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🚩Alarm Phone Statement on the deadly incident in the #Channel today.

“Hello brother we are in a boat and we have a problem please help. Uh, we have children and family … water coming ... we don't have anything for rescue for ... safety.” @Utopia_56…
The fact that the position of the initial rescue operation was on the border line between French and British waters raises urgent questions on the cooperation of the Coastguards to make sure this boat was rescued.
While we ought to recognise the efforts of all search and rescue actors in this case and over the past months in the Channel the final question remains: why were these 43 people and thousands of others forced to make such a dangerous journey?
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Dangerous Minds’? Deconstructing Counter-Terrorism Discourse, Radicalisation and the ‘Psychological Vulnerability’ of Muslim Children and Young People in Britain

Vicki Coppock and Mark McGovern


Current British Government strategies to counter terrorism Image
Current British Govt strategies to counter terrorism (exemplified in the #Prevent policy & #Channel programme) are based upon a problematic fusion of certain dominant explanatory models of the ‘causes of terrorism’ (specifically, ‘psychological vulnerability’ to ‘radicalisation’) Image
based upon a problematic fusion of certain dominant explanatory models of the ‘causes of terrorism’ (specifically, ‘psychological vulnerability’ to ‘radicalisation’) with discourses of ‘child protection/safeguarding Image
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Dear Investors friends, creating a master #Thread documenting all #Important Links, Sites, Knowledge sources, Stocks currently I'm #Bulish on, etc. (1/n)
#Sharewolves #Educational #TechnicalAnalysis #LearnTechnicals #LearnnEarn #ProTrader #NiftyBullWave
Top websites for Fundamental & Technical Screener:
Best sites for #TechnicalAnalysis Studies:
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10 Slack tips guaranteed to improve your productivity and team communication today:
1/ Set automatic reminders for yourself or others in your organization. Use the format → /remind [@.someone or #channel] [what] [when]
2/ Have something to tell a colleague that doesn’t require a meeting but is too much to type out? Create an audio note to share updates asynchronously.
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IF trader, then study "Hour chart" of at least 30 trading days
Watch how #prices are #Trending & you take a position when trend changes, say, from making "LH & LL" to "HL & HH" & Vice Versa
This is the 1st & foremost step & absolutely noiseless
#Retracement helps🙏 Image
#Priceaction Step:2
All traders know Demand & Supply to exploit the difference - a basic trait of any trader/ businessman.
What captures this absolutely is #Trendline & #Channel
For Eg: When prices break out of a falling T.Line/ Channel, it means demand has overpowered supply Image
That's first clue-buyers are asserting. LH & LL would soon change.
Next step is to look for a Fibonacci #retracement to hold @ 38% or 50% or 61.8% (to make HL) with a bullish candle like #Bullishengulfing or #Bullishpinbar @ a % of previous rise which is your perfect LRHR entry
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Here’s an interesting problem regarding the #aesthetics in reproduction of #digital #image|s. (Interesting to me, at least, and also, maybe, to people like @_menkman, @jbirken, @Sierra_Offline, @kevindriscoll and @GIFmodel). 1/38
What I’ll say is true for all digital images, in a way. (And more generally, for all works of art.) But I want to focus on one type of images and on one set of aesthetic qualities in particular here. 2/38
The problem that’s bothering me is this: What is the proper way to show an early digital #screen image in #print? (Reproduced as a figure in an academic monograph, for example.) 3/38
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Is France right when it accuses UK of being too soft on - and therefore a magnet for - people arriving without legal papers? Earlier this year Home Secretary Priti Patel announced a 3 point plan to be ‘tough but fair’: To a)support those in genuine need via safe & legal routes /1
b) break the life-threatening business of criminal people smugglers. c) make it easier to remove illegal arrivals with no right to be in UK. Financial support per day for those waiting for asylum claims to be processed is, according to lawyers, higher in France than UK and /2
In UK +France migrants found working illegally can face a prison sentence. Paris accuses UK of being lax in enforcing regulations and of deporting 4x fewer illegal migrants per year than France. That, it says would act as more of a deterrent. UK government defends its record /3
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Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron spoke last night and agreed to intensify cooperation and efforts to stop people smuggling across the #Channel This, after at least 27 people died yesterday attempting the crossing BUT behind scenes French-UK finger-pointing continues. UK gov /1
Has accused French of not doing enough to stop illegal crossings to Britain. French have accused UK of being a magnet for illegal arrivals, they say:’lax about detaining people+making it too easy to find work’. Paris wants UK to issue ‘humanitarian visas’ to stop people risking/2
their lives to make illegal crossing. UK wants France to patrol its 150km long coastline better to stop the people smuggler trade. Illegal Channel crossings have increased since UK and France stepped up controls on Channel tunnel #channeldeaths /3
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Avis aux personnels médical !
Si vous avez #Telegram ... il y a plein de groupe/canal pour vous.

Visualisation en mode Web :

Lien d'accès pour Telegram :


✊🏻Foyer, FAM, CAJ notre dame…

✊🏻CHU Rennes…

✊🏻CHU Saint-Etienne…

✊🏻CHU Strasbourg…

✊🏻CHU Toulouse…

✊🏻CHU Bordeaux…

✊🏻CHRU Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Marseille…

✊🏻AP HP Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de PARIS…


✊🏻CHU Nantes…

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To all #DLF lovers
180 strong resistance
172 mild support.
Will update charts soon..
Weekly/2hr TF
@VIPINBHANDARI17 bhai as was discussed. ImageImage
180 seems to be a rising #channel resistance on weekly.
172 is retest level of a rising #wedge b/o on hourly chart.
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Case 204 #Fujifilm Holdings Corp

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#FUJIY 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Price broke below #trendline support at 45.50 and the #SMA 200 at 41.59 but found #support exactly on the 2019 low, since then it has raced back again higher into the .....

..... trendline #channel. Good #resistance into 50.80-51.40 and at the all time high 53.46 - a break above targets 57.75. Strong support seen at 32.25 - 29.55.

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Analysis: #NASDAQ $GDS

Case 147 #GDS Holdings Limited

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#GDS 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Rising steadily trading towards the top of the channel - #resistance is at 61.45 - 62.45, a break/close above the latter is needed to set sight on .....

GDS 2/4
..... the longer term target 70.40. Minor #support seen 51.35 - 49.00 a break of which will target 46.25 the bottom of the #channel.

GDS 3/4
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $MRVL

Case 121 #Marvell Technology Group Ltd

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#MRVL 1/3
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: #Resistance levels remain in play but are steadily being eroded. A #channel has developed since 2017 but conditions remain choppy. A close above 31.90 will set sights on 36.84 - the all time high.

MRVL 2/3
Chart 2
Weekly Chart: The #Strategy is printed on the image.
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Why can't we just shout out loud to #TV to switch #channel? Just the way we instruct #alexa and it listen, even when playing music. And we can give option to turn On / Off Shout out loud feature. Feel like a monkey with remote in friend's house. #Inclusive #Design #UX #tatasky
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Every Hotel Room TV must have a 24/7 Local channel running Food Joints, Travel, #Tourism #Documentary about that City. That 1 thing will boost local tourism by discoverability & #jobs for #film makers. #marketing @NITIAayog @incredibleindia @lonelyplanet @NDTV_Goodtimes @TataSky
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Spent some time learning how to use @SlackHQ -- went down some documentation rabbit holes. Here are the 10 most useful things I learned:
1. First - change your mindset: Slack looks like a chat client but it's so much more. Don't think of it as messaging or it will drive you crazy (this is a big risk given the sheer volume and velocity); use it asynch.
2. Learn how to star things: Star your go-to channels, and star messages; this can act as a to-do list for things you revisit later…
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