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A year [Delta] 4 Oct 2018
#POTUS or Q+ is telling us, we need to have MEMES ready.
The #POTUS even tweeted with MEMES.
Q+ is ready
Anons ready?
Memes ready?
Are you ready to see arrests?
Are you ready to see PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of history?
#POTUS is giving us examples of MEMES. WE must be ready with MEMES!
The President of The U.S. tweeted 2 memes 4 Oct, 2019
Liddle Schiff is next.
Are you ready for arrests?
Is Liddle Schiff ready for arrest?
@realDonaldTrump 4 Oct 2019 - 8:55:23 PM
Capital letters from #POTUS tweet APAOCDND = 58
[1.29] Delta
JG: DOD 58
SG: Hammer 58
Black Hat 58
#QPost 855, 129 & 290
What is Pompeo doing in the Vatican?
#Pompeo @Pontifex #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Trump #FactsMatter #hammertime
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In 2011 I was faced with the situation that I had to introduce #Kanban to a customer with about 300 teams. I started to count the billable days and before falling asleep I already thought about which color my new Porsche should have.
From the POV of a consultant, it is of course very lucrative to agilize 300 teams. From a company's POV, however, it is complete madness. You invest a lot of money, frustrate people, and the bottom line is that it's a big #suboptimization that won't lead to success.
That's when the keyboard metaphor was born: Let's say our org is a keyboard, each team operates a key, and we have to write a letter. High-performance teams don't finish the letter faster! We have to make sure that the right team is working on the right job at the right time
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It's entirely predictable now. The center-left (aka "mainstream") media refuses to cover the controversy of youth transition; all they do is cheerlead. All nuance is ceded to the right/center-right. When a journo dares to touch it, the MSM immediately cries "transphobia." #boring
Case in point: @WSJopinion publishes op-ed by writer who interviewed mothers whose teens experienced sudden gender dysphoria. @nytimes immediately claims "conservatives invented a syndrome" via puff piece by MTF whose teen now also claims a trans identity.…
Never mind the mothers interviewed by @AbigailShrier are nearly all liberals (one is a former @PFLAG leader); never mind not one claimed to "diagnose" a "syndrome." @nytimes has abandoned investigative reporting on the topi. It continues to serve as a one-note propaganda outlet.
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@mitchellvii I support @POTUS 100% & shall continue to do so but I am far from being more pumped up. I am BORED but never by Trump. Mission Bring Down Trump has been happening day in & day out ever since Trump came down that escalator. It's gotten REALLY OLD & REALLY STALE.
@mitchellvii @POTUS @FoxNews & #FakeNews is now just BORING. Although new pundits are trotted in & out on a regular basis it's the same old thing spouting from different faces. It's all so tiresome. Witch hunts become boring especially when you know there are no witches.
@mitchellvii @POTUS @FoxNews Every time another rock is overturned all the now exposed creepy slimey usual suspects scurry off to seek cover under another even larger rock. The REAL criminals keep on skating away. No one confronts them & the pundits keep on talking about the hypocrisy. BORING.
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Real life Iron Man, aka @elonmusk has big plans for humanity.

He appears to be invested in a bunch of random ventures; rockets, $TSLA cars, tunnels..

But I think it's all connected. He's doing all of this with a very simple goal: the long-term survival of humanity.

A thread:
1/ #climatechange or #GlobalWarming is a huge threat. 14% of ghg emissions are from transportation, and 25% from electricity and heat generation. This is where @Tesla comes in. By electrifying our vehicle fleet, we can already eliminate a big chunk of emissions.
2/ The Semi will probably save more CO2 than all other #Tesla vehicles combined. Trucks drive an insane amount of miles compared to cars, & they pull a lot of cargo.

Second part of this is the energy generation & storage with Tesla Energy. Greenify the grid 👉 less CO2 emissions
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