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#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#Gastapo #Stasi #Meldestelle #Steuerzahler #Gender #Greenpeace
#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#DUH #Falschparker #ChatKontrolle #Ampelr #DDR2 #Richter
#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#Freisler #Todesurteil #Justiz #Verwaltung #Ballweg
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While we develop* effective pandemic policy, to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 before the virus damages most people's brains, CNS or other organs, @AufstandLastGen peacefully encourage effective climate policy.

That's how change in policy comes about.

Model law enforcement behavior here:
@AufstandLastGen LEOs CAN be respectful, professional actors, not psychopaths who just rip peaceful protestors from the street. (If that happens, absolutely document and sue.)

As @ConstZerger says, we've known since 2019 that there's wide, tacit support in the population.
@AufstandLastGen @ConstZerger * Better, we would develop effective pandemic policy. I still can't believe that we volunteer our time despite/instead of academic jobs; that the sum of political scientists in Germany with solid SARS knowledge fits into one boat.

How is this real life? 🙏
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A common myth about #LymeDisease is that serological tests work better after 3 weeks of infection because antibodies develop slowly. This is true for only about 15% of cases—those who have the HLAs needed to produce a strong & broad immune response.…
Notice the date: 1990. CDC’s #LymeDisease group knew this when they manipulated the case definition a few years later. They implemented a diagnostic scheme that only IDs that minority of highly seropositive cases.
That means #LymeDisease tests are *only* very accurate (especially after a few weeks) if #Lyme = a genetic predisposition to a strong immune response against Borrelia antigens.
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#duh 1/ Dieticians are corrupt.

"@eatright and its foundation... received food industry fundings via sponsorships, which are in effect quid pro quos. In a 2015 email, an Academy employee defined a sponsorship as “When a company pays a fee to the Academy/Foundation in return...
2/ "...for Academy/Foundation defined specific rights and benefits.”

"The email reveals the Academy in 2015 was in a sponsorship deal with Abbott and was discussing how the Academy could use its dietitians’ influence in pediatricians’ offices to push Pediasure...
3/ " of the pharmaceutical giant’s infant nutritional products. Abbott at the time had in place a two year, $300,000 sponsorship deal.
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So you go to your doctor about doing a ketogenic diet to treat your mental illness, and they have the concern that it is too difficult and restrictive to follow. 🧵(1/10)
Many people have been on a ketogenic diet for years and find it sustainable. Like literally, decades. And some lifetimes. (2/10)
Remember epilepsy? Yeah. Whole lives. It's how they controlled their seizures before the dawning of big pharma. (3/10)
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If you don't want to grow on Twitter, do those 10 things:
1. Pick a niche

Be the next:

— Solopreneur
— Copythinker
— Unignorable

Hell, even call your fans 'Mozination'.
2. Think tweets are important

When you're at 100 followers,
tweeting 20 times per day,
thinking to yourself:

'This doesn't seem to work'

Push on. More Tweets are the answer!
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@WWEsince1985 @louisfoster4321 @daveyalba [thread rant: 1/]
You've been civil and patient in our exchange. Let me throw something at you since you mention Abortion and Transgenders in sports.

CONservatives always spout out the ideology of: "Take responsibility for YOURSELF. And keep your government off my choices."
@WWEsince1985 @louisfoster4321 @daveyalba I assume you are a man; and are neither trrans or have a trans child. Look at how many CONservatives spouted anti-gay rhetoric (and those R politiians that harmed LGBTs with policy) -- when THEY suddenly had a gay child, or THEY fooled around on their wives and got girlfriends
@WWEsince1985 @louisfoster4321 @daveyalba pregnant -- oh, suddenly, a woman's right to choose is okay. Then, gay marriage is okay for their children.

So let's talk about WHEN IT AFFECTS YOU AND THE ONES YOU LOVE, you are being hypocritical. Just because your neighbor has a right, it's Jones vs Smiths and you don't
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: People think they're being clever; but they're just the opposite. Most 'Black Owned Businesses' operate within the confines of Capitalism. So, unless you're trying to build an anti-Capitalist Infrastructure, it's all the same [Black, White, or Asian owned]! #Duh 🤦🏾‍♂️
: Recommend reading...
: Recommend reading...
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The death toll from smoking is staggering (including my own father). 8 million people die every year from smoking…
...including 480,000 in the USA…
Harm reduction can reduce that death toll, according to 15 past-Presidents of the world's leading professional society in tobacco control.…

...and over 70 respected scientific and public health organizations around the world.…
Quit smoking options include nicotine patches, gum & lozenges; prescription meds; and #SaferNicotine alternatives such as nicotine vapes, #snus, nicotine pouches & HnB.

Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes reduce their risk of cancer, heart & lung disease…
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oh no, not herd immunity. not that, i mean, why would biden want a summer economic recovery on his watch? #duh
tfw months after winning an election the economy could start to rebound
this is one of the side effects of conservative media. they create a caricature of "what liberals want" and then they start to believe it. "liberals want shutdowns, and now there wont be any shutdowns, so they will be sad." fucking stupid. but this is the right.
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So, Bhavdip Sanghavi (@bhavdip143), profiteer of the pump-and-dump or stock picking guru? Read on to find out… #tldr #hesaguru
PREAMBLE: I follow a few traders and investors, the first being Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth). His posting of trading setups & willingness to explain his process was intriguing. As a former accountant, I can do fundamental analyses all day long to pick the investments I like.
What I lacked was a way to get the timing right, meaning potential 30-50% returns instead came in at 10-20%. A technical trader sharing his insight and expertise, and watching the banter between him and other traders, was an opportunity to learn and improve for free. #thanksassad
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Italians over 80 'will be left to die' as country overwhelmed by coronavirus…
Why the 🇨🇳Chinese Communist Party and its agricultural policies are to blame for coronavirus (and SARS).
🇨🇳China's wild animal farms began as a way for poor peasant households to make ends meet before becoming centers of mass industrial production.
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Here are two fun facts that everyfuckingbody knows:

1. If there was nothing in the #MuellerReport that is bad for Trump, it would be released in its entirety without hesitation.

2. Barr was hired specifically to help Trump hide the Mueller Report from the public.

Well, here's a freebie that somebody's gotta say:

We are in a constitutional crisis the magnitude of which is unprecedented in our history, in which the #Republican party is not only complicit, but criminally negligent . . . and supported by hateful bigots and racists.
. . . . in the name of patriotism.
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⛑Healthcare Reform🏥

📍Currently most all private insurers (@Aetna @Humana @AnthemBCBS etc) already have contracts w/ @CMSGov for Medicare Advantage plans. If EVERY American becomes eligible for healthcare coverage, that means more people will be needed to process claims…

…which means… MORE jobs, not less.

💡 Here's my ideas💡

📍people who qualify for Social Security/Medicare can keep their Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans
📍State Medicaid could help supplement contributions into system for unemployed/disabled

📍If we had nationalized health care, then that would eliminate networks/restrictions on which doctors you can see or hospitals you can go to. 🔅Qualifications would instead be if the doctor/facility is in good standing, no investigations, safe, @TJCommission cleared, etc.

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1/ Ich möchte kurz über die @NDR Doku "Das Diesel-Desaster" reden, die gerade von Diesel-Fans hier und auf Facebook abgefeiert wird.… #thread
2/ Seit mehr als 3 Jahren beschäftige ich mich mit Stickstoffdioxiden und dem #Dieselskandal. In der Zeit habe ich fast alle Artikel & Beiträge in namhaften Medien dazu gelesen/gesehen. Vieles davon ist schlecht recherchiert und/oder einseitig, aber diese Doku ist...
3/ ...ein besonders krasses Beispiel. In den folgenden Tweets erkläre ich, warum ich die Doku für tendenziös halt:
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