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Hey folks! got something exciting to share today. believe me, you'd want to stay tuned till the end because the best point is waiting there for you! now, let's talk about creating better AI art - sounds cool, doesn't it? let's dig in! 🤖👇
1. First things first, AI art isn't as spooky as it sounds. it's just using computer algorithms to generate art. pretty neat, right? they can do everything from painting like Van Gogh to creating entirely original pieces. the future is here, friends! #aiart
2. But how can we make this AI art better? how can we, mere humans, teach machines to be more...artistic? well, it all starts with understanding that AI isn't creative on its own. it's a tool, not a mind. it's all about how we use it. #creativity
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1. A/B testing can significantly improve your copywriting results. By testing different variations of your copy, you can determine what works best for your audience and optimize your content accordingly. #copywriting #ABtesting
2. A/B testing allows you to make data-driven decisions about your copy. Instead of relying on guesswork, you can use actual user data to determine which copy resonates with your audience and drives more conversions. #data #copywriting
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The Case for Free-Range Lab Mice

🧵 A thread based on my @NewYorker story🧵…
No-one knows how many mice & rats are experimented on in the US, bc even tho' they are the most common species used in biomedicine, thanks to Sen. Jesse Helms, rodents are officially excluded from the Animal Welfare Act.

It’s estimated @ 120 million/yr.
Experiments on animals are required by law and bioethics codes, but in a 2014 analysis of 2,000+ drugs, animal tests were found to be “highly inconsistent” predictors of toxic effects in humans.

You might as well toss a coin instead.…
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This is going to be one of my most important threads.

On Oct 24 2020 we analyzed the Rockefeller Foundation "Message Handbook - #Covid19 Testing & #Tracing, Sept 2020".

This thread examines the #UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 #Vaccine Communications (released Nov 18). Image
Before we begin, we need to understand who/what [Share] Verified is. Self-described as "the biggest team the world has ever seen" Verified is #Purpose PR firm (sister org of #Avaaz) partnered w/ #UN, #Luminate (#Omidyar) & #Ikea. Image
[Share] Verified "Collaborators" include #WorldBank, #Facebook, #Twitter, #TikTok, etc.…

"Verified works with the support of #Luminate, #IKEA Foundation & UN Foundation & partners all over the world." ImageImageImageImage
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Nous présenterons à 14h avec @robinreda, le rapport d’étape de la mission d’information sur la règlementation et l’impact des différents usages du #cannabis concernant le #CannabisThérapeutique.

2/6 Depuis le début de l’année, nous avons interrogé l’ensemble des parties prenantes en vue d'établir un état des lieux de la situation, des demandes et attentes et réfléchir à la mise en place de l’#expérimentation du #CannabisThérapeutique.
3/6 Cette #expérimentation, c’est le législateur qui l’a voté, lors de la dernière loi de financement de la Sécurité Sociale et elle a déjà pris beaucoup de retard.
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Fascinating speech by @michaelgove:… at the US #DitchleyFoundation: this evening.

(Ditchley's list of Governors:… makes it quite clear all references to "#elites" in his speech are with a nod and a wink...)
No sackcloth and ashes, nor any real acceptance of #responsibility by the (now) Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, despite a pretty accurate description 👇 of what's happened - in large part - during his time in Government... Image
A grand, arguably grandiose, framing that feints at (but ultimately falls short of promising) a new #NewDeal, on #FDR's #Democratic model.

Themes we've heard time and again: locating the business of Gov't outside the Westminster/Whitehall #bubble; #reform (24 references) and...
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Today's thread - by @pingali - is about making #MachineLearning projects successful. Links back to the first session of making #DataScience work by @scribbledata… (1/8) Learn more by joining The Fifth Elephant on
@pingali @scribbledata Framing: Formulating a good problem is the most important step. What is 'good' depends on the context. Mature companies require optimal solutions. Sometimes, framing can be good enough but something that can be pulled back. Take #risks, with guard rails in place. (2/8) Join The Fifth Elephant to participate:
@pingali @scribbledata Buy-in: #DataScience has ambiguity. Communicating is
critical - define goals of communication; who you are communicating with is important. Link data science outcomes to business outcomes. Understand incentives and motives of other stakeholders. Be empathetic. (3/8) Subscribe to The Fifth Elephant on to join.
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