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Destabilization by #Israel+#SaudiArabia+#UAE in the Middle East is equal to the destabilization by #Iran. Is it?

I listened to @PeterBeinart on @FareedZakaria's show. He used this contrast to justify rejecting the idea of a #JCPOA rethink to include Iran's malign activities. /1
Are #Israel #KSA #UAE destabilizing the Middle East equally to or more than #Iran? This juxtaposition is used by Iran govt and sympathizers who suggest Tehran's wide network of proxies & operations in the region is not unique. Rather, it's normal. /2
Keeping #JCPOA intact is a legitimate goal but not on the basis of a fallacy. Moral and political equivalency that @PeterBeinart suggested [b/w #KSA/#Israel/#UAE and #Iran] is worth discussing. In short bursts, just key points, for the sake of informing. /3
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#SaudiArabia #Mecca #Coronavirus #Umrah

Saudi Arabia wants to gradually allow the Muslim Umrah pilgrimage again under strict conditions after a seven-month Corona break.
The second largest pilgrimage after the so-called #Hajj was banned at the end of February due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus. As of Sunday, the small pilgrimage should initially be feasible again for believers who are in the country,
said the Saudi Interior Ministry, as the state news agency SPA reported. The small pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, which is holy for Muslims, is recommended for devout Muslims. In contrast to the great pilgrimage (Hajj), the Umrah can be performed at any time.
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This #SaudiNationalDay we honor our frontline workers and take a look at how KSA protected its residents, and the rest of the world…
For #SaudiNationalDay, we look at how King Salman’s leadership made a different in #SaudiArabia’s fight against #COVID19

How the Saudi Ministry of Commerce helped protect the economy during COVID-19

What Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce did to help protect the Kingdom’s #economy amid the #coronavirus pandemic

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#manuscripts #Shii MS Astan-e Quds-e Razavi 7936 Kitab al-mazar of Ibn al-Mashhadi #pilgrimage_guides 1/
The Kitab al-mazar of Muhammad b. Ja’far al-Mashhadi (d. 594/1198) was a prominent #Shii traditionist who had studied with Ibn Shahrashub (d. 588/1192), Warram b. Abi Firas (d. 605/1208) and Sayyid Ibn Zuhra naqib of Aleppo (d. 585/1189) 2/
He had both a well grounded mastery of the traditions as well as the theology of #Shii Islam 3/
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Some of the African ancestors of the Gullah Geechees were Muslim. The “ring shout”—a form of religious dance where worshipers turn counterclockwise while singing, clapping, and shuffling their feet—was directly inherited from enslaved Muslim slaves brought to the Sea Islands. Image
Research done by Lorenzo Dow Turner, the father of #Gullah studies, shows the worshipers recreated the circumambulation (the act of moving around a sacred object) or tawaf of #Muslim pilgrims around the Ka ́bah in Mecca. This brings to mind the #hajj, which just ended last week.
Learn more about Africanism in Gullah Geechee culture from this 2010 @SmithsonianACM exhibit on Turner’s life and work.…
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The Haramain team caught up with a few individuals who were selected to perform the unique, yet amazing #Hajj this year.

Over the next few days, we will be sharing responses from the Hujjaj to our various questions. #haramaininfo Image
‘How was your journey during Hajj?’ Image
‘What was your most memorable experience during Hajj?’ Image
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#manuscripts MS King Abdul Aziz Library Riyadh 906 #IslamicPhilosophy Mawdih al-diraya Li-sharh bab al-hidaya of Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa’i (d. 909/1503) 1/ ImageImageImage
IAJ was a prolific author in theology #fiqh philosophy on the cusp of the #Safavid period and there is a Institute devoted to publishing his work based in al-Ahsa headed by Sayyid ‘Ali al-Musa 2/ ImageImage
His best known works are his massive al-Mujli a combination of insights from #Shii #kalam #Avicennism #IshraqiPhilosophy and the #Sufism of #IbnArabi 3/ ImageImage
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Emotional Scenes as the Hujjaj return to Masjid Al Haram for the final round to perform Tawaaf Al Wida (The Farewell Tawaaf), as the #Hajj  concludes shortly. ImageImageImageImage
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NOW | Hujjaj arriving in Masjid Al Haram for the performance of Tawaaf Al Wida (The Farewell Tawaaf)

Receiving Guests of Rahman for the final time....

#Hajj ImageImage
Receiving Hujjaj in Masjid Al Haram

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The Hujjaj of #Hajj 2020 have experienced a special journey of uniqueness and peacefulness, each being invited by the Almighty, served by the Presidency, an unforgettable, swift episode, as the days sadly come to an end. ImageImageImageImage
Emotional Scenes were all that emerged, as Muslims around the world tuned in to the live coverage of the Two Holy Mosques and expressed their love and joy. We pray that the millions from every corner of the world, who once filled the Haram can return in the coming year. ⁣ ImageImage
We ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala to accept the Hajj of the Hujjaj, forgive their sins, fulfill their prayers and grant our Viewers and the Muslims around the globe the opportunity to perform Umrah & Hajj soon!⁣
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First day of the three days of Tashreeq • Hujjaj continue the symbolic “stoning of the devil” ritual, adhering to precautionary measures. #Hajj 2020
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"I’d like to start by wishing all Muslims #EidMubarak.

And I’d like to congratulate the Kingdom of 🇸🇦 for the steps it has put in place to make the #Hajj as safe as possible this year"-@DrTedros
"This is a powerful demonstration of the kinds of measures that countries can and must take to adapt to the new normal"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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Latest #Hajj Update: The Hujjaj are currently arriving in groups from Mina to Masjid al-Namirah, Arafah where they will await the Khutbah (Sermon) which will be delivered shortly at 12:25 PM Makkah time. ImageImageImageImage
Listen To The Arafat Khutbah Translation In Multiple Languages via the link:
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NOW | Kiswah changing ceremony has begun in Masjid Al Haram

Follow this thread for on ground updates

Multiple ropes will be used to pull the New Kiswah up

The New Kiswah is being brought inside Masjid Al Haram

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HAPPENING NOW | The sides of the Kiswah being opened to prepare for Kiswah replacement

Kabah being prepped for Kiswah replacement later today

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Beautiful Images taken this morning from Masjid Al #Haram on Day 1 of #Hajj1441


via Haramain ImageImageImageImage
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Stunning photo from this year #Hajj in #Mecca, in the era of #coronavirus and social distance!
Bravo #SaudiArabia Image
And here is the video from socially-distanced hyistoric #Hajj
#SaudiArabia changed all the Kaaba dressings ( Kiswa), per the Kingdom #coronavirus safety protocol.
This Year’s Hajj is unique in so many aspects.
I wish I was in Mecca! ImageImage
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LATEST: Hujjaj have started to arrive at Masjid Al Haram in batches, to perform Tawaaf Al Qudum (The Tawaf of Arrival). Further information to be shared.
#Hajj 1441 / 2020
Close up Scene of the Ka'bah as Hujjaj continue to arrive in groups. Image
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LIVE Now: Join the #Hajj Symposium held by Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and General Presidency of Haramain
Sheikh Sudais and other high ranking officials are online.

Real time English Translation can be enabled via the bottom tab.
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NOW | Rain in Makkah

#Hajj1441 #Hajj
Rain in Makkah earlier today
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Kabah raising ceremony has begun in Masjid Al Haram

NOW | Kiswah raising ceremony under way in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah

#Hajj ImageImageImage
LIVE NOW | Ihram being put around the Kabah

#Hajj1441 #Hajj Image
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Allah the Most High & Exalted says: “By the Dawn; By the ten nights” [Surah Al-Fajr:1-2]

The Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) has said regarding these blessed days:

“There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days.” Cont.
The people asked , “Not even Jihad for the sake of Allah?” He said, “Not even Jihad for the sake of Allah, except in the case of a man who went out, giving himself and his wealth up for the cause (of Allah), and came back with nothing.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari]
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The crescent for the month of Dhul Hijjah 1441 will be searched today. #Hajj1441 #Hajj

Follow this thread as we bring you updates directly from the observatories 👇 Image
How do we report sighting before the Supreme Court?

The sighting is conducted at Al Majmah University, Sudair and secondary sighting is conducted in Tumair. The results are sent to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia which are announced by the State's Press Agency.
We report to you the results of the sighting directly from the observatories
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As a follow-up to a thread on the #GunābādīNiʿmatullāhī order and #ShiiSufism some thoughts on Maʿṣūm ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1926) the famous 'historian' of Sufism 1/
His father Raḥmat ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1861) came at the end of a scholarly lineage of #Niʿmatullāhī Shaykhs: Muḥammad Jaʿfar Majdhūb ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1824), Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn Shīrvānī Mast ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1838), and Raḥmat ʿAlī Shāh himself all of whom had good relations at court2/
Majdhūb ʿAlī Shāh was closely linked to the traditional seminarian philosophers in Isfahan and Tehran and wrote a scholarly polemic against Henry Martyn (d. 1812) called Mirʾāt al-ḥaqq…مجذوب-علي-شاه 2a/
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