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I’m gonna use this Tweet as a way to illustrate how to get a simple data project up and running in R studio while also cross-checking the results listed in this Tweet.

1. All materials will be free and easily available online.

2. I have pretty severe dyscalculia, so I'm probably not going to get the numbers right the first couple times.😅

3. There is no course fee. I hate people who charge others to learn the basics of programming.😒
Ok, so, first off, let's click a NON-amp link >:P to the USA Today article.…
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Days 138-140 - #COVID19 in Iran

Troubling days and an alarming thread

Picking up from three days ago:
Since I did not find anyone who would verify and report a balanced view of COVID in Iran beyond political tensions and affiliations, ended up doing it myself. Hope doing OK job.

[Current Outlook]

Very grim. 25 provinces out of 31 in a critical condition. Official daily deaths at record high. Patients in critical condition risen from 2500 to 3000. The only good news we had was that Khuzestan is calmer now, which at least partly true but not sure how much
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#Ayurvedic treatment of fatty #liver – real world evidence: A #Thread
Overweight woman, early 40’s. Routine liver tests, mild enzyme abnormalities. Advised #ultrasound liver, showed grade 2 #fattyliver. GP advised vitaminE and #weightloss, review in 3mo
Patient and husband doubtful. Hears fatty liver disease can lead to #cirrhosis. Seeks advice from #Ayurvedic practitioner nearby #home since #Herbal #DRUGS = safe. Assures complete #cure through #Ayurveda. Prescribes multiple #medicines, advises almost all foods restriction.
Lets look at medicines. #tablet APFIL. Packet mentions ‘for liver #diseases’. Which liver disease? There is #alcohol related, #hepatitis B/C, #NAFLD, primary biliary #cholangitis and more causes. Nine #herbs extract combo - clinical #evidence on safety and benefit ❌
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It is envisaged to launch #COVID19India #vaccine for public health use latest by August 15 after completion of all
clinical trials : @ICMRDELHI DG @ProfBhargava to Bharat Biotec
@ICMRDELHI has partnered with @BharatBiotech to fast-track clinical trials of the locally developed #COVIDー19 #vaccine (BBV152 COVID Vaccine)
#vaccine development with @BharatBiotech is the "top Priority project" being monitored at the "top most level of the Government" : @ICMRDELHI DG @ProfBhargava says
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Day 76 and 77 - #COVID19 in Iran

Picking up from two days ago
[Current Outlook]

We ARE in the second wave. Overall, either early to judge or it has certainly been a softer second wave in areas where experienced a severe first wave.

But things in Khuzestan province are critical.
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IMPORTANT. Le chef par intérim du #renseignement national US, fidèle de #Trump, Grenell avait déclassifié pour la Justice la liste des officiels ayant demandé fin 2016-début 2017 à la NSA la désanonymisation de #Flynn pour sa conversation interceptée avec l'ambassadeur de #Russie
IMPORTANT (2) On apprend ce soir que Grenell, patron du renseignement ne rendant compte qu'à #Trump, a transmis aux républicains du Congrès Grassley et Johnson cette liste des officiels de l'ère #Obama ayant demandé la désanonymisation de Flynn (qui parlait en douce aux Russes)..
IMPORTANT (3) Grassley et Johnson, zélés sénateurs de #Trump, se sont empressés de publier la liste des officiels de la présidence #Obama ayant demandé la désanonymisation de #Flynn à la NSA. Et devinez qui est le dernier nom sur la liste.
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#Saturn being #Lagensh is #Benefic for both #Kundalis. sitting in the #BhagyaSthaan it acts as #Jaataks benefactor. Especially so for 2) as in the 9th #Bhaav of #Libra #Saturn is #Unch #Oonch #Exalted.
#Rahu is friendly to #Saturn & in both #Kundali it can be #AtiYogKaarak as its placed with it (#Rahu naturally wants to be like #Saturn, but its just a mimik of its #Depositor) in the #Trikon. So in 1) it is placed in #Virgo (#Mercury) & in 2) its placed in #Libra (#Venus).
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❗️➡️📍#Important #Update

➡️ The British Embassy continues to work around the clock to find solutions for British travellers to return home.

✅ Below are details of a flight opportunity to the UK via Canada tomorrow, Tuesday 31 March. There is still availability.
👉 Air Canada will operate this flight from Quito to Toronto at 10am. The flight arrives in Toronto at 17.35 in Terminal 1 of Lester B.

📍 Any subsequent travel to the UK from Toronto, will need to be booked separately once you have your confirmed seat on this flight to Toronto.
Please note that there is an Air Canada flight at 20.35 on March 31 for London.

✅ To book a seat on this flight to Toronto please follow these instructions:

➡️ Access
➡️ If a ‘SiteEdition’ appears, simply click besides it in order to continue.
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‼️📢➡️ #Important #Reminder

The Embassy continues to work around the clock to find solutions for British Travellers to go home. With huge thanks to Canadian 🇨🇦 Ambassador @Sylvie_Bedard please find in the thread below the details of a new flight opportunity to 🇬🇧 via Canada.
Air Canada 🇨🇦 will operate a flight from #Quito to #Toronto on Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00. This flight arrives in Toronto at 17:35 in Terminal 1 of the Lester B.
🇬🇧 British citizens who are able to book onwards flights from Toronto to the UK can access this flight.
To book:
➡️ Please access
▶️If a ‘SiteEdition’ appears simply click besides it in order to continue
➡️Reservation code is GAQGK221
▶️Any subsequent travel from Toronto to 🇬🇧 will have to be booked separately.
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Starting Day 13 - today's thread will be brief due to work commitments but I still try to publish important pieces.

Picking up from yesterday.


- Clerics still trying to figure out whether use of alcohol-based hand washes are OK
- Health authorities expecting the peak in 1 month and then dealing with it for another 2
- Reports that Hassan Nasrollah, Lebanese Hezbollah leader contracted #COVID19 from Iran links
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Starting day 11 when things are getting scary. #COVID19

Picking up from yesterday's thread
This video apparently showing a #COVID19 patient on the ground in Shooshtar, Khouzestan
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Starting day 10 - trying to stay hopeful in a dire situation.

Picking up from yesterday's thread:

Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi, a senior and well-known doctor in Rasht - Gilan and ex-Coroner, has died of #COVIDー19.

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The southern #Idlib rebel front collapsed overnight and #AssadPutin forces are advancing quickly despite a besieged #TurkishArmy observation post nearby and #TurkishArmy attempts to reach the front sector yesterday, which were thwarted by the #Russian air force.
And while I described this as a military development, we should not forget the humanitarian cost that comes with the regime capture.
More than 15.000 civilians lived in these towns, captured overnight, & are now displaced – probably for years or forever ...
#PutinAtWar #BombAssad
Rebels are fighting regime troops S-E of #Binine.
Heavy Russian air strikes on nearby towns – at least 3 civilians killed by them.
No reports of Turkish fire support.
#Idlib #Syria
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#Important #News! #Threade

#Israel #Jerusalem #Russia #Syria

#Russia's #ambassador to #Syria released this week what some saw as a veiled threat to #Israel if Israel continued to #bomb #Iranian positions in the war-torn country.
On February 6th, 20 #Syrian and #Iranian military officials were #killed in an airstrike on a target near #Damascus. The attack also resulted in #Syrian air defense systems accidentally firing on a #Russian 172-passenger plane.
The plane was able to land safely at a nearby airport. However, #Russian #ambassador Alexander Yefimov was not interested in the Israeli justifications. In an interview with Sputnik arabic, Yefimov described the #Israeli #attacks as “#provocative and very #dangerous”.
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Pas de grand mots mais que le ministère de la Justice ordonne à ses procureurs de carrière de revoir la peine requise contre Stone, le confident de #Trump parce que le président a dit ne pas en être content… 1 digue est rompue dans la #démocratie US.…
2) Cette intervention directe et à peine voilée du président US #Trump dans 1 sentence judiciaire contre 1 de ses proches est 1 victoire posthume de Nixon et la preuve que le président actuel peut désormais utiliser le ministère de la Justice à des fins politiques et personnelles
3) Le plus inédit est que le président #Trump fait cette intervention dans 1 affaire judiciaire en cours, concernant un de ses proches au grand jour, sous les projecteurs de son compte Twitter. La sentence requise contre #Stone? 1 erreur judiciaire
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Thread : Hindu Yuva Vahini
The Hindu Yuva Vahini is a Hindu youth militia founded by Yogi Adityanath.

The organisation has been involved in communal violence. The Hindu Yuva Vahini has been charged by the police in the Mau riots of 2005.

Charges of inciting riots, murder, and arson were brought against Hindu Yuva Vahini leaders
In Jan2007, HYV was accused of burning mosques, homes, buses & trains in Gorakhpur. This led to the arrest of Yogi Adityanath and 130 other members.

After these arrests, the members were suspected of setting ablaze 2 coaches of the Mumbai bound Mumbai-Gorakhpur Godan Express.
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Risk assessment, latest news on confirmed cases, #preparadness checklist, geographical distribution and information on coronaviruses.

Find all relevant latest news on the outbreak of the #NovelCoronavirus #nCoV2019 on our dedicated page.

Info ➡️ Image
#RiskAssessment 22.01
• potential impact of #nCoV2019 outbreaks is high;
• further global spread is likely;
• moderate likelihood of infection for EU/EEA travellers visiting #Wuhan;
• moderate likelihood of detecting cases imported into EU/EEA;
Report: Image
@WHO @WHO_Europe @ECDC_EU @EU_Health @EU_Commission Daily update of the #nCoV2019 situation - 24.01
• 897 lab-confirmed cases
• 26 fatalities
• imported cases in: #HongKong, #Macau, #Taiwan, #Thailand, #Japan, #SouthKorea, the #US, #Singapore and #Vietnam
More: Image
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News are so fast:

The Syrian Army is in Manbij now. Another Syrian Army force heading towards the Turkish advance supported by Syrian #Kurds.
It only needed the announcement of the #US withdrawal to put the end of the war in #Syria on a fast track in no time.

#Kurds agreed on all requested points by #Damascus and #Russia is the guarantor.

#Kurds have become part of the #Syria/n security allied forces.
The Syrian Army agreed to take in hand all #ISIS prisoners, families and those on the run.

#Europe will have to deal with #Damascus now.
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#BREAKING: #Turkey-backed #jihadists have reached Ain Issa, shot #Kurdish guards dead and released at least dozens of #ISIS terrorists from a detention camp.
#BREAKING: #Turkey is bombing Ain Issa while ISIS members are escaping from a detention camp, total chaos.

Why is @coalition @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR not stopping this? @oirdcom @OIRSpox
@coalition @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR @oirdcom @OIRSpox Footage showing #Turkey-backed #jihadists on the road between Ain Issa and Kobane.

Why are you not bombing these #ISIS enablers? @CENTCOM
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Thread: Q's Army

Do you think #QsArmy is just a bunch of people sitting at the computer doing nothing?

Do you think #Anons are stealing valor?

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are wasting their time, not doing anything to help?

What is #QsArmy?

(Read ☟💊)
The first thing you have to understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point.

Everyone is a starting point for someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊☟
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth. ☟
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🗃 #Thread 🗃

Where are the #arrests?

I know a lot of people are pissed off that they're not seeing mass arrests after all the #proof that has been uncovered

I understand, trust me. I want to end the #DeepState as bad as anyone

Why should I #TrustThePlan? 🤔

I'll explain ☟
First I will get into the 'WHY', then I'll explain the timeline.

The Why:
I want what everyone wants, mass arrests around the #world, the entire #DeepState, gone.

The thing you have to ask yourself is, what will the outcome be? For every action, there is a reaction.☟
What would happen if Obama was arrested tomorrow? Civil unrest/war. #MSM has people lost in a #FalseReality, they will fight because they have been trained to think it's the right thing to do.

Things are slow played for three reasons. One, to do everything by the book. Two,...☟
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Reports indicate Syrian air defenses firing at "hostile objects" over Damascus, strong explosion heard.
Syrian state TV claim defense units are "intercepting hostile targets."
Some saying Israeli Air Force could be involved.
Strong explosions heard in the Mezzeh district of Damascus, Syria.
An airbase, targeted in numerous prior attacks, is located in this area.
-Three powerful explosions heard
-Mezze airpor is known to have stationed #Iran's forces & proxy groups
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தடை செய்ய அச்சுறுத்தப்பட்ட ரபேல் ஊழல் குறித்த புத்தகத்தின் முக்கியத் தகவல்கள் #Thread

2000-01ல் நீக்கப்பட வேண்டிய
மற்றும் வாங்கவேண்டிய விமானங்களை பட்டியலிட்டு,மிக்-21, மிக்-27 விமானங்களுக்குபதிலாக,
ஒற்றைஇயந்திரம் கொண்ட 126 விமானங்கள் வாங்கவேண்டுமென விமானப்படை பரிந்துரைத்தது.
இதன்படி 2007 ஆகஸ்ட்டில் 126 நடுத்தர பல்பயன் போர்
விமானங்களை (Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft - MMRCA)
வாங்குவதற்கான டெண்டர்
விடப்பட்டது. அடையாளம் காணப்பட்ட 6 நிறுவனங்களுக்கான டெண்டர் படி, 126 விமானங்களின்
மொத்தவிலை அப்போது ரூ 42,000 கோடி. ஒரு விமானத்தின் விலை
ரூ 333 கோடி.
இந்த நடைமுறையின் இறுதியில் யூரோ பைட்டர் டைபூன், ரபேல் விமானங்கள் தொழில்நுட்ப
அடிப்படையில் ஒரே தளத்தில் இருப்பதாக முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டு குறைவான விலை கொடுப்பவர்களிடம் வாங்க முடிவாகி ல், விலை விவரங்கள் கோரப்பட்டு அதனடிப்படையில் ரபேல் இறுதியானது.
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🕵Q's Army🕵

Do you #think #QsArmy is just a bunch of #people sitting at the #computer doing nothing?💻

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are #stealing #valor?🎖

Do you think #QSoldiers are wasting their #time, not doing anything to #help?🕰

If so then please read #thread.
The first thing you have to #understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point. #Everyone is a starting point for #someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

#Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to #find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth.⤵
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