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#LARP dropped this today.
Seems to know things
#ComplicitMedia should've told
#WeThePeople, that
#California has been stolen while
they enriched [their] Families.
[They] call ( ) a conspiracy.
@realDonaldTrump #KAG

@GavinNewsom Image
The #ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
is nothing more than a #Democrat tool, at this point. Working to hide truths...while creating narratives.
Its a propaganda sitcom show.
Fake. Phoney. Complicit. Criminal.
Illusion. #EnemyOfThePeople Image
Everything but [them, they]
is a conspiracy. #MainStreamMedia
If it doesn't come from their
#IndustrialMediaComplex's a lie?…
Why so much effort to protect?…
Must be hidden stopped censored
& ridiculed.
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What if a strategic #Plandemic
was man made & then unleashed
to tank an economy in order to take
out an outsider named
@realDonaldTrump who is not
controlled by this establishment?
To create death, misery & resentment amongst #WeThePeople hoping we would
rise up, blame him and...
return power to the very evil that concocted this genocide upon the world's people? A plan which ran up early mass hysteria death counts by killing off the elderly in nursing homes...not to mention hiding a cost effective remedy to save lives.
Those in the #FakeNewsMedia would be complicit in this plan,
creating fear & cover to truths that could derail this plan. To extend & establish a new normal in which they could steal an Election w/last minute #MailInBallots & continued counting by which they could steal
a win...
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4665-“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” ― Thomas Paine, The American Crisis
4666-See something.
Say something.
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[Cabinet]... #SeditiousConspiracy
What key positions of power would
be critical to the operation?
#ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
#EnemyOfThePeople #Treason
🔹️… ImageImage
WOULD LOSE [Sloppy] #PanicInDC
Seek & destroy [lose] incriminating
evidence? #MuellerReport
Andrew Weismann claims to have
"accidentally" wiped, via wrong
passwords at least 2 phones
detailing his activity during
antiTrump probe. ImageImage
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We r being programed to expect
a mess on #ElectionDay by
Democrats & #ComplicitMedia
due to the helicopter dropping of
millions of unsolicited ballots
...and yet we're not told what's
going to be done about this
obvious planting of #ElectionFraud
...just how we're to deal w/it?
Why is this a supposed new norm
when it hasn't ever been done?
This is a blatant attempt to steal
an Election the Democrats know
they have no chance in.
@realDonaldTrump is heading for
an obvious #Landslide2020 and
they have but one chance to
undermine #WeThePeople.
The #NSA has undermined the
#DeepState in manipulating the
vote count electronically.
So another plan had to be initiated
via #Plandemic promotional fear,
while setting up a #Fallguy for loss or setting up the need of an infinite #EveryVoteCounted
...for an eventual stolen win. ImageImageImage
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@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #KAG
#FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople
The free flow of facts scares the hell out of the #DeepState Image
#Coup #Coup Stooges. Image
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"No Coincidences" #PanicInDC
Lobbyists connections and secret
deal exposures within Biden family.
"Vote like your life depends on it"
...who's life [theirs]??
#SleepyJoe #QuidProJoe #Coup… ImageImageImageImage
What benefit might that serve?
(Published Jun 20, 2014)
Ghislaine Maxwell, Founder and President of the TerraMar Project, talks about leveraging technology to create a global ocean community.
#MaxwellArrest #EpsteinIsland
#LolitaExpress #HumanTrafficking

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[They] are trying to kill President @realDonaldTrump.

All assets deployed.
This is not a game.
They've already lost.

#Trump #WWG1WGA #NothingCanStopWhatIsComing #TheGreatAwakening #SilentNoMore #FightBack Image
August 10, 2020

At approximately 5:53 PM shooting at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. near the White House, during President Trump's daily news conference.

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A thread

QAnon is a hoax,


QAnon and its story is the most poetic narrative available to the simulation that is our world, and its incarnation represents the signature of God.

I choose the second option, and let me tell you why.

1) I don’t care where Q started, I care..
what we are doing with it. At some point, someone in the #POTUS45 administration started to play along with it to the point that it has become an official part of the Trump base. The insignia #WWG1WGA is used by @GenFlynn and @EricTrump and it embodies a high level of patriotism.
2) What Q represents now is the STUXNET to the #MSM. Do you remember STUXNET? It was the Israeli time cyberbomb placed inside the Iran nuclear reactors. It took over control of them and unleashed a self-destructive process.

Q is the most exquisitely designed double-bind.
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#Qanon posted at 1:14:30p EST, then Trump posted at 1:14:33 EST, 3 seconds apart! But there's much much more. It was Q post 4595, showing how 45 (Trump) will take down 95 (Hussein). Continue reading for Trump's additional messages to BHO 👇

Those who have learned Trump's coded comms know his timestamps often connect to Q posts. Trump posted NEVER FORGET at 1:14p which brings us to Q114 WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Quite the confirmation. Also brings Q1314 which has image name JUSTICE.

Those who have learned Trump's coded comms know he uses CAPITAL LETTERS to speak bluntly.

DECODED MESSAGE: Judgment for Obama & NWO members is impending: GITMO, death, termination of [their] disgusting souls. #PanicInDC #JUSTICE #WWG1WGA
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1. News: In Fiery July Fourth Mt. Rushmore Speech, President Trump Plans to Blast Those Who Would 'Tear Down' History

- Thread 7.4.20… @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Happy4thOfJuly #July4th2020
2. News: President Trump Rebukes 'Merciless Campaign to Wipe Out Our History'… @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Happy4thOfJuly #July4th2020
3. News: 2013: Michelle Obama called Mount Rushmore one of the “great American sites.”

2020: NYT decries Mount Rushmore and liberals call for it to be taken down.


@realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Happy4thOfJuly #July4th2020
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Thread for Wed. Jul 1 2020
Happy 1st of July

Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide?
BLM donations between June 1 - July 1 went to the Biden campaign for president?
Q !!
Jul 1 2020 07:11:14 (EST) NEW
Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide [allow abortions up to point of birth] and does not provide new restrictions on abortion itself?
Modern day sacrifices!
Its about child sacrifice in order to appease the evil that they worship
$$ for parts.
We are food for them
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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Recent Q post Told Us to 'Follow The Pen' And Asked Us If we Were not 'Following' ??

Meaning We Should Know Their 'Playbook' By Now

Q is Asking Us to see the 'SMEAR' Campaign that's going to Start(Already Started) On POTUS Now...!! ImageImage
6 Q posts with SMEAR #BarrComing
#B2equalsBillBarr ? #Senate ImageImage
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#TheGreatAwakening #Trump
#TransitionToGreatness #6giugno #COVID19
#WWG1WGA #QAnon #Italia
Avete visto cosa hanno scatenato ora?
Pensate a cosa il deep state avrebbe fatto, 3 anni fa, se Q team avesse arrestato subito 0bama &Co.
Pensate se lo avessero fatto subito, senza prima sconfiggere lSlS, fermare l'invasione di MS13.
Pensate a cosa avrebbero avuto per le strade adesso.
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Lets see how many red pills, Judge Sullivan drops in his filing against the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in the @GenFlynn case. #ButNothingsHappening…
Starts off talking about the unusual case that got them to this point. Including the unprecedented case of an Acting US Attorney contradicting what previous DOJ prosecutors have sworn repeatedly to the judge over 3 1/2 years of this case.
This is not normal & must to be explained
If he drops the lying to the FBI charge about Russia, will @GenFlynn be charged by DOJ with lying to the FBI about Turkey.

All in favor of Flynn being charged with lying to the FBI in the Turkey case, say drop the case now & lets put him through this again... Fail!
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👀short thread
🤔Remember the term
Now apply it to Cold Case Joe Scarborough. It isn't a left or right thing, it's an American thing. A young congressman has an intern die tragically & mysteriously in his office, then suddenly quits & is handed a job at nbc....
President @realDonaldTrump promised to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" and he was even doing it before he was elected. Think for a moment, who did he shine the laser pointer on shortly after he announced he was running?

🐦no name
and look at all we know now(also his bride)
President Trump is strategic.
He has Scott, DeSantis & Bondi in Florida. He loves Florida, he lives in Florida.

How do you know he is over the target? Look at the panic.
NY TIMES attacking the 1A?
All assets deployed against this. THE LEFT ONLY CARES ABOUT MAINTAINING POWER
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Few realize Peter Strzok likely testified [closed-door] against Kate Brown, Oregon Governor. Kate illegally confiscated rancher's land for Obama, which was used to partially facilitate selling 20% of US's Uranium-1 to Russia.

This thread explains who #KateBrown really is⬇️ Image
#KateBrown is an Obama puppet. Obama is making her destroy #LindsayGraham the stylist, just to send a message to Sen. Lindsey Graham. In Peter Strzok's public testimony, he used a 'KATE' Coke bottle to send a message to Obama. Read #SerialBrain2 # 73 to understand #KateBrown 👇
SB2 Post # 73 - Trump’s hidden message, Stzrok, Kate & the soda.

Let's think logically. If Q says we should trust Wray in Q1122 and if Strzok shows up at his hearing only singing when instructed by his FBI lawyers, then it means Strzok is controlled by Wray. So?
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HUSSEIN'S 'LEAKED' CALL DECODED: The Reason Judge Sullivan Is Pursuing Perjury Against Flynn

#SerialBrain2 gave us several hints for solving. Look at SB2's Qlues below, try to solve on your own, and then continue reading this thread for the solution. #WWG1WGA #obaMAGAte Image
STEP 1: Listen to the first 45 secs of Hussein's 'leaked-on-purpose' phone call. He starts by discussing how no one [in the Deep State] gets off Scot-Free--there's no precedent. Then there are feet dragging on the floor at 0:44. Why? (Hussein 44th POTUS)
STEP 2: Since Flynn can't be charged with PERJURY, why did Hussein say it? PERJURY = 113 = KOBE BRYANT.

Hussein is threatening Judge Sullivan to continue pursuing Flynn or face [187] like Kobe. Now do you see why 'feet' were dragging on the floor at 0:44 on the call? #PanicInDC Image
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😲 Wow Hillary openly taking about #Qanon it does not get any more mainstream than that! We must be way over Target 🎯

Congratulations Patriots & #DigitalSoldiers. We are winning the informational warfare. Keep fighting & get the memes ready.

#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA
This is how I am feeling 😍

Thank You .@posonaut for this awesome gif, .@D3m0A for finding the golden nugget .@MarciaGurlfytrz for sending me the original tweet & thank you to all of you who are fighting in this information warfare & sharing everything you find. We are winning!
For those who don't know the Clinton's & their foundation are involved with trafficking of children (among other crimes) & all the evidence we need against them is on the Anthony Weiner laptop. Justice is coming. This is why there is #PanicInDC


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AC-130 Gunship Lights up the Night |…
This is the 4th time Q Posted this VIDEO in the month of May!!!
Dates are important.
May 6 at 22:51:47 = 21
@POTUS signed a Proclamation in Honor of National Nurses Day
May 7 at 19:00:16 = 17
@POTUS & @FLOTUS prayed on the National Day of Prayer
AC 130
13 13
#QPosts 1313 & 2117
May 10 at 11:50:46 = 17 President Trump and The First Lady Participate in the Celebration of Military Mothers
May 13 at 17:31:54 = 21 JOE BIDEN GOT CAUGHT: Trump SURPRISE Press Conference at Meeting With Governors
#QPosts 1721
Keep your promise.
This is not a game.
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...must go back before you can go forward.…
Why did U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras recuse?…
Judge Rudolph Contreras current member of FISC?
Why did U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras recuse?…
Judge Rudolph Contreras current member of FISC?
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Chuck Grassley: Letter to AG Barr and DNI Director Grenell.

The only way forward is through FULL transparency!

Patriots get ready!
#Declas #ObamaGate #QAnon
#WWG1WGA #PanicInDC…
On Flynn:

"info & records that have not yet been produced to Congress relating to the Flynn case are still produced. While the court case may be nearing its end, the public still expects accountability, which can only be effectively delivered through add'l transparency."
On Susan Rice:

"That email described a January 5, 2017, meeting between President Obama, Vice President Biden, Director Comey, Deputy Attorney General Yates, and Rice where they discussed the Russia investigation."
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #ObamaGate #TheGreatAwakening #Declas
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