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[1/🧵] "#ISO20022 is bigger than you think"

You've probably heard that term a few times and wondered what it meant. 🤔

In case you are curious now:

A brief explanation of everything important.
There will be nothing complicated ahead, so don't worry. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/24] — Outline —

🔹 Origin & Timeline
🔹 What's the big deal?
🔹 Details regarding the transformation
🔹 Migration Approaches
🔹 Relations to #Crypto (#DTI)
🔹 @Ripple & #JSON formats Source:
[3/24] — Origin & Timeline —

The #ISO 20022 standardization efforts began very early on. Indeed, you may be wondering how you missed it until this date. 😅 Source:
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Like seriously, #Crypto bois

Where in any way shape or form do you use one single network today?

Or are you even aware of any network or security protocols you use frictionlessly?

This evolution is happening for public networks, but not the wild West…
It's been failure and rugs one after another for years on years, with few successful adopted networks with utility tokens, like #Ethereum

Which is why $qnt is #erc20 for its utility functions, why wouldn't it be on the most popular network.

There's a necessity to " leap frog " 2 decades of friction and limited #interoperability to arrive where we need to be to achieve true real time digital assets across jurisdictions.

Leading solutions as discussed via #WEF, are #API #Gateways

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(Free) Cybersecurity Certifications in 2022

#Infosec Thread

The demand for cybersecurity
professionals are increasing daily as a result of the growing problem of cybercrime for people and organizations around the world. You’ll notice that cybersecurity precautions have become far more stringent in recent years! Let's learn it...
1. ISO27001 Information Security Associate:
Skillfront is offering this certification for free which talks about ISO 27001 Roles, Scope, Implementation, Responsibility in organization to stay compliant.
#iso #infosec…
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What is driving the FS Industry to invest more in #GRC &/or ERM Technology?
@irmglobal @IRMIowl @ERMAcademy
Let me try to answer this question in a generalized manner. So, its applicability extends beyond banks, risk insurance and asset management firms.
I think ERM Systems and/or the GRC Systems have now become more regulation oriented across different legal compliance jurisdictions.
Kindly, do note that the ERM/ GRC Models being used are not always the same. Different Industries identify, measure and apply risk controls in an entirely different manner from one another.
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🔥☄️ WOW, these indirect connections between the Bank of Canda & $QNT ran FAR deeper than I had thought

Lotta history in here thats been dusted away, enjoy this 🧵as we deep dive into just how far back these guys go

(1/many) 🧶
Its common knowledge in the $QNT community by now that both Gilbert & Martin were key components to Vocalink

🏆 Gilbert had won 2017 CISO of the year during his time there

⚙️ Martin had spent 13+ years there climbing all the way up to VP 👏👏
Vocalink is a payments service company owned by a consortium of large banks with Mastercard owning a 92% stake 🤯

They are compatible w #ISO20022 while also running in parallel w BACs & CHAPS to provide interbank real time transfers
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[#thread 🧵] I've released a tool to automatically extract, parse #windows build numbers from #ISO files in order to automatically sort them 🥳🎉

This is pretty useful if, let's say, you have a few Terabytes of ISOs 😏…
[#thread 🧵(2/4)] With this tool, you can automatically sort your ISO files in folders sorted by build numbers like this:
[#thread 🧵(3/4)] How does this work ?

Simple! This tool mounts the ISO file to a temporary location, and extract the xml file [1].xml from the Windows imaging (WIM) image in ./sources/boot.wim:
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(1/10) Bugün #Cardano $ADA ağından takip ettiğim bir merkeziyetsiz borsa projesi olan @SundaeSwap $SUNDAE #SUNDAE platformuna göz atıyoruz.
(2/10) #SundaeSwap platformu #Cardano ağı için kullanıcıların $ADA ve doğal tokenlerle al-sat yapabileceği, varlıklarını stake edebileceği, ödünç alıp ödünç verme hakkına sahip olabileceği merkeziyetsiz bir borsa oluşturmayı hedefliyor.
(3/10)Proje ekibi #Cardano ağının ucuz ve daha hızlı olması gibi avantajlarından faydalanmak ve işbirliği yapılan yüksek profilli akademik enstitülerin de bulunması nedeniyle uygulama geliştirmek için projeyi #Cardano üzerinde inşa ettiklerini belirtiyor.
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Lots of people are sleeping on one the biggest things @quant_network is currently involved in-ODAP (Open Digital Asset Protocol).

So what is exactly #ODAP and why this makes $QNT one of the most significant and, regarding #crypto mcap, undervalued projects?

Time for a THREAD⬇️
1/ODAP is the protocol for communication between gateways, primarily with an enterprise focus.
So banks, central banks etc. would run a gateway in Overledger Network and ODAP would be the protocol for gateways to communicate with each other in a secure and trustless manner. $QNT
2/ #ODAP Interfaces are the open source connectors that will connect a gateway to #blockchains and any existing network / API. That is based on the standards from work done at ISO TC 307 which 57 countries are working towards.
$QNT CEO Gilbert Verdian is the founder of TC307.
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I'm wasn't really sure at first how to start this, but I wanted to start to speak a bit about mental health. As this is a #space page, I decided to start with some research. In #spacepscyhology researchers consider #mentalhealth. (1/9) #MentalHealthAwareness
#space #pscyhologists look to studies in Antarctica (an extreme, isolated environment) to essentially have a larger population to study due to the small sample size of our astronauts currently. In addition to speaking with current & former astronauts. (2/9) #AcademicMentalHealth
I hope though, I can encourage others to have that conversation informally. I've seen the benefit of starting this conversation in practice. Especially in my classmates while I study at university, and even colleagues at a conference. (3/9) #AcademicMentalHealth
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Parce que le #covid19 et que le #MasquesObligatoires ne permet le débat serein sur la #ventilation des locaux #QAI, je me lance dans un #thread sur cette norme complexe. Pardonnez-moi d'avance si quelques imprécisions s'y glissent ^^ ⤵️
Je me base sur le dernier avis du @HCSP qui déclare dans les avis du 24 avril et du 30 juillet que la #ventilation des locaux doit être renforcée en #EHPAD, #hopitaux et #ERP (ex : #écoles)…
D'ailleurs, page 3, il recommandait un certain nombre de mesures sur une #ventilation systématique des locaux, la vérification/remplacement des filtres. Il prenne l'exemple des bateaux de croisières et des restaurants avec une contamination accrue au #covid19
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my friend @lolitataub asked for a #founders #startup guide on #legalissues & @paulbz tweeted about how founders often overlook tax issues in early days. So, here's a thread of things I've published in (far reaches of) @WSJ @Forbes & via my #VentureCapital class @Columbia_Biz
2) Let's start with #StockOptions: #VestingOptions for #startups in @WSJ Accelerators (might have paywall) - esp for grants to advisors…
3) Vesting stock grants & #Section83b #83bElections for founders & others (with detailed math + tax law) #restrictedStock…
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