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Since the CCTV broke down, unknown residents have driven four nails directly into my car tire and also dumped manure and wastewater.#TNPHC,
#R3 Ashok Nagar InspectorQuarters.
@chennaicorp,@chennaipolice_ ,@GCPjcopsouth ,@tnpdial100,@tnpoliceoffl . ImageImageImageImage
@chennaicorp @chennaipolice_ @GCPjcopsouth @tnpdial100 @tnpoliceoffl The incidents occurred on various dates: the tire was hammered with nails and manure was thrown on November 30, 22, and on December 4, 22 wastewater was sprayed on the car Bonnet.
one of the previous Incidents was reported on 30th OCT22 (Complaint ID: MAA22192731) no response.
@chennaicorp @chennaipolice_ @GCPjcopsouth @tnpdial100 @tnpoliceoffl This is one of the most vulnerable and carried out by a few Police Quarters Residence. Few residents dare to do these activities Since no one questioned them. Is there any legal exception if a family member of a police officer commits a crime?
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So @The_DTCC has selected @inside_r3 as the Underlying DLT Technology for the Project Ion Platform


2023 “Test” Year,🤔 First Settlement Mechanism on Corda #XRP
Liquidity - Settlement THATS What #XRP Is For The First Settlement Mechanism‼️

Below 👇🏼Is A Live Demo Using #XRP Posted by @inside_r3 Also I Have Provided The Actually Link Too This Demo So You Can Play Around With It
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SEBA Bank Joins ADGM!🤝

This is huge for $XDC! 🌎🌱

I show the power partnerships in this picture... 👀🧩

@inside_r3 Corda < @lab577 @DASL_Me Bridge < #XDC Network

--Thread Below--⏬

#DLT #ADGM #crypto #blockchain #research #MLETR #Enigio #dDOC #CBDC #Digitalassets #fintech
📞Wake up call to do research & stop sleeping on $XDC

@DASL_Me + @inside_r3
DASL + @XinFin_Official
DASL + @BCBcrypto

Powerhouses laying foundational rails for traditional finance.🚂

#fintech #banking #tradFI #XDC $XDC #Deep #research #DLT #Blockchain
Any deniers that don't believe me that $XDC is connected to R3 Corda

Here are some sources you can spend some hours reviewing.

I've done my research and don't need to explain to anyone when the info is all here👇
#XDC $XDC #R3 #Corda #Connected
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CBDC's in Cross Border Payments - World Bank

So I read this 46-page document

I found some interesting pieces of information so this thread will dive into some of my thoughts

I also found some errors the @WorldBank needs to fix in regards to $XRP

#XRP $XLM #XRPCommunity #XRPL
First of all, thank you to the writers that created this

There was a lot of great information on CBDC's and possible structures that the infrastructure could be built on.

But I am not going to cover the CBDC stuff in this thread.

#Project #Ubin #Stella #Jasper #R3
Great description for beginners of what Distributed Ledger Technology is.

World bank mentions lack of interoperability but there are two great solutions for that:
1. @quant_network - #Overledger Solution
2. @Interledger - Interledger Protocol ILP

#DLT #Blockchain
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People are following mainstream media and buying $ETH at ATH's

But are missing out on this hidden gem built on the $ETH network.💎

That provides interoperability between blockchain networks for TradFi Banks & Enterprises

-Super Thread on Quant Network-
#QNT 👑 #Quant #Fintech Image
1/ The problem: ❎

Traditional Institutions and Enterprises need an operating system that will allow them to easily interoperate between these new nascent crypto markets

For example, you currently can't send $ETH to a $BTC address or $XRP to a $DAG address

Networks are silo'd Image
2) Quant created Overledger - an operating system that allows anyone to enter 3 lines of code on a computer to interoperate between networks

This allows value to flow between blockchain ledgers flawlessly without having to worry about which network it's on.

#fintech #quant #QNT ImageImage
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95% of people are chasing meme coins

But few are looking at one of the biggest long-term opportunities in crypto...

A deep dive into how $XRP is building a frictionless decentralized liquidity pool for the world 🌍

(Not financial advice)

/THREAD/ Image
1/ The problem:

“With today’s internet of information you can’t store, move, transact value without a powerful intermediary. And that’s what blockchains solve”

Quoted by @dontapscott a leader in the decentralized blockchain revolution Image
@dontapscott 2/ Before blockchain

The internet had a problem with transferring $ value peer to peer

The only 2 options for sending money were:

1. Send $ using a cross border payment via bank transfers
2. Use a 3rd party and trust a stranger with private information

Lets dive into those👇 Image
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#WeAreXDC #XinFin $XDC #Corda #R3 🔴

Japan’s #JCB publishes white paper on #blockchain confidentiality, privacy.

A month ago, a Singapore startup #OneHypernet announced a cross border netting solution for payments that also uses confidential computing. 1/2
The multilateral netting project combines two technologies from #R3, its #Corda enterprise #blockchain and #Conclave confidential computing offering. 2/2…
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1/I was checking out Modules for an Enterprise Blockchain (permissioned) certificate. Only 4 solutions were mentioned by name: #Ethereum , #HyperledgerFabric (@IBM), @inside_r3 and @Ripple. The first 3 are Enterprise Blockchain Platforms. @Ripple, is for Trade Finance.
2/Most ppl don't realize, Ethereum has an Enterprise version. While it can be tailored for individual business needs, the gas fees are still prohibitive.…
3/So I decided to see what's new w/IBM and found this article from Dec 10th. This is a big teller for me. Two Giants in Tech teaming up. @awscloud @IBM…
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Primeramente, el vídeo musical fue grabado entre el 15 y el 17 de febrero entre North Hollywood y Pomona, California 🇺🇸 y ha sido dirigido por @canadaeditorial
Tanto la canción como el video nos presenta a @rosalia rodeada de muchos (demasiados) niños los cuáles parecen ser sus hijos. El hecho de que vista de negro durante tres cuartas partes del vídeo evidencia que se trata de una mujer viuda
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[FIL] Aquests dies, remenant l'hemeroteca de la Vanguardia he trobat informació sobre el que va ser el projecte per reconvertir l'ample de via del ferrocarril Barcelona-Puigcerdà a l'ample estàndard (1435 mm), del 1928... #R3 #rod3 #ferrocarril #osona #ripollès #cerdanya
Com és sabut (tot i que no sense altres diverses explicacions poc fonamentades), l'ample de via ampla utilitzat a la Península Ibèrica des del 1848 és de 1.686 mm, simplement per ser "seis pies castellanos". Això ha obstaculitzat històricament el trànsit amb la resta d'Europa.
El juliol de 1928, en plena dictadura de Primo de Rivera i poc abans de l'Exposició de Barcelona de 1929, el Consell de Ministres acordava adoptar l'ample internacional a la línia de Barcelona a Puigcerdà.
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