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1/ Our new study @JAMANetworkOpen: Do patients evaluate black/female docs lower simply bc of race/gender? Results from vignette experiments suggest not. @basmahsaf @peyton_k @gordonkrafttodd
#tweetorial #diversityinmedicine #womeninmedicine
2/ Inspiration for the study came from personal experiences as a young female ER doc frequently restating my credential to patients, increased reports of #patientbias, and a headline of a young black physician who was rejected from assisting a passenger on a plane
3/ We have seen in prior observational work that many docs report patient-initiated harassment. But in the age of patient satisfaction surveys, no clear causal estimates abt. whether physician race/gender affects these ratings.
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Thread: I am getting tons of msgs from fellows since a few recent talks at @hopkinskimmel, @SocTransOnc Fellows Forum, etc, + Twitter. I am happy to hear from all of you, esp the many people interested in #regulatory science. But many similar Qs, so here goes w/ resources!
@hopkinskimmel @SocTransOnc The #FDA_ASCOFellowsDay is a 1d workshop for #hematology & #oncology fellows in last yr (+ lim # of next to last yr) of training. It happens 2x/yr (fall & spring) on FDA campus in MD & 1x/yr at @ASCO Annual Mtg (1/2 day on Fri am). Applications for #ASCO20 one will open soon. 2/X
@hopkinskimmel @SocTransOnc @ASCO Our next one at the FDA campus is coming up on 3/10/20 (already full). This is a screenshot w/ high-level overview of it, and here's the link where you'll find application instructions for the next one once it opens in a few wks:… 3/X
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I am so frustrated with the misogyny that is getting perpetuated.

Reported to me by an immigrant guy - who is assimilating to norms - on what is common in a neurosurgery resident office:

Talking about girlfriends’ “b**bs” front of female PAs and med students
Describing women with multiple sexual partners as “human gutters”

U.S. professors, tell him the law has become “gynocentric”

that men need to be afraid and are falsely accused

@TIMESUPHC @choo_ek @janevandis @arghavan_salles

Why #HeforShe matters

Let’s even set aside outrage for a sec

How can you speak of women as “human gutters”, discuss your girlfriend’s “b**bs” at work in front of female med students and PAs

AND claim you are oppressed and need to be scared?

You *are still* openly engaging in sexual harassment
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Live tweet thread of @kristinadzara's #HMSMedEd talk at @harvardmed: "Why Use Twitter in Medical Education?"


Great turnout for @kristinadzara's #HMSMedEd talk: "Why Use Twitter in #MedEd"
3/ Learning Objectives for today's #HMSMedEd talk by @kristinadzara
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Every yr @CdnWIM holds a #WomenInMedicine conference.

And every yr, women have to listen to male colleagues complain that there's no equivalent conference for men in medicine.

This is a THREAD on allyship.
Someone recently asked to trade her call shift to attend the conference (a very common type of request amongst colleagues in a hospital or clinic) and here is the response that was CC'D TO THE ENTIRE DEPT:
"I’d be happy to switch but I just can’t seem to confirm the dates for the Canadian Men in Medicine conference. I heard they had found an igloo north of Inuvik willing to host it but then with climate change they were thinking they might have to reschedule. I’ll let you know.”
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These are a few of the questions I am often asked by junior physicians, or even peer physicians. I thought I’d share with you some the top 10 pearls I share with others, as we focus on many of these in the Brave Enough Master Class. #tweetorial #medicalstudents #medicalschool
2. Take a vacation every 3 months. Especially in the first few years. Trust me. Time away = burnout prevention. #tweetorial #medicine #mentor #physicianwomen #womeninmedicine #medicalschool #residents #medicalstudents #author #braveenough #gritandgrace #burnoutsyndrome #selfcare
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@RThienprayoon's tweet about this award resonated with me, though perhaps for different reasons. Like her, I had a tough early career step in #hpm #hapc. The first program chief my hospital had ever had, but isolated from a collegial network and with little local support. 1/7
Add in a late start to fellowship, and then 2 years of #miscarriage, #recurrentpregnancyloss and secondary #infertility. Those experiences made me a much better person/doctor/leader/human being, but let's be honest, weren't great for my early career leadership development. 2/7
Early #workingmomlife was a blur of hard work, sleep deprivation, disenfranchised grief, and lessons learned. The transformation was happening, but I couldn't see it. Not until I landed in a more supportive environment. #womeninmedicine 3/7
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“What does a surgeon look like?”

A story for all ages, written by @JJcolemanMD , illustrated by @gracie_leo

#ilooklikeasurgeon #womeninmedicine #medtwitter #meded #foamed #storytime
Story thread below...
She woke up one morning and asked the Mirror, “What does a surgeon look like?”

But the Mirror did not answer.

She asked the World and asked “What does a surgeon look like?”

And the World did answer.
The World said,

“He is TALL and NOT small.”
“He is not too young or too old.”
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Medicine is ultimately about relationships. I’m transitioning to GYN only, do a lot of pessaries in the elderly. They’re social visits mostly, we talk about gardens, my kids, their grandkids during these visits. Seriously, these are my favorite type of appts. 1/
I get to know these women well. They get to know me too - I talk about family life, my veggie garden, taking my oldest off to school. They know my vacation plans. They give me advice on dealing w/ a teen boy. 2/
A few of these ladies have transportation issues. If they show up, I see them. Rural areas have little transportation. I have a pt who shows up frequently. No appt, but I will work her in. Last month though, I was out of town when she showed up. And she coded in our office 3/
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1/ On Thursday, I read @clairecm's @nytimes article about medicine being family friendly:…
2/ Not 12 hours later, at the internal medicine boards:

A #breastfeeding test taker asked about a place to pump and was told by @PearsonVUE staff she needed "official accommodations", but that he would "make an exception" and allow her to pump in the bathroom during her breaks.
3/ Come to find out @ABIMcert requires a breastfeeding physician to apply for accommodations >60 days before the exam with a letter from their physician saying they are lactating in order to get a private place to pump.
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I have been thinking a lot about the @nytimes piece on #womeninmedicine . On the surface that article could have been written about me. Friends &family have said I have the ultimate work/life balance, but they don't understand the guilt & frustration that came with it (thread)
@nytimes 2/I was (am) that super smart, self motivated, high achieving person who became a doctor. 1st choice college, med school, residency (EM), & fellowship (Tox). And now I only work per diem in the ED- not a bad thing, but not where I thought I'd be. How did it happen?
@nytimes 3/ I got pregnant in my 2nd yr of fellowship. I was the first female fellow in a decade to be pregnant during training. People were supportive, but after watching how my pregnant co-residents were treated I assumed my pregnancy was a liability on the job trail
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1/Was sent this by an EM friend who had to interpret this totally outdated scene for her stroke recertification. For real this image is part of a standardized test in 2019??? We decided there were some other images in need of “correcting”
#timesuphc #medtwitter #heforshe
“I went to medical school and all I got was a full time job and full time parenting.”
“Mom is an amazing cook all the time, but she brings her A game when taking call for her division and helping me with my math homework”
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Well...this is exciting...let's rumble and hear from some impressive physicians and trainees.
#womeninmedicine #heforshe⁠ ⁠
@TheRACP @drjackiesmall
Great to see the @TheRACP joining other Australian Colleges in addressing gender equity and diversity in our membership and leadership.
@drjackismall Board member begins by thanking everyone for their work in the lead up and also RACP staff for their work on this.
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I was hesitant to post this story, but I feel as though there is a young female resident out there who needs to see this today. #WomenInMedicine #BlackWomeninMedicine 1/
I'm a chief surgery resident, meaning I lead teams of interns, residents, and students. But even after years at my institution, people sometimes have a hard time seeing me as a doctor. 2/
While my white male colleagues can wear scrubs and patients and staff will call them doctor even if they're a student, I always wear my white coat. I even personally purchased one with thick fabric and fancy buttons with my institution's logo to look as legit as possible. 3/
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Every summer my heart is heavy with memories of a time when I even came close to leaving #medicine-when career & motherhood collided and I didn’t ask for help.

I want to share that story in case it helps even 1 person.(Thread) #medtwitter #meded #womeninmedicine #TipsForNewDocs
I share this now because July is full of #tipsfornewdocs but August comes & we all get swallowed up in the hustle & bustle of heavy clinical loads- when orientation ends and the real work begins.
I had just finished #pediatric residency and started #anesthesia residency with a 6 month old baby. Orientation was over & we were deployed to do our first cases in the OR without an attending always in the room with us.
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Alright, I have some thoughts on this op-ed, esp how tradition + legacy are often used as a distraction tactic from diversity/inclusion.

Buckle up for A THREAD.

#MedTwitter #SoMeDocs #DoubleDocs #DiverseDoubleDocs #MedStudentTwitter #WomenInMedicine #DiversityInMedicine
As always I start my thread by recognizing my own position in this conversation: I am a (proud) Latina woman training to be a physician-scientist. I hold a lot of privilege having attended an Ivy League institution for undergrad and currently training as a #DoubleDocs at another.
My own alma mater #PrincetonU has been recently grappling with its own (problematic) history by taking active steps to diversify iconography + naming around campus. I am proud to say that this is in part due to a meeting I co-hosted as co-president of PLA in combo with other orgs
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1/21 “Is there a nurse or doctor on board?”

Clinicians—have you ever responded to one of these?

Last week I left the hospital and boarded a flight for my vacation. I then responded to the mother of all in-flight emergencies…
2/ This was a flight with hundreds of people from Boston, so I estimated there would be at least 15 doctors. Turns out I was the only adult medicine doctor, BUT there was a cardiac nurse with me.
3/ The patient was middle-aged and experiencing crushing chest pain. We asked for the medical kit, took vital signs and performed an exam. By the way, you cannot hear sh*t through a stethoscope in the air. I could hear bilateral breath sounds, but that’s about it.
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I want to put a 🙌 out to #MedTwitter

I may not tweet a lot but I do follow and gain quite a bit so I want to share how it has changed the way I carry myself and provide care.

It’s a thread.
Patient asks the case manager when the doctor is going to see him

I spent 30 minutes updating him earlier that day 🤔

Pre-twitter: ok
Post-twitter: Sir, I’m in charge of your care, tell me a bit more about why you didn’t think I was your doctor.
#WomenInMedicine @AMarshallMD
Overhear the nurses talking about a patient who made a veiled but serious threat to them during the course of care.

Pre-twitter: I’m sorry.
Post-twitter: 😠 that’s not OK. How can I support you?

#MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
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Here are my #clinicalpearls from #IM2019. #meded #medtwitter #WomeninMedicine Share yours! 1/
The oral bioavailability of bumetinide and torsemide is 80-100% vs 10-100% for furosemide. If patients aren’t responding to furosemide orally, consider switching.

#IM2019 #clinicalpearls 2/
Vascular atrial fibrillation=mitral stenosis or mechanical valve. Vitamin K antagonists preferred over NOACs.

#clinicalpearls #IM2019 3/
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Here is my attempt at organizing the massive number of replies to my request for physicians on Twitter to follow for my #MPLSVAGrandRounds talk “Social Media in Medicine”
Here is the original thread, which has lists of people in just about every specialty you could think of, and quickly went beyond my ability to organize.
When going through these lists, @Doctor_V reminded me this important point:
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@smartlikemum 1- All male panels #manels are unacceptable now. Many resources & support for this. #PLOSCompBio’s “Ten Simple Rules to Achieve Conference Speaker Gender Balance” should help:… @RACSurgeons @NeelaJan @csl888 @DrRachelleENT @drnikkistamp @TimesUpHC @ranzcog
@smartlikemum @RACSurgeons @NeelaJan @csl888 @DrRachelleENT @drnikkistamp @TIMESUPHC @ranzcog 2-“If you ignore 50% of the population, you’re never going to achieve what is potentially possible. It is absurd to suggest any enterprise that intentionally excluded half the talent pool could thrive”–@Scott_Gilmore… @DrKatrin_Rabiei @LiangRhea @dr_ashwitt
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4 yrs med school
3 yrs residency
3 yrs fellowship
To prepare to be a doctor
And I'm good at it.
Really good.
Then comes parenthood.

No training
No classes
No manuals
To prepare to be a parent
And I feel like I'm often failing at it.
Really failing.
With the 1st baby
It's exhausting and overwhelming
But we finally get the hang of it
Think, ok I can do this.

Time for another one.

Then the rules change.
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This is @TChanMD taking over the account this morning. Getting ready to live tweet the talk by Dr Gillian Hawker (@UofTDoMChair) who will be speaking on the important topic of #MindingTheGap in #AcademicMedicine!
Dr. Hawker starts with a great quote: "I'm not here to bash men."
This is VERY true, men are our allies in the fight for equity. - TC
@UofTDoMChair @ @MacDeptMed
There is a strong business case for DIVERSITY.
Diversity can help with...
Decision-making, problem-solving
Worker satisfaction
Community Engagement
Fosters innovation.
Promotes organizational values

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