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1. News: LIVE: 💥 11:00 AM 💥

President Trump Lawyers & Arizona State Legislature Hold PUBLIC HEARING on Election Integrity | -Thread 11.30.20…

💥 💥 #Election2020
2. News: President Trump Suggests He’ll Appoint ‘Special Prosecutor’

I don’t know what happened, but we were all expecting Durham to come out & A.G. Barr to be aggressive,”… #Spygate
3. News: President Trump Urges Georgia Supporters to Vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Senate Runoffs…
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1. Make sure you know these FACTS!

I was asked about the laws signed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that facilitated the mass monopolization of corporate media in this country and the permission granted to it to distribute false narratives.

It's control.
2. Now is a great time for a refresher for those who've been here for a while AND a chance to introduce it to new eyes. I will prove the media is absolutely controlled. You will find a lot of counter information on this, written by the very people spreading the false narratives.
3. All those propaganda machines telling you their lies have been able to do so because of Obama's signature on a bill in 2012 that stated the media in the United States could and should and would be used to further government propaganda.…
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1. La France doit supprimer sa deuxième vague. #Suppression #RemiseÀZéro #Reconfinement Image
La tragédie de la deuxième vague, c'est qu'elle ne se produit pas tant qu'on la craint. Car on reste prudents. Du coup, elle ne vient pas. Et comme elle ne vient pas, on ne la craint plus. Donc on lève trop de restrictions, la vigilance baisse et on déclenche la deuxième vague.
3. Piège très classique, très prévisible dans laquelle la France est tombée à pieds joints cet été.

Maintenant que les cigales ont bien dansé tout l'été, sous l'œil apathique des autorités, voici venu l'automne, c'est-à-dire le temps de la facture. Image
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Welchen Corona-Kurs fährt die deutsche Politik eigentlich gerade? Und welchen Kurs sollte sie fahren? Thread mit zwei coolen Umfragen am Ende. 1/

#Covid_19 #coronavirus_de #Neuinfektionen #BildungAberSicher
@Karl_Lauterbach @Belex70 @AscotBlack
Das drängende Problem der gegenwärtigen Politik ist, welches Ziel wir in der Pandemie verfolgen sollen. Leider finde ich in den Medien weder Berichte darüber, welches Ziel derzeit verfolgt wird, noch Debatten, welches Ziel verfolgt werden sollte. 2/
Dabei haben sich jüngst der Bundesgesundheitsminister, der Regierungssprechen und sogar auch die Bundeskanzlerin zumindest indirekt dazu geäußert.

Ich will nicht darüber spekulieren, warum das Thema von den Medien ignoriert wird, sondern das Ding selber in die Hand nehmen. 3/
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Follow up 🧵with the fate of my patients and your votes!

It's obvious that both professionals & public favor surgical treatment of patients in a reasonable time frame!
Additional 🧵 will follow each day!

#Neurosurgery in times of #COVID19.

Here we go!

Patient 1 represents many of my older patients, patiently waiting on a standstill wait-list. They're understanding!
Too understanding!
They reach out to me now & then 2 ask what I can do to make things moving. They're tired of living w pain, disability and increasing dependency. Image
P2 highlights those of my pat on sick-leave for months to no end. Sick-leave & chronic pain has specific impact on health/mental health.

At the time, she was told she wouldn't be paid unless she was operated! This is horrible.

I managed to get her to a private clinic! Image
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Seeing a lot of (understandable) confusion over the gvmnts decision to only now implement 14-day self-isolation for international arrivals. This short thread explains all you need to know on international #TravelRestrictions, the mistakes UK has made, & options for the future.
There's been several infectious disease models suggesting that, unless done extremely early (before virus is in country), travel bans have little effect on the epidemic peak, and will only delay it by a few days. A real-world example of this is USA...…
1/ ImageImageImage
... where they banned travel from China/Italy/Europe, but didn't do action in their own country. Once the virus was in the country, travel bans had little impact. However, these models are for #mitigation strategy, & don't seem to model potential #suppression strategies...
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The data on #COVID19 shows that the death rate in Wuhan and other impacted places in china is 3% above the average which threw off death rate estimates.

Only recently did China stop censoring speech about the virus & the doctor who discovered it who's now dead...
I don't have a doubt in my mind that China's suppression of the virus caused thousands of more people to get sick without treatment, which led to an alarming death rate.

The death rate caused the global media to panic and thus make its viewers panic...
Now, we know that the global average death rate for #COVID19 is actually less than the flu, which gives no cause for severe alarm, yet schools and athletics are being cancelled, domestic & international trips have been cancelled for many corporations.
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For the past week, #Iraq has been burning in the flames of the protests of a disgruntled population over the poor state of people's livelihoods. A key #slogan in the nationwide popular uprising since Oct 1 has been the call to expel #Iran's regime and its agents from Iraq.
On Sept 20, 2019,#AliKhamenei's representative in #Mashhad said: "Today #Iran is not limited by its borders. Today #Iraq's Hashd Al-Shaabi is Iran. #Lebanese Hezbollah is Iran. #Yemen's Houthi militia is Iran. The #Vatani front in #Syria is Iran. #Palestine's #HAMAS is Iran."
The #diplomatic cover for the activities of #Quds Force officers and #MOIS agents has given the regime the ability to use #Iraq as a serious base for meddling in other regional countries, including #Syria, #Lebanon, #SaudiArabia, #Jordan, and #Turkey.
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As much as some #environmentalists want to think that @realDonaldTrump is only calling for increased logging by his criticism of #California's forest management, That is NOT the case. #MAGA #Qanon
This article shows (through @Potus tweets) that Trump does have a fairly good understanding of the West's wildfires. Quoting one of his tweets.. "Billions of dollars are given each year" to California to help. #MAGA #KAG…
Lots of publicity about @potus warning about #California losing Federal monies from their #SanctuaryState status. Well, as much as I would love to see this, it has not happened. #MAGA #qanon…
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