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Il Consolato #USA🇺🇸 a Francoforte #Germania 🇩🇪 è una base copertura di hacker della #CIA che copre l'#Europa, il #MedioOriente e l'#Africa...#Vault7 #SECRET 2017
I Consolati in generale ma anche le Ambasciate sono spesso basi con copertura diplomatica dei servizi segreti
Anche al Consolato di Milano c'è una cellula della CIA, c'è un agente capo-centro in ogni città con il suo gruppo, tipo il capo-decina di Cosa Nostra insomma
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1. allora, cerchiamo di fare ordine sulla fuga di documenti segreti del #Pentagono sulla base delle poche informazioni certe emerse finora
2. i documenti sono file del #Pentagono, NON "cablo": i cablo sono le corrispondenze diplomatiche. NON risulta che, come scrivono giornali come Repubblica, siano stati rubati, il presunto responsabile della fuga di documenti vi aveva accesso legittimo con una security clearance
3. la security clearance è l'autorizzazione del governo americano ad accedere a documenti classificati. Esistono 4 livelli di classificazione:
1) unclassified
2) confidential
3) secret
4) top secret
poi esistono restrizioni speciali all'accesso ai documenti
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Retired three-star pushes Pizzagate psyop to terrify, traumatize and indoctrinate moms into his death cult.

He has been doing the same thing for 6 1/2 years.
What is it going to take?
Here is @GenFlynn’s employee, Kremlin propagandist @tracybeanz Diaz in March 2017:
“Alex Jones will tell you there’s nothing going on at Comet Pizza. That’s bull. There were things going on at Comet Pizza.”

Tracy Diaz is currently part of Elmo’s “Twitter Files” hoax.
Here’s @GenFlynn employee @tracybeanz Diaz laying out a false story that implicates the @NYPD, @NewYorkFBI and @Comey in reopening @HillaryClinton’s email investigation.

This was the month after Flynn was fired for lying to the @FBI about contacting the Russians.
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The CIA, FBI and US intelligence agencies make the Mafia look like a Sunday school class.

#Thread 🧵 1️⃣

In 1980’s DOJ proposed legislation that took away our civil liberties, it was said

“before this passes, people would have to be killed”…
2️⃣ 🧵 WTC (1) - February 26, 1993

FBI entrapped Informant Emad Salem to set a fake bomb.

He recorded conversations with FBI agents, John Anticev & Nancy Floyd.

Real explosives were used, instead of fake, killing only 6.

Not enough to pass legislation…
3️⃣🧵 WACO - 4/19/1993

FBI marksman, Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, was the sniper at Waco and at Ruby Ridge.

The “tear gas” used against the compound was military grade-deadly☠️

No agents from were criminally charged nor were any of them fired.…
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Ok - now at arraignment for catfishing of SAKOYA BLACKWOOD, charged with trying to extort CEO-1 - threatened to release sexually explicit photographs and communications. Who is CEO-1?? Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below Image
Judge Furman: We're here for arraignment and bail appeal.
Blackwood: I plead not guilty.
Judge: Have you notified Victim-1?
AUSA Bracewell: Yes, Victim-1's lawyer...We've seized laptops and tablets.
AUSA: There was a post arrest interview, it was recorded on video. She then invoked... Her messages were saved on Google.
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☕️ Good morning on this the 210th day of 2022 and the 29th of July


For reading what I write, without readership those who commission things written won't be asking me to do the writing, so I am deeply appreciative of your reading the words I string together.❣️🙏
July was a 1/2 vacation and 1/2 work month with 8 articles published for @ClearanceJobs @CSOonline and @securityblvd

They follow ⤵️
U.S. and UK warn local governments, businesses of China’s influence operations – Security Boulevard – 07 July 2022…
#china #US #UK #influenceops #natsec
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COURTROOM CONTRASTS: Now, an hour before he presides over #CIA #Vault7 leaks case of Joshua Schulte, @sdnylive Judge Furman is dealing with something more mundane: Baldor Foods winning default judgment over Hale & Hearty Soups LCC. Inner City Press will live tweet
Judge Furman: Would you like me to wait until Monday to enter this?
Baldor Specialty Foods counsel: That would result in an additional attorney's fee.
Judge Furman: $19,000 seems a little bit high for this. I reviewed your billing records and they seem reasonable
Baldor's counsel: We had to look into PACA and PACA trusts.
[Inner City Press has covered these PACA suits, including on... Bronx Avocado:…
Baldor's: We had to pay for Federal Express.
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OK- US v Josh Schulte CIA #Wikileaks #Vault7 closing arguments today (Day 12 of trial); yesterday it emerged DOJ thinks a journalist can be prosecuting for reporting what Schulte might say- Inner City Press is covering the case(s) & will live tweet, thread below
Judge Furman: Mr. Schulte, are you ready?
Schulte: I just need to be taken into the holding cell to change my shirt.
Judge Furman: Fine. And please pull your mask up over your nose.
Jury entering!
Judge Furman: Good morning, jurors. Yesterday's witness "Dave" is also "Dave C." And I have approved redactions to the transcript. Now, the closing arguments.
AUSA: On April 20, 2016, Joshua Schulte stole the CIA's cyber tools. He turned on the US
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Ok- US v Joshua Schulte trial Day 7, Assistant US Attorney still questioning FBI's Michael Berger seeking to link the #Vault7 transfer to #Wikileaks to Schulte. Inner City Press is covering the case and will live tweet, thread below
AUSA: Do you recall the size of the Confluence back up in March of 2016?
Berger: Tens of gigabytes.
AUSA: Look at Page 93 of GX 1704. What is this use for?
Berger: It's a utility to securely erase files.
AUSA: So here you can see the defendant --
Schulte: Objection - leading.
Judge Furman: Fair point but I'll allow it.
AUSA: At what time was the virtual screen saver unlocked?
Berger: 3:15 am.
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OK - it's US v Josh Schulte trial, Day 5. He's charged for Wikileaks' #Vault7, & he's representing himself. Inner City Press is covering @SDNYLIVE… and beyond… & will live tweet, thread below
Judge Furman: Jurors, welcome back. Government, you may proceed.
Assistant US Attorney: Good morning. Remind us, what did Mr Schulte do?
Microsoft's Patrick Leedom: He reverted to an earlier date. Then I investigated the network. The FBI was making forensic images
AUSA: How did you come to focus on Mr. Schulte?
Leedom: It all starting point back to him. When we reviewed his machines and his logs, we found some very suspicious things.
AUSA: Let's put up the chart and compare what #Wikileaks published to Mr. Schulte's logs
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OK - US v. Josh Schulte #Vault7 CIA leak trial Day 4, CIA supervisor Leonis still on stand, Schulte's cross examination soon. Inner City Press is covering the trial… & seeking to unseal… & will live tweet, thread below
CIA' Leonis: Josh told me he was going to fight back. It caught me off guard. He was going to put up a fight about a management decision. That's not the way people talk in a professional environment.
AUSA: Did you ever retaliate against him?
Leonis: No.
AUSA: Mr. Schulte wrote he has incurred the wrath of his supervisor Karen. How was Karen?
CIA's Leonis: Karen cared so much about people. She'd walk the halls and ask you about your family... We asked Josh and Amol to go to the Employee Assistance Program
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OK - CIA #Vault7 leaks trial US v. Josh Schulte, Day 3, with FBI Agent Evanchec cross examined by Schulte. Inner City Press is covering the case… and seeking to unseal… and will live tweet, thread below
The day began with discussion of the courtroom sealing that Inner City Press has opposed (and will continue to oppose)…
Jury entering!
Judge Furman: Juror 15, I take it that my deputy conveyed to you...
[A nod]
Judge Furman: Very good. Proceed, Mr. Schulte.
Schulte: Good morning. Yesterday you testified about the search of my Manhattan apartment. How many agents?
Evanchec: 8 to 15.
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OK - now US v. Schulte / #Vault7 CIA leaks trial, opening arguments.
Judge Furman: Are you ready, Mr. Schulte?
Schulte: Yes.
Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
Judge Furman: If folks in the back could clear away from the doors, the jury will be entering in a moment... Ok, Mr. Denton.
AUSA Denton: Joshua Schulte is responsible for the largest leak in CIA history, and put officers at risk. When confronted, he lied.
AUSA Denton: He stole custom-built software used to track terorrists. Those filed were posted on Wikileaks. It was devastating. Operations came to a crashing halt. Allies wondered if their info could be leaked. The FBI sprang into action
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OK- at #CIA #Vault7 leak case of US v. Schulte, Inner City Press which has opposed sealing is only media in gallery, with half dozen gov't reps. Now US wants to quash subpoena on a witness. Threadette below
Judge: I would like to avoid sidebars... esp due to Mr Schulte's US Marshals issue.
[He has 2 Marshals sitting behind him]
AUSA: When we move to sealed witnesses...
Judge: We'll have the jury leave too, to make no one is in the courtroom who shouldn't be. Openings at earliest Tuesday [and probably later]. Four alternates.
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Ok- for CIA #Vault7 leak retrial of Josh Schulte, now at penultimate pre-trial conference. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
Schulte: It was a forensic crime scene. They should givr us the server.
Judge: We're not going to rehash that...Some of this we can discuss in the closed session.
[That again]
Judge: Mr Schulte should consider signing new stipulations cutting references to prior counsel.
Schulte: I submitted my draft stipulations.
Judge: Whether Mr Schulte only shared his Malware of the Mind with his lawyers doesn't allow an advice of counsel defense.
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OK - in US v. #GhislaineMaxwell, now AUSA Maurene Comey's rebuttal summation - with all slides and demonstratives withheld from Press and public. Inner City Press challenged… and will live tweet Comey's rebuttal, thread below
AUSA Comey: Ghislaine Maxwell touched three witnesses breasts. The defense tried to get you to look way through the massive amount of evidence Ms. Moe walked you through this morning [all slides and demonstratives withheld from public and Press]
AUSA Comey: You saw it in this exhibit [withheld] - who needs that many massages? She was in the room, she knew. The $30 million is "we molested kids together" money.
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1. Day 2. Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing #UKHighCourtOfJustice.I'll report on it. In this extradition proceeding, the #USDoJ acts through the @CPSUK, challenging psychiatric evidence used by the judge Baraitser to deny extradition.There's an important info you have to know.
2.#CrownProsecutionService(#CPS) putting in question Julian #Assange's mental health: don't forget #CPS contributed to create the legal& diplomatic quagmire which kept #Assange arbitrarily detained 9 years and finally resulted in his arrest.This is how they looked at #JA's health
3. what I am trying to tell you is: when the Crown Prosecution Service (#CPS) tries to argue that the Julian #Assange's health is not in such a bad shape, hence he can be extradited, just consider how #CPS looked at his health. This is an official document from my #FOIA
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Was digging through court records related to Vault 7 and found this tidbit. The FBI used the wifi at Starbucks to download the leak. #OBTS
If you want to better understand how government agencies, such as the CIA, create and use cyber tools, there are some helpful bits in the #Vault7 court records. Here's one example. #OBTS
Makes sense for the CIA (and others, really) to have a code library of basic components in a state that can be readily used. #Vault7 #OBTS
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1. Rispondo a una domanda al giorno sul mio libro “Il Potere Segreto. Perché vogliono distruggere Julian #Assange e #WikLeaks”.
2. Ha paura di lavorare ai documenti segreti di #WikiLeaks e al caso ? Qualcuno mi ha fatto questa domanda
3. NO, NON ho paura di lavorare ai documenti segreti di #WikiLeaks e al caso. NESSUNO mi farà del male fisico. Ecco perché sento dovere di denunciare quello che hanno fatto a Julian #Assange e ai giornalisti di #WikiLeaks
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1/ @wikileaks stated in its #Vault7 release that "the archive appears to have been circulated among former [USG] hackers and contractors". Lately I've been compiling a list of potential subjects including: Hal Martin, Michael Adams, "Carlo", and of course, Joshua Schulte.
2/ For all intents and purposes I believe that this Vault7 group at minimum has some overlap with the @shadowbrokerss (TSB) membership, given Wikileaks claimed to possess the NSA cyberweapons and that Adam Waldman was a US intermediary in both leaks.
3/ Furthermore, Assange was aware of people like Nghia Pho being under investigation for the TSB "theft", even though his role wasn't public until October 2017. Notice he was charged in 2015, but the "theft" was discovered in 2016.……
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OK - here @sdnylive, in case of accused CIA #Vault7 leaker Josh Schulte, now a "Faretta hearing" on whether Schulte will be allowed to represent himself for his second trial. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below. Song:…
Judge Crotty: Usually it's better to have a lawyer, especially on these charges. But the choice is entirely yours, as long as you make it in a knowing fashion. Think hard about it. If you decide to represent yourself, I will appoint stand-by counsel.
Judge Crotty: You do not have the right to reject the stand-by counsel.
[In DDC, #insurrectionBlues defendant Pauline Bauer was *asked* if she would accept stand-by counsel. Same issue arose there this morning with Brandon Fellows:
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Educate: Where did the US Military confiscate the Dominion Server? In Frankfurt of course. The same server was used by Democrats to cheat in the 2018 election, and why we ended up with democrats winning the house, the squad,, and other impossibilities. @POTUS @FLOTUS @GenFlynn 👇 ImageImageImageImage
And cheating they will continue. Problem is, they got caught!!!WikiLeaks Mar 7, 2017- CIA tips for its hackers going to the covert CIA hacking base hidden in the US consulate in Frankfurt #Vault7 @DonaldJTrumpJr @RudyGiuliani @RichardGrenell @PressSec @EricTrump @IvankaTrump 👇 ImageImageImageImage
WikiLeaks documents reveal CIA agents were given cover identities and diplomatic passports to enter the country. The base was used to develop hacking tools as part of the CIA's massive digital arsenal. @TiffanyATrump @EmeraldRobinson @TuckerCarlson👇👇…
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From a 2018 post till today
*Red pill ans receipts gang*

Feinstein husband = Richard Blum
Richard Blum = usps(United States Postal Service)
Richard Blum = Avid Technologies
Avid Technologies = Voting machines
Dominion = Clinton Global initiative
#Pilluminati Image
Diane Feinstein hubby Richard Blum ties to the USPS(United States postal service) Image
*post from August its simple math*

Remember all the money that the dems were throwing around at the USPS through the stimulus relief package fund👀👀 think they were just being nice???
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According to a declassified report, the #CIA's hacking unit failed to secure its own systems, which resulted in the loss of the #Vault7 hacking tools:…
Here's the declassified internal #CIA investigation report into the loss of its #Vault7 hacking tools, many of which were published by #Wikileaks in 2017:…
And someone also failed to properly redact the classification line of the front page of the #CIA report about the loss of the #Vault7 hacking tools:
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