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How to enhance paleoscience research, collaboration & application in #GlobalSouth? In the latest @PAGES_IPO Magazine, we share the philosophy, functioning & future of @INQUA-funded #pSESYNTH project, building collaborative approaches & communities.… (1/n)
The INQUA-funded multi-year #pSESYNTH project envisions the first multi-disciplinary #Holocene paleo #database through a collective vision for past #SocialEcologicalSystems in the #GlobalSouth, and their future sustainability.
We describe #pSESYNTH, an example of scientific community mobilization & collaboration focused on the #GlobalSouth, i.e. Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, & parts of Oceania where researchers have been historically marginalized from international collaborations. (3/n) Image
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cc: @ AnonymousCitizen
Minister Olivia #Grégoire cancels the first stage of her trip to La Baule where a welcoming committee was waiting for her to go to Guérande (France Bleu) #MacronChallenge #Casseroles #IntervillesMacron #ministers #ReformeDesRetraites
cc: @ AnonymousCitizen
Public #hospital #crisis: more than a thousand people demonstrate in the streets of #Feurs (8300 inhabitants) in the #Loire to defend the #emergencies and the SMUR closed for 3 weeks #HopitalPublic
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@IntlCrimCourt Broke?! Hobbyist level #Zaporizhzhia #FalseFlag. The cameraman was waiting for explosions that came from #inside the apartments to the #outside. He dared to go and take close-up pictures because he knew that no more #explosives had been #planted.
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimAAKhanKC This is just the appetizer from 'Thread 62'⬇️ mentioned:
#Ukrainian #fascists hold a party at #Kyiv's "BarHot" organized by #cartoonist Anton #Chadsky, eat a cake depicting a #Russian #baby
@IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC
FROM: @amanpour “What is #Russia afraid of? #Democracy expanding,” says #Estonia’s Prime Minister @kajakallas | Mar 14
TO: #NATO #Stoltenberg On Air, Let's Count The [A]s | Mar 14, 2023.
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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@amanpour @kajakallas Canned meat distributed by the #Ukrainian #Nazi A. #Gramanchuk with fascist symbols such as the shield of the Ucronazi collabrs and the colors of the OUN-UPA, on the label it says: "#meat of Russian-speaking #babies"
Alluding to dead children in #Donbas
@amanpour @kajakallas Thread 19
FROM: #Marin in #Nazi -funeral #Ukraine | Mar 7, 2023
TO: #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
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@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA Thread 31
From: In 2013, Sen. #McCain appeared on stage in #MaidanSquare, shoulder to shoulder with #Svoboda leader #Tyagnibok
To: “#Ukrainian People’s #Tribunal” Sentences #Kiev Leaders for #WarCrimes | Jun 23, 2018
@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA cc: @ ivan_8848
How #Maidan turned into #War
From 2014 to 2022, the DPR and LPR territories was subjected to daily #shelling from 🇺🇦 side. It all started from Maidan movement, which gained momentum in Kiev in 2013.
@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA cc:@ TaranQ
Nov 2013, days before the #EuroMaidan protests started. A deputy denounces in the #Ukrainian Parliament that the US is preparing a #civilwar in Ukraine -"NGOs" are organising a #coup from inside the #US #Embassy in Kiev. 1/2
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@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
12/ In 2013, Sen. #McCain appeared on stage in #MaidanSquare, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with #Svoboda leader #Tyagnibok and #protested the elected #government of #Ukraine.
#Nuland was caught on a leaked phone call ..
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
9/ In 2013, #Ukrainian Pres Viktor #Yanukovych rejected a $17 billion #IMF loan and #EU association #agreement.
In response, #McCain and #Nuland worked with neo-#Nazis,.. to escalate the violence and overthrow Yanukovych.
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ivan_8848
How #Obama And #Biden Installed Neo-#Nazis In #Ukraine
Today’s war cannot be understood without first understanding the #US government’s role in Ukraine's #MaidanCoup.…
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#TalkingPoint #mobilization
There are rising talks about Belarus involvement into the war.
My expectations ~100K would be added to 🇷🇺 forces.

With all the current forces it should make ~1M army.

The main question where all of them could be deployed.
Where 1M army can be deployed?

There are 5 major directions
1 main objective to fully capture annexed territories🤯
Ignoring Kherson front as impossible for a full-scale invasion over the Dnipro (1M is not enough for that)

Let's explore those directions.
1. Invasion from Belarus towards Lviv. Highly unlikely.
Long supply lines, swampy forested terrain.
The area would be a death trap for a big army 50K+, because of all the complexities.
Impossible to succeed for a smaller group.
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@TheStudyofWar released its daily (11/30) assessment:

"Disruptions associated with partial #mobilization and Russian setbacks on the battlefield likely contributed to increasing war weariness among #Russian public, as reflected in the polling."


The most recent poll referenced was conducted by the Federal Protective Service (FSO), a #Kremlin apparatus. Its results show a relatively-unchanged number of respondents are "in favor of peace talks" as compared to a similar poll conduced in October.

The dynamics of the poll—including the precise geography of respondents and their affiliations, and whether incentives were involved—is unclear.

However, there is an observed increase in what may be considered "war weariness" as opposed to direct "anti-war" sentiment.

3/ Results from FSO Opinion Po...
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#MinskProtocol.. say what?
#Azov -Press
ATTENTION! #Mobilization starts on 26 September!
Join the new #recruits! | 04.10.2016 Image
The #MinskProtocol, was drafted in 2014 by the #Trilateral Contact Group consisting of #Ukraine, #Russia, and #OSCE.
- The agreement failed to stop fighting, and was thus followed with a revised and updated agreement, Minsk II, signed on 12 February 2015… ImageImage
The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
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I get back from the woods and not much has changed. There was some apparently rather forceful rejection of forced conscription. One commander got fragged in one instance and in another some dragooned Central Asians said, "Russian Army Go Fuck Yourself" spelled out in 7.62 font.
The Ukrainian high commander has imposed a blackout over Kherson so something but what? Fingers crossed it makes the Kharkiv offensive gains look small. I really want that city liberated because of its political importance to Putin. Though apparently one pressing question was
answered while I was helping some people back up the mountain.... we now know what air defense doing. Shelling Belgorod. You can't make this stuff up. Ukrainians strike and Russia piles on with malfunctioning missiles. So far this do not be off too a good start for
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I don't see evidence #Putin is in trouble yet, but there is something different about dissatisfaction and protest this time. A quick thread on #Russia🧵
I've argued over the years that prior waves of dissatisfaction and protest lacked something critical: universality. 2012 was geographically concentrated, trucker protests dispersed, environmental protests inherently local, Navalny protests limited demographically, etc.
We've now met that condition. #Mobilization touches many people in many places, all at once (especially the ethnic republics it appears to be concentrated in). But there are two other factors here.
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😮#Russian #mobilization: A man shot the head of the draft enlistment office in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk, Russia. Early reports said the military commissar was killed, but witnesses now say he survived.
Here’s the video of the man opening fire in the military recruitment (#mobilization) office in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk, #Russia. The head was reported to have died from his wounds, but other reports say he survived.
(Via @Andrew__Roth)
@Andrew__Roth The military commissar "is in intensive care, in extremely serious condition," said Irkutsk🇷🇺 governor Igor Kobzev, @taygainfo reports.

@InsiderEng posted another video of the incident, with men seen carrying the presumably wounded #mobilization official
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"Morning of Dagestan" appeals to all the inhabitants of Russia, to all Russians.
This Chekist regime of Putin must be demolished completely and to the ground!
Resistance must be complete and complete!
#Dagestan #Russia #NAFO #NAFOfellas Image
Tomorrow we Dagestan know that it is the simple Russian people who have experienced and are experiencing the greatest harm!
The entire post-Soviet space suffers from this regime!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #Dagestan #mobilization Image
The old dog wants to live, breathe and drink our blood!
Our children have grown up who have not seen another president except Putin!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #UkraineWillWin #Russians #StopRussiaNOW #RussianArmy #mobilization #Dagestan Image
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More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police and police cars, and say they’re not “like the Russians”

A thread 🧵👇

More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police.

More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police.

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Sunday 25 September, Day 214 of #Russia's war of choice. Imagine a leader choosing to send over 50,000 of his countrymen to death and calling up another million, against a peaceful nation which never fired on, nor invaded anyone!

Here is the daily news thread

Sunday started with a bang in #Kherson.

More on that in a moment, but Saturday was a quiet one, thankfully. If you want to scroll back through, here's the thread:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

It's believed #Ukraine has killed another collaborator in #Kherson.

Former Deputy of National Affairs Oleksiy Zhuravko is one of the victims after missiles destroyed this hotel populated by Russians. He was twice an MP in Ukraine before moving to Russia in 2014.
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1/ Quick mid day update report:
#russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 24, 2022
Diff Ru sources reports Ru counter attack is now almost breaking past #Oskil river in #Kupiansk. #UAarmy had suffered quite important losses there & maybe not enough troops now.
2/ but they still have to go through the Oskil obstacle, & go inside the city.. & that's going to be a all other story.
Also even if they retake the city they will put themselves in a very precarious position/maintain further operations
No Ukr com whatsoever which is never good
3/ Also Wagner shows and reports some breakthrough in the outskirt of #Bakhmut with some new "crazy" recruits and they are expecting to reach downtown if their advance goes on.
other places being under constant agression might "fall" soon...
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It's seven months ago today that #Russia started its illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

The "short special military operation" started in winter, and is now in its fourth season. The killing continues.

Here's the daily news thread for Saturday 24 Sept

Let's start Day 213 with #Russia's total losses after 7 months. On average 264 soldiers are being killed every day. The ratio between deaths and injured/disabled means if #Ukraine's estimates are correct likely 200,000 have been lost to the military

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
the morning update from the #UK's intelligence concentrates on #Russia's dambuster tactics!

#StopRussiaNOW #SaveUkraine
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#mobilization in #Russia industry. Update.
- military production objective: 24/7
- production priority: artillery & ammo, UAVs, loitering ammo, sleeping bags
- amended law. If a director fails with a military contract, he may be imprisoned for 5-10 years
- #PutinWarCriminal ordered to increase the military production & to shorten the production cycles
- reversed engineering of western weapons is a priority to Russian R&D institutes
- pressure to increase the volume of aircraft production from 500 to 1000 per year (total)
- increase the production of Mi-28NM, #Iskander & #kinzhal missiles
- increase the capabilities of military maintenance & repair systems available to fighting units.
Source: 🇷🇺
cc @STRATPOINTS_EU @TheStudyofWar @DefenceHQ @JuliaDavisNews @DefMon3
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One reason why I'm not at all concerned about the #mobilization in #Russia is that even if the Russian "logistics" doesn't incapacitate the reservists via starvation and exposure, human wave attacks are obsolete.

For example, witness the GMLRS-AW. 1/

These can be fired from #HIMARS and MLRS systems, such as those used by #Ukraine and #Finland among others. Each carries ~160 000 tungsten fragments that kill a man easily and even penetrate light armor. They can be fired from over 70 kilometers away and detonate above ground. 2/
They are accurately guided and can be fired in salvoes that cover the target area very efficiently and detonate almost simultaneously, leaving the victims no time to take cover. (Simple trenches or foxholes are insufficient anyway because the fragments come from above.) 3/
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Almost the weekend, this is Friday's daily thread with all the news, views + analysis as #Russia attacks #Ukraine

It's Day 212 of the war

There's an update to the Ukraine fundraiser. We hope to get one of these alongside the winter clothing. If you can help, see my pinned tweet Image
As usual a link to yesterday's thread as a few of you tell me you like to check up on the news in one place.

Another fairly quiet day in terms of attacks and missiles, although just before Thursday ended, #Zaporizhzhia suffered a bad attack:

#Mobilization is still the big talking point in #Russia

This is a scene from #Makhachkala in the republic of #Dagestan. A big convoy of fresh convicts, sorry conscripts.

Woman can be heard wailing, knowing they may never see loved ones again.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine
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From Crimean partisans’ Telegram channel. 🧵

“Today, one Crimean enemy wrote off who already wants to become a friend and asks what to do. The bottom line is, the FSB officers came to his house today and said that he needs to appear at the
military enlistment office and voluntarily ask to go to war and without options to refuse. They showed him screenshots of social networks where he agitated for the war against Ukraine and for Z-fascism. They say that such patriots now do not have the moral right not to become
volunteers. He says that he asked them "what will happen if I refuse", they answer "it does not matter, you will refuse the first time, you will definitely not refuse the second, we know how to offer differently." They say that now they are working
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