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• Who all attended the March 2, 2016,
FBI-SDNY meeting, and what exactly
did @carterwpage say to them?

• Which Russian govt officials attended
the U.N.G.A. in Sep 2015, and what
exactly did @carterwpage say to them?…
Maybe @carterwpage suggested to the Russian govt officials that they read the "funny story" in the Buryakov indictment about the alleged recruitment attempts of Female-1 and Female-2?
Male-1 is mentioned in the same passage as Female-1 & Female-2.....wouldn't be too hard to get someone clued in as to what's going on here, while still retaining plausible deniability.…
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1. Imagine if #Ukraine has @SteveScalise's phone intercepts? I think they could likely buy them from someplace like #Cuba. @SenateGOP are you guys still glad you said that stuff is all okay? Just want to be sure. @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @joniernst @FBIWFO
2. Putin was able to control Trump & @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch is compromised via #Deripaska. But what would Putin do if he thought Trump was toast? Kiss & make up with @TheDemocrats? Show good faith by unleashing Typhoid Mary #LevParnas as #OperationTrump destruct mechanism?
3. Seems a wave is building as the trial tees up. Three Trump related plea deals in 24 hours. Lev handing out cell phones. Trump cold feet. At a minimum, all this creates uncertainty for the 18 @SenateGOP running in November. Let's ask them if they want to make it all go away.
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#Giuliani's 20 years ties with Russian and Ukrainian organized crime, top officials and secret services (all three are a conglomerate in Putin's mafia state). It didn't start now. See more in this thread. #impeachment #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineScandal
#Trump's 30 years of ties with Russian organized crime, top officials and secret services (same, see above). #impeachment #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrumpNow ☝️👇
#Kavanaugh's appointment and 30 years of back to Russia and Ukraine (USSR, ahem) with the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad involvement
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🔥@FrankFigliuzzi1: Don’t be surprised if FBI counter-intelligence div is looking at that (Deripaska) aluminum factory deal in Kentucky. Why does McConnell for years just not want to hear the truth abt Russia? It just begs the Q: Is there a flow of money? Is there a compromise??
@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace 🤯It's nuts that US lifted #sanctions for close Putin ally #Deripaska—who Manafort briefed during #Russia's attack! That #McConnell stopped a bipartisan effort to reverse it, then got a Russian alum plant in #Kentucky smells of corruption if not…
@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace 🤯Not only did McConnell push to lift sanctions for Putin's pal #Deripaska. But Mitch's Kentucky taxpayers must give the Russian oligarch's Rusal $15,000,000 to help Russia get a foothold in US economy! Of course, #MoscowMitch denies knowing about any "Russian investor."🤔#maddow
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‼️Tales of Global Casino scandals & Their Many Ties to TeamTrump & Associates

James Packer & Lawerence Ho’s Crown Resorts’ emerging Organized Crime & Foreign Influence Agents Scandals

#TipOfIceberg #CrownResorts
🔑AU’s peak criminal intelligence agency has announced a sweeping inv’n into organized crime in Australian casinos amid revelations about Crown Resorts' dealings w/ junket operators w/ links to suspected Chinese crime bosses & foreign influence agents.…
🔑Mr Phelan announced that his inquiry, known as the Targeting Criminal Wealth special investigation, is probing the operation of agents known as junkets who are responsible for bringing high roller clients into casinos, usually from offshore, to gamble.…
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Mueller confirmed Trump accepted help from a hostile foreign power & lied & he lied when he claimed exoneration, & was not completely truthful in written answers.

He could be prosecuted after leaving office & that he misled Americans by calling the inv’n a hoax

Mueller’s testimony was full of bombshells.

Rep. Mike Quigley asked Mueller about Pompeo’s description of Wikileaks as a hostile intelligence service [GRU].

Do you think that is accurate?

Absolutely, Mueller replied.

‘And they got indicted, Mueller added’.

Mueller has not publicly indicted Wikileaks the org.

Mueller quickly corrected himself: “Uh – Julian Assange”.

‘But the DOJ didn’t indict JA for being part of a “hostile intel service” at all. It only charged JA for helping Manning hack into Pentagon computers’
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💰Bank of Cyprus & TeamTrump

Wilbur Ross led a group of US European investors to purchase a $1.3B stake in Bank of Cyprus in July 2014

Cyprus is at the center of 💰flows surrounding Brexit/2016TeamTrump Deripaska, Manafort, Rick Gates, NRA & so much more…
📌Ross's first co-chair was Putin appointee Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former KGB agent and long-time associate of Putin.
wIn 2015, Strzhalkovsky was replaced by Maksim Goldman, is director of strategic projects at Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group and sits on the board of Rusal.…
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(Thread 👇)
While #Mueller concluded there was no evidence of #RussianCollusion from the Trump campaign, some of the key people in creating the narrative have ties to #Ukraine.…
Both the @DNC as well as #FusionGPS—the company hired by the #DNC and the #ClintonCampaign to research the Trump campaign—were using #Ukrainian sources in their efforts to discredit Trump.

Serhiy #Leshchenko, a member of the #Ukraine's Parliament, was a common thread involved…
… in Democratic opposition research efforts into former Trump campaign Chairman #PaulManafort.

#Leshchenko, along with Artem #Sytnyk, was responsible for publicly disclosing the contents of the #Ukrainian “black ledger,” which implicated #Manafort, to the media.
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@TeamPelosi @Leta_says And now @senatemajldr has broken 2 major laws in last couple of months...
1) he voted & pressured @SenateGOP to vote to let Trump lift sanctions on #Deripaska, that's the quid!;
#Deripaska is planning to open an aluminum factory in KY (which Mitch will announce & take "credit"...
@TeamPelosi @Leta_says @senatemajldr @SenateGOP for! That's the quo!
Quid pro quo...accepting a bribe!
The law McConnell broke is:…

Now McConnell is actually BLATANTLY threatening & trying to extort the votes of American citizens! He stated that if Trump isn't re-elected, he'll be "grim reaper" &...
@TeamPelosi @Leta_says @senatemajldr @SenateGOP NOTHING will get through Congress!
Here is the law he broke with this:…

McConnell MUST BE prosecuted! There is NO DOUBT AT ALL that he did these things! He did them publicly! He still broke these laws!
He should be removed from office!!!
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No surprise Oleg #Deripaska didn't give up actual control of his companies to evade sanctions. He placed 3.4% of his shares in a company owned by his 2 children. Plenty of money flowed through this lobbying efforts. How much landed up in the pockets of #GOP Senators and Mnuchin?
#Deripaska's kids get 3.4% in a trust controlled by the oligarch, his New Jersey lawyer Ogier got another portion in a trust and the remainder of the shares went back to VTB - the Putin-aligned state bank which bankrolls Deripaska. . @traciemac_Bmore
In short, Russian oligarch Oleg #Deripaska has so much control over the executive branch and the #GOP, he can easily overturn laws he doesn't like - even ones designed to punish him for major crimes. That's how serious this situation really is. Russia runs U.S. @NarativLive
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Senate Finance Committee (chaired by Grassley) is now investigating meetings between #Obama admin officials Nathan Sheets & Stanley Fischer and Russian agents #MariaButina and Alexander Torshin that were arranged by the Center for the National Interest.

Here's a previous thread I did on Nathan Sheets

In April 2018, the #Trump administration/US Treasury sanctioned Alexander Torshin for "worldwide malign activity."…
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Secret Files Show How Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded While Trump Heaped Praise On Putin
#Russia… via @azeen
RE: Andrey Kostin, the head of VTB, a Russian government-owned bank that is set to profit from the lifting of #Deripaska sanctions, as Deripaska transferred some of his shares to VTB.
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11/14/17 SIMPSON: "...Either the people were

↪️extremely knowledgeable about a lot of obscure intelligence stuff↩️


you know, they -- what they're saying had some credibility." (Page 29) Brennan? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1
Worth noting that Sergei Ivanov was fired by Putin 08/12/16.
08/12/16 Russia's Putin sacks chief of staff Sergei Ivanov…
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BREAKING: Traitor #Trump LIFTS #Deripaska Sanctions in Sneak Attack on Democracy for #Putin Agenda

In vast gift to #Putin of EN+, Rusal Aluminum & JSC EuroSibEnergo profits w/ wide global impacts & possibility of ownership being moved to #Russia

#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
Conflict, Self-Dealing & Obstruction: #Treason Gets a Pass from #GOP

Election interference, hacking, Russian aggression & seizing Ukraine WORKS for #Trump Admin & Freedom Caucus to remain in power.

#RussianAssetTrump #ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia…
#Trump Campaign, Transition Team & Admin EMBEDDED in #Deripaska Corps

Protection of Deutsche Bank EN, Rusal & #Putin pays off in Rubels & Prison Sentences for collusion.

READ 👀 #TrumpRussia Links

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Russian media and attorney Dmitry Zatsarinsky report that Anastasia Vashukevich (aka "Nastya Rybka") has been unexpectedly released from Russian jail and will hold a press conference tomorrow at 1 PM. This is most likely directly related to @navalny's recent video re: #Deripaska.
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SO Oleg Deripaska's escort Nastya Rybka was detained upon returning to Russia. She's been in jail in Thailand for nearly a year after she claimed to have 16-18 hours of recordings of Putin's favorite oligarch, including alleged discussions w/ 3 Americans for Trump election plan.
Nastya Rybka's recordings were first reported by Russian opposition politician @navalny (), connecting Deripaska Manafort dots. She was then arrested on routine trip to Thailand w/ her sex guru Alex Leslie Kirillov. She seemed terrified. (Feb 2018👇THREAD)
More Rybka background: Russian journalist Maxim Borodin died in fall after investigating Rybka's claims of Deripaska links to Trump-Russia conspiracy.() Deripaska sued her. She gave him her recordings, and promised to stay silent. Now she returns to Russia.
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#Russia's state TV reports that for the first time since 2014, the US is lifting sanctions from Russian companies [#Deripaska's Rusal et al.] The host laughs out loud about the Democrats not getting enough votes to block the effort, expresses hope that this is just the beginning.
Perhaps @SenJohnThune will make another appearance on #Russia's state TV to help them celebrate this momentous occasion.

Source: ©️
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#BREAKING Russia wins again—thanks to Republicans! Senate just killed Democrat-led effort to keep #sanctions on Russian oligarch #Deripaska, @mkraju reports
@mkraju Our EU allies are adding Russians to their sanctions list and Republicans are taking them off. Even @MittRomney caved to the Kremlin today on lifting Deripaska's sanctions. Reporters need to press him hard on this. Is it b/c Romney's helping get a Mormon temple built in Russia??
Oh >> Former Republican Senator David Vitter has been lobbying for #Deripaska’s companies for months. This may explain why so many Republicans voted today for lifting #sanctions. GOP stick together, even when on team Kremlin - CNNPolitics…
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1. Why would @realDonaldTrump take a politically risky move for #Deripaska? Likely because Putin ordered it. So the question is why would Putin burn Trump's domestic capital for Deripaska? The company could be important to the Russian economy but there may be another reason.
2. Putin has brought the Russian economy to its knees. The oligarchs are looking nothing but more misery and when Trump is finally gone could be subject to full us trading with the enemy seizures. So Deripaska steps up and tells Putin,
3. Исправьте это или мы исправим вас.😎
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"But Democrats, after slamming House Republicans for their inadequate inquiry, do not plan to reopen a full-scale Russian interference investigation. They have also chosen to hold off on an immediate request for Mr. Trump’s tax returns."
And, little do they know where that Palm Beach mansion leads
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#TrumpRussia @RepAdamSchiff @olgaNYC1211 A lot of people think @realDonaldTrump is a #Grinch, but just look at all the wonderful presents he gave to his BFF #VladimirPutin
1/When Trump shrugged off brutal murder & dismemberment of WaPo's #JamalKhashoggi and disputed Saudi Crown Prince #MBS's role, #Putin loved it and responded by giving #MBS celebratory…
2/Similarly, @realDonaldTrump said that even though Russia may have murdered dissidents, journalists, and others critical of #Putin, it wasn't a problem because "it's not in our country."…
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#Deripaska: Thread. Deripaska "cedes control" of his companies-->Trump lifts sanctions off these companies. + Overlooked details. #manafort…
1. The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has notified Congress of its intention to terminate the sanctions imposed on Oleg Deripaska's companies
2. Deripaska is the CEO of Rusal, the biggest aluminum company in Russia. Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore, is a nominal control shareholder; sits on the Rusal board. Glencore owns 8.75% in Rusal. Glencore participated in Rosneft privatization in Dec 2016.
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