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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Podcasting "Ideas Lying Around"; and more!

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1/ A workbench with a pegboard...
Podcasting "Ideas Lying Around": A theory of change based on shovel-ready ideas.

2/  Image: btwashburn (modifie...
Hey look at this

* #Toronto Tenants Are Uniting in a Mass #RentStrike…

* France legalizes remotely turning on the camera or microphone of smartphones in criminal investigations… (h/t Cooper)

3/ Image
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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Capitalists hate capitalism; and more!

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1/ A caricature of a businessm...
Capitalists hate capitalism: Merck's version of "market pricing" is "whatever we ask for."

2/  Image: Flying Logos (modif...
Hey look at this

* Some #blogging myths… (h/t @kottke)

* #OpenAI Sued for Libel After ChatGPT Allegedly Hallucinates Man Into Lawsuit…

* Eli Lilly Unveils Insulin That Doesn’t Work On Poor People…

3/ Image
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: To save the news, repeal the app tax; Hey look at this; and more!

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1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
Today 7/6, I'm keynoting @republica in #Berlin:…

Tomorrow 8/6, I'm at @otherlandberlin Books with my novel *Red Team Blues*:…

To save the news, repeal the app tax: The latest in "saving the news from Big Tech."

3/  Image: EFF https://www.eff...
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A core mission of mine has become deconstructing the false binary fallacy of clinician vs patient that is perpetuated by both sides.

And instead making space for the many clinicians & trainees who are also patients & bring hard earned patient wisdom to their practice & science🧵
2/ Being able to translate patient experience into the language of science, medicine and healthcare, and connect worlds of expertise has tremendous value.

These often painful experiences can enrich the care and wisdom we offer to others.

When you know better, do better ♥️
3/ On ableism and exclusion of disabled clinicians in healthcare:
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The biggest fallacy in the online privacy is that there is a difference between "state surveillance" and "commercial surveillance." Bizarrely, it's a fallacy that is widely held by both government snoops and Big Tech snoops. 1/ A floating room whose fall and floor are composed of Matrix-
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Many's the time I've spoken to a DC audience about privacy, only to have an audience member say, "I'm OK with Uncle Sam spying on me - after all, I handed every sensitive scrap of personal information to the Office of Personnel Management when I applied for security clearance. 3/
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At #disruptedtimes22, @DinaSrinivasan says her landmark FB research was inspired in part by FB's ramp up of surveillance after Google shut down G+ and FB no longer had to fear competition
At the same time, @Snowden's #prism leaks made it clear that this data was harvested by governments and used in lethal applications ('We use metadata to kill people' -Michael Hayden)
She structured her research so that it could be turned into a class action suit by monied interests
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Splitting ("refracting") your #LUNA into #yLUNA and #pLUNA can currently earn you the highest attainable #LUNA yield in the @terra_money ecosystem 👀

That is, if you know what to do 💡

A quick 🧵 on how to maximize your #LUNA #ROI on @prism_protocol 🔥
1/ First step: Refract your #LUNA (see above). You now own an identical amount of #yLUNA and #pLUNA.

These tokens can always be merged back together to form a full #LUNA (well, #cLUNA, which has to unbond back to #LUNA for 21-24 days, like #bLUNA - but you get the point!)
2/ #yLUNA is #LUNA's yield component. Therefore, it can be staked, just like regular #LUNA. You can attain the "normal" staking yield in @prism_protocol's "stake" tab.

#Airdrops are automatically claimed by the protocol, further simplyfing your UX.
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1./ $LUNA is one of the best yielding assets. I honestly don't care about the price. I take profit from the yield I make. Not from selling $LUNA. Partially compounding, partially cashing. $LUNA is my life time passive income.

A thread on how to make $LUNA yield 🧵
2./ In the past year many protocols launched on @terra_money. For almost all projects $LUNA and $UST are the most important assets and especially for $LUNA many of them made a derivative. We have $nLUNA, $bLUNA, $LUNAx and so on... I'll try to cover all of them one by one.
3./ First: $bLUNA

$bLUNA was the first $LUNA use case and still is very popular. Bond your $LUNA, receive $bLUNA use it as collateral and borrow $UST. With this $UST you can do whatever you want. All of this is made possible by @anchor_protocol
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Up until now we have only been seeing moderate gains for #PRISM and its liquid staking token #xPRISM.

A quick 🧵 on why #PRISM will be the next #terraluna #altcoin to break out soon and fly towards the🌕! #Moonshot #LUNAtics
1/ @prism_protocol's innovative approach of allowing users to split ("refract") their #LUNA tokens into #pLUNA and #yLUNA lies at the core of the protocol.

For this service, a portion of yield derived through the protocol goes towards #PRISM stakers, i.e. #xPRISM #hodlers.
2/ While all of the juicy details can be found @, the gist of it is as follows:

By holding #PRISM and staking it for the auto-compunding #xPRISM token, you effectively become a shareholder of @prism_protocol's income stream.
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1/ Alerte Pépite !

Actuellement, les utilisateurs de la #Defi ne disposent pas des meilleurs outils pour lever du capital.

Le moyen le plus répondu est de fournir des actifs en garantie pour emprunter.

Sauf que les liquidations sur le marché des cryptos en freine plus d'un.
2/ @prism_protocol innove et permet aux utilisateurs de lever du capital instantanément en vendant leurs rendement futur.

Les utilisateurs ne sont plus exposés à la liquidation et peuvent conserver un instrument liquide pouvant être librement échangés ailleurs dans #DeFi.
3/ Principes :

#prism va permettre de diviser un actif générateur de rendement en ses composants les plus élémentaires :

- Token de yield (YT)
- Token principal (PT).

Ces tokens permettront aux utilisateurs d'isoler les risques exacts sur lesquels ils souhaitent spéculer.
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1./ Now Col-5 has launched it's time to look forward. Let me take you straight to September 2022.

It's been a rough year. All the centralised stable coins suffered from the actions of the regulators, but their was one stable coin they couldn't get their hands on: $UST!
2./ Because of this, combined with the ongoing mainstream adoption of crypto currencies $UST now has a marketcap of more than $USDC, $USDT and $UST combined one year ago. Of course this means $LUNA went parabolic and now is the most wanted asset around
3./ The few other stable coins that are still being used are mostly deposited into @orion_money where also the users of other chains receive an APY of around 20% because @anchor_protocol keeps delivering, helped by @neptune_finance.
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1./ This project is going to be a killer. Leverage long without liquidation risk? Check my previous tweet about this:

But this is just the beginning. Let's talk about the $Prism token:
2./ Like many tokens, the $Prism token will be used for governance. Also, once staked, users will receive fees earned by the protocol. But this isn't the amazing part. If you love @THORChain, you'll fall in love with $Prism instantly.
3./ At @prism_protocol you can deposit your $Luna and split this in $yLuna and $pLuna. Once you did this, you deposit those tokens in liquidity pools so people can trade them. And every liquidity pool has as base asset... $Prism. Amazing!
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🌟Top 3( high growth +strong business) companies of my favorite😍 sectors for long term.

1⃣chemical sector - #deepaknr #balajiamines #tatachemical

2⃣power - #adanitransmissons #tatapower #adanipower

3⃣Fmcg - #ltfoods #hindustanfoods #hatsun
4⃣cement - #jklakshmi #birlacement #prism

5⃣ packaging - #polyplex #jindalpoly #cosmofilms

6⃣textiles - #luxind #srf #welspun

7⃣ fertilizers - #fact #gnfc #rcf
1⃣ sugar sector -#renukasugar #dalmiabharat #Uttamsugar

2⃣ agrochemical - #piind #upl #paushak

3⃣ beverage sector - #radico #globus #ifbagro

If you love ❤ & like 💞 ,then share more sectors companies.
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📣 New! All the Ways to make a Web Component - May 2021 Edition!

🤯 With 55 Web Components libraries compared
⌨️ Code styles
📊 Bundle sizes
🏎️ Performance

All compared in one article!

More details in thread below ⤵️ #webcomponents #webdev…
The new #Lit 2.0.0rc is in! @buildWithLit
With some sweet bundle size improvements over `lit-element` Image
#Prism compiler by @kaleidawave
Creates 0 dependencies components, goes straight to the top in single component bundle size. Image
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Dear @ProjectLincoln comrades:

Totally agree about what a #brand is/represents!

It´s a major, probably the biggest responsibility someone can have with oneself, their collaborators / clients / local communities / country & global community.
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU IN? | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #1
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | The #brandidentity #Prism | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #2

Ref.: #Tese: "Prisma de Identidade de Marca: perspectiva para evolução do modelo" | via #TEDE @puc_sp…
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2. .@bartongellman writes about #NSA's #PRISM accessing users' data from #Google,#Facebook,#Apple, and "Also a service called #Paltalk,which I had not heard of but which presumably hosted accounts of attractive targets". Why #PalTalk? I think I have an explanation
3. I think it is very likely that #PalTalk was of great interest for the #NSA because it was used by people in contact with the #MullahKrekar.I have read the investigation conducted by the Italian anti-terror police #ROS in collaboration with EU and US
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#Snowden su canale 21 RaiMovie
#NSA #PRISM è abilitato alla sorveglianza in profondità su comunicazioni del traffico Internet mondiale e delle informazioni memorizzate. Per ottenere ciò si serve della collaborazione di vari service provider come Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Yahoo, AOL e altri Image
#NSA #HEARTBEAT è stato esplicitamente autorizzato da due livelli della mia gestione. L'ho costruito io. #Snowden Image
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'The Only Senator Who Voted Against the Patriot Act Seemingly Predicted This Day Would Come'

"One provision that troubles me a great deal is a provision that permits the government under FISA to compel the production of records..."
@theblaze "The bill's name -- the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, with its handy USA PATRIOT acronym"

'...if you don't support the bill you're not patriotic'
@theblaze @Salon 'Barr said, “The legislation Sen. Feingold introduced today will correct several provisions in both the Patriot Act as it was hurriedly passed in 2001, and in FISA as it was amended in 2008.”'

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We are live tweeting for the #Ready4Nuclear US/Canada #Nuclear Energy Leadership Summit!

Great slate of speaker today-- stay tuned. Image
First Speaker, Marco Presutti of Natural Resources Canada reminds us that $140B in trade and 9 million jobs result from US/Canada Nuclear Partnership. Image
Next up, Dr. John Barrett, CEO of Canadian Nuclear Association. "After a great advocacy effort at #COP21, nuclear was included in the clean energy efforts of Mission: Innovation."

@TalkNuclear Image
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🔥 Evidence to charge Trump w Treason is here. Konstantin Rykov’s confession on Facebook named Aleksander Kogan who worked w Joseph Chancellor at GSR. Rykov connected to Artem Klyushin Yulia Alferova & Emin Agalarov who were w Trump when Putin called 🔥…
Day and Mueller Time is fast approaching💥
Rykov also told us that they used Wikileaks‼️
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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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