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🔥 #BRC 20 will be the next narrative after the #Meme $Pepe surge goes down.

$Ordi has performed #1000X since free mint on Unisat.

Spent hours diving deep into the Brc-20 network.

Everything about BRC20

How to make profit on BRC20 💰 🤑

I’ve got you covered here 🚪 Image
1️⃣ What is BRC-20

To make it simply, We have #ERC20 - token standard on Ethereum, #BEP20 - token standard on BNB.

Then, #BRC20 is a fungible token standard on Bitcoin blockchain.
#BRC20 is deployed using #Inscription or #JSON file, allowing users to create and transfer tokens.

The BRC20 standard was created by @domodata on March 8th.
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New #ordinals project - @timechainord
- inscriptions 355-377
- inspiration for the timepieces theme was
@dergigi's Bitcoin is Time.
- 3 of the 21 are rare calendar stones
- team committed to giving away 6.15 (IYKYK) of the ordinals to the community (4 given so far)
/1 Image
- this is apparently series 1 - "antique pocket watches, cyberpunk clocks, and other timepieces imagined from times past, present and future to represent BTC as the heartbeat of humanity."
- "the only #inscription collection that includes a gpg signature with all digital artwork for provenance. This allows you to verify the authenticity of your art."
- there is no discord AFAIK
- no details about sale of the remaining 15 pieces
3/ Image
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Please watch this enlightening lecture by Dr. #Nagaswamy titled "Lecture on water management in olden days"

Where Appa talks in great detail about the water management by the great #Kopperunchinga #Kadavan chieftain highlighting his #Tamil and #Sanskrit inscriptions.

"பேணு செந்தமிழ்‌ வாழப்‌ பிறந்த காடவ கோப்பெருஞ்சிங்க"

#கோப்பெருஞ்சிங்கன், #காடவன், #செந்தமிழ், #கல்வெட்டு
This is the #Tamil portion of #Kōpperuñjiṅga #inscription
1 ஸ்வஸ்தி ஸ்ரீ -சகலபுவனச்சக்கரவத்தி காடவன் அவனி ஆளப்பிறந்தான் கொப்பெருஞ்சிங்கன்
2 திரிபுவனமாதெவி எரிகரை பல இடங்களிலும் உடைந்து எரியும் துருந்து மதகுகளும் முறிந்
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#Thread 🧵The Roman villa of #Carranque (Toledo) was built in the 4th century AD on top of the remains of an early imperial rural villa. The building is organised around a #peristlye and has #mosaics, 4 of them figured, in the majority of its spaces #Rome #history ImageImage
One of the mosaics was displayed in a #cubiculum identified by an inscription and had a numbed female bust (probably an allegory of 'Felicitas') in a medallion, a scene of love and metamorphosis and other characters. The #inscription was displayed at the entrance of the room and Image
said "Ex Of(f)icing Mas[---]ni/ pignut Hirinius / utter Felix Materne / hune cubiculum" (H Epigr 177) Image
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#EpigraphyTuesday - The Water Newton bowl, a silver Romano-British bowl, ca. 4th Century AD, bearing a rather fabulous little Christian inscription. #Latin #Inscription

Image: British Museum (1975,1002.5). Link –…
Discovered in 1975 as part of a collection of precious metal items – the Water Newton Hoard – which included elements decorated with Christian symbols, including the 'feather-plaques', though these forms are also found in non-Christian contexts.
The bowl bears an inscription of the name 'Publianus' on its base and the following inscription around its rim:

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There is a world beyond मेधातिथि and Altekar. Few people have very narrow view point on such Dharmik matter.

In this Thread, I will answer basic questions about Sati with शास्त्रप्रमाण.

This thred is for genuine people, not for शास्त्रद्रोही people/gang.
Q - Is Sati practiced in ancient eras ?

A - Yes. Wives of श्रीकृष्ण and Pandu (माद्री) practiced it with grace. People keep them in high regard. Nobody condemned it (#महाभारतम् )

There may be more examples from other शास्त्र but these are well known.
Q - How can we believe what they did was शास्त्रसम्मत ?

A - Examples mentioned are always surrounded by धर्माचार्य and Dharmik people like VedaVyasa, Vidur etc.

They took this step after guidance from these greats only. Such steps can't be taken in isolation.
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There is an #Inscription at #Cambodia of a Hindu King यशोवर्मन् (889-910 CE). There, he has paid respect to Manu of #मनुस्मृतिः.

Manu was always revered in and out of #India since ages. Idiots should stop opening their mouth on #धर्मशास्त्रम् . Image
And apart from मनुस्मृति, there are many other स्मृति texts which are survived, commented and respected.

They are - याज्ञवल्क्य, गौतम, पराशर, नारद, अत्रि, व्यास etc.

Irony is - Such idiot Hindus are spreading nonsense w/o having zero knowledge on anything. Image
So @subhash_kak has RTd this nonsense on मनुस्मृति. This is alarming situation for Hindu Academia.

Mr. Kak ! This is not good. Image
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#VivekaChintamani #NijagunaShivayogi

First time seeing association of Lion with the #madhyama swara. And also the nakshatra, tithi association with musical notes. Or at least if I had read earlier, I have forgotten 🙊 Image
#VivekaChintamani #NijagunaShivayogi #ವಿವೇಕಚಿಂತಾಮಣಿ #ನಿಜಗುಣಶಿವಯೋಗಿ He does not use the term #BatteesaRaga #BatteesRaag but calls them in Kannada as ಮೂವತ್ತೆರಡು ರಾಗಂಗಳು.

(ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ತುದಿಯ ಕೊಳ್ಳೇಗಾಲದವರಾಗಿದ್ದರಿಂದ ಇರಬಹುದು) Image
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Adding useful info from #Inscription of #Gupta era (~320-550 CE) in this thread in support of सत्र (#Temple Kitchen, अन्नदान) tradition of Hindus

• Place - गढवा (Pic 1)
• Dist. - प्रयागराज, #UttarPradesh

1/n ImageImage
गढवा is a #Fort near to प्रयागराज. Ancient name of this place was भट्टग्राम.

Some 6-7 Inscriptions are found from here in #Sanskrit language. Most of them are badly damaged and so incomplete but still giving useful information.
2/n Image
This गढवा #Fort houses many beautiful #Temple ruines of #Gupta era.

From this Temples, Inscriptions related to अन्नदान (सत्र) are found. They reveal that wealthy people of पाटलिपुत्र (Capital of Gupta Empire) donated a lot for sustaining this सत्र tradition.
3/n ImageImage
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Thread -
Bagastan #Inscription of #Iran and its connection with Gandhara (Ancient #India) & Hindu Kush (उपरिश्येन) mountains

• Antiquity : ~500 BCE
• Patronage : Darius, Achaemenid Empire

• Pic 1 - Location of Bagastan in Iran
• Pic 2 - View of the Inscription

7th line of the Inscription mentions गन्धार (Gadaara in Persian) as a part of Achaemenid Empire.

Darius, in this Inscription, mentions about ~23 territories under his control. Gandhara is his eastern most territory.
Gandhara (गन्धार) was part of 16 महाजनपद of ancient #India (~600 BCE).

Later it was part of Indian #Maurya Empire (~310 BCE) as its North-Western territory.

Due to its placement (West of River Sindhu), it was always a place of conflict between Indian and foreign powers.
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I mentioned this #inscription in my talk:
*A trader from Banavasi (Karnataka), renovating a chaitya at Karle (Maharashtra)
*A trader from Kashmira renovated the gopura of #Beluru Channakeshava temple ( Karnataka)
* A chieftain from Karnataka built tempes on the banks of Yamuna Image
But naysayers say there was no concept of a country, and India is 70 years old.
Unfortunately, the neglect of manuscripts has continued till date ( this was written in 1988 by #JyotsnaKamat) #Karnataka #Education #ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದಶಿಕ್ಷಣಪರಂಪರೆ Image
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According to "Jain mythology", Chandragupta Maurya was a Jain.

But as per Itihasa and History, this is a blatant lie. Not a single contemporary record confirms him being Jain.

This is why this myth is not part of standard #History books. Nobody in academia take it seriously.
• Not a single "Contemporary Record" says Bhadrabahu ever meet to Hindu Maurya Emperor

• Converting him into Jain fold is a pure "Jain Tradition/myth" started after 1200+ yrs of Chandragupta Maurya.

Not a single Hindu source says he accepted Jainism.
Had Smith or anybody found a single evidence, he would have presented.

But he didn't. Why ? Because no such evidence exists even today.

Stop circululating motherhood statements as History.
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I posted this way back on my Instagram account but thought it would be of interest here: an #Arabic #inscription on Sé Velha de Coimbra (Old Cathedral of #Coimbra, #Portugal). (Photo of inscription taken by me). 1/7
It reads كتبت وقد ابقيته لشكايتي ستفنا يدي يوما ويبقا كبر ('I wrote this as a permanent record of my suffering; my hand will perish one day, but greatness will remain'). This inscription and others from Portugal were published by A.R. Nykl (…). 2/7
This poetic lament is common to #scribal traditions in #manuscripts. Typically, the scribe reflects on the fleeting nature of this life and the enduring nature of the written word (cf. Verba volant, scripta manent!). Here are some examples (info in captions): 3/7 Syrian Catholic Archdiocese of Baghdad 57, p. 329 (https://wLeiden, Or. 584, fol. 2b (ī-script ms. from Nigeria (collection & shelfmark un
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स्तुति of सरस्वती & गणेश in one of the Jain #Temple

• Place = देलवाडा near Mt. Abu (#Rajasthan)
• Patronage = King वीर धवल of #Gujarat (13th c. CE)

1st line of #Inscription (1267 विक्रम. सं.) has सरस्वती स्तुति while 2nd has गणेश स्तुति

Reproduced text of the both in Pic 3
Let us see what both the स्तुति of this #Inscription says :

1) सरस्वती स्तुति

ॐ वन्दे सरस्वतीं देवीं याति या कविमानसम् ।
नीयमाना निजेनेव यानमानसवासिना ।।

सरस्वती देवी को वन्दन, जो कवियों के मानस में मानसरोवर के हंसरूपी यान से भ्रमण करती है ।

Simple yet beautiful
2) गणेश स्तुति

यः शान्तिमानप्यरुणः प्रकोपे
शान्तोऽपि दीप्तः स्मरनिग्रहाय ।
निमीलिताक्षोऽपि समग्रदर्शी
स वः शिवायास्तु शिवातनुजः ।।

शांत होते हुए भी कुपित होने पर रक्तवर्णी और बुद्धि से दीप्त, नेत्र निमील (बन्द) होते हुए भी सर्वदर्शी ऐसे पार्वतीपुत्र हमारा कल्याण करे ।
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Starting a thread on #कामसूत्रम् (1/n)

I will dismantle vile propaganda to denounce this wonderful text as a sex manual

Before I start, read this article by me to understand कामसूत्र as a शास्त्र…

Hindi version -…
Lack of basic information leads to false propaganda (see the tweet in the image)

कामसूत्र is not written by Richard Burton. Authorship is with वात्स्यायन (~300 BCE) - a well known fact

Person who doesn't know such basic info has made a video to denounce this text !!
In fact, title of Burton's translation work in 1883 was - Kamasutra of Vatsyayana

Burton himself has acknowledged that this is not his work but is of वात्स्यायन and Burton has just translated it

So, saying "Burton written Kamasutra" is an agenda driven white lie.
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