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Welcome to the 4th annual Healthy Streets Scorecard; THE big event on London borough calendars!

And we kick off today with an introduction from Alice Roberts @ClaptonAlice, @CPRELondon Head of Campaigns, #HSScorecard coalition coordinator & today's chair.

@ClaptonAlice @CPRELondon @Sustrans @RoadPeace @Wheels4Well @FutureTranspLon @_wearepossible @London_Cycling @LDN_LS @livingstreets @londoncouncils We're excited to present the #HSScorecard2022, tracking the progress of #London boroughs in delivering healthier & more sustainable mobility.
At today's event we'll explain results & new #HealthyStreets metrics on bus priority, diesel cars, & housing density weighting...
And we have 3 special guest speakers; @mayorofhackney, @sianberry & @AlexanderEhmann to discuss their own perspective on delivering #healthystreets.

We’ll be live tweeting, so follow the thread & use hashtag: #HSScorecard2022
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326 Covid tests done yesterday in #Vancouver came back positive today. In North Shore / Coast Garibaldi the average rate of #COVID19 is the highest in B.C. at 29 cases per 100,000 residents a day, #Vancouver is 26/100K, #Richmond up to 10/100K.… #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of ...
The Howe Sound local health area, which includes #Whistler, has the second highest rate of #COVID19 in B.C. at an average of 49 cases per 100,000 residents a day. #Vancouver City Centre, North Vancouver, Vancouver Centre North and West Vancouver/Bowen Island all make the top 10. Chart showing the seven-day...
If you would like to see the rates of #COVID19 for all local health areas in B.C. the full chart is best viewed on the @chly1017fm website at:… #COVID19BC
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Companies tied to housing revising guidance due to supply chain. Commentary from our builder survey this month indicates things getting worse before they get better. Homes sitting, waiting for materials (dead days). Big delays in windows. Delta outbreaks. In sum, a crapshoot. 🧵
#Nashville builder: “It's a crap shoot. Some municipalities will issue permits in 1 week, & others are 6-9 months behind. Supply chain is a mess. Windows are now 7 months out, cabinets are 6 months out, etc.”
#Chicago builder: “Build cycle increased due to backordered materials including bathtubs, appliances, & ceramic tile. Trades are much more limited in availability & now have some ‘dead days’ with no activity.”
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Cases of COVID-19 in @Interior_Health are still high and trending upwards at a rate of 32.5/100K a day. But at this point cases are increasing faster in all other health regions—and especially in @Northern_Health which has a rate of 15.3/100K. @VanIslandHealth's rate is 6.2/100K. Rolling seven-day average of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,0
The @Interior_Health Kootenay Boundary HSDA has at a rate of 40.3 cases of #COVID19 per 100,000 residents a day, while East Kootenay's rate is 39.3/100K. The Okanagan's rate is 33.8/100K and Thompson Cariboo Shuswap's rate is 25.1/100K. #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
@Interior_Health In @Northern_Health, the Northeast HSDA's rate of COVID-19 is now 22.5 cases per 100,000 residents a day. Northern Interior's rate is 14.8/100K and the Northwest's rate is 9.7/100K. #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
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There were 306 British Columbians admitted to hospital for #COVID19 between June 27 and Aug. 14. Significantly lower than in the winter and spring. Since then, another 207 people have been hospitalized for a total of 513 people. #COVID19BC #bcpoli Chart shows weekly totals o...
There were 79 British Columbians admitted to ICU for #COVID19 between June 27 and Aug. 14. #COVID19BC Chart shows weekly totals o...
The rate of #COVID19 in the @Interior_Health region is down slightly to 31.2 cases per 100,000 residents while @Northern_Health is now up to 14.2/100K. VCH is 9.3/100K, Fraser is 8.2/100K and @VanIslandHealth is 6/100K. #COVID19BC Rolling seven-day average o...
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So there are students and parents in #The3rd that are requesting a 1 time waiver to play sports w/a 2.0 gpa/lower this 2021/2 school yr. This should be unanimous support from our school board, but it saddens me that politics is coming before our students.
I have a resident that contacted me about this issue. I had to be honest and say that the 3rd district school board rep does not communicate w/me. She uses social media instead of calling my city cell. I was told that she was in support of this waiver issue. 😳 @KenyaRVA
Let’s not forget that we are still in a #pandemic 😷 There should be exceptions for the last school year especially if a child/parent had #Covid. Everyone had to make adjustments some more than others w/o much success.
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Just surveyed 6,000+ real estate agents across country. Top themes from our 1st ever RESALE agent survey: 1) Buyer fatigue, w/rumblings of remorse. 2) Bidding wars a bit less bonkers. 3) Cash is King & ton of investors. 4) Inventory gridlock. Commentary across country to follow…
#LosAngeles agent: “20-minute allotted home viewing time slots with offers due next day by noon, & buyers are asked to give up every contingency under the sun.”
#NYC agent: “Luxury home buyers feel the market is overpriced & have backed off.”
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1,434 new cases of COVID-19 in B.C. in the past 72 hours.
Aug. 14: 532 new cases
Aug. 15: 441 new cases
Aug. 16: 461 new cases
Fraser Health: 316
Vancouver Coastal Health: 198
Interior Health: 734
Northern Health: 74
Island Health: 112
The @Interior_Health region is now seeing an average of 31.5 cases per 100,000 residents, dwarfing the other health regions. @Northern_Health has a rate of 8.7/100K, @VCHhealthcare's rate is 6.3/100K, @Fraserhealth's rate is 5.9/100K and @VanIslandHealth is 3.9/100K. #COVID19BC Rolling seven-day average of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,0
Inside @Interior_Health, the Kootenay Boundary HSDA — where there are no additional public health restrictions — is now almost at the same rate as the #Okanangan. Kootenay Boundary's rate is 37.9 cases per 100,000 residents a day, while Okanagan's rate is 40.8/100K. #COVID19BC Rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 by Health Service Delive
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Analyzing June new home sales & pricing figures from our monthly builder survey. As one builder noted: “It’s not fun to be a builder anymore.” Lumber relief is nice but pick your poison on other issues. Market commentary from across the country to follow...
#Richmond builder: “It's not fun to be a builder anymore. Cost pressure is killing us. Not only will builders like myself who take 12-24 months to build a house lose margin from increases, but the affordability is becoming a major issue.”
#Atlanta builder: “Costs have driven up prices & we’re no longer preselling. We will not sell a home until frame stage, so our sales numbers are off for June while awaiting framing stage.”
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Siguen negociando con la #salud, hay q decir basta de una buena vez.
Hablemos de la #SputnikV
El laboratorio #Richmond, responsable de la fabricación, abrió un fideicomiso en el que el mayor inversor es #Covelia
La empresa de recolección de residuos #Covelia, propiedad del grupo que encabeza del líder sindical Hugo Moyano, sera la mayor inversora del fideicomiso creado por Laboratorios Richmond, para la fabricación de la vacuna #Sputnik en Argentina. via @Continental590
La empresa recolectora, invertirá la friolera de 16 millones de dólares en dicho fideicomiso, de los cuales ya integró más de 9 millones. Image
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For you two @SonnieJohnson @JaVonniBrustow ...

A History of the Lily-White Movement - Richmond, Virginia

"In 1920, state Republican leaders decided that in order to win, they needed to establish a “lily white” image. At their state conventions in 1920 and 1921, ... Image
@SonnieJohnson @JaVonniBrustow ..., the Lily White Republicans barred black voters from attendance. Black delegates were not seated in 1921.

Racial justice did not make it onto the platform. Image
"In response, 600 Black delegates met in Richmond on September 5, 1921, and nominated their own Republican candidates for state office—all Black." Image
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Meet Taylor 👋

Taylor Maloney is an #Antifa extremist who celebrates black nationalists murdering Police Officers (April 2nd DC Car Attack)

Taylor openly advocates for killing cops, rioting, and looting. Taylor is the President of the Student Government Association at @VCU.
-Advocates burning city buses (I'm sure that will help working people)

-Defends D.C. carjackers that killed Mohammad Anwar, the Uber Eats Driver

-Arrested at a violent July 2020 #Antifa riot, charges were not pursued by prosecutors
-Unsurprisingly, Taylor is a communist & has appeared on podcast episodes titled "Why all kids are Communists & you should be too"

-The riot arrest was w/ Molly Conger aka socialistdogmom (The person above her)

-More tweets calling for destroying property
#Richmond #VCU @VCU
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Michele Gilbert Moffatt, a Registered Nurse active with #Richmond #Antifa faces 3 felony charges for harassing RPD officers by posting home addresses last year.

Police arrested & seized her electronics. She's been released on 1k bail. ImageImageImage
Her Twitter has been ID'd as @justthemedic thanks to the chest tattoo (If you're going to do an anon twitter account maybe don't post that?)

Social Media activity shows advocating violence and connections with Molly Conger, Goad Gastby and other #Antifa… ImageImage
The account that was setup around that time to harass officers is likely "RPDID2020".

She's married to a doctor in Richmond who has sent money to her Antifa friends before. No indication of his involvement beyond that. ImageImageImageImage
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Due to the recent #ChevronRefinery #oilspill near #Richmond, I’m sharing “Refined?” a birds-eye view of the refinery. This artwork is in a series about water & land use policies… THREAD 1/9
…inspired by a talk by poet #GarySnyder. He gave us a quiz entitled “How Local Are You?” He asks: “Do you know where your water comes from?” “Do you know where it goes when you are done with it?“ “Do you know where your garbage goes?” and so on. 2/9
I didn’t know the answers to many of his questions and and he inspired me to learn. As I researched where my sewage & garbage go & where my gasoline is refined & noticed were all on #sanfranciscobay. 3/9
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John Lewis- not that one, the other one who everyone entering #Richmond Park should thank for their ability to do so (he’s on #Sheen Gate if you want to do so personally). In 1755, he came to #Sheen Gate, and attempted to walk through, after a carriage been through (thread) Image
This was an act of rebellion because #Richmond Park’s appointed Ranger, Princess Amelia, had chosen to restrict entry to the Park to people with carriages and special tickets- basically, her mates.
In doing this, Amelia was simply continuing the progressive exclusion of ordinary people from #Richmond Park which kicked off with Charles I enclosing what was previously farmland, and common land with a wall so he could hunt. He was reluctantly compelled to provide ladderstiles.
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This weekend, Trump applauded his supporters, who hurled racial slurs at children, intimidated voters outside polling stations + in some cases, opened fire on counter-protesters, as police stood by + violently attacked anti-racists demonstrators. A thread.…
As Trump's numbers tank, he has embraced the only path left to him to stay in power: stealing the election. With Trump making public his plans, his base this weekend hit the streets + ratcheted up the level of violence.…
For months there has been an escalation on the far-Right - with militias and Boogaloo groups plotting to even kidnap and murder Democratic officials.…
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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HAPPENING NOW: We’re waiting on RPD Chief Gerald Smith... He’s expected to address what happened in Richmond last night. We will be streaming it live on @8NEWS.
RPD spokesperson just said at least 12 people were arrested last night. @8NEWS
17 total people were arrested last night in Richmond. 15 adults and 2 juveniles. @8NEWS
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@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. DO something! This is a symbol of fighting against the Cabal one of the FIRST times in this country. It has nothing to do with racism! Good vs Evil just like now! Our orig Constitution was changed then!
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Far-Right trolls + white nationalists are promoting an obviously fake "ANTIFA" troll account calling for violence in "white hoods" in order to both scare the public but also whip up potential violence against ongoing #GeorgeFloyd demonstrations from the far-Right. A thread.
Fake "ANTIFA" (for some reason, the far-Right loves all-caps) Twitter and social media accounts have long been a tool of the far-Right in both attacking antifascists and encourage violence.…
Example: when "Official Antifa," long-running fake account, promoted the lie that antifascists were going to vandalize graves of Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg (there are none). This false claim was then promoted by grifters like Jack Posobiec + Cassandra Fairbanks.
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The scene at the corner of East Main and 14th right now.
Colette McEachin, Richmond’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, is at the 17th Street Farmers Market, where hundreds are gathered for a demonstration. She praised people in attendance today for making their voices heard peacefully.
As for protests the last 48 hours, she said she hasn’t seen anything like them in 30-plus years here.“It’s been horrible. Absolutely horrible. Everyone is absolutely sickened and disgusted. Nobody who lives in Richmond is happy or proud about what has happened this past weekend.”
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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I would never try to predict what is likely to happen in #richmond tomorrow, but let me just provide some context of why I am hopeful violence will be averted and why that is mixed news. 1/
The #richmondrally has the benefit of two key features that are always desirable in a high risk event: 1)notice, meaning resources can be deployed, plans made, public notified, etc. and 2/
2)lessons learned, meaning what happened in Charlottesville is now known to have been the result of poor planning, so everyone has adopted changes. The motto "Go big or stay home" describes the state of emergency to the FAA ban of small aircraft/drones to National Guard. 3/
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For journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally in #Richmond on #MLK Day this Monday:

- Bookmark and share #CPJEmergencies' safety advice on reporting on civil unrest

- Check out and RT the thread of safety advice below ⤵️…
Safety update from #CPJEmergencies for journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally:

A temporary state of emergency has been declared in #Richmond, VA, as officials fear out of state militias are planning on disrupting an anti-gun rally.
Journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally be aware:

-There is a temporary ban on weapons, including firearms, from the grounds of the State Capitol

-Some journalists have been advised to take Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as bullet proof vests and helmets
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