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la taille* bien sur, de l'échantillon

l'occasion donc d'aller fouiller cet article de l'équipe toulousaine, et de vous en faire un THREAD!
Bon ça démarre comme toujours avec un comportement de certains scientifiques que j'aime bien : l'auto-citation de la publi qu'on avait démonté là

(on car oui, nous étions plusieurs stateux à se pencher sur les données)

Je vais pas développer, juste les auteurs mettent en cause la notion de bioéquivalence. pourquoi pas, mais Merck n'a rien à voir là dedans, c'est le job de l'Europe

(gif que les moins de 30 ne pourront peut être pas comprendre)
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You guys asked, so here’s 10 tips on pitching publications as a journalist & securing a commission. Share if they are useful to you! Pitching as a journalist, a thread:
1. Make yourself a FAN first. Get familiar with the publication; read it religiously, engage with its features, follow its editors on social media. I can always tell when someone reads About Time, it comes through in their tone & enthusiasm.
2. Tie your pitches into zeitgeist - why now? What’s relevant about this story at the minute? What’s in the news? We’re SEO-powered places, we need to know that readers are interested & searching for this kind of content online.
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Avant de reprendre mon fils, je voulais en profiter, pour les curieux, quelques billets sur mon blog... pour commencer par un billet assez populaire revient sur ce graphique, maintes fois présenté, ici ou là, sur le taux d'imposition, en France
sur les transformations des axes, je pourrais aussi mentionner une réflexion sur l'utilisation des échelles logarithmiques
allez, aussi un coup de gueule contre l'utilisation de deux décimales dans des pourcentages, issus de sondages...
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Obama prepped the media for 2016 election by establishing the Global Engagament Center to combat Russian Propaganda. If we were worried about American Intel Agencies being weaponised, we should be quaking at new govt .org opened & funded to pay reporters to sway opinion.
Let’s see what GEC was designed to do👉 “The Global Engagement Center is charged with leading the U.S. government’s efforts to counter propaganda and disinformation from international terrorist organizations and foreign countries” borrowed your meme :) B/c I love it. #Sorry 🤩
The fact that ISIS and Russia are grouped under the same heading raises goosebumps. Why group a terrorist org with a Facebook media buy? Unless they’re connected some other both are constructs you created & manage. Super fishy. Let’s cont.
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This #GallOfBitterness being dished out in this video by this man is not the representation of the Church, please let it be clear that this man's hatred and BIGOTRY was what's leading him. This does not represent #Christianity:

And Rev Canon from the South East with his heart of BIGOTRY still went ahead to dish out his #BIGOTRY to these hearts just because of his hatred for Buhari.
This level of #GallOfBitterness can destroy faster than HELL...#AvoidIt

The #JubrilFromSudan started from Nnamdi Kanu just a few days after Buhari returned to Nigeria against all odd & contradiction of your vision SEERS.....
Now even the educated folks & religious leaders joined him in his #GallOfBitterness
Who should we blame now?🤣🤣🤣🤣
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I'm #sorry...
...I've spent a great deal of time trying to figure out "how" to express this to you all...

...unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, language is completely insufficient in properly illustrating the sort of sentiments that I wish to convey...
...I've never really been at a loss for words, until now. #Ineffable

My family and I have been going through an incredibly serious...ordeal...and, as of yet, no one even knows about it because...well, I never intended for this project to....turn into a...
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#IIMEC13 - I've spent a week in London helping out at the @Invest_in_ME conference.

This was it's 13th conference, and it's grown from a small meeting to a whole week of talks from researchers/scientists in different stages of their careers... 1/7
#IIMEC13 - There's been a lot of science. A lot of talking. There's been scientists from different #biomedical fields offering their expertise.

The dedication/determination from researchers was very clear throughout.

For some reason, #MEcfs is political minefield... 2/7
#IIMEC13 - The people who suffer from this awful disease have been left to suffer for years by unbelieving professionals, bad advice and charities who are happy not to rock the boat and challenge them.

These sectors don't deserve the publicity. The people who help DO... 3/7
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I feel like driving up some controversy, so how about a thread of Hot Takes/Unpopular Opinions! You know the drill, one like = one take/opinion.

Start easy: the blunt awkwardness/cringe of 'Blurryface' is the point of taking the piss out of Tyler. I stand by my light 9/10.
2. I don't hate Nickelback's 'Dark Horse' - it's easily a record for them at their most tasteless, but the frat-bro swagger of it helps some of their better hooks.
3. 'Fireflies' by Owl City is a genuinely terrific song that captures precocious, starry-eyed wonderment better than few others in the 2000s.

It is SPECTACULARLY lame, but that's why it works.
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A brief recap of how the Democrats and Lindsey Graham (a RINO / Left-wing sympathizer) tried to derail DACA and attempted to cause racial divides...
This is the @CBSNews version which spread quickly to the race-baiting @CNN team that had near mental breakdowns over this PRIVATE meeting in the Oval Office where it’s alleged that Trump stated he didn’t want a steady flow of immigrants from “shit hole” nations.
Now let’s just agree that Trump “may” have used that phrase... he said he didn’t, and others in the room didn’t hear it either... but I will concede he may have. So what?? It was a private meeting. But, there’s more...
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