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New features for Twitch Streamers!
( a thread 🧵)

1) @Twitter integration! 🐦🐦🐦

You can now track your Twitter growth together with #Twitch, #YouTube, and #Discord inside StreamBee!

For now, we're tracking your Followers, Impressions & Likes. But have more data for later 👀 Image
2) Mobile Navigation 📱

We've made it easier to use StreamBee on your smartphones and tablets.

We highly recommend looking at any charts in the landscape mode though! 🔭
3) Past Streams redesign 🧙🪄

It was ugly, but now it's not. Hopefully, this should make it easier to navigate through your streams 👍 Image
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#metaverse reflections
#nfts the keys
#Metaverse the doors

@McKinsey defines @Metaverse as
metaverse encompasses immersive environments, often (but not always) using #VR or #AR technology
#metaverse consumer #data

@AkwyZ @enricomolinari @kuriharan Image
#NordVPN research study with industry found only 14% respondents could explain #metaverse
Part 3 The challenge with #metaverse is the same in the inception of #web #internet

Who is going to host, own, manage the platforms that will manage the #web3 ownership of content and related #business
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[THREAD] Les différentes arnaques qui tournent sur #Twitter et comment les éviter.

Les derniers mois, de plus en plus d'arnaqueurs, ont recours à Twitter pour mener à bien leurs arnaques. Leur objectif est simple : dérober vos #cryptomonnaies et #NFT.

Voyons cela ensemble 🧵 Image
Nous allons aborder le sujet en 4 parties :
1. Arnaques visant les serveurs #Discords
2. Arnaque aux faux fichiers #PDF
3. Arnaque du "wallet étudiant"
4. Comment se prémunir face à ces arnaques
1⃣ Arnaques visant les serveurs #Discord

De nombreux projets utilisent Discord comme outil de communication entre les équipes de développeurs et la communauté. Ainsi, cela fait de ces serveurs des cibles privilégiées pour les arnaqueurs.
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1/11 So as you may know recent $OP tolen #Airdrop was just #1 and others are planned to bootstrapp the #blockchain. So here is my play for #Airdrop #2 on @optimismPBC Image
2/11 @optimismPBC is described as healthy public goods, lead by the community. So i'm guessing that serving that purpose may help to become eligible, and get rewarded if you help the ecosystem to grow.
Note: i was not eligible for #1 #Airdrop
3/11 so first, i bought some $OP on the market, you can use @VelodromeFi, @Uniswap or @0xProject.
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. @CryptoverseVIP LAND Minting coming live on 🅹🆄🅽🅴 20 ⏱️

We have all been waiting for it & here’s how it will work 🧵#THREAD

Remember, choosing the location of LAND is FCFS — every location is unique! 👇 Image
@CryptoverseVIP 🔑 The LAND picker tool will be available on June 20th on the Cryptoverse website.

🛸The LAND picker tool is designed to help you pick the precise locations you desire

Here’s how you can use it 👇
@CryptoverseVIP 1️⃣ Select the zone and land size
Pan to the location of interest by dragging while holding down the mouse and zooming into the precise location. 👌
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[ 💸 DCA ] Comment j'investis actuellement dans cette période morose ?

A moins que vous ne viviez dans une grotte depuis quelques semaines, vous savez tous qu'on est dans une période compliquée au niveau #crypto.

#DCA #bearmarket #invest
L'engagement sur #Twitter et #Discord est au plus bas. Les projets en pâtissent et beaucoup choisissent de reporter leur launch sur le 2ème semestre 2022 pour tenter de bénéficier de conditions plus favorables.
Beaucoup de gens ont perdu aussi des billes dans le crash de $LUNA et $UST, ce qui conduit pour certains à une capitulation en bonne et due forme.

J'ai moi-même perdu une partie de mon capital dans cette affaire, ce qui m'a personnellement affecté.
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1/ Imagine:

A perfect #DEX world where you set limit orders & walk away confident in the #dapp's automation and execution of trades.

Imagine if you didn't need to sit in front of the screen to remove liquidity manually, or wait for orders to be filled.🤯

Sounds magical❓💫
2/ Imagine:

➡️BOTs cannot touch your trades.
➡️No slippage or swap fees to be paid.
➡️No requirement to touch your #ETH investment to cover gas fees.

Is this too good to be true in the current #DEX space? <a href="
3/ Now, listen 👂

We are firm believers in blockchain and decentralization but we also felt the pinch when placing #decentralized trades.

Like we were being robbed of our #crypto value when placing trades (BOT attack, slippage, swap fees etc)

So we got to work...😤
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How to attack the #djed #protocol:

Another #djed #thread 🧵:
To recap, #Cardano will soon feature a $1 #stablecoin called $DJED that is overcollateralized with $ADA 4:1. The extra 4 ADA collateral is provided by buyers of the $SHEN coin.
Assume: 1 ADA=50¢

Step 1. Buy a ton of $DJED, say 1 million DJED. That costs 2 million $ADA.
Step 2. Manipulate ADA down.

One way is to borrow a ton of ADA, and sell it on an exchange.

ADA briefly goes down to 25¢
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1. People always tell you to do your own research, but you don't know where to start? This is a thread on how I conduct #DYOR on #cryptocurrency projects; hope it can serve as inspiration for you to dive deeper into #Blockchain.
2. First thing's first, I use excel to keep track of all of my findings. The main benefits:
-I don't waste time looking up something I've already looked up before
-I can easily compare metrics across projects
-I can conduct calculations and quantitative analysis
3. The first place I go is the website of the project. Here I look for the following:
-Project overview: does it solve a real problem / offer a unique solution
-Team: are they doxxed & do they have prior experience
-Roadmap: is there a clear timeline & has the team met milestones
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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person sho...
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explainin...
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @Uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-you...
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1/ Here is the follow up to this banger of a thread, if you have not read the FIRST thread, make sure to do that first.

I included a BONUS GUIDE on how to install #Discord Plugins and Themes, this will make your #CRYPTO and #NFT life so much easier going forward.


9. ServerSearch: (…)
Adds a button to search your servers. Search in place or in pop out.

10. ServerFolders: (…)
Changes Discord's Folders, Servers open in a new Container, also adds extra Features to more easily organize, customize and manage your Folders
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🦍Últimamente muchos de vosotros me habéis preguntado con frecuencia cómo evaluar un proyecto.

Por este motivo, te presento un hilo 🧵explicando los pasos que recomiendo para llevar a cabo un proceso de evaluación de un proyecto #cripto en etapa inicial.

¡Vamos allá! Image
1⃣ Referencias del Fundador.

En la etapa inicial, la variante más constante en la ecuación suele ser el equipo.

Encuentra personas que conozcan a los fundadores y pregúntales sobre las fortalezas y debilidades de estos.

Pregúntate: ¿Trabajaría con esta/s persona/s? Image
2⃣ Dimensiona la oportunidad.

Piensa 🧠en el tamaño del mercado actual y teoriza que tan grande podría llegar a ser el proyecto.

Sea generoso con sus predicciones porque la criptografía es una de las industrias de mayor crecimiento en el mundo.
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/1 Do you want to go full-time crypto and you cant use Discord that good?

Sorry but you're ngmi, but thats okay, because I put together this guide to get your game up on Discord.

If you master Discord, #Crypto and #NFTs are going to get so much easier.

/2 Do this for all the servers you want to keep track of.

If you are into crypto full time or if you want to be, you already know you must live and breathe Discord.
/3 Almost everything time sensitive and communications based happens on Discord, so we must master this domain to the best of our abilities, these tactics will help you get the most out of using Discord.
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Official Announcement

Where are we at? What's next?

In this thread you can find a lot of useful information about $MARBLE project:
📸 Snapshots
💰 Incentives
☯️ #DAO
💡 #NFTs
👀 Socials

A month has passed since the $MARBLE #Airdrop and we are glad to see that the community is getting stronger.

Many people are excited about our plan to bring real #Art in the #NFTs market. Many others provided inputs and new ideas.
Even if the team comes from #Ethereum and #Solidity world, @cosmos is our new land and $JUNO is our new home.

Thanks to its scalability and interoperability, incredibly new opportunities will open up.

$MARBLE & $BLOCK are on @osmosiszone, what a wonderful thing is the IBC!
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Here’s a detailed thread on what @Mintifyme is and why you should care about it if you are into #NFTs as a collector, artist, or trader. 🚀

2/ Mintify ( is an NFT platform that helps you discover, analyze, and trade your next favorite #NFT. We launched our MVP in 60 days 🤯, assembled a team of 10, and sold almost 💰200k worth of memberships with 0 marketing. 🚀 Mintify NFT Platform
3/ Here’s a list of some of our features that you might be interested in as a #trader:

- Smart notifications (ENS, SMS, Email, Push)
- Upcoming Drops Calendar
- Collection Analytics (#ETH/#SOL)
- Volume & Floor Notifications
- Wallet Analytics (PnL, ROI, Value) Mintify Trending Collections
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A dude just shared in a space that he’s quitting his stable 9-5 job…

Without #crypto trading experience, he’s taking family savings, and going full-time degen #nft flipping

I can’t tell em what to do.
But can share some tools that might help em get less REKT…

In no particular order.

Tracking n’ analytics : (solid)
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Over the past few months, we've been working hard on a Discord grand-strategy bot looking to push UI to its limits. Because of the complexity of the bot, we've had to restrict it to being guild-based. Here's what it is, and how we built it: 🧵

#Discord #javascript #strategy
Originally built as an RP bot, it's now a complete grand-strategy game on Discord, developed from the ground up. Everything - from economy to combat has been coded into a new UI. It spans from the years 1500 to the present, and allows you to start your own custom country.
Armies, trade, and the economy all take place on a province map, which can be changed out each season according to player votes. Each province is specified by a 'Province ID'- AKA a number, like '11307'. This is how players can target and select specific areas of the map.
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A crise do Spotify ilustra bem minha posição pouco simpática relacionada a opinião de "#influencers" detonando a credibilidade de negócios.

As respostas inadequadas ao mercado na voz do CEO Daniel Ek tem oferecido praticamente nenhuma chance de solução sem perdas para a empresa.
A carta de #DanielEk aos funcionários do #Spotify foi a gota d'água para transbordar o balde.

Desde 2017 nado contra a corrente do "culto ao valor do influencer" e seu alcance para a construção de marcas, um mantra das #DNVB.
Sem medo de me repetir: TODOS os players online -incluindo #Spotify-, que suportam OPINIÃO sem curadoria são responsáveis pelos danos causados pelos influencers desqualificados.
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Time to #Giveaway / #Concours avec @TheCryptomasks

Gagnez l'un des 555 #NFTs dessiné à la main par l'artiste @8thproject1

Un projet français fondé par @TheCryptomath avec pour objectif de fédérer une communauté afin d'évoluer dans la crypto.

Thread, Conditions & Tirage 👇 Image
@TheCryptomasks est une collection de 555 #NFTs sur la blockchain #Ethereum.

L'objectif ? Réunir dans un même groupe : les débutants, les confirmés et les experts pour s'entraider et avancer ensemble dans l'écosystème #crypto.

Mais non, ce groupe n'est pas restrictif ! Image
C'est un groupe #Discord ouvert à tous et toutes ceux qui veulent apprendre, #partager, créer, construire et s’encourager.

Les #NFTs sont là pour donner quelques divers avantages que je vais vous dévoiler de suite pour ne pas faire durer le suspens. Image
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👨‍💻Small Thread On #HealthBankDAO

After being paralyzed twice due to a spinal deformity at birth and having rebuilt myself to become a 2x #streetworkout champion / judge & gym owner..

I realized that everything about what the medical industry describes as "proper health" was in
Reality.. nothing but complete BS.

This is why I am building this project.

To change the medical industry's standards💯

Turning chemical based bodies into electric based bodies through proper holistic therapies for removing free radicals from the body.

Minimizing the chance
Of anyone from "improper cell replication" because of mineral deficiencies or excess metals in the blood disrupting the PH of each soul alive.

This is bigger than health.
This is about re-educating the World on how the human body ACTUALLY works.

They will say I'm crazy or lying
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Aww, Rats! is a #PolygonNFT project by creators, for creators.

Here's aww you need to know, explained in one cheesy thread🧵

🐀 About Aww, Rats!
🎨 Artwork
📊 Metadata
🕹️ Utility/dApps
🫂 Community
🧀 Benefits
🔗 Resources
🪙 How to buy

#Polygon #NFT #NFTCommunity #AwwRats

🎯Make #NFT education/creation fun & easy
🎯Have fun w/ our community thru cute art, games, & live streams

✅Creator-focused #Discord channels
#YouTube vids on art, smart contract dev, & ecosystem
✅Open Source
#Twitch every Mon/Wed
✅✅✅Cute art

🎯CelebRATe & empower artists
🎯Make our own art fun to collect

✅Invite artistic suggestions on #Twitch & draww them on stream
✅Closet dApp to accessorize your Rat
✅ANY artist can sell/distribute their art in our Closet dApp market
✅Custom 1/1 Rats
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1/ Yesterday's thread was all about getting started with #DAO. Down the rabbit hole, some of these tools are the defacto standard for most DAOs!

I've curated a list of 14 tools of the trade to get you a head-start on your DAO journey 💝

🧵 Image
2/ Gnosis Safe (@gnosisSafe) - A smart contract based multi-signature #wallet used to manage community treasury.

⏩In simple words - It requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur
3/ Snapshot (@SnapshotLabs) - A popular off-chain DAO voting platform for easy #token based governance.

⏩In simple words - Snapshot contains multiple spaces such as @AaveAave, @SushiSwap among others, that you can join & vote on proposals
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Le Bon plan du jour pour les utilisateurs de la blockchain #Ethereum ayant dépensés plus de 1559 $ en frais de transaction.

Un #Airdrop pour réclamer une récompense.

ATTENTION & #DYOR : Je n'ai AUCUNE info dessus. Le dépôt Github date de 6 heures.
Pour cela, il suffit de connecter son #wallet à l'application et de cliquer sur le bouton Claim.

N'étant pas éligible, je ne sais pas à combien s'élève la récompense.

Soyez prudent et ne le faite pas si vous avez le moindre doute. #DYOR #StaySafe
Pour les curieux, le dépôt #Github semble être ici :

N'hésitez pas à y jeter un oeil et faire vos retours si nécessaire.

Encore une fois, faites attention à vous.
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