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#Colston4 there’s been much criticism of the verdict in this case. Frankly the verdict was unsurprising, even if against the weight of the evidence. Why? Because the harrowing impact of the expert evidence given by the historian David Olusoga provided cogent ammo to the defence
In this respect, a full measure of respect should be accorded to HHJ Peter Blair QC, The Recorder of Bristol. I don’t know him but he must be a wise & humane tribunal - perfect for the #Colston4
The Recorder of Bristol recognised that this wasn’t an ordinary criminal damage trial. The City was torn in two, & so the trial was about far more than the fate of the #Colston4. It would have symbolic importance - even catharsis.
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A thread about drug smuggling, the British Empire, and the ways in which historical wrongdoing by the Establishment persists into the present day. 🧐🧵🌳🍃🍂⛓ #EstablishmentPsychopathy #history #ToriesOut #OpiumWar #ColonialViolence
It’s generally well known that the Opium Wars of the mid nineteenth century were launched by Britain against China in order to benefit British drug smugglers… 🤨🇬🇧🇨🇳 #OpiumWars #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
After all, even the National Army Museum – not typically regarded as a bastion of anti-Establishment lefties – states this frankly in its displays on the Opium Wars. #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
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The government has just announced new legislation restricting #FreedomToProtest. The Police, Crime and Sentencing bill introduces a raft of repressive changes + buried in it are new powers for policing protests

Find out more + sign the petition Image
This vindictive piece of legislation comes from Priti Patel's fury over the Black Lives Matter uprisings, +the struggle to police XR protests. These new police powers will affect all of our movements.

Find out more + sign the petition #FreedomToProtest Image
Protests are disruptive. That's the POINT of them. But proposed changes to the law make it an offence to cause "annoyance" or "inconvenience". That's most forms of public protest actions.....

Find out more + sign the petition #FreedomToProtest Image
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BREAKING: @aspolice have launched a major appeal, with CCTV pics, to find the 18 people responsible for how the Edward #ColstonStatue into the docks
Full story here - please read first - but this thread will examine how we got here...
It took 83 mins from toppling to dunking & the police didn’t intervene once
Afterwards, the mayor & others praised police for their restraint - no one was injured & nothing else was damaged- compare that to scenes elsewhere
#Colston #Bristol #ColstonStatue…
The question soon arose tho - should those responsible face a police investigation/poss prosecution?
The morning after, it was a Q the mayor said was not for him - he said he was not going to be a ‘cheerleader’ for a prosecution, & it was for the criminal justice system, not him
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Establishment Psychopathy: a selection of evidence setting out some of the ways in which colonial violence & structural racism continue to privilege our “ruling class”... [thread of threads] 🧐✊🌹🇪🇺 #ColonialViolence #BritishEmpire #ReparationsNow #BlackLivesMatter Image
The magnificent #BlackLivesMatter protests are proof of structural racism around the world... This thread ⬇️ shows how the UK Establishment still benefits from slave money, and why it will ALWAYS resist a proper discussion of #history. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #Slavery #RhodesMustFall
Colonial wrongdoing was often rewarded with wealth and a peerage… Our ludicrous system means that this chap #Trenchard ⬇️ gets to make our laws in part because his grandfather liked to burn villages in #Nigeria. 😧✊🌹🇪🇺🇳🇬 #SystemChange #ToriesOut #COVID19
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Zum Thema #Denkmalsturz einige wertvolle Gedanken aus der #Geschichtsdidaktik (Thread!). Die Berücksichtigung von #Ambivalenz und #Ambiguitätstoleranz sind mehr als wünschenswert, doch zugleich in höchstem Maße politisch problematisch. Das will dieser Thread kurz begründen 1/...
1) In jeder Debatte um die Legitimität eines #Denkmals oder einer bestimmten Form der kollektiven #Erinnerung wird die #Ambivalenz des Gedenkens gern gegen die Entfernung eines Denkmals o. gegen eine Umbenennung argumentativ ins Feld geführt. #Colston oder #RobertKoch sind 2/...
hierfür tatsächlich gute Beispiele. Noch schwieriger sind aber von vielen als "Helden" angesehene, sehr ambivalente Figuren wie #Rommel oder #Richthofen. Üblicherweise akzentuieren die Angreifenden die verwerflichen Ansichten und Handlungen, während die Verteidiger hingegen 3/..
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A thread about Establishment wealth, reparations, & why the Tories will *always* defend the statues of slavers & Empire racists… 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #reparations #ColonialViolence #resist #slavery #BlackLivesMatter
This chap is Richard Drax, Tory MP for South Dorset since 2010. His full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, and he comes from a long line of Tory MPs and other assorted Establishment figures over the centuries. 😋✊🌹🇪🇺 #Drax #ScroogeMcDuck
He owns c14,000 acres of Dorset, making him the largest private landowner in the county. Pic shows his country seat, Charborough House. 🧐 #NiceGaff #Dorset #CountryLife
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I see some people making the 'removing statues is erasing history' argument.

As someone with a degree in European History, let me explain my view on why this doesn't hold water.

Statues celebrate, memorials commemorate.

A statue doesn't teach real history. Its only purpose is, and has always been, to send a message of glorification.
These statues, whether #LeopoldII in Belgium, #Colston in Britain or #GeneralLee in America, were erected decades after these people lived.

And they were built for specific reasons that said more about the present than the past.
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"Tanz den Mussolini" war in den 80ern eine an Camp und Detrournement selbst-geschulte Vorführung des Restnazismus in Deutschland. Der #Colston (siehe link und Foto) in GB setzt einiges in Gang, was das Konzept vom Counterdenkmal angeht
(). Es gibt
mehrere Linien der Möglichkeiten und Bedingungen dafür. Die ikonoklastische (bildzerstörerische) hatte in Bristol eine körperliche Komponente zur Prämisse.
Der Repräsentant des Kolonialismus in seiner zweiten Welle, gleichzeitig Push des frühen Kapitalismus, wurde als Standbild, so als wäre er wirklicher Körper, entfernt. Hier wurde nicht ein Symbol in einem aufgezeichneten Akt gelöscht, ein
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R.E. argument that controversial statues i.e. #Colston are 'educational'

The Statue of Liberty, 93m tall, in maybe the world's most famous city, has this on the plaque adorning it (pic)

How's that working out for the US lately?

Statues clearly have crap 'educational' impact Image
Statues celebrate, commemorate, glorify etc. But it's a real stretch to say they 'educate' in any meaningful way. I'd wager that what most people will have learned from a city centre statue, if anything, is where you're likely to find a traffic cone on a weekend morning
And even if you do believe a statue should 'educate', then it should include all relevant information on it. #Colston statue made no mention of his slavery role. That's like putting up a statue of George Washington labelled 'Amateur Lumberjack, had false teeth'
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The statue of slave trader Edward Colston demonstrates exactly why people are protesting across the world.
Since the day that statue was erected, there have been calls to remove it. They weren't 'different times', people knew then like they do now that it was wrong
1/ #blm
Over the decades, centuries, that the statue has stood people of Bristol have asked for it to be removed.
There have been debates,petitions, letters. again and again people have asked very nicely to remove it, using all their democratic powers to do so.
2/ #blm
Maybe take it down
Maybe put it in a museum
Maybe add a plaque
Nothing ever happened, it statue stood there unchanged
Memorial to a man who made money trading human lives
Asking nicely achieved nothing, so the people of Bristol used their power today & they tore it down
3/ #blm
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Home Secretary @pritipatel says the #Colston statue in #Bristol being torn down by #BlackLivesMattters protestors today is “utterly disgraceful”
WATCH: Priti Patel: Toppling statue 'utterly disgraceful'…
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The moment the people of Bristol pulled down the statue of Edward Colston, slave trader
#BlackLivesMatterUK #BlackLivesMattters #bristoltaketheknee #Colston
It's now being rolled towards the floating harbour.
Colston opened up the transatlantic slave trade to Bristol merchants & around 20,000 people, incl 8,000 children, died on his ships before they even reached the Americas.
Bristol became Britain's leading slave trading port.
People quickly leapt on the statue as it fell.
Worth noting that the tall office block behind in this picture is 'Colston Tower', & it's on Colston Avenue with the (soon to be renamed) Colston Hall concert venue beyond.
#BlackLivesMatterUK #bristoltaketheknee Image
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