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Thank you @CarolineLucas for speaking up for #FreedomOfMovement.

As EU citizens & UK citizens who have benefited from this beautiful right, we were pleased to hear several politicians speak out in defence of it.

We don't want to lose it.

#Immigration is indeed a brilliant thing.

Thank you @joswinson for injecting much needed positivity into the debate around #immigrants. We should indeed be celebrating immigration and #FreedomOfMovement!


'Imagine if British citizens living in other countries were talked about and treated in the way that immigrants here are sometimes talked about. It's shameful, it's wrong and we need to change it.'

Thank you @NicolaSturgeon for speaking up for us!

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Hey @Peston @SophyRidgeSky @bbclaurak @maitlis @jonsnowC4 @krishgm @BBCNaga @afneil
When you're interviewing politicians and they tell you they are going to end reciprocal European #FreedomOfMovement, can you please remind them they are ending it for British citizens too. Thanks
#FreedomofMovement is reciprocal
Millions of Brits have been able to live, work, study, do business, establish a family life & retire in 31 other European countries, visa free and as a right. The rancid Tories want to strip that right from British citizens
Why do you think so many British people are looking to secure themselves another European passport? Because this rancid Tory party are planning to strip British citizens of our #FreedomOfMovement rights to live, work, study & retire across Europe.…
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@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Some of us have been banging on about the loss of this precious right, repeatedly, since this whole #Brexit nightmare fiasco began.

Here's an example of a thread on it:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 Stripping us of reciprocal #FreeMovement rights shows how regressive #Brexit is.

There are parallels between our country's lamentable treatment of the poor in the past (the Poor Laws from 1587 to 1967) with what the Tories are up to now:

@alexandrabulat @TonyP12490831 I've made dozens of memes to try to get the message across of just how damaging the loss of the right of #FreeMovement will be. Sometimes a picture can do more than words.

Two-thirds of Brits want to keep this right. There's no mandate for .@Conservatives to strip it from us.
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@davidallengreen The only way to #StopBrexit is to celebrate the benefits of #FreedomOfMovement for the economy and the society.

@the3million @BritishInEurope @peoplesvote_uk

@davidallengreen @the3million @BritishInEurope @peoplesvote_uk Dear Remainers,

If you want to stand a real chance against the oversimplifications and misinformations at the other end of the political spectrum you better start to make a positive case for freedom of movement.

@davidallengreen @the3million @BritishInEurope @peoplesvote_uk Free movement has a net economic benefit for the UK.

It provides unique skills that businesses and services so desperately need.

It brings the international experience a global economy depends on.

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@debjfox from @UTS_Health speaking about getting the very best outcomes for women who require #continuousfetalmonitoring #FreedomOfMovement optimising physiological processes in order to reduce interventions #OFNW2019 @healthtimes_aus @MidwivesACM
Women want control and active involvement in their births A recent meta synthesis on women’s experience of physiological birth reflects this…
The way “high risk” women are treated reflects pathologisation generally Marie Berg has written beautifully about this and the impact of #midwife care on care of these women #OFNW2019 @debjfox…
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Today has been a very bad day for #The5Million. I had prepared myself for defending #FreedomOfMovement against @theresa_may. Turns out I should also have prepared myself for defending it against @HackneyAbbott who chose to pit EU citizens against other immigrants today. 1/
Earlier today I tweeted that I consider doing this - pit people against people -the lowest of the low. I expected it from @theresa_may and @sajidjavid, but I did not see coming that @HackneyAbbott would choose to do so too. This is always wrong, but especially in this case. 2/
1) It neglects the fact that freedom of movement is a *reciprocal* right, not preferential access, not a one-way street into the UK.
2) It is in the UK Govt's choice to treat immigrants from elsewhere in the way they are being treated - that is not a result of FoM. 3/
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This is, and always has been, a lie. The UK does have control and #FreedomOfMovement is not an immigration system, but a reciprocal right. But @Digbylj’s tweet illustrates one thing very clearly: Brexiters are rattled and they are boiling it back down to freedom to movement. 1/
This is as predictable as it is tragic. Tragic because it will again make EU citizens at home in the UK the main attack line. And tragic because this could have been prevented by sucking the air out of this argument over the last two years — this resilience was not built up. 2/
Not only that: the main campaign behind a #PeoplesVote has done the exact opposite. With its roots in Open Britain, the basis has long since been the idea that #FreedomOfMovement must be “mended”. This line is being spun to this day, most recently by Tony Blair. 3/
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