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🎲 ¡Hola, amantes de los #JuegosDeRol! Hoy os traigo una #ReviewSemanal sobre el intrigante juego The King of Dungeons. Este RPG no se centra en un escenario específico, sino en una estructura única y la gestión de gremios de aventureros. ⚔️🛡️ #KingOfDungeons #OldSchool

En este…… Image
📚 CREACIÓN DE PERSONAJES 📚 En The King of Dungeons, la creación de personajes es una parte fundamental de la experiencia. Los personajes se definen por su Cultura, Clase, estadísticas y sus Dichos ("Tells") asociados, alineación, especialidades y estilo de vida. La Cultura es……

En el mundo de The King of Dungeons, los gremios de aventureros juegan un papel central en la narrativa y la mecánica del juego. Al unirte a un gremio, tu personaje se convierte en parte de una red de aventureros que comparten recursos, conocimientos y……
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Lamar Hunt está a un titular más de levantarse de su última morada en el Sparkman Hillcrest de Dallas. Hilo 👇 #KansasCityChiefs #SuperBowlLVII #Sevilla #KansasCity
¿Por qué los Chiefs de Kansas, ganadores de la Super Bowl, lucen una bandera de España?…
En 1959, Hunt escogió como colores para su nueva franquicia de los Dallas Texans, el legendario Columbia Blue de la universidad neoyorquina y el naranja. Sin embargo, su colega Bud Adams estuvo más listo, eligiendo primero para sus Oilers el maravilloso azul columbia... Image
A Hunt no le quedó otra que rediseñar el uniforme de su equipo, eligiendo los Red and Gold (cuanto más divergentes con el blue royal de los Boys, mejor), y no el rojo y gualda de Carlos III #pantone #Bandera Image
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J-30 - Le compte à rebours a commencé
Dans exactement 30 jours, le 21 fév 2023, ce compte Lili dit Jojo s'autodétruira.
Après 4 ans de combats vs les trolls, les fafs, les macronistes et d'autres joyeusetés, une dernière mission reste à accomplir : prendre sa retraite de Twitter.
Alors bien sûr, elle pourrait aménager une pré-retraite, accepter un poste de fin de carrière tranquille, ou partager son temps avec une association, cela ne manque pas, mais non, elle a choisi de rendre son uniforme avec ses galons, ses pin's et ses accrocs.
Comment savoir si cette décision a été difficile, elle ne le dira pas...mais il est certain qu'elle s'est imposée :
- « Let' do it !»...
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OK- now in Mag Court @SDNYLIVE, guilty plea of Tatiana Daniel, charged with conspiracy to commit pandemic fraud, including through defrauding the Hotel Room Isolation Program, Selling Fabricated COVID-19 test results, obtaining COVID-19 loans" - it's happening
Courtroom exclusive, 1st reported here: this #COVID19 fraud plea agreement is for a sentencing guideline of 33 to 41 months
Tatiana Daniel's hair is deep purple. At first this morning she said she was NOT prepared to plead guilty. 144 nights of stolen hotel rooms, with co-defendant working in the City's program
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GIbts schon österr. Schulbücher für die "digitale Grundbilldung"?

Würde die gerne reviewen....
Oh, schaut mal. Der ÖBV hat ein Schulbuch zur "digitalen Grundbildung" und der PC darin hat noch PS/2 Ports für Maus und Tastatur sowie seriell und Parallel Port. <3
VGA überrascht da gar nicht mehr :D

#oldschool Image
Aus dem ÖBV Schulbuch zur "digitalen Grundbildung":
Wie lauten die nächstgrößeren Einheiten nach Kilo, Mega, Giga und Tera?

Mein Hirn:
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#AfricaTech #Reflections: So boards and DD aren't 'cool' anymore I hear. Both are wasting #founders time, and entrepreneurship is all about 'move fast and break things'. So - some #oldschool stuff here - or as they say, yes... *BUT*... (thread 🧵👇)
1/ Two different topics - but very related. So starting from DD, and will develop thoughts from there.
We are still in the 'money falling from the sky' era to an extent. Public markets are in the deep red, multiples are so south that IPOs and SPACs are almost irrelevant.
2/ Many of the larger funds, sitting on billions in cash, understood returns will not come from pre-IPO rounds. As cash raised recently, and model requires quick cycles and showing uprounds, best turn to early, and why not do so in 'exotic'/less crowded geographies...
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Throwback to 2018 Edition of Electronic Payments International News Release:

Cover story on @Ripple

--Quick Thread of the Ripplenet / $XRP mentions--

#Ripple #DLT #Blockchain #XRP #XRPCommunity
#DigitalAssets #NotASecurity #fintech #news #Throwback #ripplenet #payments #2018
2. This document talks about $XRP and @ashgoblue states PNC hasn't adopted #XRP.

@ashgoblue do they still just use X Current?

If anyone found anything that shows they adopted XRP post in the comments.

#fintech #discussions #news #oldschool
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This project is almost two years in the making and is my interpretation of a modern-day London Best matched set of custom 9mm 2011 pistols. As you know, any matched pair must come with a case that would nestle the pistols and proper tools for what any gentleman/woman would need
to show up fully prepared for their duel or shooting range trip. I have always liked the historical idea of designing a matched pair of pistols; additionally, there is a reason why the practice started in the first place. I uniquely chose each feature to adapt best
to my disabilities, design sensibility, and intended uses. It made sense to have one carry version and one external training option/backup. The bag itself was a labor of love with Michael Noelle Leatherworx, who helps make the designs in my head manifest themselves into reality.
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tiens je vais faire un petit LT sur une première journée d'un raid à ski pour montrer tout ce qu'on doit aux cartographe de l'IGN
c'était il y a un bail ( 8 ans ?) .. on partait à 6 pour une semaine a ski entre val thorens et pralognan
premier jour départ de St Martin de Ballevile pour rejoindre par les remontées le col de Thorens. Objectif l'aiguille de polset pour dormir au refuge de Péclet Plset
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#Mentoring a #Value resistant #Generation...

Like most, I've had and still have the privilege of being mentored by some of the best in their sphere of influence. One observation from the experience is that being 'spongy' through the process is an advantage. By that I mean,
to be receptive to the lessons taught and learnt with a view to go and practice. Maybe that has become #OLDschool like many other things in life today.

However, may I say with vehemence; values can never be old school. It is forever, fresh, needful and vintage, no matter
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As kids saw ‘Bi-scope’ wala in our street in Lahore
The chant that I remember was:

Barah maan ki dhoban dekho
Dili a katab manar dekho
Dekho Gama palwan dekho
Aur bahut sa aur saman dekho
Aa jao aa jao doo paiaa mae sara Jahan dekho!

Then we got a View Master (late 1950 early 1960) & grandfather moved to Gulberg
Street life was left behind in Kucha Kakezain, Dili Darwaja, Sanda & Ichra; Ladu pethian walay & katlama included!

Places where perhaps a part of me still lives! ImageImageImageImage
If in another life a picture were taken I would’ve been the headstand kid!
@UmaimaBlogger @odysseuslahori @HarounRashid2 @microMAF @manihammad #Lahore #memories #oldschool @iqbutt @HofPak @FatimaArif ImageImageImageImage
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Today’s #OldSchool chat will be about “Cooley High,” one of the great #Chicago classic films that often gets drowned out by other flicks like “The Blues Brothers” or even “Adventures In Babysitting.”
Cooley was a break from the "blax" films that were popular at the time. An autobiographical piece by Chicago writer Eric Monte, he modeled the main character "Preach" after himself. CH was a real high school that served the kids of Cabrini-Green before it was demolished in 1980.
While much of the cast was made of up-and-coming actors like Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and Garrett Morris, the producers hired a lot of residents as cast members, including Jackie Taylor, who later founded the Blk Ensemble Theater. Some of them were natural actors.
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Ok. Lets go back to when love was fire
#GuessTheSong #Oldschool

Dhiya iwe, dhiya iwe, usandiona sekacheche, rudo chete runondinetsa, usandione sendinopenga ini

Clue : surname is one person in Shona
#GuessTheSong #oldschool

Here we are, the two of us together, taking this crazy chance to be all alone. We both know that we should not be together, cause if we're found out, it could mess up both our happy homes.

Clue : secret things...
Answer : Atlantic Starr, #SecretLovers
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#GuessTheSong #Oldschool

Munhu wenyama ngaafare,
"hapana chinonetsa"

Clue, local Stevie Wonder, did not say he sings like him though
#GuessTheSong #OldSchool

Early in the morning, I put breakfast on your table, I make sure that your coffee has its sugar and cream

Clue, was once an anthem for ladies😂 not an actual anthem🙄
#GuessTheSong #OldSchool

Wise men say
Only fools rush in,

Clue, reggae-ish have the number 40
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Next up Michael Emmett (Fluid and Electrolyte Master of the Universe). Leads off reminding us it is mothers day and to call home, doesn't recognize the mothers in the room. #OldSchool #NKFClinicals
Leads of with a case of NSF with a normal GFR (64 ml/min by MDRD).… #NKFclinicals
GFR goes down to 52 but CrCl is only 23 ml/min. She was small/frail. #NKFclinicals
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Ronald Reagan was #NWO puppet influenced by
Manley P Hall, occult, M@sons, and a Bohemian Grove attendee who was under thumb of #Illuminati power elite like Henry Kissinger.

#WeThePeople #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight
#Qanon #Qresearch #RonaldReagan’s circle of influencers
Ronald Reagan furthered
#NWO Corporatocracy agenda.

Reagan’s "patriotic" call to arms and support for US militarism, enlarged the military-industrial complex, and
made possible a new wave of American imperialism and regime changes world wide.

Used for AIDS crisis/Eugenics
Leaders of Scottish Rite of Freem@sonry were so proud of Ronald Reagan they made him an "Honorary Scottish Rite Mason" near the end of his 2nd term.
The M@sonic ceremony was held at the White House & made front page of their official publication, "the New Age" magazine.
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Breaking news !!!
Now custom chipset tested with sample asset & loader...
#fpga #2D #demoscene #oldschool
Still bug decoded in comments... Image
- Image not stable... Was stable before. WTF.
- DDR clock to verify (pixel and not bus ?!)
- Priority of 2D over CPU...
Time to sleep... near 3 AM. Science says that brain will start to eat itself if no sleep...
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