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‘Voor jongeren is risico om aan #coronavirus te sterven verwaarloosbaar’, zegt #OMT.😭
En hoezo worden jongeren ‘sociaal het hardst getroffen’?? Wat een bullshit. #Netherlands #HerdImmunity
Met alle infrastructuur, kennis, en economische macht die we hebben. Defaitistisch cultuurtje, hoor. Triest dat @XanderKoolman nu ook #HerdImmunity accepteert. Of heeft iemand een paardenhoofd op je bed neergelegd, Xander?
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Che cosa significa l’acronimo #MES? Versione integrale #NoMes (1/50)
Il Fondo Salva Stati può effettivamente salvare gli Stati? #Mes #NoMes Versione integrale (2/50)
Esiste il #Mes senza condizionalità? #NoMes Versione integrale (3/50)
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Fortaleciendo los lazos de hermandad y cooperación impulsados por nuestro Pdte. @NicolasMaduro y el Pdte. de la República de Turquía @RTErdogan, trabajamos para promover al máximo las relaciones bilaterales y turísticas entre ambas naciones.

Sostuve una fructífera videoconferencia con la Viceministra de Cultura y Turismo de Turquía, @OzgulOzkanYAVUZ, y con el Excelentísimo Embajador de Turquía en #Venezuela, Şevki Mütevellioğlu.

Tomando en cuenta los acuerdos de la primera reunión de sus representantes ante la #OMT durante la última Asamblea General de la Organización en San Petersburgo, #Rusia en #Sept2019.

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Tracing the mastermind behind #BVerfG judgment isn't easy. But the judgment draws & quotes heavily from a thoughtful article by Mark Dawson&Ana Bobic @thehertieschool published 2019 in CMLReview

Their criticism became punchline of the #BVerfG ruling against #ECB & #ECJ. Thread
First, Dawson/Bobic criticized that #ECJ already in its #OMT judgment had poorly assessed the evidence provided by #ECB to support OMT

Just as #BVerfG had previously criticized OMT & now argues that ECJ assessment of #PSPP is methodologically flawed (para. 137 of judgment)
...then they point at poor #ECJ analysis of possible alternatives to #PSPP. ECJ should have checked for measures with less burdensome economic side-effects.  

#BVerfG picked up this point in paras 139ff arguing that ECJ unproportionality test is insufficient
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Devastating, incredibly prophetic quotes from the dissenting opinion in the #GCC 2014 ruling on #OMT (in German).

tldr in English: do *not* fall for the line that the German constitution obliged the #BVerfG to rule as it did.

Rather there has been a persistent effort over an extended to open up the legal space to make the recent ruling possible.

Let me unoffically translate one long sentence (written, to repeat, in 2014) which encapsulates what is problematic about last week's ruling:

"That a few independent German judges, basing themselves on the German interpretation of the democracy principle and on the limits this and our interpretation of A123ff TFEU set on the legitimate powers of the independent ECB, take a decision with incalculably far-reaching...
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Draadje over nieuw #COVID19 research, gisteren in Nature Medicine gepubliceerd door onderzoekers uit Guangzhou en het WHO Collaborative Centre te Hong Kong.

Dit heeft veel gevolgen voor het huidige Nederlandse beleid.…
Men bestudeerde patronen van virus afscheiding (VA) onder 94 #COVID19 - positieve patiënten. Daarnaast brachten ze besmettelijkheidsprofielen in kaart van 77 bronnen (patiënten) en de contacten die zij hadden geïnfecteerd.

VA is het hoogste op en voor de eerste ziektedag.
Door de resultaten schat men dat 44% van alle besmettingen plaatsvinden vóórdat de bron zich ziek voelt (pre-symptomatisch).
Besmettelijkheid begint gemiddeld 2.3 dagen vóór de eerste ziektedag, met een piek óp de eerste ziektedag, om vervolgens snel binnen 7 dagen af te nemen
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Ein paar Überlegungen (man könnte Buchbände füllen) zur Finanzierung von Ausgaben, verursacht durch die Coronakrise, in der EU. #eurobonds #coronabonds #omt #ecb 1/11
Wie sich schon in der Staatsschuldenkrise 2012 gezeigt hat, reicht die Geldpolitik nicht aus, um wirtschaftlichen Schocks in einer Währungsunion angemessen zu begegnen. Glücklicherweise haben wir mittlerweile auch den #ESM. Aber werden die vorhandenen Mittel reichen? 2/11
Die Geldpolitik, d.h. die ECB, hat schon Schritte gesetzt: die Ausweitung des Wertpapierankaufprogramms mit dem sperrigen Titel „Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program“ um 750 Mrd. Euro bis Jahresende. Dazu kommen die technisch klingenden Liquiditätsprogramme LTRO u. TLTRO III. 3/11
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Is Germany ready for #Eurobonds and going soft on rules and austerity? The answers are Nein! and Nein!

Here is why. #Covid19 /thread
Germany is fully aware that the current health crisis is probably as much as #Europe can handle. Adding another layer – an Italian financial crisis – would be suicidal. /2
That means, Germany is fully ready to a) use the #ESM in full to help countries with funding difficulties, b) support the #ECB (politically) in maintaining market access for gov’ts, and c) use European funds where they add value. /3
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What does Lagarde’s comment that “We are not here to close spreads, there are other tools and other actors to deal with these issues” mean? Why are economists up in arms? A quick thread. #ECB #Eurozone #Covid_19 1/
These comments are seen to refer to the Outright Monetary Transactions Programme (OMT), which was part of former ECB President Mario Draghi’s pledge to do ‘whatever it takes’ to save the Eurozone. Under the #OMT, it was possible to purchase debt securities on the market. 2/
OMT would involve outright transactions in secondary sovereign bond markets aiming at “safeguarding an appropriate monetary policy transmission and the singleness of the monetary policy”. “Strict and effective conditionality” was required. 3/
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Paese congelato da ieri
delta rispetto al Picco di Congestione del Traffico mattutino superiore al 50% sia a Milano che a Roma
Worst Case ad oggi
-32mld di PIL2020
Deficit/PIL =
-2.82% con +10mld deficit [+7mldUsc vs -3mldEnt]
-3,78% con Entrate ridotte di 12mld vs 2019
AD OGGI ImageImageImageImage
Ad oggi il maggior indebitamento in qualunque ipotesi con una contrazione così importante del PIL, porterebbe il rapporto debito/PIL italiano vicino al 140%...facendo scattare tutti gli alert di ristrutturazione del debito pubblico...sia Ex-Ante [#MES2] che EX-Post [MES attuale] Image
ma 30mld è solo quello che abbiamo perso fino a questo momento, allarghiamo l'orizzonte almeno fino al 03 aprile ipotesi a spanne su tutto il paese...
più tutto il tempo per tornare a regime Image
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hmm, progressive ECB - employment, climate, single public safe asset?
permanent #OMT to prevent liquidity spirals emanating from shadow funding markets?
Q: have we done enough to reform euro macro architecture?
Lane - virtue of SBBSies is that it doesnt require mutualization. But he no longer sounds enthusiastic, knowing full well EP has killed that initiative because it can only work with a lot of help from the state
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Intro/10 #STEMI #tweetorial #FITSurvivalGuide for #ACCFIT. Organized by @dr_chirumamilla. @ACCCardioEd @ACCinTouch
1/10 #STEMI from ruptured plaque, less plaque erosion. @BraunwaldEugene pic demonstrates LDL oxidized, glycated➡️cytokines release express adhesion molecules➡️monocytes roll, diapedesis➡️ingest LDL, become foam cell➡️SMC migrate, proliferate➡️some apoptosis➡️plaque Image
2/10 Why #STEMI on #ECG
1. Diastolic current of injury: current away from relatively depolarized injury➡️TQ depression➡️normalized on ECG➡️ST elevation
2. Systolic current of injury: current towards injury due to early repol➡️ST elevation Image
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