrediting yourselves !
Vaccines approved globally based on gene encoding spike proteins have protective efficacy of over 90%
However, COVAXIN based on whole inactivated virus has other antigenic epitopes in addition to spike protein
So,it’s likely to have similar protective efficacy reported for others
COVAXIN is more likely to work against newer variants like N501Y Variant (UK variant) & any other that may arise due to antigenic drift as it contains immunogens (epitopes) from other genes in addition to those from Spike protein
Inactivated virus from NIV also had D614G mutation
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[Thread] South African healthcare workers may have to wait until March 2021 to hear whether they will get special access to the Pfizer #Covid19vaccine as firm fills pre-orders from wealthy countries first.
2/5 If you're struggling to keep up with the latest on #COVID19vaccines, you're not alone. Since a lot of what we do know publically is being pieced together from media reports, I nerdily transcribed the most important bits of yesterdays' @eNCA interview.
3/5 In the interview, SA confirms it was in negotiations with COVAX during the time it missed the deadline. (TBH there has been a lot of deadline missing even re: the legally binding agreements countries were supposed to sign.)
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#COVID19vaccines will work against new #MutantStrains of the virus, according to Indian government…

By @pabsgill
➡️India detected its first six cases of the new #COVID19 strain in UK returnees on December 29. According to the Indian government, this is not a cause for concern as far as vaccines as concerned.
➡️“There is no evidence that current vaccines will fail to protect against COVID-19 variants reported from the UK or South Africa,” said K Vijayraghavan, the principal scientific advisor to the Indian government.
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2/#allergy and #anaphylaxis can happen to any #drug or #vaccine, but reactions to #COVID19vaccine are exceedingly rare (~6 in >300K vaccinations so far--> 0.002%). #vaccines have always been a rare cause of allergic reactions in healthcare.
3/Recently we looked at ~3K allergic reactions in healthcare settings @MassGenBrigham: contrasts caused allergy the most & just 6 vaccine reactions in 10-years. @NeelamPhadkeMD @MGH_ClinEpi @lizhou08 @JieHealthAI @PaigeWickner
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#COVID19vaccines - #IndiaFightsCorona

➡️News/Updates - India
➡️Different Vaccines, Different Mechanisms
➡️Time-frame and Roll-out
➡️What To Expect?
➡️Got Vaccinated. What now?
➡️Adverse Reactions???
➡️Countering Misinformation

A thread.

➡️News/Updates - #India

> @pfizer has applied for Emergency Approval in India.
> @BharatBiotech COVAXIN - Phase 3 trials.
> @ZydusUniverse ZyCoV-D - Expected to start Phase 3 trials in Dec/Jan

➡️Different Vaccines, Different Mechanisms

Here's a look at how the major vaccines work -

> Pfizer and Moderna - mRNA
> Oxford/AstraZeneca - Chimpanzee Adenoviral vector
> Bharat Biotech - Inactivated Vaccine
> Zydus Cadila - Plasmid DNA…

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