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BINGO. Councillor Walcott nails it. Councillors have been asking for more analysis on growth & climate. Walcott: we're just trying to justify something we can't do: greenfield development. Bad for enviro. Will increase citywide GHGs by 1%. More analysis won't change that. #yyccc
Walcott: "If climate's holding you up from this decision—you already have that info. This is +1%. There's no more info that's going to tell you we can be climate-friendly overall net & grow...the q is are you ok with 1% & the benefits that come w 8 new comms? That's the q" #yyccc
A lot of today's #yyccc committee meeting has amounted to councillors preemptively trying to justify/rationalize what they know they can't justify, in light of them declaring a climate emergency last Nov.
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Good morning from city hall!

Executive Committee is meeting today. We’re hearing about Stampede financials and Calgary Fire resources among other things this morning. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
Calgary Fire chief Steve Dongworth is at committee this morning for a report on what resources would be required to bring the fire department up to National Fire Protection Standards in Calgary. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary Image
Chief Dongworth is speaking about what NFPA 1710 benchmarks would mean for Calgarians. Increased investment for the fire department but could also impact home insurance rates. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary Image
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Good morning from Virnetta Anderson Hall, where ENMAX is holding its annual meeting of the shareholder with city councillors. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
This meeting is not being live streamed, unlike the other meetings of the shareholder earlier this month. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary
Alright - moving on to an 2021 business update from ENMAX. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary
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Thread on urban sprawl and climate in Calgary. Right now #yyccc is looking at 8 potential new communities on city outskirts. Also looking at approving a new climate strategy next Tues. How do these intersect? Let's look at some of the fine print. 1/
Calgary's climate strategy actually downplays the most powerful tool city hall has: regulation. It's at the bottom of the list. Why? Because it's politically unpalatable. The strategy favours education, "capacity building" and softer approaches instead.
From strategy: "Typically, regulations are the most direct way to reduce emissions, but can be politically sensitive to implement quickly. Therefore, The City can use the other approaches to help build support, capacity, buy-in & increased adoption before introducing regulation"
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Good morning from the city’s infrastructure and planning committee!

Committee will be debating a 2023-2026 growth strategy today.

#yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
Committee chair Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra opening up the committee meeting talking about city growth and its impacts. He mentions the business cases for new communities back in 2020. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary…
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First up from the Hub, Executive Director @AngyMcIntyre with a little bit about us and our #CleanConnectedProtectedCommunities ask. #yyc #yyccc
Here's Hub co-chair @RobTPublic talking about what we mean by CLEAN /3
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So you've made that critical, brave decision to step up to the greatest challenge in human history. A #ClimateActionHero is always born asking the exact same question as those born before:

"So...what the heck do I do now?"

Take heart.

You're not alone.

This 🧵's for you
Answering a call to action (after first ignoring or refusing it) is textbook superhero origin story material, which means the first steps of your adventure are already taken. But Climate's been in popular culture since 2006. Something specific's compelling you now. What is it? /2
Something drove the point home to you. Activated you. Take a moment and enshrine it because you'll be explaining it time and time again, to allies, detractors, society's gate-keepers and even future #ClimateActionHeroes just like you. It's #TheBigWhy & every hero's got one /3
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Just don't get yourself arrested. @CalgaryPolice are just as forceful as ever AS LONG AS YOU'RE NOT AN ANTIVAXER. Might get hit with a bike or other blunt instrument. They don't even care if you're a senior citizen, right @neufeld_mark? /41 #yyc #yyccc
DO YOU GET THAT THIS IS YOUR WHOLE CAREER FLASHING BEFORE YOUR EYES CHIEF @neufeld_mark? This IS a policing failure. We don't NEED to be told its not & we don't NEED to be told to just LIE DOWN & TAKE IT. You need to EXPLAIN THE FAILURE. /42 #yyc #yyccc
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🧵 At this point it shouldn’t surprise many that a Diagolon patch was spotted at Saturday’s protest in Calgary #yyc #yyccc

@antihateca described Diagolon as a neofascist far-right conspiracy movement that fantasizes about a bloody revolution.
Here’s the clip showing a partial facial capture of the man sporting the Diagolon patch and a version of the Gadsden flag on his back-pack.

If you recall, Diagolon hit the mainstream after @TonyYvce reported this video of Diagolon member Derek Harrison encouraging a violent insurrection during the #OttawaOccupation.

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I rec’d some clips from the antimandate side on the protest in #yyc on Saturday.

I keep hearing that cops “negotiated” w/ #yycbeltline residents/supporters. It sounds more like Calgary police pre-planned the outcome in favour of occupiers to me
2/ After being asked by an antimandate protestor about the plan this cop replies “We’re negotiating asking the other group to move. That’s the goal. So everyone else can go ahead”

This doesn’t sound like negotiating but rather a pre-determined plan by CPS.
3/ In this clip the same protestor expresses frustration that 18min after his conversation with the cop, the Beltline residents still hadn’t moved.

Entitlement so real. That’s what you get after waiting 2yrs before any enforcement actions are taken.
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Chief Neufeld is hardcore both sidesing Saturday’s events #yyc
“Neither group was willing to compromise,” says Neufeld.

Yet only one of them was attacked by cops
After two years, Neufeld is now urging the anti-vaxxers to consider the impact of their protests on other people. “The communities could use a break.”

I have a feeling they’re not gonna listen #yyc
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Dear @jkenney,

You have repeatedly implied that the situation at Coutts is not in your control as you have no control over the RCMP in Alberta, & it's the RCMP's responsibility to enforce the law.


1/x (a thread)

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yyccc
I understand as Premier or any MLA, you should not meddle in the day to day business of the RCMP and must avoid any conflicts of interests, etc.; however, in the Provincial Police Service Agreement dated April 1, 2012, between Alberta and Canada, Section 7.1:

"For the purposes of this Agreement, the Commanding Officer will act under the direction of the Provincial Minister in aiding in the administration of justice in the Province and in carrying into effect the laws in force therein".

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1/6 I have spent the last 12+ hours reflecting on the provincial announcement to lift pandemic restrictions. In that time, I have seen concern from healthcare workers, teachers, parents, businesses & many other engaged Calgarians. All feel their voices went unheard.
2/6 As municipalities have said throughout the pandemic, success in public health is best achieved through trust & partnerships. We pleaded for more engagement, more access to data, more input into mitigation measures. It fell on deaf ears, repeatedly. We were frozen out.
3/6 Just as municipalities felt sidelined, so did professionals & their representative associations who also pleaded for their perspectives to be considered. Parents who formed advocacy groups were equally ignored. It seemed that no one could break through.
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We'll kick off with an apparent statement from the convoy... in three minutes! #yyc #yyccc #calgary #covid19ab
Now we're on to Mayor Gondek's first 100 days in office.

Good job? Meh? What do you think? Join in! #yyc #yyccc #calgary #covid19ab
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What concerns me most about the protests in the inner city, and elsewhere, is the blatant disregard for others.

People from around Calgary have deadlocked downtown neighbourhoods, impacting businesses, denying access to health care - in the name of freedom. 1/5
But freedom in our society exists in the social contract we uphold with eachother.

Protestors across this nation are too tied to an American concept of inalienable freedoms.

These protestors want to live unimpeded by the responsibility to care for others. 2/5
Our freedom is tied to our agreement to care for one another in tandem with our commitments to ourselves.

It is a fine balance we often fail at, but it is in our efforts to succeed at that balance where our society shines.

This is what is under attack. 3/5
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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who did not attend the COVID-19 news conference today, is live on his Facebook page. I’ll Tweet the highlights.
Kenney says the announcement of the end of the Restriction Exemption Program and other COVID public health measures will be made “early next week.”
"There will likely never be an end to COVID-19," Kenney says. He's making the point that we as a population will become more and more immune over time (as we all get sick). He says it will soon be time to learn to "live with" COVID.
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🧵 Dear @cityofcalgary @JyotiGondek @gccarra it was a busy day in downtown #yyc today with antimask/vax protestors

This is what we had to put up with in OUR neighbourhood, on OUR sidewalks ICYMI

#yyccc #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #COVID19AB
2/ Yeah you heard it right ☝️
“I’m not fake news, I’m a flat-earther.” #FML

Dawid Pawlowski pretending to be cool is a tough sell. Representing “Calgary’s finest” I guess.

This is what inner city Calgarians have to put up with every wkend from maskholes.
3/ See all those balconies? Those are people’s homes. This is our front yard. We live work and play here. We don’t have the option of having the @cityofcalgary pay for our security systems.
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2/ And then take a look at these photos from a #yyc antimask rally just a year ago.

Some of you have forgotten, or perhaps never really knew, who exactly marched in these weekly rallies that started in August 2020.
3/ Take a look at this thread also from last month, especially the second tweet.
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🆘Simply put Calgary is in crisis🆘

Over night, we had more referrals in for food hampers than EVER before😔

Between our outreach collaboration and our food hamper program…we’re finding it hard to keep up

We need help @Crackmacs @PamirCanadian @mikeonshine #yycroads #YYC #YEG
We need help with 16 families:


A-2 grandparents raising 5 grandkids

B-single dad, 3kids

C-single mom, 3kids

D-3adults, 6kids

E-2 adults, 3kids

F-senior couple

G-2 adults, 2kids

H-2 adults, 6kids

I-single dad, 2kids

J-single dad, 1kid

K-single dad 3kids

L-single mom, 1kid

M-2 adults

N-1 couple with 2 roommates

O-1 grandma, 3 grandchildren

P-4adults, 8kids

@ccmfalberta @Discovery_House @jannarden @ArleneDickinson @DarrenDreger @ABdoc4patients @FisheriesCA @Comfort_Lawyer @albertacomfort @allhailthechief @bifnaked @LtdPrl
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Most 🇨🇦/#cdnpoli city mayors have too little formal authority to lead change and meet rising expectations. My oped for @irpp / Policy Options on how "The Power to Propose" can start to fill that gap w/out radically altering our city govt structures...…
Typically, any proposal to empower weak 🇨🇦 mayors runs into fears of 'americanization' or bossism. "The power to propose" is the minimum possible change you could make w/out disempowering councillors' powers of oversight, amendment and so on.
One likely rebuttal: some mayors already do exceed their formal authority, influence draft budgets, etc. And as I hint in the oped, if that's happening, public servants often take criticism for mayoral directions given behind the scenes, so it's better to formalize this process.
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What a freaking night last night was. If I feel broken after what I experienced and witnessed last night….what do people who sleep rough and outside feel like?

#yyc #yyccc #coldwave #coldweather #Calgary @Crackmacs @GrannyGTArp @EveryAlbertan @Hell_Berta #ableg #yeg
The things we heard from people last night were heartbreaking.

We used narcan 12 individual times tonight.

We bandaged 18 suffering from Frostbite.

We handed out over 100 snack packs
We handed out kits & supplies for ppl that didn’t want to use the bus or go to the DI/Alpha House.

We used up EVERY wound care & frostbite care kits. We used all 60 of them!

We will be out in full force but need everyone’s help.


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Mayor @JyotiGondek speaking now. She is joined by Councillors @YYCTKW and @RajDhaliwal_YYC. Gondek says the prior to release conditions on the development permit came from the Calgary Planning Commission. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Gondek says this is a common factor in development permits. She says CSEC knew climate resiliency was a requirement one year ago. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Gondek says it was well known with CSEC prior to the election of this new council. She says the City of Calgary is insisting on things like sidewalks. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
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CSEC President and CEO John Bean says it's been a long and bump road regarding the arena deal. He thanks administration at the City of Calgary and the fans for their feedback. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Bean says the primary objective of the project was to provide a first-class entertainment centre for Calgarians. But "it's clear the City and CSEC have been unable to resolve issues" regarding costs. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Bean says the City of Calgary informed CSEC in July they wouldn't be able to fufill their half of the arena will costs increasing, so CSEC offered to take a higher amount of the price tag and shoulder additional costs. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
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Mayor @JyotiGondek says she was told by Murray Edwards that CSEC partners weren’t okay with additional costs for road right of way and public realm improvements and climate mitigation and that’s why deal is off. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Gondek says Murray Edwards tried to get his partners with CSEC on board. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
Mayor Gondek says the city was surprised by this move by CSEC. She said there were concerns but wasn’t expecting it would kill the deal. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary
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