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The flash S&P Global/CIPS composite #PMI fell from 60.9 in March to 57.6 in April. Although broadly consistent with GDP growing at a quarterly rate of 0.7-8%, the latest reading signals a marked slowing in the pace of growth 1/
UK service sector business inflows grew at the slowest rate in 2022 to date. In manufacturing, order book growth has lost momentum, driven by an increasing loss of export sales, to result in the weakest rise in new orders since January 2021. 2/
#UK manufacturers and service providers reported demand having been hit by high COVID-19 infection rates and spending power having been squeezed by higher prices, but Brexit was also seen as having hit exports, and the Ukraine war/sanctions was cited as an additional headwind 3/
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Next week sees the release of February flash #PMI surveys, plus RBNZ and BoK meetings as well as #GDP for the US, Germany, Taiwan and Thailand.

Full preview at
The PMI data in particular will help assess the economic impact of the Omicron variant. Global growth slowed to a 1½ year low in January with a sharp rise in the number of firms reporting output being constrained by staff shortages & illness linked to Omicron ...
More encouragingly, the incidence of output being constrained by materials shortages continued to fall from a pandemic-peak recorded last October.
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DoubleLine founder and CEO Jeffrey Gundlach presents:

Just Markets 2022 - I Feel Young Again

Today at 1:15pm PT, register here:…

#macro #markets #stocks #FX #bonds #commodities #rates #inflation #Fed #QE #bitcoin

Live recap thread⬇️
Jeffrey Gundlach: 2021 might end up running 7% year on the CPI

#inflation #QE #Powell #fed #hikes #rates
Jeffrey Gundlach: Low interest rates coupled with inflation generating negative interest rate.

#JustMarkets2022 #CPI #QE #Fed
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Global #manufacturing output growth accelerated in December, coming back into line with growth of new orders, as supply constraints eased. Our #PMI wrap up in 10 charts
While the number of companies worldwide reporting that output was constrained by shortages continued to run at 3.5 times the long-run average in December, this is down from a record peak of 4.7 times the long-run average back in October.
Although still running at a level far in excess of anything seen prior to the pandemic, the average lengthening of supplier delivery times globally eased for a second consecutive month in December to the smallest recorded since March.
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1) Sayfamı takip edenlerin bildiği gibi artık bir klasik olan, geçen haftanın olaylarına ve önümüzdeki hafta öne çıkabilecek gelişmelere odaklanan, David Westin’in sunduğu #WallStreetWeek program özeti hazır.

Bir kahve içimi vakit ile buyrun başlayalım.
2) Öncelikle bizleri dolu dolu bir hafta bekliyor.📝✅

En azından açıklanacak ekonomik veriler açısından öyle. Diğer taraftan da alışveriş ve tatil dönemi başladığı için de bu hafta biraz kısa olacak. Bunların detaylarına şirketler ve haftanın programı bölümünde değineceğim.
3) #Enflasyon konusu en çok tartışılan tema oldu. Teknoloji, inovasyon ve verimlilik artışının iş gücünün katılımındaki kaybı karşılayarak büyümeye destek verdiği belirtiliyor. Benzer şekilde tüketicilerin yüksek harcamalarının etkisi de verilere ve hisse fiyatlarına yansıyor.
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The IHS Markit/CIPS flash UK #PMI rose from 54.9 in Sep to 56.8 in Oct, indicating the fastest expansion of the economy since July.

That's above the pre-pandemic survey average of 54.0 and indicative of roughly 0.7% q/q #GDP growth.
UK growth is looking increasingly lop-sided, however, with the upturn led by the services sector, and consumer-facing and hospitality firms in particular driving the expansion for a third month running. In contrast, manufacturing saw production growth slide to near-stagnation.
While the service sector continued to benefit from the opening up of the economy, factories have been besieged by a further worsening of supply chain delays and ongoing staffing issues, as well as falling exports and what appears to have been diversion of spend toward services.
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As we start to prepare for the flash #PMI releases at the end of the week, here's a free-to-read recap on the September data:

"Developed world economies hit by slower growth and rising prices"
The divergence between the PMI signals of slower economic growth and steeper price pressures has presented a dilemma for policymakers. While the price gauges fuel calls for policy accommodation to be scaled back, the deteriorating output momentum calls for caution.
Importantly, watch the sub-indices from the forthcoming manufacturing PMIs in addition to the headline #PMI, as this is where the supply chain pressure signals – which will ultimately steer inflation – will be found. Read more about these sub-indices at
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How is China’s recent export performance? #PMI for new export orders has been declining since May, but total #exports have maintained a fast growth, especially in the last two months, setting new record highs for the same period. Such divergence could be confusing. 1/5
In a recent article, CF40 research associate and deputy director of the Research Department ZHU He says China’s surprisingly strong #exports after July come more from increased cost than demand. 2/5…
ZHU He analyses the #export growth rate of 6512 categories of products over the past six months by splitting the two dimensions of volume and price. The result shows that 15 percentage points of the 25% export growth rate in August actually came from product #price hikes. 3/5
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UK #PMI data showed #construction activity slowing sharply in August. Given the amount of stimulus and relatively early stage in the recovery, to be slowing so close to the long-term trend is disappointing 1/4
Part of the slowdown can be linked to weaker growth of new orders for construction work, but as the chart shows, activity has slowed much more sharply than demand for new work, so there are other factors at play 2/4
Part of the slowdown is clearly linked to ongoing near-record #shortages of raw materials, as measured by suppliers' delivery times, which have in turn led to unprecedented price hikes for building materials in recent months 3/4
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China PMI weakness ahead? Following up on the quoted tweet, one zeroes in on #China's #manufacturing #PMI. Key Asian economies have seen weakness on the back of a rise in their #COVID-19 curves and related restrictions on activity. China has been experiencing multiple...(1/4)
...issues. The recent policy shock aside, from mid-July, China saw power outages, significant floods, all in provinces housing key manufacturing-hubs. Adding to this, the recent surge in COVID-cases have led to a string of lockdowns/restrictions across 14 provinces. While...(2/4)
...the extreme weather disturbances in July was expected to have dented China's production, the PMI manufacturing numbers were only marginally lower. Focus now shifts on August activity that is now expected to tag its Asian neighbours like Malaysia, Vietnam and...(3/4)
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#Manufacturing #PMI survey data reveal how the UK’s exporters have underperformed their peers in the eurozone to the greatest extent for over two decades so far this year, i.e. since the end of the #Brexit transition period.
UK suppliers of components in particular have seen only a marginal increase in export sales in the past six months, while similar firms in the eurozone, in contrast, has seen record export growth of component export sales.
This is itself an underperformance by UK suppliers of a degree never previously seen in at least 20 years of survey history
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A bit more on today's UK trade data and the impact of #Brexit...

It helps to look at #imports and #exports *separately* - the stories are quite different.

The relative weakness of UK trade with the EU is mainly on the *import* side, which is only partly Brexit related... (1/6)
A lot is also due to problems in the car sector (e.g. global shortages of parts) and the relative weakness of demand for cars, which we mainly import from the EU, compared to goods we import from the rest of the world (e.g. clothing & PPE from Asia)... (2/6)
There may also be some cases where UK imports from the EU are being replaced by imports from the rest of the world, or local production.

But if consumers were happy buying from the EU before #Brexit, new trade frictions that hinder this are not obviously a 'good thing'... (3/6)
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US #PMI data from @IHSMarkit show the economy surged in May, led by the largest expansion of consumer services activity on record. #GDP growth could reach double-digits as the economy opens up, adding further pressure on the #FOMC. More at
@IHSMarkit Here's the latest @IHSMarkitPMI US survey data tracked against historical @FOMC policy decisions, highlighting the unprecedented surge in economic activity ...
@IHSMarkit @IHSMarkitPMI @fomc This economic boom in the US is being accompanied by price rises which far outpace the rate of inflation seen in other countries, with the PMI's index of prices charged for goods and services at a record high by some margin in the US....
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UK economy booms: UK #PMI hits record high (over 2 decades) in May according to preliminary data as economy opens up from covid restrictions. More at
May also saw a near-record rate of job creation in the UK, with PMI #employment index surging higher...
However, prices are also increasing at an unprecedented rate in May, hinting strongly that consumer price inflation (#CPI) has much further to rise after lifting to 1.5% in April.
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Il giuramento del Governo Draghi
13 feb | TG4 | Rete 4

Mario #Draghi presta giuramento: «Giuro di essere fedele alla Repubblica, di osservarne lealmente la Costituzione e le leggi e di esercitare le mie funzioni nell'interesse esclusivo della Nazione.»
🆘Crisi economica, SOS dalle Partite Iva
11 feb | TG4 | Rete 4

Gli #ambulanti manifestano a @Montecitorio: "Fateci lavorare‼️". Il sit-in degli ambulanti a Montecitorio per protestare contro le chiusure e la mancanza di #ristori. In un anno oltre 6mila chiusure nel settore.
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Esta semana, los mdos continuarán atentos a la evaluación de contagios de #Covid, políticas de confinamiento y vacunación. En cuanto a eventos de mdo y datos económicos, los mdos pondrán mucha atención al reporte de empleo de enero en EUA y a discursos de miembros del #FOMC
Asimismo, el mdo continuará poniendo atención a los reportes corporativos trimestrales y el @bankofengland tendrá su reunión de pol mon. También se publicarán los PMIs de enero a nivel global, el PIB de 4T20 y la inflación de enero en la Eurozona
En México, será semana corta p/feriado bancario (lunes 1-feb; Día de la Constitución). Sin embargo, se publicará el @IndicadorIMEF de enero (#PMI) y los indicadores mensuales de demanda agregada de noviembre: Consumo privado e inversión fija bruta (@INEGI_INFORMA)...
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#MCPro: The financial scorecard of these banks may have been below par, but an @RBI internal working group’s report puts the spotlight back on them.

#Banks #BankingSector…
#MCPro: The investment thesis for this logistics company has two legs to stand on – the revival in consumption and sectoral reforms of the govt.

#Investments #Investors…
#MCPro: The revenue diversification of KEI Industries has worked. The company has been able to improve the quality of earnings and remove business cyclicality drastically.

#Earnings #Business @keicable…
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September #PMI thread (August in brackets) 1/8
🇪🇺 #Eurozone
🇩🇪 #Germany
🇫🇷 #France
🇮🇹 #Italy
🇪🇸 #Spain
🇬🇧 #UK
+ Note on how to read PMI
#economy #recession
🇪🇺 Eurozone PMI 2/8

“With the eurozone economy having almost stalled in September, the chances of a renewed downturn in the fourth quarter have clearly risen"

Composite 50.4 (51.9)
Services 48.0 (50.5)
#Eurozone #PMI…
🇩🇪 Germany PMI 3/8

"Growth in the German service sector slowed to a crawl in September, as the rebound in activity from the COVID-19 lockdown continued to lose steam"

Services 50.6 (52.5)
Composite 54.7 (54.4)
#Germany #PMI…
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🇪🇺 Eurozone #Manufacturing #PMI

#Eurozone manufacturing growth strongest for over two years, 53.7 (August 51.7)

🇩🇪 #Germany 56.4
🇮🇹 #Italy 53.2
🇳🇱 #Netherlands 52.5
🇦🇹 #Austria 51.7
🇫🇷 #France 51.2
🇪🇸 #Spain 50.8
🇬🇷 #Greece 50.0
🇮🇪 #Ireland 50.0… Image
🇩🇪 #Germany #Manufacturing #PMI

Sharp increases in output and new orders at end of third
quarter. Job shedding slows, but stocks show further steep declines.

September Manufacturing PMI 56.4 (August 52.2)… Image
🇫🇷 #France #Manufacturing #PMI

Business conditions improve amid faster rise in
production. Fractionally quicker increase in new orders
supported by export growth.

September Manufacturing PMI 51.2 (August 49.8)… Image
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September 2020 flash PMI in one thread, in following order

#US 🇺🇸
#UK 🇬🇧
#EuroZone 🇪🇺
#Germany 🇩🇪
#France 🇫🇷
#Japan 🇯🇵
#Australia 🇦🇺

+Note on diffusion indexes like the purchasing managers indexes, or #PMIs.

#economy #recession #recovery
🇺🇸 #US #PMI September 2020 (August)

Solid rise in private sector business activity in September

Composite Output 54.4 (54.6)
Services Business Activity 54.6 (55.0)
Manufacturing PMI 53.5 (53.1)
Manufacturing Output 53.3 (52.7)… Image
🇬🇧 #UK #PMI September 2020 (August)

Recovery loses momentum and business outlook drops to its weakest since May

Composite Output 55.7 (59.1)
Services Business Activity 55.1 (58.8)
Manufacturing Output 59.3 (61.0)
Manufacturing PMI 54.3 (55.2)… Image
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#HappiestMindsIPO looking to raise 110Cr,got bids worth 58000Cr

Retail subscribed 71 times
HNI subscribed 351x

Overall,#IPO was subscribed a massive 151 times,highest for a IPO in recent history

After Aug #PMI at 52,this is yet another positive

Non-life #insurers saw 10.38% rise in premiums in Aug@Rs 17623.25Cr

General insurers saw #premium collection go up 5.57% in Aug2020 to Rs13139.63Cr

Biggest gainers in premium were standalone health insurers,who saw 36.42% rise in premiums to 1462.92Cr 💪

#GreenShoots #Economy
If one thing should have been big news,it is $40billion valuation of #YONO,SBI's digital lending platform

YONO got 2.7Cr users in just 6 months--It disburses 70Cr worth loans every day,largely to #MSMEs

YONO is biggest start up by any legacy bank,#SBI in this case💪

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#ManufacturingPMI for Aug2020 has went up and crossed 50 for the first time in last 5 months.

💠It clearly indicates that economy is rebooting and reviving. We have to be optimistic.

💠PMI numbers above 50 indicates exoansion and below 50 indicates contraction.
In April, #ManufacturingPMI plunges to 27.4 followed by 30.8 in May, 47.2 in June and 46 in July. Now it stands at 52.

The sudden fall in PMI was because of strict lockdown enforced by the GOI. Industries were at halt for 2/3rd of Apr-June Quarter nd were at complete halt before
It can be clearly seen from the graph 📊 that, by the time ease in lockdown were issued from GOI nd states Govt, #ManufacturingPMI number start coming back to its previous reading. It is a good sign for the economy. Hope everything will be good in coming quarter. Fingers🤞🤞 🤞
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Recent PMI data in one thread

🇪🇺 Eurozone
🇺🇸 US
🇯🇵 Japan
🇩🇪 Germany
🇬🇧 UK
🇫🇷 France
🇦🇺 Australia

#EuroZone #US #Japan #Germany #UK #France #Australia #PMI #economy #recession
🇪🇺 Eurozone growth loses momentum in August

PMI Composite 51.6 (54.9 in July)
Services PMI 50.1 (54.7)
Manufacturing PMI Output 55.7 (55.3)
Manufacturing PMI at 51.7 (51.8)
#EuroZone #PMI #recession… Image
🇺🇸 US August data pointed to further improvement in
business conditions across the private sector

Composite Output 54.7 (50.3 July)
Services Business Activity 54.8 (50.0)
Manufacturing PMI 53.6 (50.9)
Manufacturing Output 53.9 (51.7)
#US #PMI #recession… Image
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