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馃摙Instrucci贸n Directa (ID) y hibridaci贸n del Modelo de Educaci贸n Deportiva (MED)鉃旹nse帽anza Comprensiva del Deporte (ECD). Efectos en la motivaci贸n autodeterminada del alumnado de Educaci贸n F铆sica (EF). #edufis #sporteducation #TGfU #MED #ECD (1/6)
馃搷Objetivo: Examinar los resultados motivaciones de chicos y chicas de primaria cuando participaron en una unidad did谩ctica (UD) de juegos de invasi贸n a trav茅s del modelo de ID o una hibridaci贸n del MED鉃旹CD. (2/6)
馃搻M茅todo: Participaron 292 estudiantes. Se realiz贸 un dise帽o cuasi-experimental en el que se llevaron a cabo cuestionarios (apoyo a la autonom铆a, satisfacci贸n de las NPB, motivaci贸n aut贸noma, metas de amistad y satisfacci贸n en EF) pre y post intervenci贸n. (3/6)
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Bad Eggs and Ham(-Fisted Policy)
By dr sEUss

- -

Would you save them in a boat?
Would you rescue lives afloat?

We will not save them in a boat.
We will not save those lives afloat.
Would you save lives in a wood?
Would you, would you, if you could?

Not in a wood. No, that is no good.
Not on a bus, not from Belarus.
Not on the beach, not on the sand.
Not down in Greece, not up in Poland.
What then do you fear?
A thousand there, a hundred here?
These are such small numbers.
You risk looking like a big bunch of dumb bumblers.
Over twenty score million, that鈥檚 how big we are.
They鈥檙e a drop in the bucket. No problem, by far.
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#Battle of Kikan. The courageous #Jats & #Meds
The 3rd #Caliph was Usman ibn Affan (644鈥656 A.D.). Usman wanted to conquer #Sindh. He appointed Abdullah to Iraq & commanded him to send an agent to gather info about Hind & Sindh. 1/13
Abdullah deputed Hakim to acquire the desired info. Hakim reported that, 鈥淚ts water is dark; its fruit is bitter and poisonous; its land is stony and its earth is selfish. A small army will soon be annihilated there and a large army will soon die of hunger.鈥 2/13
The 1st invasion of Sindh by land was carried out in 660 A.D. This expedition included many nobles & chiefs, & which was led by Haras, proceeded towards the mountainous region of Kikan or Kikanan unhindered. 3/13
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馃摙ANNOUNCEMENT: #USSHershelWoodyWilliams shifted its homeport from Norfolk, Va., to #SoudaBay, 馃嚞馃嚪, effective 1, Oct., 2020. HWW conducts @USAfricaCommand missions in the #Med & waters around East, South & West Africa, to include the Gulf of Guinea operating w/ regional partners.
鈥淗ershel 鈥榃oody鈥 Williams provides a new capability in the theater, which enhances our interoperability with our partners across the spectrum of maritime operations,鈥 said Vice Adm. Gene Black, commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet.
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馃敶ULTIMORA! Sei naufragi e ~200 morti al largo della #Libia a settembre!

Centinaia di persone sono morte nel #Med centrale in pochi giorni. Ancora silenzio delle autorit脿 europee. I sopravvissuti sono vivi grazie agli sforzi dei pescatori.
Grazie @RescueMed per la traduzione.
Come ad agosto, molti dei naufragi avvenuti a settembre non sono stati ammessi dalle autorit脿. Eccetto pochi casi, abbiamo saputo di queste tragiche morti in mare grazie ai sopravvissuti o ai coraggiosi pescatori che si sono rivolti ad Alarm Phone per far sentire la loro voce.
馃敽1掳 naufragio: 22 morti, 45 sopravvissuti detenuti.
Il 14/09 IOM ha riportato il soccorso di una barca da parte della cd. Guardia Costiera libica. Troppo tardi per 22 persone, morte dopo il rovesciamento della barca. 45 sopravvissuti portati nel centro di detenzione di Zawiya.
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#antiracism work in #Med needs to progress beyond statements, shows of solidarity, and hashtags (all performance).

It requires having difficult conversations and facing harsh truths. It requires taking action.

If you鈥檙e not getting uncomfortable, you鈥檙e doing it wrong.
I鈥檓 going to keep reposting this thread on a conversation I was invited to host.

Look at the non-engagement.

People are not ready move out of their comfort zone.

We keep getting distracted with more performance.

More bandwagon jumping on the fad that is now 鈥渁ntiracism鈥
This is not going to work.

#DEI for a long time has been made just a gender-equity fight. All other marginalized groups have been (surprise, surprise!), marginalized.
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This vascular surgery paper on #MedBikini is a symptom of a much bigger problem in medicine.

We often wonder why gender disparities, pay gap, and sexual harrasment exist in medicine. Medicine likes to focus their energy on policing women.
While this publication is about posting bikini pictures among other things on SoMe, what doesn鈥檛 get published, yet has a huge impact, is the other ways medicine polices women鈥檚 attire.

You want an interview? Take off your #hijab

You want to be a surgeon? Take off your #hijab
The problem here does not lie with #bikini or #hijab.

The problem in medicine that this paper so clearly illustrates is the need for medicine to control women.

It鈥檚 about controlling women鈥檚 choices.

The problem is misogyny in medicine.
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馃啒~57 persone in pericolo a largo della Libia

Ieri, Alarm Phone 猫 stato allertato da una barca in pericolo partita dalla Libia. La connessione era scadente. Non abbiamo potuto ottenere tutte le informazioni necessarie n茅 verificare la posizione. Le autorit脿 sono informate.
Un parente ha contattato #AlarmPhone e ha fornito la posizione della barca in pericolo. Secondo la posizione ricevuta, dovrebbero essere a poche miglia nautiche dalla SAR italiana. Le persone in pericolo dicono che il loro motore 猫 rotto e che l'acqua sta entrando nella barca! Image
Siamo contenti che alle 12.39 CEST #MoonBird ha individuato la barca in contatto con #AlarmPhone. Ci ha confermato la posizione a Sud di #Lampedusa(35d07N, 012d27E) e che la barca 猫 alla deriva. @guardiacostiera & @Armed_Forces_MT le 57 persone necessitano soccorso immediato!
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馃煚Also in the Central Mediterranean Sea: Black Lives Matter!

Alarm Phone Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis, 1 January - 30 June 2020.

#CivilFleet #FreedomOfMovement #FerriesNotFrontex #BridgesNotWalls鈥
Over the past 6 months, January to June 2020, the Central #Mediterranean has continued to be a zone of violence, human rights abuses, disappearance and death, as well as a stage of struggles for #freedomofmovement, both by people fleeing #Libya & #Tunisia and by the #CivilFleet.
In 2020, so far, the #AlarmPhone has supported 77 boats in distress in the Central #Med, carrying ~4,500 people. This does not include dozens of boats that called us but where we were unable to establish sufficient contact to retrieve crucial information, such as GPS positions.
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Oggi un gommone in gravissimo pericolo ha chiamato #AlarmPhone dalle acque internazionali al largo della #Libia. A bordo ci sono ~95 persone che sono in mare da 2 giorni. Dicono che 猫 nato un beb猫 a bordo e che la barca 猫 a rischio di affondare. Urge soccorso immediato! Image
La barca si trova nell'area monitorata dalle navi militari UE di operazione #IRINI. La nave militare BERGAMINI sembra la pi霉 vicina. Chiediamo all'#Europa di organizzare immediatamente un'operazione di soccorso per le persone in pericolo e di portarle al sicuro in Europa!
La cd Guardia Costiera libica afferma che intercetter脿 la barca anche se in zona ci sono navi militari dell鈥橴E. Sappiamo cosa significa: costringere le persone a tornare nei campi di tortura in #Libia. Europa, un altro respingimento illegale di migranti verso una zona di guerra!
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馃啒Today, a rubber boat in severe distress called #AlarmPhone from international waters, off #Libya. There are ~95 people on board & they have been at sea for 2 days. They say that a baby was born on board & that the boat is at risk of capsizing. They need rescue urgently! Image
The boat is within the area patrolled by EU warships of operation #IRINI. The Italian warship BERGAMINI appears closest. We call on #Europe to organise a rescue operation for the distressed immediately and to bring them to safety in Europe! #Blacklivesmatter also in the #Med!
The so-called Libyan Coastguard states that they are heading to intercept the boat although EU military assets are in the area. We know what this means: forcing back people into torture camps in #Libya. Europe, this is yet another illegal return of migrants to a war zone!
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鈥硷笍 Our new #AlarmPhone Western #Med Regional Analysis is out, 1.11.19 to 29.02.20 鈥硷笍 It documents developments & dynamics affecting the possibility of transit via #Morocco to #EU. Read about our experiences, news from the region & political dynamics.鈥
Recent setbacks & successes: an #ECtHR ruling legitimised a push-back at the #Melilla border fence but on 6 Feb we held a large protest at the #Morocco - #Algeria border to commemorate dead & missing travellers. In late Feb, 8000 people marched in #Ceuta against racism.
Most of the distress calls #AlarmPhone received came from the #westernsahara route where our collaboration with the #Spanish Salvamento Mar铆timo was good. In the Strait of #Gibraltar or the #Albor谩n Sea it was more difficult: often cases were referred to the #Moroccan Navy.
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Three #AlarmPhone activists were interviewed by @ecre and asked about the creation of the hotline project, the experiences we have made and the challenges we face, #EU #migrant deterrence policies in the #Med, online hate comments, and much more!鈥
@ecre On the current rescue vacuum in the #Med: 鈥淲e have seen how a vacuum is actively produced, which coincides with attempts to hide violence. We know that several boats capsized due to this vacuum, but since nobody was there to retrieve bodies, these deaths remain unaccounted for.鈥
@ecre On the possible return of the #EU military operation: 鈥淚f #EUNAVFOR Med returned to the sea, would it again remain unavailable for rescues? Or, even worse, would it directly engage in push-back (by proxy) campaigns together with its aerial assets and those deployed by #Frontex?鈥
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In 2019, 223 boats in distress called the #AlarmPhone in the #Aegean Sea. Also in 2020 the struggle to cross to the #Greek islands continues. Read our new regional analysis on developments in the #Aegean, covering the period 8 June 2019 - 19 January 2020.鈥
Yesterday, the day our #AlarmPhone analysis was released, large-scale protests erupted once more on #Lesvos. Thousands are still trapped there and on other Greek islands. The protestors called for their freedom of movement and were met again with violent police measures.
Our analysis highlights the ongoing struggles along sea- and land-routes in the Eastern part of the #Med and other developments in the region. It describes what we have witnessed and become a part of and focusses on what has been directly reported to us by migrant travellers.
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In the first 4 weeks of 2020 - 01.01 - 26.01. - the Alarm Phone was alerted to 14 distress cases in the #Aegean region: At the land border, in the Aegean Sea as well as to two cases traveling to #Cyprus

All individual case reports:

#refugeesGr Image
The number of people that drowned in the Eastern #Med in 2020 is already worryingly high 鈥 IOM counts 63 deaths! Accordingly, we were alerted to many distress situations in which people lost their lives: At least 25 in two shipwrecks & two people in a car accident in #Greece.
We are angry that the #EU border regime keeps on causing these deaths. Our thoughts are with those who are still searching and with all those who mourn their beloved ones.

We will continue to commemoract and with all our struggles to tear down the borders that killed them!
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+++ 50 lives in great danger +++ This morning we were alerted by about 50 people on a white rubber boat in distress off the coast of #Libya. We informed authorities & asked for rescue but they are not reacting. The people on board are in panic & need to be rescued immediately!
++ 56 People safely on the Open Arms! ++
The people who alerted us this morning when in distress off #Libya were rescued by the #OpenArms who returned to the Central #Med just in time. We are relieved they did not have to survive another night at sea!
#civilfleet @openarms_fund
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Migrant shot by so-called Libyan Coastguard

Migrants from a boat that was intercepted at sea called us from #Libya in terror. Some of the 65 people refused to disembark in #Tripoli. A migrant was reportedly shot and thrown into the sea.
At 4.52pm, we were called by someone in distress on a boat in the port of #Tripoli: 鈥淲e refuse to disembark. We know that they will put us in prison. The Libyans already shot a man and threw his body in the water. We are really scared and we need help!鈥
At 4.54pm, a woman on the boat called, screaming: 鈥渙h my god, oh my god!鈥 More people were screaming in the background. Then the line broke. At 5.03pm a relative called & said there were 60 people on the boat, incl. several women & children & they had departed #Libya on Thursday.
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Anche oggi molte barche in pericolo nel #Med centrale hanno chiamato #AlarmPhone. Con molte abbiamo stabilito solo contatti brevi, non siamo riusciti ad avere le coordinate GPS e non conosciamo il loro destino. Temiamo respingimenti in #Libia e #naufragi.
Tra le molte barche c鈥檈ra una barca di legno con circa 70 persone in fuga dalla #Libia. Dopo aver ricevuto le loro coordinate GPS, abbiamo informato le autorit脿 di #Italia e #Libia, ma da allora abbiamo perso i contatti e non sappiamo cosa sia successo loro.
Un'altra barca con 60-75 persone ci ha chiamato dopo essere fuggita da al-Zawiyya in #Libia. Le autorit脿 sono state immediatamente avvisate. #OpenArms 猫 stata informata e li ha cercati, ma senza successo. Dove sono? Come stanno?
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脠 uscita la nostra analisi del #Mediterraneo centrale (1 ottobre/31 dicembre), dove discutiamo gli ultimi sviluppi in questa regione.
Nel 2019 ci hanno chiamati 101 barche in pericolo, con in tot 6.200 persone in fuga dalla #Libia e dalla #Tunisia.鈥
La nostra analisi del #Med centrale discute:

馃敻Soccorsi della #FlottaCivile & #AlarmPhone
馃敻Omissioni di soccorso e intercettazioni di #Europa e alleati
馃敻Respingimenti privatizzati in #Libia
馃敻Naufragi e invisibilizzazione delle morti in mare
馃敻Messaggi dei detenuti in Libia
Nonostante le atrocit脿 a cui abbiamo assistito nel #Med centrale, le lotte per la libert脿 di movimento sono continuate.
Molte barche hanno raggiunto l'#Europa autonomamente, le navi #ONG hanno soccorso centinaia di persone e i migranti hanno resistito ai respingimenti in #Libia.
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Our Central #Mediterranean Regional Analysis is out!

It covers the period 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2019 & discusses key developments in this region of the #Med.

In 2019, we were alerted to 101 boats escaping #Libya or #Tunisia, carrying over 6,200 people.鈥
Our analysis of the central #Med highlights some of the following:

馃敻#CivilFleet & #AlarmPhone rescues
馃敻Non-assistance & interceptions by #Europe & allies
馃敻鈥淧rivatised鈥 push-backs to #Libya
馃敻Recent shipwrecks & the invisibilised deaths at sea
馃敻Messages from Libyan #detention
Despite all atrocities we witnessed in the central #Med, people did not stop struggling for #FreedomOfMovement & #safepassage. Many boats reached #Europe autonomously, NGO vessels returned to sea & rescued hundreds of people & migrants resisted their illegal push-back to #Libya.
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Nel 2019 abbiamo visto migliaia di persone rischiare la vita nel #Med nel tentativo di raggiungere un posto sicuro. Centinaia sono morte o disperse.

Qui la lista di persone che hanno chiamato #AlarmPhone e che sono morte o disperse:鈥
La lista non 猫 completa.
A volte siamo stati informati di barche in pericolo ma non siamo mai riusciti a contattarle e a sapere cosa sia successo. Spesso parenti e amici in cerca dei loro cari ci hanno contattati ma non siamo riusciti a trovarli.
Il #Med 猫 un cimitero di massa.
Dedichiamo il nostro lavoro a tutte le persone morte o scomparse in mare.

Il loro ricordo vive nel nostro lavoro quotidiano e nelle lotte contro le morti in mare.

Il loro ricordo 猫 presente in ogni momento in cui lottiamo contro le politiche di confine che le hanno uccise.
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In 2019, we witnessed how thousands had to risk their lives in the #Med in the hope to find safety & freedom. Hundreds died or disappeared, also amongst those who reached out to us. Find here a list of Alarm Phone cases where boats capsized or went missing鈥
This is not an exhaustive list. Sometimes we heard of boats but were never able to reach them & find out what happened. Regularly, relatives & friends reached out to us to find their missing loved ones & we just could not find out where they were. The #Med is a mass grave.
We dedicate our work to all those who have lost their lives in the sea or disappeared there. In our daily work we try to remember them and fight against death at sea. They will live on in every moment in which we do not give up on overcoming the border regime that killed them.
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脠 uscito il nostro report bimestrale - 28 ottobre/22 dicembre 2019. Abbiamo ricevuto 95 chiamate dal #Mediterraneo, con circa 3.184 migranti coinvolti. Circa 1.869 hanno raggiunto l鈥#Europa. Pi霉 di 300 persone sono morte o disperse.鈥
Mar #Egeo: 60 barche in pericolo con ca. 1.347 persone. 38 barche con ca. 834 persone hanno raggiunto la #Grecia. 22 barche con ca. 513 persone sono state riportate in #Turchia. Temiamo almeno 5 casi di respingimenti illegali.
#Med centrale: 19 barche in pericolo, con in tot. ca. 1.269 persone. 13 barche con 786 persone sono state soccorse e portate in #Europa, di cui 9 da #ONG. 3 barche con ca. 219 persone sono state portate a forza in #Libia. 3 barche con 264 persone sono naufragate o disperse.
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Our 8-week report is out! It covers the period 28 Oct. to 22 Dec. 2019. We engaged in 95 distress cases in the #Mediterranean, involving around 3,184 migrant travellers, of whom about 1,869 reached #Europe. Over 300 people lost their lives or went missing.鈥
#Aegean Sea: 60 distress cases, involving over 1,347 individuals. 38 boats with over 834 individuals on board reached #Greece. 22 boats with over 513 individuals were returned to #Turkey. We fear that at least 5 cases involved illegal push/pull back practices.
Central #Med: 19 distress cases, involving about 1,269 people. 13 boats with 786 people on board were rescued to #Europe, 9 of them by the civil fleet. 3 boats with about 219 people were returned to #Libya. 3 boats with 264 people on board capsized or went missing.
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