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A thread of my reactions to @Leigh_Phillips attack on degrowth in his @_ourEconomy article. #degrowth #postgrowth #ecologicaleconomics #Socialism
It is an example of the way pro-growth socialist environmentalism often dresses up social democratic & capitalist ideas in radical rhetoric. Most of the logic undermines socialism as much as degrowth.
For example Phillips argues that CFCs got regulated away, and we didn't have to give up hairspray. For him, this is an example of how regulating markets can lead to absolute decoupling. Ergo we don't need degrowth. But by the same logic, we don't need socialism either.
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To define "#degrowth" we need to define "#growth".

What do we mean by "growth"?

Pasolini answered that this growth we talk about is specifically "a “growth” whose outline has already been formed and fixed in the context of bourgeois industrialization."…
Therefore by "#degrowth" we mean decoupling from "the outline of #growth which has already been formed and fixed in the context of bourgeois industrialization": which essentially means growth as the production of superfluous goods:…
Today's term "degrowth" actually means what Pasolini calls "progress", meaning the production of necessary, not superfluous goods. Therefore *this* #growth means the production of superfluous goods & *this* #degrowth means the production of necessary goods
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Ich würde hier massiv widersprechen. Aus meiner Sicht gibt es weder eine Abwesenheit theoretischer Gründe, dass es kein grünes Wachstum geben kann, noch Abwesenheit empirischer Belege dafür. 1/
Tatsächlich gibt es empirisch Fälle, in denen das BIP bei massivem Rückgang des CO2-Ausstoßes weiter gestiegen ist – siehe etwa Schweden (Grafiken). 2/
Theoretisch wird gerne behauptet, dass Effizienzsteigerungen beim Energie- oder Rohstoffeinsatz immer am Ende zu in der Summe höherem Verbrauch führen muss, weil es über fallende Preise einen positiven Einkommenseffekt gibt. 3/
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A while back I got tagged into a would-be disagreement over #degrowth with @g_kallis which I’ve been meaning to respond to. Here goes...
I have now read Giorgos’s book and it is excellent. Absolutely essential reading for contemporary debates in economics. I agree with his diagnosis and I’m sympathetic to much of his proposals.
And on the issue of would-be disagreement, I don’t believe we have a quarrel. Giorgos is unusually generous to his critics. He argues that “degrowth” delivers a useful shock to status quo thinking (I agree) but may not always be optimal in mainstream media (I also agree).
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This image shows global material resource use in tonnes. The red line is what ecologists deem to be a roughly sustainable level of consumption. We overshot that threshold about 20 years ago, and resource use has only accelerated since then. #postgrowth #degrowth
This chart shows the relationship between global material use and GDP. Since 2000, material use has been rising at a faster rate than GDP. Instead of the "decoupling" that green-growthers hope for, a dramatic re-coupling has occurred. #postgrowth #degrowth
And here we see that resource overshoot is due almost entirely to excess consumption in rich countries. The red line is the planetary boundary rendered in per capita terms. Rich countries exceed it four times over. #postgrowth #degrowth
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"Embodied energy injustices: Unveiling and politicizing the transboundary harms of fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel supply chains".

New paper with @jenniecstephens & @stephmalin_soc

Thread (1)…
Energy decisions have transboundary impacts. Yet assessments of large-scale energy infrastructure (e.g. EIS) rarely consider upstream/downstream emissions. Justice implications are completely omitted. Net effect = incomplete & flawed energy decisions (2)
The old Salem plant burned coal from La Guajira, Colombia. Fracked gas from PA, USA, now supplies the new gas-fired station*. Decision-makers ignored the ‘upstream’ injustices experienced by both communities. (3)…
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mountains, snow, avalanches and climate at #ISSW2018
Now sitting in on a session with @oeav on excessive ski area development in Tirol.
Lots of ski areas in Tirol, more lifts planned as resorts try to outrace #globalwarming. But it’s too much, says @oeav -
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Tea is in the oven. While it cooks, I shall read the Intergenerational Commission's report. But because I am endless, I will be completing this table first.
Right, I can get started. Did a quick map.
Reading the summary -- the decline in job-to-job moves among younger generations that really stands out to me. This feels like a deep and important change. I look forward to finding out why the authors think it's happened.
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