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Você, jacaré, já pensou que você pode nos ajudar a acabar com a pandemia? Não?

Segue o fio que a gente te conta 🧶
Atualmente, observamos o seguinte cenário:
- Apenas 25% da população mundial está vacinada;
- As vacinas disponíveis não tem eficácia de 100%;
- A variante Delta é mais infecciosa que a cepa original, está em grande circulação no mundo e as vacinas são menos eficazes contra ela.
Essa combinação de fatores aumenta a probabilidade de pessoas vacinadas se infectarem e, consequentemente, de o vírus continuar se reproduzindo, mutando e evoluindo.
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I was harmed by #CBT/GET not bc I was forced into the torture (aka #MEcfs) Clinics but bc lack of education meant #NHS Dx me w/ Depression as cause of #PEM, #BrainFog & debilitating #Fatigue and was then traumatised by #Psychiatrists who told me I was to blame 1/
I was a happy, successful, yoga pant wearing, posh gym attending, green juice drinking, extroverted Californian forced to undergo #CBT w/ stern British #Psychiatrists. I wasn’t Depressed until I met them, temporarily saved by acceptance into @BerkeleyHaas MBS program 2/
MBA life is hectic, exhilarating & inspiring. In remittance, I love people & Academics so got involved in everything. For 2nd year, I got a position teaching undergrad Business. An income meant I moved into nicer apartment, flew business clothes to NYC for Reuters internship 3/
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1/5 Introducing The Epidemiologist R Handbook! Collaboratively written by and for applied epidemiologists. Check out and share widely!
2/5 This free, open-access manual provides sample R code and tutorials addressing a wide variety of data management and visualization tasks with practical epidemiological examples.
3/5 The handbook is also available in an offline version for use in settings with low internet-connectivity, and is great for those looking to transition to R from SAS, Stata, SPSS or Excel.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/20/2020-2…

Peter Turchin The Science behind My Forecast for 2020 - Peter Turchin…

#science #forecast2020
Physical link between RNA processing and epigenetic silencing discovered…

#epi #rna
Lancet-gate in the COVID-19 pandemic era: is it alright for science to be wrong?…

#wrong #pandemic #science
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Wonderful new podcast by @CIDRAP, giving you an inside look at what my @PublicHealthUMN class w/Dr. Osterholm is like! Highly recommend the listen! Key points from ep 1 on #COVIDー19 #COVID19:
Thread 1/10
1: @mtosterholm debunks the seasonality premise. Typical in disease outbreaks to see peak infections after 6mo, this is time to understand transmission & take action. Nothing to do w/seasonality or temp, example of active MERS transmission in Arabian desert
2: Must consider long-term plans. Something between full lockdown vs no action. Find middle ground, minimize exposure in most vulnerable pop, allow transmission in less vulnerable pop b/c less severe outcomes, they become immune & continue to work in society/care for others
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It's not going to be the "brilliance of experts" that truly makes a difference right now to slow #COVID19.

It is going to be the actions of "regular" every day people becoming "experts" in the things we need most.

2/ Over the last year, I led the American Medical Association's @JournalofEthics issue on the ethics of pandemic response.

We focused on #Ebola, but ended up covering so many topics #journalism #anthropology #law #biosecurity #mentalhealth #epi etc…
3/ If there is anything I learned in leading that effort, it was that there is no single epidemic "expert".

Not only do epidemics require working together across so many academic sectors; they require it across societies at all levels.

Everyone matters.
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Very proud of our recent paper on #epi of #appendicitis just published in @JAMASurgery | | Thankful to my collaborators @ReeceGeo, @SESanchezMD, & @DaveFlum | Thankful to @BMCSurgery & the Tauber Fam Foundation who gave me time to work on it. Thread 1/11
Most (not all, of course) papers written on appendicitis in last 10-20 yrs have been based on proportions: # cases w perforation / # cases of appendicitis [including several studies by yours truly!]. But this metric requires a big assumption … 2/11
The assumption is that the groups of patients who are being compared (say, patients with private insurance vs. patients with Medicaid vs. patients with no insurance) all come from populations at equal risk of #appendicitis. But does this assumption hold up? 3/11
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Mediante comentário publicado online no @LancetChildAdol Wang et al. sugerem a adoção de um plano de contingência pelas #UTIs #neonatais afim de proteger e resguardar estes pacientes durante o surto 🌍 do novo #coronavírus #2019nCov : 📲… @SBPediatria
"1. Adotar precauções padrões para a higiene e desinfeção das mãos na entrada da #UTI #neonatal e o fornecimento de #EPI como luvas, máscaras #😷 #N95 ou #PFF2 e #óculos de proteção para #TODOS os #profissionaisdesaúde
2. Limitar & restringir imediatamente o n. de visitas nas UTIs #neonatais, assim como o uso de #EPI por parte de #visitas.
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