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(Ugh) The spoiled #woke college kid brats trying to shut him down from revealing this queer theory, #pedophilia, #anarchy, nexus of beliefs of the #QueerTheory Founders.

Its every college, free speech is dead on campus.

Western Civilization is in its death throes.
Studies related to Drag Queens and children: 


"Drag queens, otherwise known as “female impersonators," are most typically gay men"

Jennifer O’Brien Ph.D.

All Thing LGBT


The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among……
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Milton Friedman spawned the Neoliberals & Leo Strauss spawned the Neoconservatives, they coalesced with other groups such as the Zionists revisionists to lead us to where in the West we are today, using United States, NATO & the EU as their hegemon conduits manufacturing enemies.
Russia & Christian Orthodox Church are their current manufactured enemy.
Islamists as manufactured enemy didn't stick, so they shifted to next best one.
Ironically, Prophecy of Christian Orthodox Church having the upper hand until Judgement Day is what they'll unravel instead.
& It continues with Nord Streams 1 & 2 US-Norway sabotage -
The EU brought to its knees by the Straussians...
another excellent article by @voltairenetEn - /thread…
- @meNabster @MELEK7452 What to remember:  - The Straussians are a fanatical sect re
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War Day 335: Fighting tyranny, with songs, jokes, and tanks… my report from #Ukraine given every weekday since February on Chicago’s @WGNRadio … 🧵
#SuzanneVega made a haunting song about #Mariupol. Some people scoff at celebrity tributes to Ukraine but here is why it matters to Ukrainians:
What is going on in #Zaporizhzhia? … especially in #Hulyaipole (a village with a lovely name unless you mispronounce it, in which case it sounds like a common Ukrainian word for Putin these days)
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There is "freedom of expression" in the US/NATO West - the oligarchies under the invisible rule of the gigantic families of wealth (nothing new).
There is no censorship,
it is only determined in a woke way what people are still allowed to think in a politically correct way. Censorship is then no longer necessary.
And those who still dare to think otherwise than the woks & the prevailing narratives are fact-checked, slandered, thrown out of jobs, the public &then out of life? by fellow woken humanitarians who only want to save the climate and ...? want to save?
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Report back from 12/3 counter protest of the fascist hate rally. Out numbered, out organized, and oblivious to how costly this rally was, fascists lost big yesterday in South Florida!

#TheseQueersBashBack #Transtifa… These queers bash back! is painted on a large banner along w
Fascists too scared to attack the defensive position! #FAFO

Read 10 tweets… @alexisohanian Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed
Schau dir „Without Their Permission - book teaser - drops Oct 1st, 2013“ auf #Vimeo an
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@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett A US grouping, constituted around the thought of the philosopher Leo Strauss, controls from now on both the Secretariat of Defense and the Secretariat of State. After having organized many wars since those of Yugoslavia, they imagined the one in Ukraine.
#Straussians #Zionists
@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett This grouping, this cult, is now manipulating the European Union and is preparing to deprive it of energy sources.
If European leaders do not open their eyes, their alliance with Washington will lead to the collapse of the Union’s economy.
#SabbateanFrankism #NWO #Supremacy
@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett Beginning in 1949, German Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss taught at University of Chicago. He soon formed a small group of Jewish disciples from among his students.
#LeoStrauss #NobleLie #PNAC #NED #NationalEndowmentforDemocracy
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🅰️Chaotic Contemplation🅰️

~Meditations & Quotations on #Anarchy and #Chaos~


🅰️ “Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.” – Buddha

🅰️ “An anarchist is the face of integrity in the time of tyranny.”
– TG Chad-archist

🅰️ All people yearn for personal responsibility. Most just don’t realize it.

🅰️ Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Centralized governments seek to control citizens to further their own selfish agendas. This effect intensifies the longer the current government is in power.

🅰️ Revolutions are inevitable, until a utopia is achieved.

🅰️ “Individual responsibility and obligation is required in a lawless, ruler-less, and autonomous society in order for that society to have any chance of survival.”
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Citing the previous tweet
and adding more information hoping to help get a clear panoramic on increasing #foodprices and the increasingly looming narrative of #recession 👇
A massive backlog of #grains is piling up in #Ukraine to the tune of nearly 25 million tons due to "#infrastructure challenges" and blocked #ports in the #BlackSea, including #Mariupol - @Reuters reports 📰…
#Ukraine was the fourth-largest corn exporter in the 2020/21 season and the sixth-largest #wheat exporter in the world, according to the #IGC (International #Grains Council).…
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Skyrocketing #global #foodprices, panicked low income and poorer fringes of the population facing severe #hardship, struggling #emergingmarkets and #SriLanka on the verge of #anarchy - all wrapped up in a massive #market sell-off: what is happening 🌎 ❓
Things did not improve in April on #food prices:
the #FAO Food Price Index fell 0.8% month-over-month to 158.5 points in April 2022, but still remained close to the all-time high of 159.7 points in March.
#vegetableoil prices declined significantly (-5.7%) after hitting an all-time high in March under pressure from #palm, #sunflower and #soybean #oils.

In addition, #grain prices fell slightly (-0.4%), after also rising to all-time highs in March.
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The big historical mistake made by the mainstream left was to regard the state as neutral, a tool which could just as well be used to defend the people as to oppress it.

But the state only ever came into existence in the first place in order to keep the people in line, to prevent them living freely in organic autonomy. It is not so much as tool as a weapon.

And the moment anyone takes this weapon into their hands, with whatever good intentions, they are obliged by the nature of the weapon itself to carry out the destructive work for which it was designed.

#freedom #anarchy
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This is the most Chilling info I have found since DC😟

1 of 20 🔥 It's a READ Picture Story and I will not type out words for fear of being kicked off
Joe and Kamala endorse BLM

John Sullivan
Insurgence USA
9,274 views•Dec 27, 2020

This is NOT about Trump
2 of 20 🔥 It's a READ Picture Story and I will not type out words for fear of being kicked off

White Supremacy
Black Bloc
Insurgence USA

This is NOT about Trump
3 of 20 🔥 It's a READ Picture Story and I will not type out words for fear of being kicked off

White Supremacy
Black Bloc
Insurgence USA

This is NOT about Trump
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Software architecture is in crisis, and the way to fix it is a hefty dose of anarchy.
Some lay the blame for this on @boicy with the whole microservices thing.

(Admittedly, @nicolefv, @jezhumble and @realgenekim didn’t help when they statistically proved that he might have been onto something with all that de-coupling and team-alignment…)
However I don’t blame him at all.

I think he saved us; bringing us back to the path of value-delivery and independent services, but now with added independent teams.
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New additions on @NetflixIndia..

#BadNeighbours (2014)
#ThePurge : #Anarchy (2014)
#Oblivion (2013)
#AboutTime (2013)
New additions on @NetflixIndia..

#LesMisérables (2012)
#OneDay (2011)
#InglouriousBasterds (2009)
#DefinitelyMaybe (2008)
New additions on @NetflixIndia..

#KingKong (2005)
#BridgetJones : #TheEdgeOfReason (2004)
#OutOfSight (1998)
#Flipper (1996)
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hostilarchy (n) - a system of rule by people whose unreflected, reactionary, anxiety-based aggression has been normalized, especially through existing and pervasive ageism, sexism, racism, ableism, classism, colonialism and other forms of oppression
(Latin 'hostilia' = 'aggression' + Greek 'arkhia' = leadership, rule, government)

Hostilarchy can be mapped within other social hierarchies, such that 'hostilarchs' ignore or neglect their own e.g. gerontarchical, patriarchal, white-supremacist, ableist, etc. behaviour(s).
Hostilarchy operates through normative relations of domination, such that hostilarchs perceive themselves as (or feel they should be) the 'top', 'dominant', 'alpha', etc. in familial, sexual, political, economic and other social relationships or contexts
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Between this and “anarchist jurisdictions” it is obvious that many if not most people in the US know fuck-all about anarchism
I’m writing a book about anarchist feminists and I’ll be sure to include an explainer to debunk the “jurisdictions” etc
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"Zeep voor werkende vrouwen in Bangladesh, huurondersteuning voor een sociaal centrum in België en ondersteuning van politieke gevangen in Griekenland"

Dit zijn enkele van de projecten die de VB heeft ondersteund met haar #covid19 actiefonds sinds maart.… Image
Wil je ons fonds steunen of meer weten?

Check op de bovenstande link, of stuur je vragen aan onze Secretariaat via

#Solidariteit #anarchie #directeactie
Since March the Vrije Bond has maintained an emergency fund for Covid-19. From soup to working-class women in Bangladesh, rent support to social centers in Belgium, to support to political prisioners in Greece. We have and will continue to give what we can in this difficult time.
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Can't believe how people are treating our airline crew. This @IndiGo6E crew is nearly broken from being discriminated & taunted. When she is gone for her flight, her mother is even refused groceries in her society. Police is also not helping. @amitshah #coronavirus #india.
Ps : Have verified the video.
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48. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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Tensions increase in Lebanese city as protesters clash with Harakat Amal supporters: video
"#Hezbollah leader Hassan #Nasrallah has signaled his readiness to support the current #Lebanese govt amid the ongoing protests in the capital Beirut. In a televised speech, Nasrallah said that he would back the govt,“but with a new agenda & a new spirit”
"The #Turkish-backed militants launched a surprise attack on the #SyrianArmy’s defenses near the #Syrian-#Turkish border today in a bid to advance to the Tal Tamr District of Al-Hasakah."
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The #human #order is #chaos within, a #cosmos just on the periphery, skin deep at the most
There are two types of #order in the #world: one man-made, another divine.

Man-made order is just make-believe. It is not really an order, it only hides disorder. Deep down the #anarchy continues. On the surface, you are befooled, as if there is an order.
Just the opposite is the case with the #divine order.

On the surface there is #chaos, and deep down in the depths, there is #order. On the surface, there are great waves, and the ocean is silent deep within. The center has a #cosmos in it, and the periphery has chaos on it.
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