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Muurarien miehittämä @HUS_fi disinformoi:
Deltamuunnos kaataa odottajia sairaalaan
- Kysymme vaivihkaa äitiyspoliklinikkakäynneillä - alle puolet on saanut rokotteen.
Tekay muistuttaa, ettei #mRNA-rokotteiden ole todettu aiheuttavan sikiölle haittaa.…
@HUS_fi #Pregnant women must NOT get #COVIDvaccine in first trimester | Feb 4
- women who are pregnant are more likely to develop a severe form of the disease than their peers who are not,” Yariv Yogev, director of the obstetrics and gynecology dept.…
@HUS_fi Former #Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine | Aug 12
- “We never, ever give #experimental #medicines to #pregnant women," said Yeadon, Ph.D., in a presentation.…
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🀄️ کریپتومان حکایتی کوتاه از تاریخ

مخاطب این کریپتومان صرفا" اعضاء کامیونیتی کریپتو فارسی می باشد

در تاریخ این مرز بوم بسیاربوده اند افرادی وطن پرست و با شرافت که هدفی جز سربلندی مردمان این سرزمین نداشته اند و علیرغم استعداد و توانایی خود در جهت پیشرفت کشور, بنا بر دلایل/

../ مختلف از جمله #ناآگاهی مورد بی مهری عوام در دوران معاصر خودقرار گرفتند

هرچند تاریخ نسبت به وظیفه خود در قبال ایشان عمل کرد, ولی افسوس که کشور در آن دوران نتوانست از نعمت وجود ایشان بیشتر بهره مند گردد

یکی از این افراد قائم مقام فراهانی بود

شاید بهترین روش برای/

../ معرفی وی , #اقتباسی از خاطرات سفیر وقت یکی از کشورها در زمان مسئولیت این مرد بزرگ در دوره محمد شاه قاجار (۱۲۱۴ شمسی) باشد که چنین روایت میکند:

قائم مقام فراهانی تنها ایرانی وطن پرستی بود که نتوانسته بودیم او را بخریم.

هر رشوه ای به او میدادیم, می گرفت,/
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THREAD: (Ashkenazi) Jewish intelligence, cognitive profile, outcomes, & nature/nurture 🧬🧠✡️


Topics: #Psychology #IntelligenceResearch #IQ #BehaviorGenetics #GroupDifferences #Jews

"…the "Jewish intellect" appears to be centered on..."/1
"...An ability to manipulate and integrate chains of reasoning, especially those related to "causality", coupled with faculty otherwise known as verbal and/or symbolic analytics to interrelate and explain derived meanings. An ability to..."/2
"...integrate emotional context with such analytical frameworks as the skill needed to attain proficiency in conduction and playing classical music, acting, selling, and practicing psychotherapy."/3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/31/2021…
Declining biodiversity in wild Amazon fisheries threatens human diet…

#biodiversity #amazon #fisheries #diet #consequences
The Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Is a Tale of Weaponized Uncertainty…

#COVID19 #origin #wuhan #LabLeak #weaponization #uncertainty
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I just took an #IQ test and I only got 121.

I've also decided that IQ isn't a scientifically valid measure and is rooted in #Racism and phrenology and we should condemn academics who promote it.
121 from the Danish MENSA test
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Government & Public websites are part of Essential Design & Universal Design. The private websites & apps have decade long visionary goals to achieve the next billion users, the next 200 million users. On the other hand, accessing the government websites is a necessity by
1.3 billion people in India, available at disposal. Jacob's Law of internet user experience, have a prime significance shaping the usability of Essential Universal Design System. Accessibility of technology (hardware & software), collective intelligence of people in a
demography, Average IQ of individuals living in village, town, city & metropolitan demands Jury Usability Evaluation of Essential Universal Designs at regular intervals. The human society have turned technology centric so does the
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/27/2020-2…
Branko Milanovic on Capitalism, Alone - Econlib…

Estimating the burden of SARS-CoV-2 in France…

#HerdImmunity #coronavirus
From Black Death to fatal flu, past pandemics show why people on the margins suffer most | Science | AAAS…

#Death #flu
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1- İdeal programını adım adım kullanımına yönelik bilgilerindirmelere burdan sırayla başlayalım,
adım adım formul yükleme, basit formulleri yazma, basit al sat sistemleri, sistem birleşmeleri vs..
2-Basit hareketi ortalama sistemi oluşturma, hareketli ortalamanın fiyatı kesmesi sonucunda oluşan al sat sistemi.
3- RSI a göre al sat sistemi. Rsı istediğiniz rakamın üzerine çıktığın al, rakamın altına indiğinde sat mantığında. başlangıç için adım adım gitmeniz öğrenme hızınızı arttırır.
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Extravagant success of Ashkenazi #Jews in wide range of intellectual domains serves as solid refutation to already exhausted #woke narrative of oppression, victimhood, & intersectionality. Why?/1

#IQ #psychology #intelligenceresearch #groupdifferences
"In the first half of the 20th century, despite pervasive and continuing social discrimination against Jews throughout the Western world, despite the retraction of legal rights, and despite the Holocaust, Jews won 14 % of Nobel Prizes in literature, chemistry, physics..."/2
"..., and medicine/physiology. In the second half of the 20th century, when Nobel Prizes began to be awarded to people from all over the world, that figure rose to 29 %. So far, in the 21st century, it has been 32 %. Jews constitute ~0.2 % of the world’s population."/3
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I will be reposting all of the interviews I've done on the first year of the show, one per day, on this thread, with links to the new podcast.

@robsica @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @hfsunde @franciscforde
#1 Oren Amitay: Portuguese Bills on Transgender Rights. #psychology


@docamitay @Muttmere1 @vancitytaraxo @robsica @franciscforde @YzarW @jimfrank @KarinLitzcke @Lauguerreiro
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Since you asked for it, a thread with screenshots from #NoahCarl 's papers to back up my points. Disclaimers: I have omitted showing data, because all this stuff is behind pay walls. I have necessarily decontextualised sentences because this is how quoting works.
Firstly a reminder: at no point do I claim to be an expert on intelligence research. I was not critiquing Carl's work, I was critiquing a quilette article which I said was misleading.
To recap, that's this Quillete article right here:…
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"Can #African clinics help decode #schizophrenia and #bipolar disorder by collecting #DNA from thousands of patients?"

Sounds like a job for Wojcicki sister #3, Janet, #Fulbright scholar. They were looking for ways to ~diversify~ their biobank! 🙄…
How Anne and Susan Wojcicki's parents raised the founder of 23andMe and the CEO of YouTube…
Janet Wojcicki, Fulbright
Host Institution
University of Swaziland…
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