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Überraschende Studie zu den Protesten von

Ich möchte heute Informationen und Gedanken mit Euch teilen zu einer Studie, die ich besonders interessant finde - über die Wirkung von Straßenblockaden, Gemälde-Bewerfungen und anderen nicht-legalen Klima-Protesten.
Es geht um eine Randomisierte Kontrollstudie (RCT, Randomised Control Trial) mit 3000 Teilnehmenden, die 2022 in Großbritannien durchgeführt wurde. Sie wurde vom GSCC (Global Strategic Communications Council) finanziert, von @SteveAkehurst beauftragt und durchgeführt von Opinium.
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During yesterday's trial, Stephanie Aylett, 28, from St Albans, was charged with contempt of court by Judge Reid for disobeying his ruling against referring to the climate crisis, insulation or fuel poverty during her defence.
#InsulateBritain #FuelPoverty #CostOfLivingCrisis
“I'm deeply disappointed that the court system is complicit in criminalising peaceful protest. It horrified me that Judge Reid deliberately stripped away all our legal defences and told us that we would be in contempt of court if we spoke about our motivations, strategy or aims.
He prevented us from mentioning climate change or talking about any scientific evidence.

“It's likely I will now go to prison, because I spoke the truth to our jury. It is incredibly difficult to explain the actions we took without mention to why we did such a bizarre thing.
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Sunak will today propose broadening the definition of “serious disruption” even further, in a draconian new public order bill to help police stop what he calls a “disruptive minority” from using tactics such as blocking roads & slow marching.…
Sunak's proposals to help the police stop disruptive public protest, means heading even further down a route that has drawn heavy criticism from civil rights groups. The UK Govt now more closely resembles an illiberal authoritarian state than a functioning modern democracy.
Sunak - mistakenly imho - believes the public & business will support the government’s efforts to stop protesters causing serious disruption following a series of high-profile protests by groups such as #JustStopOil and #InsulateBritain.
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RETHINK CLIMATE EPISODE 4 Green technology and innovation - a truly inspiring episode! 💚

See 🧵⬇️

Thanks Amol Rajan for this vital series. All week 9am BBC Radio 4 & @bbcsounds

#ClimateEmergency @amolrajan…
Masses of tech potential to counter #ClimateEmergency *BUT* government must provide policy framework

Heartfelt words from Anote Tong, former Kiribati president
- Where’s the political will? Impacts we’re experiencing will get worse, we’ll have to find somewhere else to live


To give green tech & green economics a fighting chance, governments must stop subsidising fossil fuels with $3 TRILLION A YEAR 😱

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🚨NEW: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is back in the Commons today, as disputes over the amendments on the right to protest continue to ‘ping-pong’ between the two houses throughout the week:…
On 28 Feb, MPs voted to reinstate the Bill, in an attempt to overturn amendments suggested by the Lords after the initial reading.

Government disagreed with proposed amendments, notably those looking to alter restrictions it would place on protest rights.
Critics have called the Bill “draconian”, saying It hobbles rights to free and peacefully assembly by giving police powers to intervene if an event is deemed to be too noisy or cause “annoyance”…
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1. A lot of people are angry at #InsulateBritain, but is sitting down in a road worthy of several months in prison?

Why is it that immediately after COP these activists were sent to prison, but not before? The answer is pretty obvious.
2. The state didn’t want climate activists in prison over COP, because it would make them look bad - so they waited.

Separation of police and politics are essential in a democracy, but we clearly don’t have that in the UK.
3. These 9 and the dozens to follow can only be understood as political prisoners in the climate struggle.

IB’s demands are undeniable; the UK government is obliged to insulate homes under their own climate pledges - so why do they refuse?
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“I’m crapping myself this morning, and I feel like crying.”

Oliver is one of nine Insulate Britain activists at the High Court this morning for breaching injunctions by blocking motorways. He tells me he’s expecting a custodial sentence. @LBC
Nine Insulate Britain defendants are due before the High Court Judge this morning.

The hearing is booked to last three days but they have little legal representation, and tell me they will admit to breaching the injunction - so it could be over much sooner. @LBC
Hearing begun. Myriam Stacey QC representing National Highways.

The 9 Insulate Britain activists all took part in a protest on the M25 on the 8th October where they blocked J25 Waltham Cross. That was two weeks after the Injunction had been granted @LBC
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When the 68 uprising graffitied Paris with “Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible!” who thought this call to action would meet its alter ego years later in the UK?

For what is Insulate Britain if not: Be Impossible, Demand the Realistic?

🧵A #Thread.
In the face of the #climate emergency happening now, XR recognises the need for disruptive actions that highlight the severity of the crisis. Insulate Britain is playing a vital role in shifting the Overton Window around public awareness and urgent government action. #ActNow
The recent attempt to ban a form of protest from happening anywhere in the UK is a warning to all of us who dare to stand up for truth; the UK government is coming for us all. It is also a complete vindication of our resistance.

#RightToProtest #RightToCare #RightToLife
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#LordsQs starts: @SteveTheQuip presses government on the timetable for appointing @Ofcom Chair.

 🔴 Watch now… A graphic with today's first question in the House of Lords
@SteveTheQuip @Ofcom In #LordsQs now @jennyranderson quizzes government on measures to address the shortage of HGV drivers.

@SteveTheQuip @Ofcom @jennyranderson Lord Wallace of Saltaire pushes government on local authority costs of public services in England. Watch live in #LordsQs.

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What the hell have I just watched. #idiocracy #ClimateEmergency
I am off to grow some concrete. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Love how this idiocy has got the late great Mel Smith trending. This interviewer could so easily be him in a sketch from Not the Nine O'Clock News. #idiocracy #ConcreteMike #InsulateBritain #ClimateCrisis
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Mike's interview with Insulate Britain spokesman Cameron lasts less than a minute.

@Iromg | @InsulateLove
Watch more Insulate Britain fails on YouTube ►
Living 'concrete' made from bacteria used to create replicating bricks…
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Protesters with #insulatebritain have blocked the roads near Purfleet
Angry drivers dragged @InsulateGB protesters from the road after they blocked a busy junction by the m25 near the QE2 bridge
Drivers are becoming increasingly aggressive with #insulatebritain protesters
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Fine words. Great aims. I give you the 'ten point plan for a green industrial revolution' from the UK Government. Pity #DeedsNotWords is needed in a #ClimateEmergency. A* for ideas, E- for delivery, year after year after year after year.... #COP26Glasgow… Image
Its all "Could". #DeedsNotWord #ClimateEmergency
'Advancing Offshore Wind'. We need to do 'everything now'. We are more than 10% of the way to 2030. Image
'Low Carbon Hydrogen' has 'hope' as well as 'could'. Just get on with it! #DeedsNotWords… If its so good lets see some #ClimateActionNow! Image
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