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An #Excel #error in the Austrian social democrats leadership election occurred when aggregating results together into a spreadsheet. #Doskozil was leader from the 3rd to the 5th of June. Following the correction #Babler leads the party. #risk #Excelgate… Image
We have countless examples of spreadsheet errors in political organisation. The mistakes made are elementary and often occur when passing information from system A to system B manually. A basic lack of checking, corroboration and validation has derailed democracy once again
These errors are great examples of how little thought is put into the use of spreadsheets for critical decision making. So much confidence was bestowed on #Excel, no one bothered to check if it was correct. Its a mistake we repeat time and again.
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il numero magico! #samplesize
📌quali elementi considerare per il calcolo della dimensione campionaria?

il modulo è presente nell'offerta formativa del master
per info sul master
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 6 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo openai-cookbook by openai (4565 ⭐️)
+11 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API…
Repo starknet_in_rust by lambdaclass (32 ⭐️)
+6 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

A Rust implementation of Starknet…
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Pass your PL-300 (Microsoft Power BI #Data Analyst) #Exam like a Pro with these #FREE Preparation tips from @Microsoft itself.

PS: PL-300 exam tests 4 domain knowldege of @MSPowerBI
which are explained thus

1. Prepare the Data

* Get data from different sources
Import, DirectQuery or Dual
* Cleaning data in Power #Querry: Pivot + unpivot, Appending + merging queries,naming queries best practice, DISTINCT vs UNIQUE #values ...
* Query #error type…
2. Model the Data (largest % of the exam)

• Customize Column + #table properties
• Hierarchy for drill through
• Data #Modeling: Star schema, cardinality, filter direction
* Date Table (best practice)
* Measures with DAX
* Performance Analyzer…
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El 60-80% de las #amigdalitis/faringoamigdalitis/faringitis son causadas por #virus. Es menos frecuente que sea causado por bacterias, por lo tanto, si usted se toma un #antibiótico cada ves que le duele la garganta, está cometiendo un grave #error.

Le explico la diferencia


Son las más frecuentes, los síntomas suelen ser más #leves. Es habitual encontrar una garganta muy enrojecida, a veces con vesículas; tendrán también moco, en ocasiones estornudos, fiebre y tos. La evolución es benigna, se curan en pocos días y no tienen complicaciones. ImageImageImage

La #bacteria más frecuente es Streptococcus pyogenes (estreptococo del grupo A), pero otras bacterias también pueden causar amigdalitis. Suelen presentar fiebre elevada, dolor intenso de garganta, mal aliento y de forma muy habitual “placas de pus” sobre las amígdalas ImageImageImageImage
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"1 Introduction
A locally testable code (LTC) is an #ErrorCorrectingCode that has a property-tester. The tester reads 𝑞 bits (randomly - but not necessarily uniformly chosen) from a given word, and rejects words with probability proportional to
>their distance from the code. The parameter 𝑞 is called the locality of the tester.

A random code has, with high probability, constant rate and distance, but locality that is proportional to the length. This is true even for random #LDPC codes [BHR05], and
>a priori the mere existence of codes with constant locality is not obvious. The first LTCs appear implicitly in works on #ProgramChecking [BLR90] and on #ProbabilisticallyCheckableProofs (PCPs) [BFL91, LFKN92, BFLS91, AS98, ALM+98].

> ImageImage
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Bulan puasa ada hantu ke?

Rt supaya bukan korang je yang rasa seram dengan cerita ni.

Ini adalah thread.
Korang boleh baca cerita seram dan cerita bukan seram yang aku tulis kat pinned tweet profile aku ataupun korang boleh join channel telegram aku kat situ pun ada cerita yang aku tulis. Nak join telegram tekan je link kat bawah ni👇
Minta tolong subscribe my youtube channel, Akan ada exclusive content nanti.

Tekan link ni 👇…
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Error, incertidumbre, precisión, tolerancia y exactitud. Términos relacionados con la calidad en una medida o la calidad de un dato espacial geográfico. Pero, se conoce con claridad qué significa cada término?. Ven conmigo 🤙
Comenzaremos con el término ERROR, es la diferencia entre el valor medido de una magnitud y el valor considerado como valor real o de referencia. El error no es conocido. #error
INCERTIDUMBRE: parámetro que nos indica la dispersión de los valores atribuidos a una magnitud. Este parámetro es conocido. #incertidumbre (Este es mi día a día cuando me pregunta el camarero qué quiero de beber... y ante la final acabo pidiendo agua)
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El 25 de febrero de 1991, durante la Guerra del Golfo, una batería de misiles #Patriot estadounidenses no logró interceptar un misil #Scud. Murieron 28 soldados.

La causa: un error de 0.000000095 frente al gran error de la #guerra.


¿Qué ocurrió? ⬇️
Los #Patriot eran (son) misiles tierra–aire de largo alcance y carácter defensivo. Cuando el radar de la batería detectaba un ataque con misiles, los Patriot eran lanzados con el propósito de destruir la amenaza antes de que alcanzara su objetivo.

El proceso era sencillo:

1⃣ El radar detectaba un objeto extraño.
2⃣ Sabiendo la velocidad de un #Scud, el sistema predecía su "posible" futura ubicación y comprobaba si el objeto había seguido dicha trayectoria.
3⃣ Si la amenaza se confirmaba, se lanzaban los #Patriot.
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Today's Applied Complexity Symposium begins with a panel on Computation and Complex Economies, feat. Rob Axtell, Joshua Epstein, @C4COMPUTATION, Blake LeBaron, John Miller, & @MelMitchell1

(Follow this thread for live coverage all day...)

#complexsystems #economics
4 Principles of Collective #Computation:

1 Ground truth (objective reality)
2 Effective ground truth (what we agree on, whether or not it is accurate)
3 #Information can be collectively encoded in #networks
4 Outputs are a product of collective dynamics

@C4COMPUTATION right now
"I think #economics really needs to adopt a generative framework with agent-based models of cognitively plausible software people...[and] we don't choose to fear."

- SFI'S Joshua Epstein (@GeorgeMasonU) on modeling emotions at today's ACtioN symposium:
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"If I were to write a textbook on #complexity, it would be structured like this..."
- SFI Pres David Krakauer starts off this morning at #CSSS19 #CSSS at @IAIASantaFe

#error #adaptation #universality #coarsegrained #math #theory
"If you talk about #intelligence and #stupidity, you talk about #communication and #policy. That is the natural place to start."

"If you've ever written a Lokta-Volterra #equation, you've drawn a perpetual motion machine. There's no #dissipation."

- SFI President David Krakauer
"Why #God is a bad #theory: it's not because it's not true; it's because it uses an infinite-dimensional process to explain low-dimensional phenomena."

- SFI President David Krakauer at #CSSS19 on #Ockham's Razor & why #Darwin's animal breeding metaphor backfired on #evolution
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