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@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS From 2013...
Last year the Crown tried unsuccessfully to install J. P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as the United States Treasury Secretary. The Crown is trying to force a total financial collapse in the United States.
To achieve this the Crown has ordered a cyber attack against American banks. The Canadian Prime Minister and the United States President are now preparing to impose martial law in Canada and the United States after a false flag cyber attack on the banking system.
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#POTUS is and has been the most successful President of the United States. It has moved the masses of our country and world wide. That's what the DS hates the most! As much as they have wanted to knock him down, he remains like a standing oak.
[They] have released a "pandemic" to finish him! This 👑🦠 United the people WW! The Invisible Enemy has weakening. With or without vaccine, the American people will continue their course of freedom & progress and will rise to save the economy and the future of their children
Q !!
May 15 2020 10:30:43 (EST) NEW

This will never happen!
People are rising up!
[They] are traitors, criminals & losers!
Gallows are ready
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Is Indian Comunists are #HinduPhobic and #Traitors
Prime cause - A Foriegn ideological syndrome.

First thing my views is Indian comunists should learn the patriotism from Chinese comunists. Chinese comunists never say Tibet is not a apart of china.
Or crushing the uyghurs insurgency in Xinjiang province by army and never give up on Indian territories( Arunachal parades, Dhoklam) Issues etc - No support for self determination right.
Indian comunists - Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar khalid ( Kashmiri separatists)
Indian comunists are ideological crooks or traitors. They just want destroy The Indian nation by interrogating the history using biased selective presentation and Image
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@TeaBoots They always have a C H I N E S E handler. Because if you take the $$$ you have to follow C C P orders, directly from Beijin g. #Traitors
@TeaBoots They always have a C H I N E S E handler. Because if you take the $$$ you have to follow C C P orders, directly from Beijin g. #Traitors
@TeaBoots For 20 YEARS!! And he wasn’t just a driver. And the corrupt f b I said he didn’t see anything... WRONG. No investigation no hearing no nothing.
c h I n a has infiltrated every agency in our government.
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Obama sent a planeS full o' cash to @HassanRouhani .
You know about the plane President @realDonaldTrump told you about.
What about the one in 2014, 2010....2009
Wait there is more....
The planes of cash that left in 2002.
That cash. #Bush43 used Americorps so did Obama. Let me tell you about AmeriCorps... and cash
Pay offs and training. If someone has Teach USA or Americorps in their resume and is in office, a lobbyist or anything remotely close it's an alternate farm. Now here is where you see how CORRUPT judges and people who advance after MURDER work.
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Time: 2:53 PM · Apr 11, 2020
[6] Delta
#QPost 1453 & 6
There will be many redactions.
Why was the EO put on ice?
The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed. These people are evil.
Capital letters: "WE WILL BUILD IT AGAIN!"
JG = 2256 = Enjoy The Show
This is getting real!
Thank you Mr. President 💕
Turley: Sessions’ Appointing Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel
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1/10 Today we are going to talk about #PAIN Not pain for Patriots, pain for the bad guys. How do we know there is going to ever be pain for them? #TrustThePlan Let’s take a look… #TheStormIsUponUs ThankQ @realdonaldTrump CQmfort4Us=GITMO4Them
2/10 When is POTUS 30 day travel ban over? Starts Friday the 13th of March, ends Good Friday. #Dark2Light 4/10/20 Donald J Trump. D-J-T alphanumeric = 4-10-20
3/10 When is PAIN coming? I believe it has already started for Black Hats but lets look at some interesting #Qposts…9,10,11 #PAINCOMING
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Pay attention to her pose/positioning! She’s not far from being upside down with one legged crossed. This is the “hanged man” pose, a tarot card.
2) This card ties directly to #Traitors & #Italy Here is the description of the card...

Depiction: It depicts a pittura infamante, a shameful image of a traitor being punished in a manner common at the time for traitors in Italy.

[ultimate surrender]
3) The “Tom Hanks” comms...
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1)Q told us the “Tarmac” would come back into the news about a year ago. And here we are!!!…
2) We were told there was a “Witness” at the infamous Tarmac mtg & she was a trusted Clinton person

Her name is Amanda Renteria

From the same conservative Central CA earth as Devin Nunes, Renteria ran for Congress in 2014 for her traditionally conservative District 21 & lost.
3)Renteria has a typical Deep State resume: attended Harvard, former nat’l political dir for HRC, worked w/Feinstein.

In 2016, she last-minute ran for governor of CA w/ a “grassroots” campaign.

Q asked who her campaign manager was and who donated to her campaign?
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A former Iranian diplomat said US John Kerry has hailed General Soleimani during a meeting with Arab foreign ministers. @realDonaldTrump…
#Soleimani #Traitors #Treason
@realDonaldTrump Soleimani had planned an attack on a Washington DC restaurant to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador. Soleimani was taken off the sanctions list after the Nuclear deal.
These people are sick...…
@realDonaldTrump October 2011: Commander Qasem Soleimani was one of Five Individuals Tied to Iranian Plot to Assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States…
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1)♦♦ Impeachment Hoax Plot Thickens
With Shifty Schiff announcing he's going after VP Pence ... is Donna Brazile's odd January 18, 2019 tweet starting to make more sense?

No code, just blatant "This is what we're gonna do, Sugah" comms?
2) Throw into the mix Pickled Pelosi's recent inadvertent truth admission: " ... it's [impeachment] been going on for 22 months, okay? (laughs) for 2-1/2 years actually."

(who knew Democrats could tell the truth?)
3) Shifty Schiff can't be this crazy, can he? Crazy enough to try and go after Vice President Pence too? If so, no wonder Pelosi stalled the #ImpeachmentHoax ... scrambling to buy more time -- to try and fulfill her Tiara Hand presidential power dream?…
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Q !!
Dec 17 2019 17:03:45 (EST)
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 3717 & 3716
Q sent this post 2 times. #Q emphasizes what is coming.
No later than [9]❓
Between today and the 26❓
If #Patriots, have not already done it...
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DEMs announce impeachment charges

IG says FBI was right, Trump apologists were wrong

Barr gaslights America w/o pushback care of @msnbc

Lavrov gets OO meeting; denies RU attack on our 2016 elex.

Pompeo promises ‘action’ if they do it again—lift sanctions?

Macron calls for creation of a ‘true European army’ to defend against Russia & the US😱

Lavrov said the Trump adm still had not unveiled proof of nefarious Russian activity.

Trump & Pompeo Spoke to Russian Official About US Elections. Did Only One Deliver a Warning?

The Lavrov visit came at a delicate moment in the relationship between Trump & Russia.

There is abundant evidence of Trump’s abuse of power on Ukraine.

Rick Gates should get probation re excellent cooperation Manafort & Stone—superseding indictments in pipeline? 🍿
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Good Morning Family!!
He is Worthy of Every Song We Could Ever Sing!!
Rev. 5:12 Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

!!NEW Q - 3589!!
13:13:56 EST
The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption.
A Higher Loyalty [Y].
Hunters become the Hunted.
How do you remove a liability?
Six o' clock can be dangerous.
Family proud?
!!NEW Q - 3600!!
13:21:10 EST
For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money.
There is no escaping God.
#ATraitorsJustice #Treason #Sedition #Justice #SuicideWeekend ?
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🔥David Holmes, Taylor’s Embassy staffer who overheard the call between Sondland and @realDonaldTrump wasn’t the only one listening. According to security officials, Putin was too....🔥#ImpeachmentHearings
@Jim_Jordan, Trump’s “star lawyer” 🙄 seemed completely unprepared...…
What’s it called when you intentionally use your unsecure phone📱to alert Putin on your progress aiding and abetting his war against us⁉️#TREASON
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These #Traitors are all hanging out with #Soros junior.
see thread.

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@POTUS @TheJusticeDept @RudyGiuliani

Am I the only that finds it laughable that Podesta Group waited until 8 days before @POTUS took office to Correct their Ukraine FARA Disclosures?

1 of 5
Wonder if it was because FBI & @DNC had their sights on Manafort or was Podesta afraid of getting caught?

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@POTUS @TheJusticeDept @RudyGiuliani Isn't it odd for Tony to Lobby directly to John who worked for Hillary. Also it was Hillary's position to disperse funds. Oh wait, George Soros Lobbied directly to Hillary, who am
I kidding 🤪

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ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY @NSAGov in the raw numerical phone metadata collection as claimed by dummy HS degree @Snowden to claim he was a whistle blower not a #Traitor . Metadata files were flat numerical files that were ANONYMOUS. Court orders needed for any ID data.
@NSAGov @Snowden 2. If data are anonymous, NO ONE's privacy is violated. NO laws broken. Dummy ignorant @Snowden has no clue about such regulatory & legal distinctions. Just as dumb @washingtonpost published his stolen TOP SECRET data on US Nat Sec practices. Brilliant plan by top US IC ruined!!
@NSAGov @Snowden @washingtonpost Changes imposed by Congress destroyed program. With limited data, the power of the math is lost. Banish @Snowden permanently to Russia, since he hates cold weather, instead of executing him for #Treason @washingtonpost Brilliant work by IC destroyed by #Traitors @GenMhayden
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Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm
Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm…
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Biden puts Trump to shame

Biden made the case that Trump fundamentally doesn’t understand the job. “Trump offers no moral leadership; seems to have no interest in unifying this nation, no evidence the presidency has awakened his conscience in the least,” he said.

Biden recounted the parade of Trump horribles — from Charlottesville (“very fine people on both sides”) to raising fear of a refugee “invasion” to calling Baltimore a “disgusting, rat-infected and rodent mess” that “no human being” would choose to live in.

Biden did accuse Trump of pouring fuel on the fire, retweeting white nationalist messages and cutting funding to fight domestic, white nationalist terrorism.

He said Trump’s invoking of mental health as the issue was “a dodge”
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Was Our U.S. Steel industry subjugated by our government? Watch as @POTUS talks to this traitorous act by the last administration
#SandSteel #Treason #Qanon
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🚨🚨ATTN: LINDSEY🚨🚨IT IS TRUMP who is causing more detainees. IT IS TRUMP who is keeping immigrants longer than necessary so that shareholders of the CAMP DETENTION CENTERS make more money at $775/per immigrant per DAY. It is TRUMP who is child trafficking! ....
2/ He is abducting these babies and children with the help of DEVOS RELIGIOUS ADOPTION CENTERS are stealing these children from immigrant parents who were separated from them and then deported WITHOUT their children! That's kidnapping! They are illegally adopting ...
3/ these children out! BABIES! So before you talk about human traffickers? You need to address what TRUMP IS DOING in HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Because he has a CHILD TRAFFICKING OPERATION GOING HIMSELF! FIRE STEPHEN MILLER! or It is going to get worse! The United States .....
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