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Having fun with cyberstalking #UKGOV, attacking organisations, universities & individuals connected to the justice system, UK #military against #NCSC, treating #intelligence & #GCHQ as jokes to your 15- 20 yrs malicious #hacking for #China & #Russia inside #Britain, @Animez_UK?01
Converting #traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious #cyberattacker against the UK, for

1- #financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the #UKGOV.

@Animez_UK @NCSC

02 Image
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learned to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys to #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

@Animez_UK @NCSC Image
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Suivez le live #JCSA22 aujourd'hui à partir de 10h15 sur

On va commencer très fort avec le tutoriel "Cycle de vie d'une requête #DNS. Quel impact sur le réseau ?" présenté par Alexandre Pion et Stéphane Bortzmeyer ! Rejoignez-nous !

#Afnic #Réseau
Pour lancer #JCSA22 ce matin @pierrebonis "L'#Afnic éclaire déjà le débat sur les réseaux, le #DNS, la gouvernance et le fonctionnement de l'internet en général. Aujourd'hui nous souhaitions aborder la consommation énergétique du réseau"

Suivez le live
"Merci aux membres du Conseil scientifique de #Afnic pour le choix de cette thématique sur la consommation énergétique de l'internet" @benoit_ampeau pour #JCSA22

Suivez le live sur Benoît Ampeau
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1/ $BTC marked an 8%+ drop in the past 24h and dropped to below $20,700 at the time of writing. With the price action, many analysts doubted #BTC's ability to sustain the low $20,000 zone for long.

$BTC number of addresses in loss (7d MA) reached an ATH: Image
2/ $ETH was bleeding to under $1.1k following $BTC's plunge. The percentage of @ethereum addresses in profit has dropped to the lowest level since April 2020, as per @intotheblock:
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Here are some of the big reasons #ensdomains have been getting so much attention!

For those who are wondering:

1a. - DNS

To really understand #ensdomain you first need to know their web2 counterpart: #dns, which means "domain name system". We take for granted what it does for us because we don't have to remember numbers like "" in order to get to

But, without DNS, we would have to (sort of; there were other protocols developed as solutions before DNS, but DNS is what we have been using since 1983. The previous solutions were not very efficient, but I won't go into a tangent about them).
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What is Domain Name System (DNS)? | How DNS works?
DNS lets users connect to websites using domain names instead of IP addresses. Learn how DNS works.

A Thread 🧵 👇🏻

#DNS #Thread #CloudComputing #cloud #Security Image
DNS stands for Domain Name System.

DNS is the system that translates domain names into IP addresses, allowing your network to find the correct website and your browser to load it. Here is a breakdown of the five DNS steps involved in loading a webpage. 👇🏼
1️⃣ DNS Cache

When you search for a website, it will be stored on your system's DNS cache and retrieved from there if you have visited it before.

If cached, the rest of the DNS search ends here.
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RChain: 3 Lessons Web 3.0 Can’t Afford to Ignore
There’s a tendency in the tech world to toss out old tech and go all-in on a new replacement.
“Oh, don’t use that. That’s the old thing! Use the new thing instead.”
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Starting to think that all good @ensdomains are taken?

Think again. In this thread, I list 24 overlooked domain-picking strategies that could make a lot of money in the coming web3


#ENS $ENS #ENSdomains #domains #web3 #blockchaindomains #NFTdomains #NFTs The logo of ENS domains app...
This is the TLDR summary of my insane-long video on ENS picks.

Full video here >>

0/24... A list of the 24 ENS domain...
We all know that 1st names (jake.eth)and iconic dictionary words (gold.eth) are worth a fortune

But there's more to ENS riches than that

This thread is about the names overlooked by investors now (which so are still cheap!) and yet could be worth a lot in the coming #web3
... Image
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A thread 🧵 on DNS misconfigurations/resources/articles/tools 👇

#hacking #cybersecurity #dns #bugbounty
The History of DNS Vulnerabilities and the Cloud (by Palo alto networks)…
Dangling Domains: Security Threats, Detection and Prevalence (by Palo alto networks)…
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Hoy voy a hacer un pequeño hilo sobre: "Como borrar la caché DNS en Windows 10/11"

🤨- "¿Pero qué me estás contando fantasma? Haces un ipconfig /flushdns y andando. ¡Anda que hacer un hilo para esto!"

Vale si... ¡PERO NO! ¡Acompáñame en este viaje por la caché DNS de Windows! Image
En primer lugar, un inciso:

Cache DNS de tu ISP o proveedor DNS ➡️ Cache DNS de tu Router ➡️ Cache DNS de Windows ➡️ Cache DNS del navegador

¿A que mola el chorro de lugares donde puede almacenarse un registro DNS? ¿Vas pillando ahora el tema no? ¡Pues seguimos!
De todo ese chorro de cachés puedes controlar fácil la del router simplemente accediendo y borrándola (en Mikrotik por ejemplo IP->DNS->Cache->Flush Cache) o bien a lo bestia reiniciando el cacharro y punto...

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Journée #Josy sur le #DNS

Premier à parler, @remasse (@AFNIC ) qui va exposer les grands principes.
Résolution #DNS (« ça doit marcher 100 % du temps ») puis cycle de vie du nom de domaine (pensez au renouvellement) pour lequel, dans un .fr, on doit passer par un BE (Bureau d'Enregistrement).

L'évolution du .fr : très petit jusqu'en 2004 car enregistrement très restrictif (« nous avions fini par prendre un .com »)

Depuis les réformes de 2004 et 2006, .fr décolle. Bientôt 4 millions de noms.
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In light of the recent #SupplyChain attack on @KaseyaCorp by #REvil, it is worth paying attention to decoder[.]re included within the ransom notes, used additionally to 'mirror' in TOR network. #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #ThreatIntel #ThreatHunting #Malware Image
Similar to decryptor[.]cc and decryptor[.]top in previous #REvil/#Sodinokibi versions, decoder[.]re is used to grant the victims access to the threat actors WEB-site for further negotiations should their connection be limited via #TOR. Image
To access the page in WWW or TOR - the victim needs to provide a valid UID (e.g. "9343467A488841AC") ImageImage
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1/ ... #bitcoin why would any of you talk about the fact that since "420" 2021, the old orig. Bitcoin Block Explorer (BBE) at (first http) resurfaced as some auction/DNS bidding blockchain. @cz_binance would rather just use #handshake emojis lol. 🤝
2/ Bottom of the last http capture 06 Aug 2015, aqua highlights point out age diff/cold-offline storage possibly messing up live blocks at time of "Alexa Crawls" capture #WaybackMachine @internetarchive Infamous @MagicalTux @BTCFoundation donations/temp "largest/strange txns"move Largest transactions and strange transactions have been temp
3/ testnet link from Aug 06 2015 page (-3 days) using @waybackmachine toolbar. But dates in sync. Also different formatting than "main Bitcoin network" links/template/buttons (Aug 6 = main for comparison). @MagicalTux and on Main
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Une récente annonce gouvernementale sur la censure de l'Internet a entrainé le flot habituel de tweets « ah, ah, quels incompétents au gouvernement, ils n'y connaissent vraiment rien. » #DoH 1/5
Ces réactions relèvent de deux erreurs : d'abord, croire que l'adversaire est bête. C'est parfois vrai, mais c'est souvent dangereux de s'illusionner ainsi. 2/5
Si des gouvernements prennent de mauvaises décisions, ce n'est pas de l'incompétence, c'est un choix politique délibéré.… @laquadrature 3/6
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Whoever made #DualStackLite/#DSlite, made it #RFC6333:


Also I think that #ISPs should be mandated to provide real, #DualStack internet access, since #CGNAT bricks #VPNs and thus is being weaponized for #censorship.…
So I've to help a #RemoeWorking colleage to not only get their #ISP to migrate them to #DualStack instead of that #DSlite/#CGNAT bs, but also migrate a company #VPN to Dual-Stack...
Because @deutschetelekom, @vodafone_de, @o2de and all the #MVNO|s in #Germany don't Providence Prosper #DualStack on mobile, and at best do #NAT64 or #CGNAT on #RFC1918 address spaces but sometimes even do #IPv6-only or even #NAT66!
And they #WontFix thar even for #B2B customers.
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New: #DoHoT - making & measuring practical use of DNS over HTTPS over Tor

Project, experiment, & results at:… - work in progress.

#DNSoverHTTPS #DoH #DNS #Tor @torproject ImageImage
For those who prefer to read large chunks of text on Medium rather than Github:…
HA! *this* is why #DoH and @torproject make a great pair. Image
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#ESETresearch unearths modus operandi of the elusive #InvisiMole group, digging up their arsenal used to stay invisible. Our investigation also shows previously unknown ties between InvisiMole and #Gamaredon groups… @cherepanov74 @zuzana_hromcova 1/9
#InvisiMole #APT group resurfaced in targeted attacks against high-profile organizations in Eastern Europe, targeting military sector and diplomatic missions. We previously documented their two feature-rich backdoors RC2CL and RC2FM; now we reveal the rest of their TTPs. 2/9
We discovered that the most interesting targets of #Gamaredon are upgraded to far stealthier #InvisiMole spyware, with Gamaredon’s .NET downloader delivering InvisiMole’s TCP downloader. This cooperation allows InvisiMole to devise creative ways to operate under the radar. 3/9
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Bonne illustration d'un travail d' #OSINT sur le #nomdedomaine pour identifier un réseau.

L'investigation provient de @fs0c131y suite à un tweet du député E.Bothorel.

Des arnaques en ligne surfent sur le #coronavirus

Qui gère ces sites ?

On constate depuis le début de la crise des vagues de dépôts de #nomdedomaine en lien avec le coronavirus (la plupart en vente). La nouveauté, c'est la combinaison d'une forte de demande sur certains produits (masque/gel) et du #dropshipping
Partant des premiers sites signalés (dont, @fs0c131y a enquêté autour des #NDD

L'objectif est de :
1-récupérer un max d'infos et #footprint
2-identifier les #patterns
3-faire du reverse sur tout ça
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mac에서 DNS resolver 순서를 알고 싶다면 $ scutil --dns #macOS #DNS
DNS resolving 보기 $ dns-sd -G v4v6
DNS cache flushing $ sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
sudo dscacheutil -flushcache
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#AppelDeParis pour la confiance et la sécurité dans le cyberespace.

1 an après son lancement par @EmmanuelMacron, l’Appel de Paris enregistre des centaines de soutiens.

L’engagement de la 🇫🇷 continue au @ParisPeaceForum avec @JBLemoyne #ParisCall ⬇️
.: Les 9 principes de l’Appel de Paris :.

Protéger les individus et les infrastructures : découvrez comment @112_sos met en œuvre le #principe1 #AppelDeParis pour aider les services d'intervention d'urgence à se protéger des #cyberattaques sur
Protéger l'internet : découvrez comment l'entreprise française @nameshield garantit la résilience du #DNS, l'annuaire de l'internet, au cœur du #principe2 #AppelDeParis sur
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"DNS privacy panel" with @PowerDNS_Bert, @bortzmeyer and @bagder, moderated by @jpmens and introduced by @habbie #FOSDEM
@PowerDNS_Bert First controversy ongoing: @badger arguing in favor of DoH because "you didn't select your DNS server anyway" (my interpretation) whereas @PowerDNS_Bert sees missing expressed consent #DNS #DoH #DoT #FOSDEM
As @bortzmeyer adds, one of the biggest problems currently is the lack of choice amongst DoH providers. Need more software and deployment of those, concentration is not a technical problem of DoH. #DNS #DoH #DoT #FOSDEM
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(1/10) #OSINT #thread
E-Reveal: #Reveal email addresses on #LinkedIn Profiles!…


When you visit a LinkedIn profile, the #chrome extension will (explained in tweets below 👇🏻)
Pull the person's name and company from the page
Convert the company name into a domain via Clearbit's [free autocomplete api](…)
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