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Being worry is not a bad thing though. It means someone needs to be more careful to do something properly, but being over worry, then being overwhelmed by, and finally being enslaved by it is a whole different story.
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#FM144 - Starseed Support Channel for #TerraGroundcrew

#FullMoon Update

Many people even among the Starseed community have been too busy w/ worldly issues like politics in recent months
This is not only a waste of time, but also energydraining…
The #LightForces don't care about #politicians; they don't play any important role
Vladimir #Putin was an exception in the last decade

“Secret History Revealed: Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR”……
Another issue is what we perceive as time on the surface of the Earth, for example a time period of a few days, can last whole weeks, months or years on other planets
Outside planets there exists a so-called #StarTime in whose framework the #LightForces operate
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After Siva sutra and Spanda karikas of Kashmir Shaivism, I'm planning a twitter thread on 112 meditation techniques mentioned in Vigyana Bhairva #vigyanbhairava
If you are IN and think it's useful, kindly RT🙏...
112 meditation techniques- Vigyan Bhairav Tantras(VBT) by JAIDEVA S

*S Lakshman Joo & Osho

Context & background- Verse 1-23 are uploaded on..…
Some of it will be covered here!

Meditation techniques- starting soon!
Pls RT & invite others 🙏🌹
Introduction 1 - No discussion on meditation is complete without mentioning the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (VBT). This 5000-year-old ancient Indian text on meditation is considered by many as the last word on meditation. Image
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How can we make this world a better place in ~10 mins & help manifest our dreams?

#Mindfulness #mentalhealth #motivation
We are about to share a secret!

Essentially, what is a lifetime of struggle for an average human, is simply a momentary effort for the universal consciousness.
Each one of us is like a cell in the Universal Body. On our own, our existence is infinitely small. On a collective scale though, every individual is critical to the existence of the universe.
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“Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do.” – @SadhguruJV

#Rishikesh #Bharat #Meditate #Sadhguru
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To share what you wish you would have known years ago is to handover the chain of tokens, to the people, willing to unlock a better tomorrow. #giveback #NerdZen #TokensToZen #TheNerdsJourney
TokenToZen  #1:
Be Homo Ludens. Play is research. Innovation never stops playing. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. Our world needs true game changers. Be part of the action! #PlayYourDay #Gamification #SimonSinek #InfiniteGames #NerdZen #TokensToZen
TokenToZen #2:
If you ever got to choose what you will loose: Your Eyes or your Ears: How will you decide? A life without sight or a silent one? Choose wisely. Want a hint? Silence is consent? #DecisionMaking #MeaningfulConnections #NerdZen #TokensToZen
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May 10, 1/60 @naval's 60x60 routine. NOT EASY. Physical, mental limits stretched. Restless wait to get done is a hump to be crossed.
Mix of restlessness and calm. 60 mins nothingness make you appreciate the rest of waking minutes. Yoga before helps with physical stretch. 2/60
Mornings work better, environmental sounds in the evenings. Not many pockets of complete rest today. Getting easier to go through now. 3/60
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How to #meditate according to #BhagavadGita
#Meditation helps you elevate yourself by yourself. With meditation practices properly you can have control over the mind. Having a controlled mind, you live tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor.
Meditation enhances your knowledge, a better understanding of the self, equanimity, and control over the senses. You also become impartial towards your companions, friends, enemies, arbitrators, haters, relatives, friends, saints, and sinners.
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Received a fantastic message from my brother @soodparivar captioned The Empty Boat and found the #PearlsOfWisdom #TooGoodNotToShare

A #monk decides to #meditate alone, away from his #monastery.

He takes his boat out to the middle of the lake, moors it there, closes his eyes and begins his meditation.

After a few hours of undisturbed silence, he suddenly feels the bump of another boat colliding with his own
With his eyes still closed, he senses his anger rising & by the time he opens his eyes, he is ready to scream at the boatman who dared disturb his meditation.But when he opens his eyes,he sees it’s an empty boat that had probably got untethered & floated to the middle of the lake
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Heb. 6:4-6; 10:26-27

Church who hear God’s Word, experience the Holy Spirit, and yet still rebel. As they continue to rebel, their hearts become hardened so much that they cannot repent. These are professing believers who never truly knew Christ. They are like the Pharisees... Image
... who witnessed Christ’s miracles and heard his Word, and yet, with that knowledge, rejected Christ—committing the blasphemy of the Spirit (Matt. 12:31-32). It would be like Judas who tasted of the Holy Spirit and cast out demons and yet was still a child of the...
..... devil (John 6:70). Though he received great knowledge, he never truly accepted Christ or repented of his sins.

- Ps. Gregory Brown…

#BibleVerse #BibleStudy #Scripture #Hebrew #meditate #well #obedience
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Matius 12:36-37
Matthew 12:36-37

So if you cursed someone, like saying : "go die!" to them for example, eventhough you weren't mean it in your heart, if you didn't repent, in the judgment day, you will be judged by those words that you have said while on the earth....
It's just a little example.
Be wise Saints!. Don't harm your testimony

Di hari penghakiman nanti jika kau pernah menyumpahi seseorang, misalnya berkata : "mati lah!"... Meskipun kamu tidak bermaksud di dalam hati, jika kamu tidak bertobat, kamu akan dihakimi berdasarkan
kata-kata itu

Itu hanya contoh kecilnya.
Jaga ucapan kita, pengikut Kristus!, jangan rusak kesaksian mu.

Jesus loves you all

#Bible #verse #meditate #rhema #renungan #Ayat #Alkitab #WordsofGod #FirmanAllah
#berjagajaga #sober #vigilant
#wisdom ImageImage
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Just got to Davos. Ready to fill the leadership vacuum with big ideas. My focus will be on privilege and women. Only going to #womanels #methree. Also, my alligator-skin boots got snow on them, anyone have a blow drier or an FT I can use to dry them off?
Thread 1/n: Small ideas feel big when I'm in my Gulfstream, so here it goes: We have to innovate on innovation. The 7th industrial revolution disrupts AND displaces. Artificial intelligence and blockchain can only solve resurgent populism with #compassion.
2/n We elites are critical to making this debate glocalized. Thought leadership also involves thought stewardship. Communities form the core of our economies. Blue collar workers must be re-conceived as #newcollar workers. Code is key.
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