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Get to know #MECCA The Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America & its Extremism
Yet another Muslim group in America growing by leaps & bounds claiming to be that peaceful innocent “religion” when indeed they condone, promote & teach radical Islam.…
⚠️MECCA claims that its goals are "to guide young Muslims””build bridges of understanding w/ other cultures & faiths" Yet the Chicago-area mosque's willingness to promote hate preachers & anti-Semitic demagogues reflects the continued influence of its Islamic founders & leaders.
⚠️ But a man is known by the company he keeps. On September 20, the MECCA Center hosted Imam Zaid Shakir, who delivered the Friday sermon. Shakir's writings and speeches show a man prone to conspiracy theories and extremism.
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I'm no fan of the secular academical approach to #Islamic militantism. We all know who I'm talking about. There're some aspects to it that make it inherently flawed and inconsistent with the reality of #Islam. I'll comment on two of these flaws, but there are many more.
It enforces the idea of nationalism through the use of the term "foreign fighters". This term is foreign (pun intended) to the Islamic worldview, and is the result of the artificial, post-colonial borders dividing the #Muslim world into European-style nation-states.
In the Islamic worldview, a Muslim is symbolically related through membership of the shared religion to any other member of this socio-religious group we call the "ummah" (the Muslim Community). That's the inside group. Those that do not share the religion are obviously not.
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Allah was the Arabic name for a Moon Deity
before the foundation of Islam.

It is nothing against Islam or Muslims, #FactsMatter
Did you know the real site of #Mecca is actually PETRA

These are not wild #Conspiracies #FACTSMATTER
Evidence collected for decades.
Allah from Moon Deity to the only 1 God is not a disrespectfu'll collection of mumbo jumbo,
Truth will set you free.

I ask that you watch the documentary I just posted.

@Imamofpeace my friend,
What are your thoughts on the above posts?

Pardon the spelling I am mobile.
(On the move)

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THREAD @KingSalman at emergency #Mecca Summit: The Iranian regime’s interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region, development of nuclear & missile programs, and its threats to freedom of international shipping, is a threat to the security of the world.
“We call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities regarding threats posed by Iran...and to use all means to stop the regime from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. And its sponsorship of terrorist activities in the region.”
“It should be noted that the failure to deter and confront the subversive activities of the Iranian regime in the region is what allowed it to continue and escalate in the way we see today”
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1.6 BILLION Muslims have been praying in the wrong direction facing MECCA that was NOT there.

The false religion #Islam requires prayer 5 time a day. When praying it must br4 towards their holy city of #Mecca where the Black (meteorite)
#Kabbah Stone

Kabbah Stone is housed.
Problem ,
#Muhammad the pedophile founder was born. He married his 9 yr old wife Ayisha and consemated their vows at age 9(her) 53(him)
Mecca = his birth place.
Problem, it seems that Islam Scholar and Geography historian.Dan Gibson
Dan Gibson has determined after 30 years of in the field studying PETRA JORDAN was the real Mecca.

Here is a documentry of his findings.

No.offence to Muslims but you are being led straight to hell.

Come to Christianity.
Jesus Christ Saves
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Hikma History asks whether there is historical evidence for #Mecca in the 6th CE or earlier. A fantastic question. Outside historical sources don't seem to mention the town. @iandavidmorris examines this material masterfully in this blog:…
But what about pre-Islamic Arabian sources? Do they give evidence for Mecca as a pilgrimage center? Most pre-Islamic texts from central Arabia are short, undated inscriptions containing personal names and enigmatic phrases. No toponyms are attested in these and therefore,..
They are not very useful for answering our question. The long and detailed texts from Ancient Yemen, however, do not mention any place called Mecca. Although numerous pilgrimage sites are attested, they all seem to be located in South Arabia.
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