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Dreadnoughtus!!! 🦕

I like sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs) in general, as these Mesozoic puzzles 🧩 pushed evolutionary innovation to the extreme, & even the simplest aspects of their biology are confounding, oft-debated subjects. A thread 🧵 highlighting few of those.

Dreadnoughtus schrani was discovered (2014) in southern Patagonia, Argentina 🇦🇷 and is thought to be the largest 🏆 terrestrial animal to have ever walked the planet (i.e., it possesses the greatest mass of any land animal that can be calculated 🧮 with...

...reasonable certainty). This colossal sauropod flourished during the Late Cretaceous Epoch (100.5 million to 66 million years ago). It was about 26 m (85 feet) long 📏 and may have weighed about 59 metric tons ⚖️ (image source: Wikimedia Commons) -...

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#JurassicWorldDominion coming out in a few days. Pandemic has folk realise the series was spot with "Yes, they'll opening the parks even though they know people are going to die". So my amateur perspective here but I'll watch the films & do #DinoDisaster thread on risk mitigation
OK, film number 1 in #DinoDisaster : Jurassic Park. And I may need to pause for dinner occasionally (or fact check - this is amateur perspective & like to fact check but thread is as, no warranty expressed or implied whatsoever, any&all liability rejected to maximum extent legal)
The safari dude appears, folks armed & expecting disaster. Not spotting obvious risk management/disaster thing yet - thought a worker is scared.
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#USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, Lt Gen John Shaw at @ascendspace on Russian DA-ASAT test: We are still characterizing this event. We expect the debris will grow over time. #Perigee, #apogee event will widen. "It will become a threat that we will have to deal with." #ASAT #Russia
Shaw: This isnt' the beginning of such activity. #Russia conducted a similar test in April, though it didn't target a #satellite. Russia is showing "disregard of the sustainability of #space."
Shaw likens tracking objects in #space to book version of #JurassicPark: Scientists had automated sensors to track dinosaurs & algorithm to count the expected number of dinos. Problem is, it didn't account for the population of dinos rising. ...
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Ok. Gerade neuen #Datenschatz gefunden! Den Special #Eurobarometer zu Wissen & Einstellungen über Wissenschaft & Technologie 2021.
322 Seiten lang! Wer nicht Lust hat alles durchzuscrollen, hier #Schmankerl zu #AT, die mich echt 😱 haben. Thread 🧵 1/n…
Österreicher*innen interessieren sich im EU27-Vergleich eher weniger für neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse. Kein wunder, dass sie sich dann auch etwas schlechter über sie informiert fühlen. Aber, hey, wir wollen auch echt nicht mehr dazu wissen. 2/n
Aber warum auch? Wir sind in Österreich auch eher der Meinung, dass uns #Wissenschaft in unserem #Alltag wenig bringt. 3/n
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This tiny crab trapped in 100-million-year-old amber is the most complete fossil crab ever discovered! But how did a crab get trapped in amber in the first place? Here we tell you the story… #Science #Evolution #SciComm 1/n Image
Transitions from marine to non-marine environments (e.g., land, brackish & freshwater) are an infrequent even in most animal groups. And yet, true crabs, or #Brachyura, have done it independently over a dozen times! #ocean #freshwater #evolution 2/n Mangrove tree crab, Aratus ...
Amber is like a time capsule that preserves organisms like frozen in time. While most fossils in amber are land-dwelling animals—principally insects—, aquatic organisms such as crabs are extremely rare! #amber #jurassicpark #Cretaceous #Crabs Photo by @LidaXing1982 3/n Image
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Holy crap. I just escaped this island called Isla Marsbar that's filled to the brim with #dinosaurs.

This was was insane. A raptor tried to eat my ass and not in a sexy way. In a "your ass is being digested by a dinosaur" way.

Anyway. Here's my tell of woe.
So the truth of the matter is I've ALWAYS loved dinosaurs.

Ever since I was a little kid, @Soundsaboutleft and I used to pretend to be dinosaurs.

I'd played a T-Rex and he'd pretend to be a magical dinosaur that stole your allowance and hogged the NES.
I can say that one of the biggest thrills I ever had back when was meeting my childhood hero. Dr. Sherman.

He was at a dig site and he'd found a new raptor. One that wasn't a bitch ass velociraptor. Those things are glorified turkeys with claws.

Naw. It was much cool.
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#MoviesForKids 😍🎬

பெஸ்ட் மூவிஸ் டு வாட்ச் வித் ஃபேமிலி அண்ட் கிட்ஸ். நிறைய மூவீஸ் இருக்கு அதுலகொஞ்சம் #IMDb ரேட்டிங்வைஸ் குடுக்கப்பட்டிருக்கு. இதுல அதிகபட்சம் இங்லீஷ்ல தான்இருக்கு சோ! தமிழுக்கு டெலிகிராம் (அ) tamilyogi[dot]cafe siteல தேடிபாருங்க கிடைக்கும்.🍁

1 #TheLionKing 1994
8.5 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Music

2 #BackToTheFuture 1985
8.5 Advnte,Cmdy,Sci-Fi

3 #WALL·E 2008
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Rmnce,Sci-Fi

4 #Coco 2017
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Music,Mstry

5 #Up 2009
8.2 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly

6 #FindingNemo 2003
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy
7 #HarryPotter Seires (2001-2011)
8.1 Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Mstry

8 #JurassicPark 1993
8.1 Actn,Advnte,Sci-Fi,Thrllr

9 #Monsters,Inc. 2001
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly,Fntsy

10 #StandByMe 1986
8.1 Advnte,Drma

11 #InsideOut 2015
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Drma,Fmly,Fntsy
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As an add-on to my thread explaining why regulators are unlikely to detect an increase in the risk of blood clots generally due to the #AstraZenecaVaccine (annotated 100% with #JurassicPark GIFs!) I present:

Hang on a minute, *does* AZ increase overall clot risk??

The previous thread outlined how the analysis done by #EMA and #MHRA to detect an increase in the incidence of #BloodClots after AZ was crap because they forgot they were dealing with vaccine reporting (reports filed *if* someone suspects vax link) and…
*not* a clinical trial where participants are monitored and all health issues are reported

So they ended up comparing a huge baseline rate to the tiny number of clots that actually got reported to them and now they think the AZ vaccine reduces the risk of blood clots by 98%
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If you had a chance to listen to the @JurassicParkPod about my experience in #jurassicworld and wanted to see some behind the scenes stuff I’m starting a thread with images/descriptions. I have a bunch so I’ll update over time! 🦖 ImageImageImageImage
The casting call straight from the dansjp3page forums. Image
This is the first email they sent back. I was in a state of shock when it showed up in my inbox. Once I came back down to earth I needed to figure out how to get from LA to Louisiana to fill out the necessary paper work. Image
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Die Antworten auf diesen Tweet bestätigen meine Mutmaßung:

Es gibt bereits eine "#ChurchOfElonMusk!
Ich würde mir wünschen, Leute würden auch nur 1% der Zeit und Energie, die diese in's #verteidigen eines #Wanker|s & #Milliarär|s wie @elonmusk versenken in sinnvolleres investieren...
z.B. #TransRightsArehumanRights oder ne Spende an @TransEmigrate oder was mit Tieren oder im @Hambacherforst abhängen oder so...
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ABRO HILO. El verdadero Velociraptor.
La saga de películas #JurassicPark y #JurassicWorld ha convertido al Velociraptor en uno de los dinosaurios más populares junto con el tiranosaurio y el triceratops. Pero el Velociraptor se parece poco al de las películas. Vamos a conocerlo.
Su descubrimiento data de 1923, en #Mongolia, en el transcurso de una de las legendarias "Expediciones Gobi" que el Museo Americano de Historia Natural llevó a cabo en Mongolia (1919-1930), uno de los mayores esfuerzos paleontológicos de la #Historia.
El espécimen, basado en un cráneo y una gran garra del pie, pero que entonces se pensaba que era de la mano, fue descrito en 1924 por Henry F. Osborne y bautizado como "Velociraptor mongoliensis". Hoy día se conoce, además, otra especie: "V. osmolskae".
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#VillainDinosaur from Jurassic Park III, the #Spinosaurus, Was a River Monster: New Study…

- by @kun5k

(Artwork: Davide Bonadonna/Nature)

#JurassicPark Image
🦖A team of researchers from the University of Portsmouth recently collected some fossilised remains from the site of an ancient river bed in Morocco.
🦖Post analysis, the fossils were identified as the teeth of the #Spinosaurusaegyptiacus—the very same dinosaur that played the main villain in the movie @JurassicPark III.

Yes, you heard that right!
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Watching #JurassicPark for the 2000th time, & there are still screams a-plenty... Image
Unbelievably, considering she’s my daughter, @katyholland1998 has never seen it before... Image
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That moment when you realize that the T. Rex was never trying to eat the kids in #JurassicPark, because it had just eaten an entire goat and wasn't hungry... the same moment you realize the T. Rex was just being playful.
The T. Rex in JURASSIC PARK wasn't trying to eat that car. She was just toying with it, and using the tires like a chew toy.
Of course, the T. Rex is still a large and dangerous animal, and so Grant needed to get it away from two helpless kids.

And how did he do that?

By using a laser pointer.
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Abrimos hilo sobre increíbles #maquetas de sets de #cine, un arte tan antiguo como actual y fundamental en el 7º arte.
Comenzamos con esta recreación detallada de Manhattan para #EscapeFromNewYork (1981) del maestro John Carpenter, para la secuencia inicial y tomas aéreas.

Esta es la maqueta escala 1:4 que se construyó para la escena en que el tren atraviesa la vidriera de la estación en #Hugo, de Martin Scorsese (2011), cuyo entorno se completaría después digitalmente.
#LaInvenciónDeHugo #cine #maquetas #HiloDeCine #rodaje

Algunas de las impresionantes maquetas construidas para el rodaje de "Star Wars: Episodio I - La Amenaza Fantasma" (1999).
#cine #StarWars #maquetas #ThePhantomMenace #LaAmenazaFantasma #HiloDeCine

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Abrimos un hilo con carteles de cine pintados a mano en Ghana: los encargan a artistas locales porque no les llegan los posters oficiales y les dan "toque especial" que los convierten en verdaderas obras de arte con estilo propio

Empezamos fuerte con #ET (Steven Spielberg 1982 )
#SeñoraDoubtfire ( Chris Columbus 1993 )
Si ya es inquietante lo de la escoba, lo es aún más Robin Williams saliendo del suelo y cogiéndose el pie a sí mismo disfrazado...

#Cujo ( Lewis Teague 1983 )
Pues oye, dan ganas de rascarle la tripa y achuchar al 'perro asesino' que tan malo no parece...

( dedicado a los amiguetes @2000Maniacos )
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Inicio un hilo en el que iré incluyendo los videojuegos que vaya terminando este año 2020. Seguramente haya muchos que habré comenzado el año anterior, e incluso antes, pero lo importante es cuando se termina. ✌️

¡Vamos allá! 🎮🎮🎮
World of Illusion - Mega Drive Mini

Lanzado en 1992 para la consola de #SEGA, este cartucho de #MegaDrive fue probablemente el primer videojuego cooperativo que jugué en mi vida. Y qué mejor forma de comenzar el año rejugándolo y recordando viejos momentos de mi infancia. 🙂 Image
Luigi's Mansion - Nintendo 3DS

Original de #GameCube en 2001, #Nintendo nos sorprendería con una subsaga del universo #Mario que introduce nuevas mecánicas fuera de las plataformas. La verdad es que lo he disfrutado mucho y con ganas de continuar la saga. 😌 Image
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El largometraje animado más antiguo que se conserva es "Las aventuras del príncipe Achmed" (1926), escrito y dirigido por la pionera animadora alemana Lotte Reiniger. Dura 65 minutos, el original estaba coloreado y empleaba una técnica de siluetas móviles que ella inventó. #cine
Las ondas en el vaso de agua fue uno de los efectos especiales más complejos de conseguir en #ParqueJurásico (1993). Tras probar muchas opciones finalmente se hizo haciendo vibrar una cuerda de guitarra bajo el coche.
#CuriosidadesDeCine #hilo #cine #ElMundoDelCine #JurassicPark
#ApocalypseNow (1979):
- El rodaje en Filipinas duró 15 meses
- El material rodado superó las 250 horas
- Francis Ford Coppola se arruinó para acabar la película
- Martin Sheen sufrió un infarto durante el rodaje
- Coppola amenazó con suicidarse 3 veces
- Tardó 4 años en hacerla ImageImageImageImage
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Aprovechamos el inminente estreno de #SpidermanFarFromHome para compartir algunas impresiones, datos y curiosidades sobre #Spiderman de 2002

#SagaAracnida #Marvel
Luego de 25 años sin presencia de #Spiderman en la pantalla grande y con varios proyectos que quedaron en el camino, 2002 fue el gran año para Spidey quien llegaría al cine con una de las mejores adaptaciones de superhéroes estrenadas hasta ese momento.

#SagaAracnida #SpiderMan Image
Sam Raimi fue el director elegido para adaptar su personaje. Su filmografía anterior incluía películas como Evil Dead y Darkman a la que le sumaría una GRAN película de terror llamada Drag me to the hell.

#SagaAracnida #SpiderMan ImageImageImageImage
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El mundo del cine y sus increíbles maravillas. Abrimos hilo sobre hechos, curiosidades y datos de cine que tanto fascinan. ¡Vamos allá!
#Cine #curiosidades #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine
En los discursos de aceptación de los Oscars, se le ha dado a Steven Spielberg las gracias más que a dios. Aquí están las estadísticas que a quienes se le han dado más las gracias con una estatuilla en la mano.
#Cine #Spielberg #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine #Oscars
La leyenda urbana de que todos los relojes en Pulp Fiction están parados a las 4:20 es falsa. Algunos sí, pero no todos ni mucho menos. Hay relojes importantes en la trama que ni de cerca.
#Cine #PulpFiction #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine #Tarantino
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It may be a #SnowDay for those of us at the main @SmithsonianEnv campus - but some of our researchers are enjoying rustic, tropical lab digs on Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Any ideas what book’s fictional island was based off of Cocos? HINT: 🦖🦕 #ScientistsInTheField Image
Did you guess #JurassicPark!? Michael Crichton's novel (and the subsequent movies) take place on the fictitious "Isla Nublar" of Costa Rica, which is modeled after Cocos Island! #TheMoreYouKnow Image
With views like these - we can understand why famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called Cocos "the most beautiful island in the world". #FoulingProject Image
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In June 2018, I tweeted a list of #JurassicParkTrivia (timed to celebrate the 25th birthday of #JurassicPark). Today I need that stuff archived, and because I'm an idiot I didn't thread the tweets. Soooo -- I'm going to tweet them all AGAIN, and this time THREAD THEM...
When checking out the sick Triceratops, Sattler puts her hand inside its mouth to touch its tongue. I know it’s not a real dinosaur. But this never seemed like a smart thing to do… #JurassicParkTrivia
I never quite understood the giant dung pile in the Triceratops enclosure. Does this mean that the #dinosaurs poop neatly in the same place? (that’s ok, some animals do). Or has it been shovelled together by the staff? Something to think about. #JurassicParkTrivia
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Not the most glaring issue with #JurassicPark, but this plot from Michael Crichton's original 1990 novel looks pretty darn weird. /1
In context: This is the height distribution of the Procompsognathid dinosaurs ("compys") in the park. The distribution looks Gaussian (bell curved), and we would expect the height distribution to look approximately Gaussian if the dinosaurs were a natural population. /2
However, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren't supposed to be a "natural population" --- their breeding was controlled. So this bell curve was used as a clue that the dinosaurs were mating. /3
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Dino sighting on 7c.... #spooky #trickortreat #itbegins Image
Gm5 continues to impress... Image
6th floor nurses also showed up... #trickortreat #rawr #JurassicPark Image
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