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🧵Okay it's #ElectionDay (go vote! voting is a valid harm reduction strategy.)

I know this birdsite is going to hell in a handbasket, but while we're all still here, I put together a THREAD on what the midterms will likely mean for tech policy fights that impact human rights.
This is going to be a bit of a ruthless analysis of how I see the election results impacting hot button tech policy issues like Section 230, content moderation, privacy legislation, the FTC and FCC, antitrust and Big Tech accountability, etc.
I'm not gonna spend as much time explaining the substance of each issue, more just how the political dynamics around them are likely to shift depending on the makeup of the House and Senate. But I'll try to link to relevant campaigns / news coverage to dive deeper.
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📃#以太坊 日志📃
#E群誌 2022.10.10 刊 | #EthJournal 2022.10.10

链上数据显示,一名从跨链 DeFi 平台 @TransitFinance 盗取了2890 万美元的黑客,已将价值 68.6 万美元的 2500 个 BNB 转到受制裁的隐私协议 #TornadoCash 上。 (Collected by rachel)
@paradigm 研究员分析隐私 L2 Aztec 的 Noir 语言架构:1/其他语言可编译为 Aztec IR,与 Aztec 生态互操作。2/Noir 写的程序能部署到 Aztec 上,也可以部署到其他网络上(也支持多种后端)。3/开发者写 ZK DApp 更方便等。 (Collected by @ZhunianPan )
@Scroll_ZKP 的 Rollup Day 活动于10 日开始,主要邀请了 Vitalik、Justin Drake 等人。其中,Vitalik 会谈及采用多个证明者的优势来改进 #Rollup 总体安全性。此次活动的所有主题演讲都会有回放。 (Collected by rachel)
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@aztecnetwork is a PRIVACY-FOCUSED zero-knowledge rollup (ZKR) aiming to provide security, scalability, & privacy for #L222 blockchain transactions.

Don't think you need convincing about why financial privacy is important (hello #TornadoCash).

So, let's discuss Aztec's HOW...
@aztecnetwork Tech
Aztec leverages an in-house technology stack that focuses primarily on 2 overall protocol objectives: privacy & scalability.

ZKRs create large bundles of txs for off-chain computation in the form of cryptographic proofs known as SNARKs.

For a refresher...
SNARKs allow someone to prove they have a particular piece of info without actually revealing the contents of the info.

Popularized by @zcash for enabling anonymous txs, zk tech provides scaling efficiencies for the rollup chain that are then submitted to the main chain. Image
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Hey anon, with @gitcoin #GR15 going live just yesterday, we compiled our curated list of the 👇

🔥 15 most interesting Grants on #GR15 🔥

☑️ #GR15 trust score is based on @GitcoinPassport

☑️ Reach 150% trust verification, to ensure that ur donation is matched to max

Never heard about @GitcoinPassport? Gitcoin's own thread explains it best 🧵👇

Web3 projects in early stages need funding - Gitcoin grants feature probably the most Ethereum Ethos aligned founders - you know what that means anon? Decentralization of ownership, aka #airdrops🪂😉
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Sunday 8/28 analysis. An obvious setup for Monday is coming. BTC is hovering at/around the $20k mark, which means consolidation for the time being. It's clear that BTC is ready to follow the SPY for the new week.
For those that have been following what I'm doing, it's clear that doesn't mean bullish. BTC can't even make it over tiny MA's at this time, and top of MA resistance on short term is $21.6k to continue downtrend.
4H says lol gtfoh - as we set up to go lower, as usual.
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Ya viene el #Merge de Ethereum y con él varias preocupaciones de parte de la comunidad, debido a las implicaciones que conlleva transicionar a PoS.
Recientemente en @TuneBlock hemos analizado algunos artículos sobre el tema 1/16
Acá dejo 2 artículos del livestream del lunes pasado. Si quieren saber más sobre lo que se comentó al respecto pueden ver la grabación en el YouTube de @bitcoinemb y escuchar el episodio sobre Forks de @TuneBlock en #Spotify 2/16……
Recientemente el caso de #TornadoCash nos abrió los ojos respecto al poder de los reguladores para censurar direcciones e interacciones de usuarios valiéndose de intimidaciones hacia diferentes empresas. 3/16
Más sobre el tema:
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Important questions for those who may have received blocked property in a #grief #spray #spam attack from blocked #tornadocash #ETH addrsses remain unanswered. #OFAC may give clarity in an FAQ; are a few questions that would be helpful for OFAC to address.1st some background/1
By now all of #crypto knows that #OFAC sanctioned #ETH & #USDC addresses related to #Tornadocash and service providers and many #crypto users are struggling to adapt. Why? /2
We’re dealing with a law designed to regulate legal people & entities, &their property, not quasi-autonomous code used by third parties to transact third party assets to others. Arguably the designation exceeds #OFAC’s statutory authority. That’s an argument for another day. /3
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🧵 THREAD - Peut-on criminaliser un outil ?

Tornado cash, un mixeur de #cryptomonnaies subit des attaques de toutes parts de la part des institutions.

Est-il raisonnable d'interdire #TornadoCash ? 👇 Image
Juridiquement parlant, Ca n'a aucun sens.

La capacité d'un individu à penser et à juger de manière indépendante est un critère très important.

C'est pour ça que les condamnations des malades mentaux sont très différentes des autres.

Mais revenons sur ce qu'est #TornadoCash
Tornado Cash est un protocole entièrement décentralisé. Les gens peuvent y déposer des jetons et les retirer via différentes adresses.

Cet outil peut mélanger tous les actifs déposés et générer une clé privée pour que l'on puisse retirer des actifs à différentes adresses.
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而随着通胀削减法案的正式签署,但市场似乎没有积极的表现,从纳指期货的数据来看,也没有对纳指起到促进的作用,而且从周一开始因为没有了进一步的消息,所以纳指期货甚至是纳指本身也是处于震荡的行情,而纳指的动态也会反应到 #BTC#ETH 的身上,毕竟在当前宏观情绪没有改变前,币市依然跟随纳指 Image
这也是目前为什么 #Bitcoin#Ethereum 也是处于震荡区间的原因,从今天早晨的数据来看,美元指数继续在106附近徘徊,虽然不像是有继续上冲的动力,但是似乎也降不下来,尤其是DXY本身就是欧元和日元的权重为主,尤其是欧元最近的持续走低都是兑美元升值的不利影响,但只要是DXY见顶问题就都不大。 Image
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📰BICO Weekly Degen Digest is reporting LIVE on a deranged week!

If you thought all those events with 3AC and Terra were crazy, this week just proved that the ceiling is still too high.

𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐩𝐭𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐭:🧵👇 Image

#Crypto assets are pushed even harder this week as the market continues its recovery.

$ETH continues to grow stronger. The merge drew in even closer with the Goreli testnet's success last Wednesday.

@VitalikButerin indicated Sep. 15th 👀 as the expected merge date, when the terminal total difficulty hits 58750000000000000000000👇

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This thread articulates the problem well enough but I'd argue it incorrectly equates

1."#identity data able to be consumed by the chain"


2. "identity data must be on the chain".

The answer is less data on-ledger not more. First, an example using #TornadoCash .👇
Hopefully everyone is aware of what happened to #TornadoCash over the last week and most terrifyingly, the developer being arrested.

The main outcome for us to focus on is a tonne of addresses are now denylisted by a mix of protocols, DEXs and CEXs.
The balances in those accounts can be assumed to be dead since it's now extremely difficult to extract that value.

Now if these accounts were linked to real-world identities, suddenly, off-chain assets could become fair game too.
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1/20 Some thoughts on the ban of #TornadoCash by OFAC:
2/20 On 8/8/22, "TORNADO CASH", websites + some related smart contracts were added to the list of Specially Designated Nationals + Blocked Persons (#SDN List) under the OFAC's Cyber-Related Sanctions program [CYBER2]
3/20 #CYBER2 requires US persons to block the property and interests in property of persons added to the #SDN list. CYBER2’s legal basis is Executive Order (EO) 13757 (Dec 28, 2016), which amends EO 13694 (Apr 1, 2015).…
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We are underestimating how serious OFAC #sanctions on #TornadoCash is.

Follow the thread to understand the case, how doing-nothing is troublesome, why using sanctions is tempting for large nations, and the crypto-specific aspects to watch for moving forward.

1/ OFAC = Office of Foreign Assets Control

They enforce sanctions against high profile individuals deemed hostile to American interests. To ensure that Americans cannot legally do business with Iran, North Korea, etc without special government approval. (c/o @BowTiedIguana)
2/ Tornado Cash (TC) helps mix Ethereum users’ ETH or ERC-20 tokens with other users’ to obscure the info of the sender, recipient, and time of sending. The legitimate reason for OFAC to chase after TC is mainly the suspicion that it is linked to North Korea’s Lazarus Group.
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1/? With today's news of Tornado Cash being sanctioned by the US government

Its time to re-think about decentralisation

A thread on this

#cryptocurrency #TornadoCash #ethereum


(very important component of web3)

RPCs are not decentralised.

Infura and AlchemyPlatform blocked RPC requests for Tornado Cash
3/? Code repositories like GitHub are not decentralised

accounts of developers of Tornado Cash were suspended

(need a decentralised version of GitHub, maybe?)
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- 用户存入固定数量的代币 例如0.1ETH
- 获取一个字符串作为提币权凭证,这个凭证需要满足两个条件:1. 只能用一次 2. 不能被反向解析查出凭证来源
- 提币时输入这个字符串以及一个收币地址
- 从Tornado的资金池转出0.1ETH到收币地址
(2/n) 其本质上是一个资金池提币模型,关键点在于提币权凭证的构建和抗反向解析(这个通过zk-snark完成)
(3/n) 1. 有些人会用存进去的地址做收币地址(别笑,这个比例还是比较可观的),因为他们以为钱进去一圈就自动洗干净了。
2. 因为提币和充币都只能是固定的数值(0.1/1/100),如果一个账户的大多数in交易都是类似的数值,可以合理怀疑资金来源。
3. 提币和充币地址都与Tornado合约有直接交互
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פעם, לפני ששוק הקריפטו התרסק לאפר, הייתה כאן אופנה לכתוב על Stablecoins.
היום אני מתכוון להחזיר אותה לתמונה, והפעם:

צנזורה - האם למדינה אין באמת שליטה על (חלק) מהבלוקצ'יינים?

בואו נצא יחד לעוד #קריפטו_טוויט
אתמול, קיבל שוק הקריפטו בשורה מעניינת: OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control, הרשות שאחראית בין השאר על ניהול הסנקציות בארה"ב, הודיעה על שורה ארוכה של כתובות את'ריום שנכללים מעתה ברשימת הסנקציות של ארה"ב.
זה לא עניין של מה בכך: OFAC הם חבר'ה רציניים מאוד. OFAC הוא הגוף שאחראי מטעם ארה"ב לנהל ולהוציא לפועל סנקציות נגד אישים בעלי סיכון גבוה, הכוללים בין השאר: טרוריסטים בינלאומיים, סוחרי סמים מרכזיים והאליטה הפיננסית/הפוליטית של מדינות העוינות לארה"ב.
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🌌 The Crypto-Mixing Service #TornadoCash $TORN Blacklisted by US Treasury #OFAC

A short thread to catch up on the latest happenings of the above event

👇👇 Image
About Tornado Cash

• Tornado Cash is a protocol that makes transactions anonymous on the @ethereum network

, and it is this feature that makes Tornado Cash a “favorite” tool in “hacks” to erase traces and withdraw large amounts of money. Image
@ethereum The reason for this action

• The US Gov believes that Tornado Cash is accused of helping to launder up to 7 billion USD of dirty money.

, including cryptocurrencies from hacker organizations such as Lazarus Group and the recent DeFi attacks such as Horizon, and Nomad Bridge. Image
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[#Thread & Confession] Après un certain temps afin de digérer une mésaventure #crypto, j'ai décidé de vous en parler et vous faire un récapitulatif à titre éducatif.

Enorme coup dur à titre perso et toujours très difficile à encaisser.

Commençons par planter le décors 🧵👇🏻 Image
Nous sommes le 12 Décembre 2021, je créer un #wallet sur MetaMask comme pour pratiquement chacune de mes opérations on-chain.

Pourquoi ? Pour éviter de me faire siphonner des fonds en cas de fausse manip ou si je fais un approval et que j'oublie de le révoquer. Image
Le wallet étant créé, je dépose dessus des $BUSD puis les convertit en $UST en utilisant @acryptosx, une plateforme qui me permet de swap les stablecoins à coût plutôt réduit.

Les $UST sont ensuite envoyés via le bridge Terra vers un wallet Terra station. Image
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