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Numerous headlines in recent days have decried Israel's move to designate "Palestinian human rights groups" as terror organisations.

Unfortunately, much of the coverage gets the story backward, accepting at face value that these really are Palestinian human rights organisations.
Let's start with @Addameer. In 1969, a #PFLP terror cell blew up a Jerusalem supermarket. Two Jews, Leon Kanner and Eduard Jaffe, were killed. The @Jerusalem_Post reported that Yacoub Odeh "was instrumental... in planning the acts of sabotage and in preparing the explosives."
Yacoub Odeh is a convicted #terrorist.

Odeh is also an @Addameer board member. He has been described as a "retired teacher," "refugee" and "retired tour guide" and even a "gentle soul" in media reports, without any reference to his murderous past.

Odeh is not alone.
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Russian Diplomacy, August 21:
Lavrov spoke with #Belarus' FM:

"They emphasised that all external actors need to respect the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus, and stop trying to provoke confrontation in Belarusian society and undermine the process of normalising the situation." Image
Russian Deputy FM Morgulov spoke with #Iran's ambassador Kazem Jalali about a range of bilateral issues Image
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Israeli Security Agency just reveled that it had thwarted a #PFLP terror cell from executing attacks against Israelis.
The investigation reveals that Palestinian cell was backed, trained & financed by #Iran and its proxy #Hezbollah.
More details from the investigation are coming out. The terror cell was operating under the disguise of a civil welfare organization working for the Palestinian public.
The PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) is a terror org known for having ties with several “civil” Palestinian NGO’s.
Sadly, in many cases European taxpayers money is financing these so called “civil” organizations. This is from today 👇🏻…
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#EU #Israel #Gaza #PFLP

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has convened EU Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret. The "Times of Israel" reported on Wednesday evening.
There had previously been a dispute over a suspected letter from the German EU diplomat Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff to an umbrella organization of non-governmental organizations active in the Palestinian Territories.
Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff is an EU representative in the Palestinian Territories. In his letter of March 30, he made it clear that the 135 or so affected NGOs could continue to count on EU support - contrary to false information circulating.
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**New Report: NGO Monitor released a new report series on the #PFLP NGO network.**

8 NGOs with extensive ties to the PFLP terror group
70+ NGO staffers tied to the PFLP
5 arrested for PFLP activity
All funded by #Europe

Addameer is a Palestinian NGO that supports convicted prisoners.

Its chair, former vice chair, & board members have ties to the PFLP.

@SwissMFA provided $120,000 in 2018
@IrelandMFA_RBLX provided $75,000 in 2017
@SpainMFA provided $400,000 in 2015-2019

DCI-P "promote rights of children."

Its child protection director, general assembly pres, board members are tied to #PFLP.

@RockBrosFund gave $90,000 in 2017-2019
@EU_Commission gave $700,000 in 2017-2019
@UNICEF partnered w/ @DCIPalestine in 2013-2017

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We've analyzed this report & it is #bizarre. @HRW says it's promoting #HumanRights but it's actually whitewashing #terror (1/n)
One #bizarre @HRW argument is that #HumanRights are violated by banning membership in #Hezbollah, #Hamas, #PFLP #terror groups!

HRW refers to a Hezbollah affiliate-member as an "artist" & a PFLP leader as a human rights expert. They ignore Qatar Charity's Hamas links. (2/n)
In a #bizarre implication that #WestBank should be annexed, @HRW points to #Israel-controlled #Jerusalem as an example for "less restrictive measures." (3/n)
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BREAKING - Students at @butleru flew the #PFLP terrorist flag on campus. The US labeled the PFLP as a designated terrorist organization. These students should be expelled!
@mohsinw_ and #ButlerSJP are terrorist supporters!
His name is Mohsin Waraich
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While demanding #humanitarian aid from across the #globe, the #Palestinian Authority spent $2.1 billion to fund #Islamic #terrorism between 2011 and 2018.
Billions of #dollars in foreign aid have been unaccounted for – money that was supposed to go to #Palestinian citizens under the oppressive and #militant #jihadist government run by President Mahmoud Abbas and the #Islamic #terrorist group #Hamas
money that supposedly went to programs that haven’t existed for many years.
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❓Who is The BDS Movement❓

A gov’t report exposes the connections between designated terror organizations & the BDS campaign.
#Hamas and PACBI (cultural arm of BDS) co-led the boycott campaign against Eurovision.

Click to read more:…

❓Who is Samidoun❓

A gov’t report exposes that Samidoun, posing itself as a prisoners rights NGO, has a wide network of ties with the #PFLP terror group and other convicted terrorists.

Click to read more:…

❓Who is Addameer❓

A gov’t report exposes the connections between Addameer and the #PFLP whose leaders founded & continues to maintain significant ties with the terror group, posing as a Palestinian rights NGO.

Click to read more:…

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