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Local sources say 12+ killed in #Baghdad today.

Despite curfew, heavy gunfire & explosions heard in #Baghdad -- multiple security offices attacked. Green Zone on security alert & U.S. Embassy sirens sounding off.

In #Mosul, security forces say they foiled a major #ISIS attack.
The situation in #Baghdad is deteriorating fast -- mortars, rockets, RPGs & heavy machine guns all reportedly in use, including within/targeted at the Green Zone. Many casualties; grisly images emerging.

#Basra also in a very bad place -- heavy fighting too.

#Iraq spiraling.
Heavy fighting outside #Iraq's Parliament tonight, as pro-#Sadr & pro-#Iran factions confront.

Dutch Embassy personnel have just evacuated to #Germany's Embassy.

2 soldiers & 20+ protesters dead -- dozens more injured.

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#BREAKING: #Iraq is experiencing a security crisis now. A civil war has now started in #Baghdad! These armed militias of a Shiite cleric named Muqtada Sadr (this footage) are now fighting against Iraqi security forces including #PMU militias.
In this footage recorded this afternoon in #Baghdad you can hear exchange of fire between #Iraqi security forces and the militias of extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr.
Interestingly, supporters of the extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr can be seen removing a banner showing images of the dead Commanders of #IRGC Quds Force & #PMU in #Baghdad this afternoon. Muqtada Sadr was an ally of both Qasem Soleimani and Abumahdi Al-Muhandis!
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I posted about rising unrest in Iraq recently a few weeks ago, over the objections of those saying there was "nothing to see" and essentially that the situation was stable. It was clearly not.
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Dec 7—Basra, S Iraq
At least 24 people were killed & wounded by an explosion, according to reports.…

-#Iran-backed militias/parties, including those of former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki, suffered a major defeat in Iraq's recent parliamentary elections.

-Sadrists landed a major victory.

-Back in 2008, then PM Maliki attacked Sadrists in Basra.…
More footage from today's blast in #Basra, southern #Iraq.

The death toll could rise as some are already reporting 11 dead.
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The Shatt al-Arab river is the lifeline of southern #Iraq. Yet, wars, poor governance and oil spills have exacerbated pollution and public health concerns, fuelling protest and ecological activism. Here's what @wammez and @MahaalGhareeb found:…
@wammez @MahaalGhareeb Agricultural areas around #Basra have suffered immensely from decades of conflict, which has destroyed date palms and damaged marshlands. Furthermore, #climatecrisis induced salinisation impacts fertility and soil quality in the region, destroying farmers' livelihoods.
@wammez @MahaalGhareeb After southern Iraq's 2018 health crisis, promises were made to improve the situation and provide clean water. Yet little has changed. Sewage and oil spills into the upstream #Euphrates and #Tigris rivers continue. The country's water infrastructure remains in a poor state.
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Former PM Maliki appeared in an interview at @alsharqiyatv, stating that the state lost control in the wake of the October protests last year. Provinces such as #Nassriya have fallen at the hands of violent protesters, he says. [Thread 1/4]
"Demanding employment is a legitimate demand", (read: calling for the downfall of the system is not). It is therefore incumbent on the government to counter the chaos unleashed by 'politicised' revolting youth. Maliki's solution? [2/4]
A repeat of the 2007 Operation Imposing the Law, which cleared the capital of Shiite and Sunni armed groups during the surge. It was followed by Operation Knight's Charge which targeted militia groups in #Basra, specifically Sadr's Mahdi Army. [3/4]
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A #woman activist and #medic , Dr Riham Yaqoob, was shot dead today in #Basra in south #Iraq , where #Iran-backed militias have been targeting protesters and critics. Iraqi activists are living in fear as assassinations are becoming increasingly frequent
Activist Reham Yaqoob who empowered #women through #sport, was assassinated today in #Basra in south #Iraq (video from @IrfaaSawtak )
And now this; reports that another activist and his fiancée were murdered in #Basra , south #Iraq - just shortly after Dr Reham Yaqoob’s murder.
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: horrible night in #Najaf. #Sadr militants attacked the main protest camp reportedly killing 8 protesters and wounding around 100.

Expect no response from the Iraqi government
#Iraq 🇮🇶: hospital in #Najaf is completely packed after the #Sadr militant attack
#Iraq 🇮🇶: chants in solidarity with #Najaf from the streets of #Basra
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: president Barham Salih has appointed pro-Sadr politician Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as prime-minister, replacing al-Mahdi. Image
#Iraq 🇮🇶: protesters in #Baghdad are already rejecting the appointment of Allawi, because of his pro-Sadr/IRGC sentiments.

They state that in the even Sadrist will try to kick them out of Tahrir Square, they will move the epicenter of the movement to #Nasiriyah in the south. Image
#Iraq 🇮🇶: protests against the appointment of #Allawi already taking place in #Basra tonight
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Two recent editions by #Haydar_al_Hirz of polemics between the two branches of the #Shaykhiyya #MirzaBaqirUskui (d. 1884) against #MuhammadKarimKhanKermani (d. 1871) 1/ ImageImage
The #Shaykhiyya or perhaps rather the followers of #ShaykhAhmad_alAhsai (d. 1826) and then his successor in #Karbala #SayyidKazimRashti (d. 1843) split into two groups that polemically attacked each other 2/
Both were Persophone - one group settled around the Qajar notable #MuhammadKarimKhanKermani and his family and his major work #al_Fusul 3/
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: thousands are gathering on Tahrir Square for the mass protest.

People are expected to rally all over the country today against foreign interference and the Iraqi government
#Iraq 🇮🇶: Iraqis marching against foreign interference in the southern city #Basra
From #Iraq 🇮🇶 to the United Nations
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Breaking: #US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

According to reports, the US warplanes have targeted the positions of the 45th Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi in the al-Mazraah area on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar province.…
The #US terrorist command in the region, #CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.…
First images from the one of the bases which targeted by the #US warplanes
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: protesters in #Basra dancing through the rain and the flooded streets
#Iraq 🇮🇶: tires being burned in #Basra to block the road ImageImageImageImage
#Iraq 🇮🇶: in #Baghdas thousands of students were marching this afternoon to demand reform. ImageImageImageImage
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#Iran 🇮🇷 border guards commander Qasem Rezaei says Chazabeh and Khosravi, 2 border crossings to Iraq, are temporarily closed because of unrest in #Iraq 🇮🇶
"Dear police officer
If you are really an Iraqi, hug me, don't beat me up
I am your brother & I would never want to hurt you
So why do you chose to hurt me?"

"Just give us a country’" is the hashtag

Thousands in #Iraq 🇮🇶 protest corruption
13 killed on Wednesday as #Iraq 🇮🇶 protests escalate, spread nationwide

- 9 killed, including 1 policeman in the southern city of Nasiriya in Dhi Qar governorate
- 4 were killed in Amarah in Maysan governorate

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Just in a month #Iraqis show their new national unity. Few days ago political class shocked by protests acts in #Basra, yesterday Iraqis are unite against killer & instigator of Iraqi female model Tara Faris, while political class still ignore these developments of society (1)
Since events of #Basra, political class trying to use the old tactics to control on society & ignore the new Iraqis awareness by conflict to form govt without realizing the dangerous security & economic challenges of the country,but these behavior by politicians no longer works(2
For the first time since 2003, there is a rare state of national unity brought after the people are unite during the battles against ISIS, election boycott in May 2018 was the first sign of #Iraqi unity by rejection of political class performance(3)
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Expect my article in few hours on #Iraq, #Basra and the role of #Moqtada. Also, an interview with one of the top leaders of the "Resistance" that seems to spread from the White House :-) to #Iraq via @AlraiMediaGroup and my blog.
Although any unrest between Shia in #Iraq or civil disobedience is in favour of the #USA, Shia leaders won't allow this to happen and you, dear followers, don't listen to so much rubbish around in this regard. My article will give a bit more light on ongoing events.
Just know that I know Moqtada so well, even better than himself (with all due modesty).

He rides the horse of Basra but can't control it at a certain point and doesn't have any strategic objective. More in my article.
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#BREAKING: Protesters set on fire #Iranian consulate in #Basra, #Iraq – reports
#EXCLUSIVE images of #Iranian consulate in #Basra being torched by the protestors.
Torched by the protestors, #Iran backed groups see massive damage in #Iraq
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The US horse fell at the first jump in Iraq…
The USA oblivious to the rise of a resistance movement in response to its interference in Iraqi elections… … …
A wake-up call to the US in Baghdad: will Haidar Abadi become the Mohammad Morsi of Iraq?…
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