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JUST IN: #BNNSpain Reports.

Spanish police seized 4.5 tonnes of cocaine after raiding a livestock boat off the #Canary Islands earlier this week, valued at an estimated €105 million ($114 million).

#Spain #Crime Image
Before Tuesday's seizure, the ship had stopped at ports in roughly a dozen countries, and authorities said drug smugglers had begun using cattle ships because it was more difficult for them to trace their unlawful cargo.
The Spanish police statement said,“International organizations are reinventing themselves to transport drugs from Latin America to Europe, using livestock to make the control and localization more difficult.”
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Most CS undergrads go through four years without learning how to prepare for jobs in #Cloud Dev firms.

They learn OS, DBs, languages like #Javascript, #C++, #python, etc. but little on Cloud-related topics.

Colleges/Universities should consider incorporating these 10 topics.👇
1.History and evolution of Distributed Computing to Cloud computing
-#Grid computing
-#Parallel computing
-#Cluster computing
-Utility computing
-Service orientation
while talking about performance, robustness, high availability, delivering SLAs
2. Why Cloud Apps?
- Types of Cloud (Public, Private, VPC, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud)
- Types of offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
- Service level objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Regulatory issues, Sovereign Clouds, Cloud Security
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‼️ Our new #AlarmPhone Western #Med Regional Analysis is out, 1.11.19 to 29.02.20 ‼️ It documents developments & dynamics affecting the possibility of transit via #Morocco to #EU. Read about our experiences, news from the region & political dynamics.…
Recent setbacks & successes: an #ECtHR ruling legitimised a push-back at the #Melilla border fence but on 6 Feb we held a large protest at the #Morocco - #Algeria border to commemorate dead & missing travellers. In late Feb, 8000 people marched in #Ceuta against racism.
Most of the distress calls #AlarmPhone received came from the #westernsahara route where our collaboration with the #Spanish Salvamento Marítimo was good. In the Strait of #Gibraltar or the #Alborán Sea it was more difficult: often cases were referred to the #Moroccan Navy.
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Our 8-week report is out! It covers the period 2 Sept. to 27 Oct. 2019. We engaged in 99 distress cases in the #Med, involving around 3,580 migrant travellers. About 2,362 individuals reached #Europe, 985 were returned & the fate of over 200 is unknown.… Image
In the Central Med, we worked on 28 distress situations, involving about 1,729 people. 20 boats with 1,078 people on board were rescued to #Italy or #Malta, 8 of them by NGOs. 5 boats carrying 418 people were returned to #Libya. The fate of 3 boats with 233 people is unclear.
In the #Aegean Sea, we worked on 57 distress situations, involving about 1,477 individuals. 38 boats with approx. 920 individuals on board reached #Greece while 18 boats with about 496 individuals were returned to #Turkey. In one case, 61 individuals were rescued to #Italy.
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Gave a lightening talk about “Ways in which you can enable #canary deployments in @kubernetesio” at @DevOpsDaysIN #Kubernetes #deployments #k8s #DevOpsDaysIndia2019 Image
@traefik @IstioMesh @Linkerd I wrote a more detailed blog post about the same here if you're interested in digging deep in the analysis… #Kubernetes #traefik #canarydeployments #linkerd #istio
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@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @BrightonSurvivorsNET “In the light of a highly disturbing increase of #transphobia locally & nationally…” IF everything anybody says or does is #transphobia, of course you can say it is rising. Any reputable statistics?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK “…so the date @Womans_Place_UK event feels like a concerted effort to make #trans ppl, & particularly #transwomen, feel #intimidated and #invalidated” Is it the position of SN that the sensitivities of #transwomen mean that #democracy should be suspended any time they say so?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @Womans_Place_UK #Transwomen do face special challenges but they remain #bio #logical #males but it is fine for them #Gender express as ‘women’ but with the best will in the world, they remain #bio #logically #male @WomenEqualities @Commonswomequ @PennyMordaunt @MariaMillerUK @LesleySemmens
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