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➡️Border externalisation, designed to prevent from entering the EU, lead to inhumane and degrading treatment, refoulement and death of people on the move

➡️We stand for the immediate termination of the EU-Türkiye Deal, as well as all externalization agreements
1/8 Türkiye and European Union flags under barbed wire
Because of the Deal…

1️⃣People were pulled back by so called 🇹🇷 coastguards

2️⃣The Aegean islands were turned into open-air prisons

3️⃣> 2,000 people (non-turks) were deported from 🇬🇷 to 🇹🇷, detained and subjected to serious human rights violations
4️⃣Since 2021, 🇬🇷 considers 🇹🇷 a “safe country” for people from 5 countries (representing 70% of all asylum seekers)

+ than 7000 asylum claims have been dismissed as inadmissible

Even the 🇪🇺Commission has spokeen out publicly against this decision
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Remember when Labour MP Kim Johnson was forced to apologise for calling Israel "fascist" and "an apartheid state"? Well, here's a surprising story for you about British diplomats in Jerusalem (thread)…
A leading diplomat at the British Consulate General in Jerusalem, together with Foreign Office colleagues, took part in a West Bank fun run “in defiance of the Israeli foreign occupation” and in protest against the “apartheid wall”, the @JewishChron reveals
Wearing T-shirts showing a map which campaigners claimed “erases Israel”, the team was headed by the UK’s Deputy Consul General Alison McEwen last Friday.
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I’d love to be just glad about all the help for refugees from #Ukraine all over Europe right now but I just can’t. Being involved in the movement against border violence since 2015, I am watching this and I want to scream. A thread. 1/6
In 2015 I witnessed how teargas was shot on people fleeing the war in Syria in #Idomeni. I saw fascist groups “protecting” the borders in Poland and other countries of the Balkans. 2/6
Alan Kurdi has been only one of thousands who drowned and for a second it seems like civil society cared. But instead of opening the borders and create a safe passage to Europe, #Frontex got their budget increased and the EU Turkey Deal got implemented. 3/6
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A long thread about #immigration and #FreedomOfMovement in the light of the #Covid #vaccine.

While the UK government is now apparently ecstatic with delight to be ending Freedom of Movement, I'm thinking of Albert Bourla, (Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά) a Greek scientist and veterinarian. 1/8
Albert Bourla has lived in four different countries, joined Pfizer in 1993, and has used EU #FreedomOfMovement.

Similarly, the Turkish parents of the CEO of Biontech Uğur Şahin came to Germany when that country opened up and welcomed foreign workers "Gastarbeiter". 2/8
Obviously, the vast majority of #immigrants are not going to design vaccines that potentially can bail us out of this #corona misery.
Still, what strikes me in success stories like these is how many successful immigrants or their parents weren't exceptional when they came. 3/8
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Auch bei der Unterbringung von Refugees wird keine staatliche Verantwortung übernommen. Zwei Rederner*innen von Corasol thematisieren die schlechten Lebensbedingungen in den Lagern.
Es werden zu viele Menschen in kleine Zimmer gezwängt, zudem ständige Überwachung durch Security und Kameras.Die Lagerindustrie und die wirtschaftlichen Interessen dahinter werden benannt und kritisiert.
Dezentrale Unterbringung ist von staatlicher Seite nicht gewollt. #Rassismus auf dem Wohnungsmarkt erschwert es den einzelnen sich selbständig eine Wohnung zu suchen. Solizimmer sind oft die einzige Möglichkeit für ein Wohnen außerhalb der Lager.
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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🟠Also in the Central Mediterranean Sea: Black Lives Matter!

Alarm Phone Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis, 1 January - 30 June 2020.

#CivilFleet #FreedomOfMovement #FerriesNotFrontex #BridgesNotWalls…
Over the past 6 months, January to June 2020, the Central #Mediterranean has continued to be a zone of violence, human rights abuses, disappearance and death, as well as a stage of struggles for #freedomofmovement, both by people fleeing #Libya & #Tunisia and by the #CivilFleet.
In 2020, so far, the #AlarmPhone has supported 77 boats in distress in the Central #Med, carrying ~4,500 people. This does not include dozens of boats that called us but where we were unable to establish sufficient contact to retrieve crucial information, such as GPS positions.
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#7MemesFor7Days of political immaturity, incompetence and idiocy —or is this evil by design?

1. Sunday: fall-out from Mikey Gove's Ditchley Lecture. Using reaching for FDR's greatness as cover, he revealed he wants radical experimentation without oversight.

2. Monday: a new, inane 3-word slogan (#BuildBuildBuild) to headline another lacklustre prime ministerial speech. A prelude to more broken promises, more taxpayers' £ down the drain & a dead cat to distract us from the merciless drive towards NO DEAL with the EU.

3. Tuesday: Johnson fulfilled the promise he made on 26June2016 that despite Brexit, we Brits wld still be able to live, study, work, buy property, set up a business & retire in the EU.

NOT REALLY! Rat-b*stard Cons voted to strip us Brits of #FreedomOfMovement.
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Have you all read .@michaelgove's Ditchley Lecture?

"The Privilege of Public Service" runs to 139 paragraphs over 69 (double-spaced) pages.

The main topic is civil service *reform* —but it covers so much more & raises interesting QUESTIONS...

MG quotes Antonio Gramsci,"The crisis consists precisely of the fact that the inherited is dying—and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."

In our case the inherited was assassinated, the loss an uncompensated diminishment...

Brexiters have put NOTHING forward to compensate for stripping 66m of us Brits of our #FreedomOfMovement — a FREEDOM millions in service industries rely on it to do our jobs. Without it, we're less competitive on our own Continent.

Govt isn't even being honest abt it...

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++ URGENT: Boat at risk of sinking close to #Greece! ++

We were alerted by 19 people on a boat in severe distress inside Greek waters North of #Lesvos. The Greek Coast Guard is in sight but not rescuing – @HCoastGuard we call on you to carry out your duty to rescue!

#refugeesGr Image
@HCoastGuard The people on the boat have been attacked and their boat demobilized. One man has a head injury. 19 people, mainly #refugees from Afghanistan, try now desperately to row with their bare hands to find a place of safety. Rescue them!

@HCoastGuard Finally, the 19 people were picked up by the Turkish Coast Guard & are being brought to #Turkey. At least 1 man still injured, another prob. with a broken arm.

This ongoing violence by the Hellenic Coast Guard & masked men towards migrants at sea has to stop!

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A Calais et dans la région, les personnes migrantes et leurs soutiens font aussi face aux violences policières et aux comportements racistes des flics, et ce depuis des années. Thread (non exhaustif) 👇
#MoiAussiJAiPeurDeLaPolice #ACAB #RefugeesWelcome #freedomofmovement
Déjà, en 2011, les militant·es de Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS) avaient saisi le Défenseur des Droits après avoir collecté pendant 2 ans vidéos et témoignages prouvant les actes violents et illégaux de la police. Le rapport du Défenseur est limpide...…
Harcèlement, contrôles d'identité répétés sur une même personne, interpellations abusives, comportements policiers individuels de provocations ou d’humiliations, destructions de dons et d’effets personnels, expulsions d'exilé·es de leurs abris hors de tout cadre juridique, etc...
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We're LIVE🔴

You can still #zoom in and join us:… Image
"We're going to take a break from the #coronavirus and talk about EU-Swiss relations and euroscepticism"

- @niknuspliger from @NZZ opens up our debate
As we welcome our panellists Frank Schimmelfannig, @stefwalter__, @ChristaMarkwald, and @_PaulSchmidt, we invite you to follow along in #zoom or via this THREAD where we'll be posting some choice quotes from the session 💪

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In the early morning #AlarmPhone received a distress call from a boat with 47 people fleeing #Libya. They are in Maltese SAR Zone. Authorities in #Malta are informed but refuse to tell us if they are launching a rescue operation. The people must be urgently rescued to #Europe! Image
We are in contact with the people on the boat & they are worried. They left Zuwara, #Libya, 30h ago & now the engine is not working. They are drifting with no life vests & no rescue in sight. They already survived 2 nights at sea: #Malta, don’t let them drown! @Armed_Forces_MT
8:51 CET. We just talked to the people on the boat. They say there is water entering the boat and they are very afraid that no one will come to help them. Some people cry in the background. They are asking for help and they need urgent rescue! Why is nobody searching for them?
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@Bebe111 @derekjames150 a) if we stop paying £7.9bn/yr (official figure) to EU dues, we also lose the £80bn/yr in benefits it yields. What's the plan to compensate our economy for that?

b) the UK govt divied up the quotas & OUR fishermen sold them. Those contracts will still apply post-#Brexit.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Why will those contracts still apply? The #RuleOfLaw is a cornerstone of our constitution. Contract law is local, UK law. Without it nobody who trades or transacts business of any kind could have confidence in engaging in any form of commerce in the UK.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Furthermore UK will still have to operate fishing quotas to protect the sea from overfishing and the fish from extinction - something our govt has kept v. QUIET about!

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Our Central #Mediterranean Regional Analysis is out!

It covers the period 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2019 & discusses key developments in this region of the #Med.

In 2019, we were alerted to 101 boats escaping #Libya or #Tunisia, carrying over 6,200 people.…
Our analysis of the central #Med highlights some of the following:

🔸#CivilFleet & #AlarmPhone rescues
🔸Non-assistance & interceptions by #Europe & allies
🔸“Privatised” push-backs to #Libya
🔸Recent shipwrecks & the invisibilised deaths at sea
🔸Messages from Libyan #detention
Despite all atrocities we witnessed in the central #Med, people did not stop struggling for #FreedomOfMovement & #safepassage. Many boats reached #Europe autonomously, NGO vessels returned to sea & rescued hundreds of people & migrants resisted their illegal push-back to #Libya.
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This morning we were alerted by a boat in distress in the Maltese SAR zone, with 94 people on board. We immediately tried to alert the responsible authority in #Malta, but they are not answering. RCCs must comply with their international obligations & not delay rescue operations! Image
RCC #Malta informed us that they took responsibility for this #SAR event and that a rescue vessel is on its way! We hope that the 94 people on board, who are fleeing from the Libyan hell, will be rescued soon. Updates will follow. #FreedomOfMovement, #SafePassage
RCC #Malta informed us that all the people on board (97) are now safe on a rescue vessel & on their way to disembark in Malta. We are glad that they managed to escape the Libyan hell & to survive this dangerous journey. They should not have to risk their lives to reach #Europe.
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Thank you @CarolineLucas for speaking up for #FreedomOfMovement.

As EU citizens & UK citizens who have benefited from this beautiful right, we were pleased to hear several politicians speak out in defence of it.

We don't want to lose it.

#Immigration is indeed a brilliant thing.

Thank you @joswinson for injecting much needed positivity into the debate around #immigrants. We should indeed be celebrating immigration and #FreedomOfMovement!


'Imagine if British citizens living in other countries were talked about and treated in the way that immigrants here are sometimes talked about. It's shameful, it's wrong and we need to change it.'

Thank you @NicolaSturgeon for speaking up for us!

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Tomorrow, #AlarmPhone turns 5 years old! For our anniversary we are publishing a booklet, reflecting on our activities and experiences supporting about 2,900 boats in the #Mediterranean. It is available in 3 languages and can be downloaded for free:… Image
5 years of #AlarmPhone! 60 months during which we have come into contact with about 2,900 boats in the #Med – 1,800 in the #Aegean, 800 in the Western Med between #Morocco & #Spain, 300 in the Central Med between #Libya & #Italy. 1,800 days during which we were on standby 24/7. Image
We continue with our hotline, because the #Mediterranean Sea remains the deadliest #border in the world. Today more than ever we are convinced to struggle on for the #FreedomOfMovement for all.

To do that, we require donations:…
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@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Some of us have been banging on about the loss of this precious right, repeatedly, since this whole #Brexit nightmare fiasco began.

Here's an example of a thread on it:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Stripping us of reciprocal #FreeMovement rights shows how regressive #Brexit is.

There are parallels between our country's lamentable treatment of the poor in the past (the Poor Laws from 1587 to 1967) with what the Tories are up to now:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 I've made dozens of memes to try to get the message across of just how damaging the loss of the right of #FreeMovement will be. Sometimes a picture can do more than words.

Two-thirds of Brits want to keep this right. There's no mandate for .@Conservatives to strip it from us.
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Alarm Phone, in solidarietà con le ONG #SAR e i #migranti in mare, condanna il #DecretoSicurezzabis. Questa legge è parte integrante di una svolta autoritaria in Italia, che criminalizza ogni forma di #resistenza al razzismo di stato e ai regimi di confine letali.
Il Decreto criminalizza i salvataggi come ‘favoreggiamento dell’immigrazione clandestina’: una falsità. Porti chiusi, respingimenti e omissioni di soccorso violano leggi internazionali, convenzioni di soccorso e diritti dei migranti. La #Libia è in guerra, non è un #PortoSicuro!
La criminalizzazione di coloro che salvano vite contribuisce alla strategia #Europea di far morire i migranti in mare, con l’obbiettivo di dissuadere altre persone dall'attraversare il #Mediterraneo. Questa strategia non fa altro che aumentare le sofferenze dei migranti.
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Alarm Phone, in solidarity with #SAR NGOs and #migrants at sea, condemns Italy's new Security Decree. This law is part and parcel of an authoritarian turn in Italy, seeking to criminalise any #resistance to racist state practices & deadly border regimes. #DecretoSicurezzabis
The new #Italian law, frames #SeaRescue as ‘abetting illegal migration’, a complete myth & lie. Closed ports, push-backs & failures to provide assistance at #sea violate international laws, maritime #SAR conventions & migrants’ rights. #Libya is a war-zone, not a #SafeHarbour!
Criminalising those who rescue lives, this law is yet another #European effort to actively let migrants die at sea. Letting them drown is a strategy intended to deter other #migrants from crossing. This does not work - it just amplifies suffering. #BordersKill
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@debjfox from @UTS_Health speaking about getting the very best outcomes for women who require #continuousfetalmonitoring #FreedomOfMovement optimising physiological processes in order to reduce interventions #OFNW2019 @healthtimes_aus @MidwivesACM
Women want control and active involvement in their births A recent meta synthesis on women’s experience of physiological birth reflects this…
The way “high risk” women are treated reflects pathologisation generally Marie Berg has written beautifully about this and the impact of #midwife care on care of these women #OFNW2019 @debjfox…
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