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Today, @AsthmaIreland made a public statement in support of Minister @EamonRyan's proposed Solid Fuel Regulations. We called on all parties to support the regulations in a bid to end the 1,300 premature deaths caused annually by fine particle emissions from burning solid fuels.
The new regulations would ban smoky coal and wet wood, and prohibiting the commercial sale of sod turf, will save lives, but provide for continued turf extraction by those with turbary rights and distribution within small communities. @Dept_ECC
Air pollution can cause as well as exacerbate #chronicillness like #COPD, #asthma, heart disease and #stroke, #cancer, #diabetes and #dementia. Irish clinical research also links spikes in air pollution with increased hospital admissions for asthma and heart disease @roinnslainte
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A government that puts refugees in camps

A government that makes protest illegal

A government that has a police force to lie for them

A government that starves children & vunerable people to death.

A government that controls the media

Not Nazi Germany
@Conservatives England
Thread of sourced evidence that the 2019 General Election was fixed.

A tale of 2 #COVID19
-10 million adults/4.2 million children in poverty
-10 million "precariously employed"
-5.5 million paid below living wage
-4.7 on furlough
- 22,000 fewer NHS beds
-4.5 million waiting for treatment

1,000 Billionaires made
£2.7 TRILLION #Budget2022
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The #CostOfLivingCrisis is hitting people of all ages and backgrounds. We and Brighton's Emergency Food Network have had enough. We have sent a letter to national gov with 12 emergency action points


Read our full statement here:…
🚨 1 - The uplift in benefits that is tabled for the Spring Budget is in line with the true cost of #inflation

We need an increase of 7% or higher, not the outdated 3.1% tabled from data produced last September
🚨 2 - the £20 #UniversalCredit uplift is removed

Household costs have not reduced since the pandemic, in fact they are increasing. The Universal Credit uplift being removed is leaving families with LESS than before.
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting discussion on how the aspirations of the #LevellingUpWhitePaper can be translated into meaningful change #WhatNextForLevellingUp
First panelist @KatieSchmuecker looks at the White Paper from the issue of #Poverty - says this is "not a White Paper for Poverty". The word only mentioned 9 times, mostly in the context of #FuelPoverty & international comparisons #WhatNextForLevellingUp
Schmuecker says #LevellingUp will not be achieved unless we meaningfully improve prospects of those at the bottom. Is sceptical that high productivity automatically means higher wages. Cites London which is the most productive, but most unequal, region #WhatNextForLevellingUp
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This article about the #GreenhouseGas emissions of the super-rich touches on something I stress repeatedly in my work with local authorities.

The carbon footprints of the wealthiest households are much bigger than the poorest……
…and I’m not just talking about the mega-wealthy, I mean even just the moderately rich. But many councils are fearful of being seen to actively help the rich, so they conflate their #climateemergency work with work they are (often already) doing on tackling #FuelPoverty.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying for one minute that councils should abandon efforts to tackle #FuelPoverty. That’s a social ill that should have been dealt with long ago and is a legacy of the UK’s largely crappy housing stock.…
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Old Holloway
WEATHER: rainy
How you feel: good Image
Turned off our space heating yesterday for #PassivhausChallenge to see how we get on for a week

Old Holloway

Temp Inside (C): 19.9
Temp Outside (C): 9.0
Weather: heavy rain, windy
How you feel: fine Image

Old Holloway

Temp Inside (C): 20.0
Temp Outside (C): 10.0
Weather: cloudy, gusty winds, absolutely no sight of sun today
How you feel: comfy
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1/3 thread. Many folks are in #FuelPoverty, made worse by #lockdown. Did you know that a heated jacket (from as little as £40 with battery) uses just one penny’s worth of electricity to warm you for 3 - 10 hours?

Sounds crazy, but it works. My wife @VereneNicolas explains here.
2/2 Prices start around £25, but watch out. Cheap ones may not come with battery, or just 5,000 mA capacity rather than 10,000. A 10,000 mA is same energy as ~1 hour’s 40W light bulb. Any 5V/3A USB phone charge battery works, but if really big it might not fit the special pocket.
3/3 There’s also heated trousers & socks. Check reviews for where the heat’s applied. We got the socks for a relative suffering cold feet after an operation affected her circulation. A big help. These things mostly run just warm, but can get too hot, so supervise use if need be.
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Aware that #heatpumps are currently costly and difficult to fit, but this article is neither objective, nor factual. Error 1: "When it comes to winter warming, you can't beat gas central heating.". Fact: Low temp heating with a heat pump is more comfortable than with a gas boiler
Error 2 "some of the new-style kit can't heat the UK's cold, draughty houses." Ignoring that some of our old-style kit can't heat our draughty houses and we have the worst #fuelpoverty in Europe. Fact #heatpumps can heat draughty houses, but why would you want to? Fix the homes.
Error 3: "Hydrogen lobbyists say it can travel through existing pipes - at least until it reaches the home." Key words there (apart from the 2nd) are the last 7. Presents #heatpumps as disruptive, which the installation can be, but then glosses over replacing internal gas pipes.
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New paper on #EnergyPoverty and #TransportPoverty with the brilliant @CaitHRobin just published in Energy Research & Social Science…

Thread on the main findings...
This is one of those collaborations-that-had-to-happen. England provides modelled estimates of #FuelPoverty for low-level geographies, which is pretty unique. And @CaitHRobin has analysed that data in depth, in this paper...
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This big breakthrough from @RishiSunak is to be welcomed unequivocally as a stimulus measure - & for #NetZero too, provided it becomes a piece of a larger puzzle, a #GatewayDrug to next-level #decarbonisation and credible #COP26 presidency - THREAD (1/11)…
🧩 rented homes: my reading is that private landlords will be able to access the voucher scheme, but lets see. Social housing has a £50m pilot - I think this will kick off the £3.8bn Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, but let's see. (2/11)
🧩 jobs: safe to say we want the 120,000 jobs from this to be around for more than a year. This is a big number and more will be needed - let's think how these can be folded into a #justtransition, which includes ending #fuelpoverty. (3/11)
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Small #netzero infrastructure investments, writ large, @RishiSunak: @eeiguk today sets out #energyefficiency's offer for net-zero compatible stimulus and resilient recovery:…. Coverage here:… THREAD 1/
First off, @eeiguk is a growing and broad-based coalition of over 25 industry groups, NGOs, charities and businesses asking for rapid improvement in energy efficiency for UK homes and buildings. It's vision is set out here:… 2/
The 2-year stimulus of £2.8bn public investment, unlocks £3.4bn from homeowners, social landlords and the public sector. It would support 42,500 jobs, while 1m households would save £270 on their bills. It dovetails into a programme that puts homes on track for #netzero 3/
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You may have heard that the @UKLabour Labour Party plans to scrap the Married Couple's Tax Allowance if they get into power. Attack ads are being shared on Facebook by the Conservative Party arguing that people will be worse off because of this. Here are the facts:
Maximum tax allowance available through the Married Couple's Tax Allowance is £250 a year. BUT…
Every Married Couple will be BETTER OFF under @UKLabour Labour - because: - and here are just five of the ways:
1. People on the #MinimumWage wage will get a minimum of £3,400 more a year,…
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Today marks one year since we launched the EU Energy Poverty Observatory in Brussels. What have we been up to in that time?

1⃣Created the largest single evidence base on #energypoverty anywhere in the world, spanning 1980s - now ➡️

(Photo: Lukasz Kobus)
2⃣ Developed specialist guidance for policymakers (local and national) to address #energypoverty in their domain:


We supplement this with face-to-face and virtual technical assistance, on all aspects of the phenomenon.
3⃣ We hosted a launch conference in Brussels with 400 international stakeholders. Our consortium members have attended numerous external events, working in cooperation with institutions such as @eumayors @EU_EESC and @EU_CoR to advance discussions on #energypoverty #fuelpoverty
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We have just published our Review of Energy Policy: 2018!
Check out the thread below for a summary of all our recommendations.
Read the review in full here:
On #Transport: The target for phasing our conventionally fuelled vehicles is inadequate. The @transportgovuk ‘Road to Zero’ (‘ICE ban 2040’) may neither hit the target nor make the early gains needed for a 1.5°C trajectory. @_chris_brand_ @jillian_anable
On #electricity: policy should build on Electricity Market Reform that has worked well & adapt in the light of technology/cost changes. Change in ‘black start’ incentives & other ancillary services are needed to ensure the system remains resilient @energyukcomms @ngcontrolroom
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New @CogitatioSI @TranspPoverty #openaccess paper on Forced Car Ownership (FCO) in 🇬🇧&🇩🇪now available on @WRUniPress repository . Follows thread... 1/7 Image
@CogitatioSI @WRUniPress @SRILeeds @ITSLeeds @giulio_mattioli @DEMAND_CENTRE @eueduk 5-7% of households in both countries are FCO -> own a car despite being in 'material deprivation' (=absolute poverty) 2/7
@CogitatioSI @WRUniPress @SRILeeds @ITSLeeds @giulio_mattioli @DEMAND_CENTRE @eueduk FCO are poorer, less employed, and more likely to rent than average of the population. BUT, they are richer, more employed, and on mortgages than 'car deprived' households (=those who 'cannot afford' cars). 3/7
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