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like for one kpop opinion 💋 Image
hybe is running kpop into the ground by continuing to make normie music to appeal to white americans. it’s killing what made the genre initially appealing and i need it GONE
twice and blackpink exist on the same spectrum of stale. blackpink have yet to actually grow as a group and twice while did experience a short period of growth, jyp got scared and went back to basic music. both groups need a hard restart or to wrap it up
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.@CoreyTaylorRock —The message was received, I didn’t want anyone knowing I received it though… Which made things easier for the .@USNavy & .@USArmy to help get you out of Trouble ..

I told you in the beginning, I would not forget about you. There would not be A me right now
It weren’t for .@Slipknot ..

I said it before many times & I will say it again & again for the next 1,000 years, your music/The 9 saved my life from 1999 & Beyond ..

I would not be here today if there was no Slipknot & if there was no Slipknot, things would have been
Much worse these past 6 years & they would be much worse right now ..

You’re the real Heros, you & everyone who helped keep me alive with you/their music ..

Thank You for being you, don’t ever change !

Let’s Live !
I Will breathe new life into you, I refuse to let you die.
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Cuando se habla de que la construcción en densidad, es decir, en altura, es más eficiente que la construcción dispersa, o sprawl, es por una serie de motivos. Vamos con este ejemplo y supongamos que han construido aquí 2000 nuevas casas en las que viven 5000 personas. Hilo⬇️
1⃣ La cuenta es esta: son 2000 casas con una ocupación media de 2,5 personas por casa. Estas 5000 personas, con la misma ocupación, 2,5 por vivienda, podrían alojarse en 50 edificios de 10 pisos cada uno con 4 viviendas por planta. ¿Daría lo mismo? No.
2⃣ En suelo consumido: en el espacio que ocupan 250 casas se podrían haber levantado los 50 edificios, por lo que resultado sería que lo que ahora están ocupando 4750 casas de más, podría haber seguido siendo suelo natural o agrario. El suelo, ojo, ¡es un recurso no renovable!
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a thread by giannofleur ★彡 ImageImageImageImage
hiii jadi karena banyak yang request cara aku belajar buat litbing, jadilah aku bikin thread inii heheh. this is the things that i do yang Alhamdulillah bisa bikin aku maintain score to untuk litbing diatas 700an
sebelumnyaa disclaimer jujur dulu, i didnt start all of this tanpa pondasi apapun. dari TK B sampe kelas 5 SD dulu aku sempet EF, jadi istilahnya aku nggak asing-asing banget dengan bahasa inggris. but dont worryy, buat kalian yg beneran gaada basic les apa apa itu bukan berarti—
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I have helped me more than you lot have ever helped me.

In @FACTukorg If @nspcc @childrensociety @lambeth_council @MaudsleyNHS had done their fuckin jobs in the first place, like @elonmusk #ElonMusk #ElonMuskTwitter has done for #TwitterBlue
I would be doing for @GREATBritain as a #brownskin seeing as nothing but brown skin people are at the top killing #AllNewHope and #AllLivesMatter . off #ffs.
No hang on #rewind, #sorry, Only My #GodofWar and @elonmusk #ElonMuskTwitter the two things that are invisible and I have NEVER ever met have shown me more #compassion sorry and my dog, that would be the 4 not 2 legged @BTPDogs of course.
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As you can see what a #LiarsGonnaLie really looks like.

As we know, #IPCC aka @policeconduct have NEVER EVER taken my complaint on board that was made on the 5/2/2015 but it has only ever been on my twin sisters #complaint.

As for the #Statement surrounding #socialmediastrategy Image
and not having anything to do with my @TwitterCreators @FBoversight accounts removed, but my @Dropbox is ok.

well let me just remind you fish face after you decided you had nothing better to do but to setup your @TwitterSupport account in the name of #misery @realerthanm0st
but for the @FACTukorg you have shit for brains as all in the @metpoliceuk did not realise if she used the same screenshot sent to her colleges when using @the_tpa to fuckin #Gaslighting me you decided to change the name to TONI LOVELL and changed the profile pic to the screen ImageImageImage
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Mijn twitterloze 88-jarige schoonmoeder Agnes Verbiest en gelauwerd excuses-expert snapt die ophef rond het aanbieden van excuses over het slavernijverleden wel. Sterker nog, ze begrijpt niet dat niemand het proces volgt dat bij excuseren hoort. Zo kan het niet lukken. #draadje
Als docent Neerlandistiek aan de universiteit Leiden schreef Agnes Verbiest boeken over taal en communicatie en in 2010 verscheen ‘Excuses nog, en sorry’ over de kunst van het verontschuldigingen.
#excuses #sorry
Ik deel graag met jullie haar beknopt overzicht van de onderdelen van ‘t proces van het aanbieden van excuses. Want excuses kun je niet weggeven, die moet je uitonderhandelen! #excuses #sorry
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i got impatient with the port to switch BUT ANYWAYS NEW LIVETWEET THREAD IM FINALLY PLAYING AA4 Image
yall im shaking like. IM FINALLY GONNA KNOW!!!!!!!!! okay mute me if youd like lol
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Urbane #Dokumentation in #Wort & #Bild, sowie #Kommunikation zu den Aspekten sozialer #Fliehkraefte
im Zeichen der #Externalisierung von politischer Verantwortung - Das war 12 Jahre #Plasmogen5

Es wurde mir das Wohnen & Arbeiten durch das #SGBII genommen, aber nicht das Sehen!
Ich habe mich in 12 Jahren um Transparenz in einem Teilbereich von #Gesellschaft bemüht, worin dank dem TV mit seinen #ScriptedReality - Formaten nur #Fremdzuschreibung & Soziale
Ressentiments wirksam waren.
Es gab Zeiten echter Reichweite & ich habe diese für Mitmenschen genutzt
Als #Mensch und reflektiertes #Leben habe ich diverse #s erlebt:



und zuletzt das "#IchBinArmutsbetroffen"

Bis zu dem letzten # gab es immer ein Miteinander.

Wir haben uns gegenseitig bestärkt & Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

Ohne Wenn und Aber!
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#SORRY Not for "Show"

Bear is not around anymore to try killing me, so no bandaid required.

U have always meant everything to me, Since DAY 1 ... ImageImageImageImage
Me Be True Image
.@taylorswift13, The Boot & The Beatle ..

Your Boot is Ready !.

doG. doG

GG-d ImageImage
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The Bear Skit/Scene in Jackass Forever, it makes perfect sense ..

It pays to be your true authentic self & GENUINELY CARE about other people lives that very few, if any chose to care about—Why?

Because just like in ‘Billy Madison’, when Billy called someone he bullied
Back in school that had him on his “shit list” to say #SORRY, That person comes through IN THE END …

I guarantee this person would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS done what he did for me, for ANYONE ELSE.

1 Simple selfless ACT of Kindness.

How so many keep falling for all
These people who hide behind fake accounts, hiding their faces & talking shit boggles my mind.

I actually care about others lives who aren’t someone that can be used as A stepping stone to gain followers or attract attention to themselves.

I actually care about lives OUTSIDE
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Now what could BOTH “sides” be trying to say? …

Do coincidences exist?
Do I Exist?

Billy Goat Gates, The ‘WHAT IF’ book & ‘How To Lie Using Statistics’, I could have sworn I just explained what it all meant & now there is THIS …

Where to go from here?
Does forgiveness
Not exist for the most wicked?

What is forgiveness?
“Do unto others as you would want done unto you”? …

The way the books are stacked, what do you see?
Do details matter?
How many of the smallest of details over the last 6 years have been overlooked
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How to say #SORRY properly: an adequate apology…


✔️ my checklist:
1/Take a moment to empathise and walk in that person’s shoes.
2/Listen to them explaining how what you did impacted them or why it was mistake or hurt etc.
Do not interrupt at all.
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Byla jedna sopka.

Byla velká.

Co velká.


Uměla udělat boom.

Sakra velké badaboom!

A když bouchne zase, všichni umřeme!!!

Bojím, bojím.

Ale co kdybychom se dnes bát přestali?

Co vy na to? #vesmírníček #Yellowstone
Tak jo, začněme dnes tím, že se podíváme, jak to dle novinových titulků vypadá s našimi šancemi na to, že se dožijeme příštího roku.

500 mil v okolí všechno umře!

Mozek vám to může "vystřelit" z hlavy!

Už jen pár dní, než to začne! ImageImageImage
Schválně si pár těch článků projeďte sami.…
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Do you know how many accounts i've KNOWN about (because this platform has been in control of the good guys for 3+ years now) that THOUSANDS have fallen in love with that were botts or people Purposely doing things A certain way that make others show who they truly are?
Everyone was told, "LEARN THE COMMS" ...
It's all been plain as day & EVERYONE was being/is being/ HAS BEEN #SHOWN but ones seem to enjoy only playing the popularity game or feeding into accounts who were literally put amongst EVERYONE Purposely to make it easy as TT to see who
Is who ...
"Why did this account get deleted or why did that account get suspended"? ...

It's truly been A blessing not being one of the ones the many tries to figure out. Those who know, know. They too just sit back, watch & learn. The many others who fall for all the traps,
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So excited to be on today! Talking about potholes and parking in Thame.

If you haven’t seen it, please follow link below to Save Thame and Keep Parking Free 🚗 🚌 🚲

#FreeParking #Thame #cars #TransportPolicy…
Almost time. @BBCOxford


Must not swear
Must not swear
Must not swear

Balls 😳😆
#sorry @BBCOxford

Was discussing beach ball with the kids 🏖 ⚽️…
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#SORRY | We’ve reviewed video footage of one of our officers challenging a man near #Dorridge train station, #Solihull yesterday morning.

It’s clear that the officer’s conduct fell far below what we would expect.
His manner was not acceptable, not the face of @wmpolice, and we will deal with the situation.

The officer has accepted his behaviour was not up to our high standards and we will address this as part of an action plan for his learning and development.
The officer was with a colleague on patrol & part of their duties was ensuring people are adhering to CoVID restrictions.

The man explained he was heading to work – that’s clearly a justifiable reason to be out and about and there was no suspicion he had committed any offences.
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Today Sunday, I woke up and it was a strange day. Of grief and anguish. Burdened with the pain of what was not, and is not ...
We all have moments like this, and it's part of the way.
How can we heal? or transform these moments?
#meditation #akashic #heal #spiritualawakening
It helps me first to understand what moments I am going through.
I am in a stage of GREAT transformation in my life, in two aspects that are main to me.
And from there, understand what emotions and turbulence it generates in me.
The longing for another time, place, or person. It takes us away from living our present. And if we do not live our present, the continuous present without pause (what we can call future) do not manifest either.
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I don’t want to be on this app this weekend. I popped in to see if there is any key news I don’t want to miss. Instead, I see this absolute trash of an editorial from a news outlet that had recently shown sign of being worthy of the community it serves.@Oregonian #dobetter! 1/?
If I weren’t trying to stay away from keyboards today, perhaps I’d write the op ed about the glaring privilege and utter disconnection that @Oregonian editors exhibited in writing and publishing that piece. 2/
The comfort of the white and wealthy continues to be the focus even for “free” press editors in a so-called progressive city? The O’s hollow cries for peace ignore the reality of #livingwhileBlackinOregon.

Thank goodness for independent journalists covering this moment. 3/
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A party that cannot build her own Secretariat, with all the looted funds, is planning to build 🇳🇬. I laugh in Swahili. Make una try fix this loose wires first, it's a shame none of you guys could bring out some of the monies you've looted to complete this shameful project. Image
Yoruba elders says "Ilekun ile re ja, ole lohun o ba o kan..." (Your door is broken, but a thief offers to help you fix it back...)
And truthfully, this is exactly the state of PDP right now, #AHungryAndAngryPDP

We really must not to loose our guide, coz if they gets back there at any given time from now...what #LAGBAJA said in #Surulere will befall us. All of us will subsequently be #Sorry for ourselves
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L’#expoWisigoths est une occasion en or de parler des "Barbares".
Ce terme, utilisé originellement par les Grecs, est souvent employé aujourd’hui dans la création artistique pour définir un guerrier solitaire ou une horde. #Boucherie
Alors empoignez vos scramasaxes, sellez votre fidèle poney alezan, parez-vous de votre peau de bête autour de la taille, et allons sur les chemins de la réception du "Barbare" dans la #CulturePop en compagnie de @MathieuS31
Le terme "Barbare" définit au départ celui qui ne parle pas la langue commune, donc l’Autre.
Mais bizarrement, cet élément sera peu repris dans la création fictionnelle du Barbare, au contraire de leurs caractéristiques physiques et sociales.
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[ best of me ] jikook au

At a first glance, Korea's top solo artist at the moment and the internet's favorite youtube boy have nothing in common other than their hometowns. But what if there's more than what their public personas show? ImageImage
-idol Jimin
-youtuber Jungkook (not so secretly whipped for Jm 🥰)
-extreme fluff💕
-hints of angst that will inevitably lead to even more fluff💕💕💕
-please don't pay attention to the time stamps

rest ImageImage
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The economics of toilet paper shortages is the same as bank runs. [thread]

Even if you’re not freaked out about a pandemic, you worry that everyone else is & they’ll stockpile to 🧻, & you don’t want to be the left paperless. So you stockpile to avoid being shut out by others.
So you run and get toilet paper not because you need dozens of rolls, but because you fear that others are going to stockpile leaving none for you.

And they’re buying because they fear (correctly) that you’re running to the store to stock up, leaving none for them.
So you run and get toilet paper not because you think society is about to crumble, but because you fear that others fear this. Fear of a run on toilet paper — like a run on banks — is enough to create an actual run.

And when the runs start we need help. (pun intended)
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1/ Not responded to the #CofE's latest #statement before now because I felt it as a body blow - a blow to those members of the #body of #Christ who God gave me as siblings & with whom I am united, whose pain echoes in me though it is not directly my own - & I needed to breathe...
2/ The #statement is thin paper stretched over a seething mass of different, deeply held #identities, opinions, lives & #loves that stand in #opposition to one another, yet somehow mysteriously #united in #Christ. There are #cracks we cannot paper over, divides staggeringly deep.
3/ I am really hoping this #lawyerly #statement from the church was just a 'holding statement' till the proper review that is coming, made because the law on civil #marriage changing pushed them into saying something because clergy would need guidance straight away..I am hoping..
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